Sam & Cat: #GettingReady

Sam & Cat: #GettingReady”Sam do you know where I put my ducky at? I need him to go to the beach with me. Sam are you listening to me?””Yes k*d, I am,” said Sam. “Look you left him over there on counter.” “Oh yeah,” Cat said. “Sam look at my bathing suit, what do you think?””It’s pink,” Sam replied, “and a bikini.””Well of course it’s pink, I love pink,” Cat said all happy. “And Jade said if I wore a bikini I would get lucky tonight, whatever that means. Jade is always saying weird things like my br*ther does.”Jade is right, Cat will get lucky if she wears that to the beach. God why must she look so hot? I just want to rip of the bikini and take her on the couch. All the things I could to do her and I would still want her even more, Sam thought to herself.”Sam, earth to Sam are you listening?””Yeah, what were you saying?””I said I’m leaving.””Oh, ok. Bye.”Seeing Cat in a bikini has made me fucking hot. Not to mention I can feel a wet spot forming. I need to take care of this or I won’t be able to concentrate on my napping. I’ll just do a quickie and be done, thought Sam as she watched Cat leave the apartment.Sam walked to the bedroom and sat on her bed, thinking about Cat’s attire all the time. She then started taking off all her clothes, except her bra and boxers. Her left hand went to cup her left breast as her right hand started to trail down her stomach to her lower region. Sam started to slowly rub herself through her boxers, moaning out Cat’s name as she did so. Sam quickly got fed up with having too much clothes on so she slowly pulled her boxers down her legs and unhooked her bra. Just as Sam had inserted two fingers into her pussy, and had started to pump herself, Cat walked back into the house yelling she forgot the sunscreen which was in the bathroom.Oblivious to Sam who is in her own world, Cat walks in just in time to hear Sam moan her name.”Ahhhhh!” Cat screams in which Sam tries and cover herself up.”Cat… It’s not what it looks like… Ok, maybe it does. Just don’t freak out Cat, it’s a natural thing to do.””Sam. I didn’t scream because I was shocked, I screamed because you didn’t even invite me to help you. You know much better when someone else is touching you.”Cat walked forward to where Sam was laying and licked her lips, as if Sam was a piece of sweet delicious meat.”Cat, what are you doing?” Sam asked her.”Just what I have wanted since I meet you,” Cat slowly leaned down on Sam and kissed her very slowly until she bite Sam’s lower lip, causing the blonde headed girl to gasp in reaction.Just as Cat hoped it happened she stuck her tongue into Sam’s mouth, caressing her tongue. As Sam pulled away for oxygen Cat slowly make her way down the girl’s neck kissing and sucking any skin she could get her lips to. Sam moaned at her touch, loving the red headed girl’s mouth on her neck.Cat stopped what she was doing and sat up to stare at Sam’s generously sized breasts.”Cat just don’t stare, do something. Or I will,” Sam said to her.”Kay, Kay,” replied Cat.And that’s just what Cat did, she leant down and took one of Sam’s nipple into her mouth. She started to suck, lick and even bite it, making go as hard as a rock and eliciting some excited noises from Sam. Her right hand went to grab Sam’s other fleshy mound, pinching and rolling the nipple in her fingers. She then switched from one boob to the other, giving them both an equal amount of her love. Sam moaned in pleasure as Cat attacked her chest, loving the feeling of the red headed girl’s mouth on her nipples.”Ca… Cat… Cat please don’t tease me anymore.”Cat just nodded in response. She slowly moved her head down south, kissing her way down till she got to her target.Cat could see that Sam’s juices were coming out at a rapid rate. She lent in much closer and smelt the aroma of Sam’s sex, loving the way she smelt. Cat licked Sam lightly, just enough for her to feel it and gasp in pure pleasure.”Mmmmmmm. beyoğlu escort Cat please don’t be a tease.”Cat looked up and said, “Sammie, what do you want me to do?”Sam was at a loss for words. Cat seeing this knows just what to do. She took her hand and rubbed it against Sam’s wet pussy.”Sammie, do you want me to touch you here?” she says as she inserted a finger into Sam. “Or in here?””Mmmmmmm,” Sam moaned as she bucked her hips up.”Tell me what you want Sam?” Cat whispered into Sam’s ear.”You. I want you to fuck me. Please? I want your mouth on mine. Please fuck me.”Cat slowly started to pump in and out of Sam as she also started to suck on the blonde’s nub. The pleasure in having Cat do this to her was too much for Sam.”Ca… Cat I’m… I’m going to… CAAAATTT!!!” Sam screamed out loud as her orgasm sweep through her.Still pumping her pussy Cat quickly replaced her fingers with her mouth so she could taste Sam’s juices. Licking Sam clean Cat looks up at Sam.”You know, you have way too much clothes on,” Sam says to Cat when she saw her look up at her climaxing face.”Well let’s see if we can fix that,” Cat says as she smiled at Sam.Sam then flipped Cat over so she was on top of her, “Kitty Cat, I would have never guessed you to be a naughty girl. Naughty girls need to be punished. Do you want to know what I am going to do to you?” Sam asked while kissing Cat’s