She Gets Carried Away

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Jane gets carried away?

You would have thought that, by the age of 45, I’d have known better, or at least been aware of what might have happened, given the circumstances.

Then again, I guess it’s what I wanted all along. After all, I had been married twice and had two grown children – so I was not exactly a shy retiring virgin.

I still had a good body, if I say so myself: 38DD breasts, still firm and full, though not quite the waist I would have liked. I’m still working on that. But I received a decent amount of compliments on my firm ass and well-rounded cheeks. Most guys like curvy women and some, I’m sure, dreamed of getting between those cheeks with a well-oiled cock.

I digress and I apologize for that. Let me try and start at the beginning.

I felt I was too old to go clubbing but had agreed on this one occasion because one of my best friends was finally tying the knot with her wonderful fiancée – a man who treated her well, was faithful, sensitive andgood looking. He also seemed to be a pretty good lover. She had often described their sex life in vivid detail and, although on the outside I was pretty prudish, deep down I wanted to hear about it!

I sometimes thought about the things she described them doing and used the experience to masturbate myself to orgasm with one or the other of my “electric friends.”

Having described myself as outwardly prudish I ought to add that, once I had a few drinks, all those inhibitions flew out of the window and I was up for almost anything.


Anyway, about 20 of us girls decided we would go away to Dublin for a whole weekend to celebrate her hen night. This needed to be at least a couple of weeks before the wedding in order to give her time to recover if necessary.

By the time we caught the plane from Bristol Airport, we were already getting into the sense of the occasion with the obligatory short skirts, L-platesWHAT IS THIS? and stockings. We had a few drinks on the plane and we arrived in Ireland just a little merry — but definitely ready for a good time.

After finally sorting out our minimal luggage (not too many articles of clothing were going to be worn this weekend) and checking into our hotel, we decided to get straight out and check the location. I was pleasantly merry by now, and most determined to at least have one really good passionate snog with a tall beefy guy!

The first pub we visited was full of locals just beginning their weekend. They were relaxed, friendly and lively. There was even live music. When a man took me and led me toward the center of the low-ceilinged room, I didn’t struggle too much! I was twirled around the dance floor, very closely entwined with a very tall, gray-eyed man of about 40. When he finally managed to drag his gaze away from my bouncing breasts, I noticed his eyes were very intense — they took my breath away!

As I opened my mouth to speak, he covered it firmly but gently with his mouth and immediately I felt his tongue explore the inside of my teeth and dance with my tongue. His lips were so very soft and succulent, and I was surprised to find myself kissing him back with as much energy and lust as he had shown to me.

His hand erotik film izle slid slowly down the back of the skimpy outfit I was wearing. I could feel his fingers sliding down my spine. Starting just at the base of my neck underneath my hair, his fingers moved slowly but firmly down. It felt obvious to me that he was trying to work out what kind of underwear I was wearing as his hand came to a stop just at the edge of the short skirt – which barely skimmed my bottom.

He cupped my cheek in his hand and gave it a hard squeeze – the sort of firm touch that’s designed to let you know who’s in charge.

Before he let go, he accidentally-on-purpose allowed his fingertips to drift between my cheeks and parted them a little. This, I am sure, was for the benefit of his friends, who were standing behind us.

This action pulled me closer up to his chest, making my nipples rub against the roughness of his shirt. It also made me stand right up on tip-toe as I’m only 5-feet-nothing! My panties were pulled up tight between my ass cheeks now, and between my cunt lips I could feel the damp heat as I began to get very horny.

I have to say that due to the drinks I had already taken on board I did grind myself quite enthusiastically into his leg, but he wasn’t complaining and even bent down to breathe into my ear that his name was Alex.

None of us girls had realized that our first port of call was a watering hole frequented by both of the local rugby teams who, coincidentally, had both played today and both won their matches. They were also out for a good time and celebrating hard.

It was a wonderful atmosphere and I think that contributed to the planned pub-crawl going straight out of the window! There were enough handsome, well-built, sexy men for all of us right here!

I think the pub owner figured he was in for some good profits tonight – and if he was lucky, maybe he would even get some action.

For a while we carried on dancing, but then I felt another body slide in behind me, pushing me into Alex (who could tell I had been getting hornier all evening and was making the most of the opportunity of having my tits buried into his chest).

The other guy now stood behind me, placed one hand on each of my thighs, and moved with us in time to the music.

His hands were large and firm, but gentle. They slid down the outside of my thighs, across the back of them and then up along the inside, his fingers just reaching the fleshy top of my legs almost where they meet my cunt lips.

He also spread my legs a little, and that always feels so sexy, it makes me almost melt completely. When that part of me is touched my ass automatically sticks out and, because he was standing close behind me as it moved out, it came into contact with his very stiff and very large cock. I could feel his cock between the cheeks of my ass, and, as his hands moved back to my hips and pulled me into him even more, I could feel my cheeks tighten around him.

By now I was beginning to need a fuck so badly that my juices were already starting to run down the inside of my thighs.

Alex could feel me getting hotter and he pushed himself closer against me, to the point where I wasn’t sure whose hands were touching me where. film izle I just knew I was in heaven. Alex murmured into my ear, “We should go somewhere more private.” Without pausing for a response, he led me up the one flight of stairs that took us to the room he had rented for the weekend.

Gareth (the man whose cock had been prodding my behind) came right along with us. He didn’t want to miss out on anything and I certainly wasn’t going to object!

