My first construction job, my first time.

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My first construction job, my first time.
It was my first job. Young and fit, I got hired to clean up around a new home construction site. Picking up spilled nails and discarded pieces of wood. Not exactly a skilled labor job, but I was just starting out and had to start somewhere. It turned out to be the best job in the world though!

I had fantasized about being with other guys and sucking cock, but never acted on them. Never even had a chance to actually, but sometimes while watching porn, I would imagine it was me sucking those big, beautiful dicks instead of the girls. For some reason it turned me on so very much. So when at the end of a long hot, sweaty day at the job site I looked out from a second story window of an unfinished home and saw a worker housing himself off with water, my mind raced.

I realized there didn’t seem to be anyone else around and he probably thought he was alone. He was older than me, a man, hairy and muscular. I watched quietly as the water splashed against his strong, hairy chest and ran down his flat, muscular, ab covered stomach. I was surprised by how erotic the scene was, by how much the site of him arroused me. I moved to the side of the window and continued to watch him. My hands moved across my chest and then down to my crotch and rubbed my hard cock through my pants. I imagined him taking his cock out and stroking himself. I imagined myself on my knees in front of him. Just dreaming, it would never happen, I would never do it for real.

That’s when he looked up and saw me watching him! I slid behind the wall out of site, my heart racing in my chest. I was so embarrassed, but so horny and turned on. I slowly peered back out the window for another look. He was still there, still hosing himself off, rubbing his strong, hairy chest and looking back up at me! I rubbed and squeezed my aching cock through my pants again, online bahis knowing he couldn’t see me do it from down below.

He turned the water off and then he was gone. Thinking I was now alone, I took me throbbing cock out and started to stroke myself, so very much needing the incredible release of a cum spurting orgasm. My heart stopped when I heard foot steps on the unfinished stairs. Someone was coming up! I quickly and clumsily tried to put my hard cock away and hide it. It was the man I had been watching outside!

I stood there, shocked and embarrassed. He could see my erection through my pants and rubbed his own cock through his. “Is this what you want?” he said quietly. I was frozen, as if unable to move or speak. He took his massive semi hard dick and big hairy balls out through his fly and grabbed my hand, pulling me down to my knees in front of him. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into his sweaty manhood. His scent so manly, his big cock so soft yet firm on my face and lips. He felt incredible! There was no point in resisting, we both knew I wanted this.

I began to tongue his heavy, sweaty balls as he continued to hold my face into him. I felt as if I was cumming, I could feel my pre cum leaking from my rock hard cock as if in one long, slow, incredible orgasm. I pressed my lips to his vein covered shaft, I was so incredibly turned on and licked the side of it before wrapping my lips around his cock’s head. I felt him swell between my lips, filling my mouth with my first amazing, delicious taste of cock.

He still held my head with both hands and he began to pump his big, hard dick in and out of my eager mouth. I gagged as his cock’s head banged against the back of my throat, but he didn’t stop and I didn’t want him too. I wanted as much of his cock as he could give me.

I felt him pull away from me, taking bedava bonus veren siteler his wonderful big cock from my mouth and push me back. He then moved to his knees also and layed me down as if I didn’t have a choice. His big, strong, hairy hands quickly undid my pants and pulled them down, exposing my throbbing, pre cum covered cock.

He immediately engulfed me with his mouth. I felt light headed, his big, velvety mouth felt unbelievable. I was putty, melting into the bare floor boards of that unfinished, upstairs bedroom. I quickly began to feel that incredible rush of semen as it builds up inside. He didn’t stop sucking me until I exploded into his big wet mouth, he didn’t take his lips from me until he had swallowed every last drop of my jizz. I had knew dreamed an orgasm could feel so good, so complete and so draining. I felt weak as he stood and removed his pants. He stood over me as I stared up at his muscular, hairy legs and big, beautiful, hard, hairy cock and balls. He lowered himself down and straddled my chest. He began to stroke his massive cock just inches from my face, then holding my head with his other hand, lowered his balls down and pressed them over my face. I licked every inch of his sweat covered sack and sucked his balls just the way he had instructed me to. I felt his body begin to shake above me, then he pulled back and pointed his thick cock’s head at my mouth. He held my face up and while moaning out loud, delivered stream after stream of warm, thick, salty cum onto and across my face, lips and mouth. His fist wrapped tightly around his shaft, he milked his wonderful, white jizz out as I watched then pressed his cock back against my lips, making me open my mouth and taste his cum.

I would be the last one on the job site every day after that, hoping he would be there too. Many times yatırımsız deneme bonusu he was, and many times I got to suck his big beautiful dick and taste his manly sperm. The time that’s stands out the most, however, was when he took me, right there on the floor of another unfinished house. Completely naked on the bare boards, he rolled me onto my stomach and grabbing my hips, lifting my virgen ass into the air. He could feel his big, strong hands squeezing and slapping my bare ass cheeks, turning them red as my hard cock leaked pre cum onto the floor below. I closed my eyes when I felt the firm, impossibly big head of his cock press against my opening. Lubricant dripped down my balls as I willingly moved my asshole back against him, then with a painful thrust, he was inside me.

I gasped, shocked by the mix of pain and thrilled excitement, I felt his massive manhood slide deep inside me. I was his to fuck as he wanted.

He held my hips tightly as he began to thrust himself in and out of me. My eyes still closed, lost in the feelings, emotions and pleasure of his big cock fucking me, rocking me back and forth. My cock boucnced against my stomach, making it wet and sticky with my own pre cum. His breathing and pace quicken, he was going to cum inside me. The motion, the excitement, the pain mixed with pleasure, my body shook as I shot my load out uncontrollably, splashing hard against the bare floor. All without even touching myself. He had literally fucked the cum out of me, I never dreamed it was even possible or that incredible. He continued to pump into me hard as my squeezing, quivering asshole thighten around his shaft. He moaned out loud as he released his massive, hot, cum load deep inside me, leaving us both weak and shaking. He collapsed on top of me, his hot breath in my ear, his cock still deep inside my sore asshole.

Sometimes I drive by that now finished house and remember that time, years before. People living there have no idea, but I can’t help but think about their cum stained floor boards, under their carpet, and remember that first job I had, my first time and my masculine, hairy construction worker.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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