neck.Cat went to answer her, but instead moans came out of her mouth.”What was that, I did not understand you,” Sam said, her lips carefully hovering over Cat’s skin.Sam sucked on Cat’s neck, knowing she found her weak spot – just under her ear. A hickey she was sure would form in due course.”YES! YES please!” Cat moaned, wanting her touch even more.”Well first I am going to take your bikini off,” Sam said before she slowly pulled at the strings of Cat’s bikini top.Once free Sam sat up and stared at the sight of Cat’s 30A sized breasts.”Please don’t laugh, I know they’re small,” Cat said, almost covering them up in embarrassment.”They are not small. They are perfectly formed. Whoever told you they were don’t know shit about boobs.” Sam told Cat as she admired the sight of the perfect boobs before her.Sam slowly dove in and took in one of Cat’s nipples into her mouth, sucking, kissing and biting like there was no tomorrow. Cat gasped at this action, not expecting Sam to be rough with her, but also loving the feeling of pleasure run through her body.”S… S… Sa… Sam,” Cat moaned. “Please don’t tease me.”Sam just nodded but continued in what she was doing. Cat’s hand travels down to her pussy, but Sam, in seeing this, grabs her hand and pins it to the bed.”You are not to pleasure yourself or there will be more torture,” Sam tells her with a wicked grin.Sam leant down again and lightly kissed Cat on the lips. Cat, not just wanting a little peck, grabbed Sam’s head and pulled her head to down to kiss her fully and firmly.Cat, unable to take Sam’s kissing alone, then flipped them over while Sam was still kissing her so that she was on top of her. Cat then began to grind herself on Sam, trying to get some measure of relief. Sam, in a daze of sexual frenzy, finally found her strength to re-flip them back over. The blonde back on top.Sam then whispered into Cats ear, “In a hurry, are we?”Sam trailed kisses from Cat’s neck all the way down to the valley that was her cleavage, only stopping to tease both of Cat’s nipples on the way. Then Sam gave small, little butterfly kisses over Cat’s toned tummy as she made her way all of the way to the lower region, kissing everywhere except where exactly Cat wanted her to kiss. Having fun seeing Cat squirm like that Sam started to slowly rub Cat through her bikini bottoms.Cat arched up off the bed trying to get more pleasure as Sam drove her wild with desire.”Now I’m going to take your bottoms off,” Sam says to a frustrated nilüfer escort Cat.Sam ripped Cat’s bottoms off and threw them to the ground, where exactly they landed she didn’t care. Sam then rubbed Cat’s outer lips, causing the red headed girl to squeal and moan in joy. Sam went as slow as she could as she started pushing her fingers into red headed girl’s tight tunnel.”Ass,” Cat quickly moaned. “I’m a virgin there,” she added, referring to the fact her hymen hadn’t yet been brokenSam complied and moved her fingers towards Cat’s ass, feeling that it was as tight as her pussy. She slowly entered her, getting little squeals in return. And once Sam was fully in her ass she slowly started to pump in and out of her while sucking on Cats little nub.”That… that feels good,” Cat moans as Sam’s tongue wettens Cat’s already wet skin even more.Sam does it again, causing Cat to gasp and arch her body upwards. Sam leans up and smirks at Cat, knowing she just found her anal G-spot. Sam slams her fingers into Cat most private of spots, hitting it over and over again. All the while she attacked her mouth to Cat’s nub once more. Cat, loving the feeling of her ass being invaded by a lover’s touch, grabbed her own breasts and starts to pinch her nipples.”S… Sam… I’m going… to… come.”Sam places her mouth over Cat’s pussy, wanting to taste her nectar, as her fingers continued to work her ass. Even as her ass squeezed at her fingers and an almighty orgasm took hold of Cat’s body. Sam started licking the flowing juices as Cat screamed out an orgasm she would never forget, loving the way she tastes.”Mmmmmmm,” Sam moaned as she took in every drop.Cat, still riding her orgasm, moans, “S… Sam… oh fuck!”Once Cat had come down from her incredible high Sam removed her fingers from Cat’s ass and moved up her body before pressing her lips against Cat’s, sticking her tongue in her mouth to caress Cats tongue. Cat could taste herself on Sam and liked the way she tastes.”That was interesting and fun to watch,” an unexpected person at the door of the room said, causing them both to turn their heads and look at the offending person. “I was wondering where Cat went when she never came back to the car. Mind if I join in? Three is always better than two,” said the dark haired person at the door.”How… how long have you been standing there?” Cat asked while trying to cover her naked up from her friend’s eyes.”Kitty Cat, you don’t need to cover up. I have seen your body plenty of times,” said the person.”Answer the damn question!” Sam said, a little agitated, but still not covering herself up. Unlike Cat, Sam was comfortable with her current state of nudity, and figured the person already had seen enough to know what she looked like in the nude.”Hmmmmmm… about the time you told Cat what a naughty girl she was.””You have been here that