Wifes favourite story Part 11

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Wifes favourite story Part 11
Wife loves this story, after reading it the 1st time, she got herself a bull old enough to be my dad. Here is her older bull who she likes to treat as her father in law.


I put my hand on the back of Mike’s head encouraging him to get his tongue deeper inside my used cunt. I rolled my left nipple with my free hand and he continued to plunge his tongue inside me.

Mike pulled his tongue out and briskly ran it up and down the length of my pussy lips, unknowingly yet undoubtedly tasting Dr. Nelson’s sperm that covered those lips less than an hour ago.

Mike took my clit in his mouth, gently nibbling and sucking it as I climaxed for the umpteenth time today. Mike sensed how overly sensitive my clit was and leaned back before standing up. Mike’s mouth was glazed with what I’m sure were a combination of bodily fluids resulting from my prior unfaithfulness.

I stood up and kissed Mike, tasting and enjoying the sexual cocktail on his tongue. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants letting them fall to his ankles as I freed his hard dick from the thrones of his boxers. He proceeded to rub my clit as I stroked his cock.

Mike broke our kiss and gestured me to turn around. I turned, bending over to rest my elbows on the glass top patio table. He lifted my dress exposing my ass. Mike took a step closer as I felt the head of his dick effortlessly slide into my loose wet cunt.

He began rapidly fucking me on our patio. My tits swayed in my dress as his thighs met my ass, slapping with every thrust. With his quick thrusts Mike was well on bahis şirketleri his way of braking his own personal record for the least amount of time in my pussy before cumming.

If it wasn’t for the thought of this being the third dick that was in my pussy today, I wouldn’t have felt much sexual pleasure at all. It wasn’t anything against my husband, it’s just the simple fact he couldn’t measure up to the size of Ron and Dr. Nelson’s larger than average cocks that stretched my once tight pussy out.

Mike grabbed a hold of my hips as he gave me all he could before letting out a groan.

“Oh yeah.” He said releasing his hands from my hips as I continued to rock back and forth on Mike’s dick.

“That’s right honey cum inside my pregnant cunt.” I said humoring him as he came.

Before I knew it Mike was pulling his softening cock out of me. As I stood up a generous amount of sperm leaked from my gaping hole, landing on the ground beneath me.

“Sorry Kim, I couldn’t hold back any longer.” He said noticing my less than enthusiastic reaction.

I turned around, “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a quicky babe.” I said sensing his disappointment.

I leaned in and gave him a kiss as he zipped up his pants.

“I’m going to get cleaned up.” I said picking up my water and heading into the house. I placed my water on the table and walked down the hall to the bathroom to take a shower.

As I showered I reflected on my sex fueled day of being fucked by three guys in nearly just as many hours. Dr. Nelson most certainly took the gold. I’m sure the fact that I’ve never met him before played into my decision, but I was illegal bahis confident that that young stud could’ve made me cum all day long, and I already couldn’t wait to have him examine me again.

Now on to my father in law, no pun intended, who came in a close second. Simply put, he owns my pussy and the c***d growing in my womb is proof of that. Not to mention the fact that as of this last trip, he’s also made Mike and my sex life interesting again and I couldn’t help but to get excited by the thought of him possibly moving back into town.

Last but not least, Mike. While as a standalone, sex with Mike is anything but satisfying. However, with him bringing his dad into our sexual fantasies the last few days I have to admit Mike has had my number.

I honestly hoped Mike felt the same increase in sexual enjoyment and pleasure that I’ve had thanks to his father, and I hoped that together we’ll be able to turn fantasy into reality. I wish we were at the point of me being able to tell Mike about my sexual encounters, although certain it would turn him on, at this point the timing wasn’t quite right.

I turned off the shower and toweled off before heading into our room. I tossed on a pair of house shorts along with a tank top and walked into the kitchen.

“Mike, I’m going to be in the living room watching some TV.” I said after sliding open the patio door.

Not realizing that he was on his cell phone, Mike just turned toward me and nodded.

I closed the door and made my way into the living room, picking up the remote before laying down on the couch. I turned on a local news station and stared at the illegal bahis siteleri screen as my thoughts continued to dominate my mind.

“Hey Kim.” I heard Mike call out as he brushed the hair out of my face.

I opened my eyes as he continued, “I made a pizza if you want some.”

I looked at the cable box noticing that it was seven thirty. “Sure.” I said realizing that having all that cock in me earlier genuinely wore me out to the point that I crashed on the couch for nearly four hours.

“Thanks for letting me sleep Hun, I was exhausted.” I said sitting up.

“Yeah I figured that. You must have fell asleep right away because I came inside about five minutes after you and you were already out cold.” Mike said walking into the kitchen.

I walked into the kitchen and Mikes cell phone rang.

“It’s my dad.” He excitedly said.

“Put it on speaker phone.” I replied feeling a rush of excitement come over me.

“Hello. Well dad how’d it go?” Mike asked holding the phone out in front of us both.

There was a second of silence.

“Well your talking to the Executive Vice President of the North American sales team.” Ron replied with pure excitement in his voice.

“Congratulations!” Mike and I replied in unison.

“Oh you guys I nailed it!” Ron confidently said before continuing, “I locked up the deal with the clients and on my way back to the airport my boss’s boss called and asked me to meet with him tomorrow about working directly for him as the EVP for North America.” Ron said borderline shouting.

“That’s awesome news dad.” Mike replied nearly tearing up from the excitement.

“We are so proud of you Ron!” I chimed in.

Ron continued, “I’ll be flying back to Wisconsin tomorrow morning for the meeting, and I was wondering if you guys would let me stay for the weekend so I could do some house hunting?”

Mike and I looked at each other and smiled.

To be continued…

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