My White Wife

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My White Wife
Over the holidays I got to see a side of my wife that I’ve never seen
before. My office party was held in a dance club this year. My wife likes
to dance and is really fond of the holidays so we went expecting to have
the time of our lives. I was in a great mood and was looking forward to a
little flirtation with a few of the girls from the office and to a night
of drinking and dancing.

The party was packed. It seemed that everyone was there. When we arrived
we were invited to sit at my boss’s table. He and his supervisor are
great guys and I thought that it would be fun to party with them. They
are both black and I wanted to show them that I have no trouble working
for a black man and that this white guy and his wife know how to have a
good time and party and dance.

After a few drinks they started taking turns on the dance floor with my
wife. She loves to dance so much that there is no way that I can keep up
with her, so I was glad that I had some help. After a while I noticed
that Mike, my boss, and Steve, my boss’s supervisor, were getting really
touchy with my wife Susan. As they danced they would run their hands
around her ass and once I thought I saw her run her hand up the inside
leg of Steve’s pants and grab his crotch! I was fooling around a bit
myself so I paid it no mind.

Around midnight the party was almost over and we were all still in the
mood to party so I invited Mike and Steve to come back to our house to
have a few more drinks. I was really canlı bahis şirketleri feeling tight myself by then but
felt that I could go a few more rounds. My wife had not been drinking
heavy at all since she would be driving us.

When we got home I fixed us all a drink. Susan said that she was now
ready to get wasted and downed her first drink in a second. Mike and
Steve were happy to make her a second and third drink. I tried to keep up
but began to feel dizzy and left to go to the bathroom. As I left the
room I watched as both men took Susan in their arms and danced with her.
After I took a leak I stopped in the bedroom to lie down for a few
minutes. I could hear the music and laughter in the living room and knew
that they would not miss me for a few minutes.

About 15 minutes later I got up and started down the hallway back to the
living room. I started to feel strange as I realized that I could not
hear any laughter coming from the living room. I was in for a big shock
as I turned the corner and entered the room. There, bent over a chair
with her bare ass in the air, was my wife Susan! Mike was standing in
front of her face with his cock in hand feeding it into her waiting
mouth. At the same time Steve was standing behind Susan feeding his stiff
cock into her dripping wet pussy. I could not believe my eyes but there
was my wife getting it in both ends from two of my bosses! I just stood
there watching.

Susan looked up and saw me standing there. tipobet giriş She looked right in my eyes
and gave a little smile and a wink. To my surprise my cock was getting
hard. I reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick and
started jerking off. As Susan watched me stroking myself off she really
started to suck and fuck harder. Mike didn’t seem to be aware of me or
else he didn’t care. He started to moan, pushing his dark cock deeper
down Susan’s throat. I could tell that he was about to cum as his whole
body stiffened up and he let out a loud “OH GOD!”. Susan kept sucking his
thick black cock as he filled her mouth with what looked like a gallon of
cum. As I watched his sticky milky cum drip from her lips I started to
cum myself. I couldn’t help myself. I too let out a “OH GOD” as my cum
shot out and splashed the shag rug in front of me.

Steve must have heard my groans because he looked over at me as he
started to screw Susan’s pretty white pussy harder. I watched for several
minutes as his jet black cock made the long journey in and out of my
wife’s quivering wet pussy. After I had cum I started to feel embarrassed
about the whole thing. My head was really spinning again. At this point
Mike pulled out of my wife’s mouth and to my surprise he was still hard
as a rock. He got down on the floor on his back and demanded that Susan
fuck him. Steve pulled out of Susan’s dripping wet pussy and she got down
on top of Mike and started tipobet güvenilir mi fucking him wildly. Now Steve got behind her
and started pushing his cock into her asshole. I couldn’t take it any

As I turned to go back to the bedroom I took one last look and saw Susan
being fucked in both holes. These guys made a sandwich out of my wife. In
my home! Back in my bed, in the dark, staring out at nothing I could hear
them fucking and laughing for the next hour. Then I fell asleep. I woke
up next morning to the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Susan was not in my
bed. When I walked into the living room I saw Susan cleaning up the mess
we all made the night before. Steve and Mike were gone. She was cleaning
the spot on the floor where I had shot my load. She smiled and said good
morning to me and went back to work cleaning.

I could not bring myself to talk about the night before but Susan could.
She said “You have really great people to work with. I really like Mike
and Steve. They’re a lot of fun.” And that was it. Nothing more. On
Monday when I went back to work Mike called me into his office to give me
my holiday bonus check. As he handed it to me I said “Thank You, I really
need this.” His reply was “Thanks for the other night – I really needed
it” and then he let out a big laugh and said “we will have to do it again
sometime soon”. Then he pushed his hand out for me to shake and said
“Happy New Year”. What could I say. This guy is my boss. “Sure. Yea. We
will do it again soon. Happy New Year”. I turned and walked out.

Later that day I saw Mike go into Steve’s office. I watched as they
laughed together. I can only guess as to what they were talking about.
I’m new to this feeling but I love it. Can’t wait to see my wife fuck

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