long?!” Cat screamed at her, “and you watched?!””Well yeah! And by the way, let me just say that was really hot. And Sam, maybe you should have tied Cat up with the rope that I happen to know is under your bed,” the dark haired girl said.”Jade! How the hell do you know I have rope under my bed?” Sam said.”Well, for one, you are the kind of person who would be into kinky stuff. Two, I can see it from here,” Jade told her. “And three, are we going to have that threesome or what?” Jade asked.”Dude at least let Cat rest,” Sam said as she sat there.”She can take up to at least 3 orgasms in a row,” Jade said. “So she’s ok.””How the hell would you know that, Jade?” Sam asked.”I sorta had a thing with Jade during freshman year,” Cat explained. “But she has yet to penetrate me like I want you to.”Jade then walked over to Sam, grabbed a firm hold on her head and kissed her firmly on the mouth, forcing her tongue into it. Sam pulled herself away in mild disgust.”Why on earth would I let you join?” she asked of the third woman in girne escort the room.”Well… because I can make it much more fun and interesting,” Jade answered.”And how could you do that?” Sam asked in return.”Well did spend a year exploring our li’l Kitty Cat here, so I do know where all her hit spots are, what she dislike and likes in bed. And I also know that you, Sam, love to dominate. And be dominated sometimes. Am I correct or not?” Jade asked her.”How the hell you know that is beyond me… But… yes… you got it right,” Sam told her.Jade bent over and picked up the rope up from under Sam’s bed. With the rope in both hands Jade pulled at it almost as if trying to test the strength of it and how much f*rce it could take.”Hmmmmmmm, who should we tie up first. Should it be Sammie or Kitty Cat?” Jade asked nobody in-particular, smirking.”First me… and Cat needs to strip you down if you really wanna join in,” Sam said.Cat got up from where she hid herself and, forgetting that she was totally naked, let go of the items protecting her modesty. She walked over to Jade as she and Sam looked at each other, and smiled deviously. They both went to attack each side of Jade’s luscious neck. Nipping and sucking on her neck, both Sam and Cat went to work to tease the girl who was spying on them.Jade threw her head back, loving the assault they were giving her, as she massaged their bare backs with each of her hands. Sam and Cat slid Jade out of her shirt to find she was wearing a black and purple bikini top; hiding a more than ample bosom. Sam then pushed Jade onto Sam’s bed and straddled her at her waist while Cat continued to kiss Jade’s neck.Sam then took Jade’s black skirt off, along with a matching bikini bottoms to her black and purple top, along with her boots so she can have better access to her wanting pussy. But before she gave into Jade’s neatly shaven pubic region Sam retrieved the rope Jade dropped when her and Cat first attacked Jade’s neck. With Cat occupying Jade, Sam slipped the rope around Jade’s wrists, tying each one to the Metal bed frameJade, realizing what the two have done, tries to get out of the rope.Sam shook her head at the struggling Jade and said, “There is no way you are getting out of these ropes. Besides didn’t you say you wanted to join in our little session here and make it a threesome?””Yeah… But not with me in the hot seat,” Jade said. “I wanted to tease you or Cat… not the other way around.””Well this going to be more than teasing,” Cat said to her.Both Jade and Sam looked at Cat, astonished she would say that even in this kind of situation. Cat quickly got up off her and went over to her bed. Once there she reached underneath it and brought out a box of her own, only this one was decorated in pink sparkly glitter, pictures of unicorns and had Cat’s name embellished across it in Tori Vega’s familiar handwriting.She opened it up, breaking the seal placed on it by a former partner and pulled out a pink double ended dildo. Jade and Sam look at each other, shocked Cat had something like that.”A present from both Tori and Trina the last time I slept over. They told me only to open it when the time was right,” Cat said to them as she admired the length, all twenty inches of the sparkling pink dildo.”Did you know she had that under there Jade?” asked Sam as she moved Jade’s legs apart, allowing her fingers more of an opening to Jade’s wet opening.”Nope, did you?” asked Jade.Sam shook her head, staring at the red headed girl who was coming over to them with a grin wider than the Cheshire Cat.”Finally…” Cat said as she approached her two favourite women, “…I will get to be a woman.” She then spied the looks they were giving her. “What? You never thought I knew what it was before?””You mean…?” Jade began to ask.”She told me what it was when I went down on Trina right in-front of her. Said it was for when I had found the one,” Cat giggled. “Now I have two of the one.””Not so innocent, after all,” Sam said before Cat passionately kissed her on the lips and travelled her dildo over her body and down to her pussy.This comment caused Cat to giggle her all too familiar giggle as she slipped one end into Sam’s pussy and directed the other end towards Jade West’s crotch.

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