Peeping Perv Gets What’s Deserved

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Peeping Perv Gets What’s Deserved
This stomach virus was kicking my ass. I was bed ridden for two days and it wasn’t letting up. My wife was taking care of me but I hated for her to miss work. I was tired of the house. The only enjoyable thing besides tv was the hot piece of ass next door. At least once a week I’d rub one out to Emily from
Next door. She could be fully clothed and still get a stiffy.

The thought of her made me get up and look out the window. There she was tanning in her backyard by the pool. I instantly stuck my hand in my boxers and fondled my balls. She was steaming. I would do anything for a taste of her ass. I heard footsteps and hurried back to the couch, faking sleep.

“ Isaac, wake up, “ my wife said as I woke up
groggy. “ Emily from next door is gonna check on you and make sure you’re taking your medicine. I’ve gotta get some sleep since they want me to work tonight. “

Emily was a 19 going on 20 year old that made me feel like a creepy old man. But I couldn’t help it, she was hot. She had the perfect petite body with a little plump ass and c cup tits. Sometimes she would do yoga and I could see the outline of her pussy while she stretched and she never noticed.

“ That’s awfully nice of her, “ I replied stroking the outline of my stiffening cock in my boxers. I hope she comes over here in some short shorts and a tank top so I could admire her body. I started to pull my dick out of my boxers. For the next 20 minutes or so I very slowly stroked my cock to the thought of her. I wanted her on my kitchen counter, bent over. I didn’t have much but I would give her all I got.

“ Anything to make the stomach pains go away, huh, “ Emily said startling me.

“ Uhh, it’s no- “

“ It’s cool Mr. Isaac, “ she said with a laugh.

My wife walked by watching our exchange.

“ Don’t tell me he’s refusing his medicine, “ she said to Emily.

“ Nope. He’s not gonna be a problem, Karen, “ she replied.

My wife went upstairs to lay down and Emily canlı bahis şirketleri went to grab my meds. When she came back I took my pills and laid there.

“ What’s on your mind, Mr. Isaac, “ Emily asked.

“ Nothing much. Just getting back to work once this bug is gone. “

“ No, the other thing. “

“ What do you mean? “

“ Work has your cock hard like that? “

Emily smiled as I held my mouth open in shock.

“ Go ahead and tell me. I can imagine how you looked when your wife said my name. You’re a nasty old man, “ she continued with a look of disgust. “ I’ve seen you watching me when I do yoga. I see you stroking your little fat white cock. “

“ I have no idea wh- “
The smack that landed across my face was quick and forceful. I turned red in embarrassment amidst my lie.

“ Don’t say another fucking word you piece of shit. “ I was taken aback. Suddenly she pushed me off the couch. I was still groggy from my long nap. Emily’s small hands teacher around my neck and placed something on me.

“ Crawl, you fucking creep. “ she ordered. I obliged. I crawled over to the full length mirror. Emily had placed a leash and collar on me. I stared at the pathetic grey bearded bald man looking back at me being humiliated.

“ What are you gonna do? I’m sorry, please don’t tell- “

“ Me? “

I looked up and saw my wife Karen coming down the stairs in a robe.

“ Don’t tell your wife what kind of disgusting piece of shit you are? “ she said handing Emily a whip. She sat down in our recliner and opened her legs showing her huge clit and pussy.

“ Crawl over to your wife and apologize, “ Emily ordered. I slowly made my way over but it wasn’t fast enough. Without warning, Emily later the biggest crack of her whip on my bare ass.


“ He’s such a bad listener, “ Karen said chuckling and checking her nails nonchalantly. “ Give him another. “

CRACK! Emily showed even less mercy and I quickly hurried to Karen. Face to face with perabet güvenilir mi her pussy.

“ Smell it, sniff it, “ Emily said shoving my face into my wife’s warm cunt. She smeared my face in it, so naturally I stuck my tongue out.

“ Stop! “ Karen said loudly. “ He doesn’t follow rules. I didn’t take off of work for a this pervert to disobey, “ CRACK, CRACK, CRACK! 3 hard cracks of the whip hit my already sore ass.

“ I’ve got something for you, “ Emily said walking near the couch, returning with a pair of handcuffs. She placed the on my wrists and made me sit like a 5 year old.

“ If she wanted her pussy licked she would have asked me! You like to watch instead of pleasing your wife, so watch! “ Emily yelled.

She walked over to Karen, dropped to her knees and licked her pussy. My cock immediately stood straight up in my boxers. Emily propped Karen’s legs on her shoulder and went to town. Karen gripped Emily by her ponytail and moaned loudly in a way I’ve never heard.

“ Yesss, oh yessss! Yes suck my clit, “ Karen chanted.

“ Does your peeping Tom husband lick your pussy like this? “

“ No he’s too busy jerking his little fat penis to our neighbors. “

They shared a laugh before Emily continued to lead my wife to a loud, toe curling, shaking orgasm. They switched places, my wife doing the same to Emily which shocked me. Without touching it, my cock shot off in my boxers.

“ Aww look at the little perv, “ Karen teased.

“ His little tiny cock went off watching us. How pathetic. You think he’d watch you get fucked? “ Emily asked.

“ Lets find out, “ Karen said picking up her phone. “ Crawl to me little bitch “. I tried but my hands were tied. I was very slow. CRACK! Another lash across my sore ass.

“ Crawl bitch, “ Emily said yanking my leach along the way. I couldn’t due to my hands being cuffed. I peddled my feet and slid across the carpet. Karen and Emily enjoyed and got a great laugh out of it. Emily shoves my face perabet giriş into Karen’s pussy and smeared it. This time I didn’t lick. I was learning to listen.

“ Heyyyy, it’s me. Come fuck me. Yes right now. Yes he’s here. Trust me. You don’t even need to drive. Just walk over, “ Karen said. Who was she speaking to?

DING! Emily got up to get the door. I waited to see who it was. It was Devon. My neighbor Evan told me about him. He was young and didn’t care about who was married to who. He was up to his neck in neighborhood pussy.

“ Are you hard or do you want me to suck that cock like I did when my faggot husband was sleep last night? “ Karen asked.

Without answered Devon pulled his pants down and a hard black cock flopped out. He walked directly to Karen and began to fuck her mouth as if it’s where they left off.

Emily walked me over to my wife who wrapped the leash around her hand and gave me a front row view of her deepthroating a dick literally twice the size of mine. My cock was hard.

“ Awww look at the little cock, “ Emily said. Karen couldn’t reply with her mouth full or cock but I heard her muffler laughs along with Devon’s. Emily places her foot on my chest and pushed me so I was laying flat on my back, still handcuffed. She squatted over me facing my wife and Devon, who was now fucking my wife doggystyle. She had never remotely reacted to me like this. Emily sat on my face forcing me to eat her pussy while she vigorously jerked my tiny sore cock. She humiliated me. I heard the nonstop laughter from the three.

“ I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna awwwwwww “ I heard Devon shout. Emily got up from smothering me with her pussy. I took a sigh before seeing Karen’s red, swollen lips and loose hole squatted over me. With no words, just a slight moan, she pushed and released Devon’s load on my unsuspecting face.

“ The little creep wanted a show, we gave him one, “ Karen said walking off.

“ Devon you’re still hard! “ Emily said.

“ I could go another round, “ he replied.

“ Good, because the little bitch over there could never fuck me with that tiny dick. “ Emily replied. The three walked upstairs to my room where I soon heard them all having sex, while I laid there. Sore. Tied. Humiliated. And covered with cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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