Once inside the room Alex lowered his head to my breasts perhaps you should mention him removing your shirt/bra — you certainly weren’t topless in the club, and the story loses its flow here. and, taking my right nipple between his lips, he began pulling it hard against the roof of his mouth.

“Don’t stop,” I begged, my hands pulling his head toward me more as I felt his teeth closing tighter and tighter to graze my full and swollen breast.

His hands slid under the cheeks of my ass, opening them wider and lifting me up to be further inspected by Gareth – who was smoothing my juices all around my hot cunt and ass, using his fingers to prepare me.

As his thumb pushed into my wet cunt, he curved it around inside me so that it pressed against my G spot. He pushed again, firmly, and fed two more fingers into me. When I squeezed back against him, breathing heavily, he removed his thumb slowly and sensually. The thumb was followed by the two fingers which were now slippery and slid easily down over the little puckered opening that was waiting and flexing.

He pushed those two fingers against my ass, which resisted at first so he pushed harder, getting obvious pleasure from saying to Alex as he did, “She’s a backdoor virgin.”

Alex brought his mouth down onto my neck to give it a hard suck.

I held my breath excitedly as Gareth attempted to insert two fingers inside my rectum – “Relax baby – it will loosen up,” he whispered into my ear.

As Alex lifted me up and pulled me closer in to his body he lowered me onto the other guy’s fingers. Oh god – they felt so good. Finally his fingers slid right up and into my ass filling me so full. But they hadn’t finished – he pushed a finger from his other hand into my ass as well. I almost passed out with the pleasure and pain of this new feeling.

Alex was holding me up but he had also shed his clothes, so his hard cock was slapping against my clit – desperate to enter my hot, wet cunt. Gareth slid his fingers out, reached around and grasping Alex’s cock he guided it to the entrance of my cunt. Making sure it was covered in the slick juices that were escaping down the insides of my legs, he proceeded to feed it slowly into me, pulling it back a little and teasing me before pushing it in again – each time a little deeper and more forcefully. I could feel the walls of my cunt all around gripping it tightly. I was squeezing Alex’s cock and making him twitch inside me.

Gareth moved his hands back round to concentrate on my ass, starting with a very sharp slap on my right cheek which made me jump, he slid a finger from each hand back inside my ass and he began to move them apart!

I felt as though he was going to split me but he was just opening me up, working on my ass until it stayed open on its own – and then seks filmi izle he rested his cock against the opening.

He pushed the head of his massive cock, gently at first, against my open ass. I almost came immediately but Alex moved swiftly in and out of my cunt to make me concentrate on him. Then, timing it so that he gave one hard push at the same time that Alex was pushing up into my cunt, Gareth lodged himself deep inside me to his balls.

They both stopped for a moment so that I could adjust to being filled in both holes, such a fantastic feeling and I am sure they could feel one another through the thin skin, dividing cunt from anus. I could feel them straining against my cunt lips and between my legs. Alex made sure that he was as deep inside me as he could possibly be and I was well and truly sandwiched between these two huge guys.

I was filled to the brim with pulsing, twitching cocks.

They started to move at the same time, slowly at first so I could feel one sliding against the other inside me. Gareth had one hand under each cheek now and was holding them apart. With each upward thrust he spread me wider. Alex was using his thumbs to play with my clit while he was pumping in and out of my sopping wet cunt.

I couldn’t bear it any longer, it had never felt so good – I began to gyrate wildly, my hands on Alex’s shoulders keeping my balance, thrashing around and squeezing Alex inside me as tight as I could.

Gareth could feel his cock being wrung out by my tight little asshole.

“Aaaggghhh, I’M COMING” I cried.

But just as my cum juices began to trickle out of my cunt and down his legs, Alex had other ideas. He pulled his swollen cock out of my cunt. I was hypnotized by the sight as, veins bulging, he pointed it at my breasts. With an animal-like growl and just two extra strokes, he warned me,

“Here it comes,” and splashed his hot cum all over my breasts.

As Alex moved away, Gareth massaged Alex’s cum into my tits and laid me gently on all fours onto the bed. He hadn’t finished with me yet.

As he pushed his cock deeper and deeper again into my ass I could feel myself beginning the wave of my second cum, “Oh, oh, don’t stop.” I cried and he slapped my ass hard again leaving a hand print.

“You’re mine now and that proves it,” he said. “Please,” I begged breathlessly, “just fuck me, fill me up.”

He pumped harder, moving me further up the bed with each stroke and almost splitting me in two with his hard thick shaft. His cock was getting even longer and harder. I could feel that he was almost there. Then from deep down in his throat he groaned, “Ohhhhhhh fuck, yes! I’m cumming!” He put both his hands on my shoulders and pulled me hard back onto his cock while he pumped his hot spunk right up into my ass.

I collapsed then in a soaking wet heap on the bed. My ass, just still slightly open and dripping, was still raised up in the air a little. I could feel the cold air as Gareth ran his fingers gently around, spreading the fast-cooling cum around my cheeks.

Alex knelt on the floor, level with my head. His cock was already recovering.

“Open your eyes sweet girl,” he instructed.

As I did he placed the tip of cock just next to my mouth on the bed, I snaked my tongue out to lick his cum off the end and the lust still in my eyes was obvious.

“Let’s try out the shower room,” he suggested, picking me up. We headed for the bathroom.

To be continued?

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