Hot Mother in Their Grasp Ch. 02

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Hot Mother in Their Grasp Ch. 02
Mark just stared at the 6 pictures that were attached to the Email from Tommy. He couldn’t help it, but he just instinctively began to rub his cock through his shorts. These were fantastic…to see his Mom posing for pictures in the woods! He wasn’t aware, but these 6 pictures were pretty tame compared with the rest of the photos that Tommy and his 2 friends had taken, but they were enough to set Mark’s mind churning over, and to increase his thoughts about his sexy, attractive Mom.

In the photos, Mark’s Mom was standing under a big tree in the middle of some woods somewhere, dressed in a very short, thin skirt, high heels and a tight vest. Mark had never seen his Mom dressed like this before, she had always been very conservative in her attire, but in these pictures her hot body looked out of this world.

In the first couple of pictures, D was just standing facing the camera, her body looking sexy and hot, but still decent. The next 2 photos started to get Mark’s cock harder as he looked at his Mom with her skirt held up around her waist, showing off her tight, pink panties. In the final 2, D had taken off the tight vest and skirt, and was only now wearing the panties, the black bra that lifted and held her superb breasts, and the fuck-me shoes. They were stunning pictures of the blonde wife and mother, and Mark, as well as being excited, couldn’t work out how they had come to be!!

How had Tommy, his college buddy, gotten hold of such intimate photos of D, Mark’s blonde, vivacious mother? They had often discussed how sexy D was while the guys were together at the baseball games on Sunday afternoons, and they had even gone as far as to say that D was a hot MILF, and they’d love to see some sexy pictures of her…and here they were, in full colour all across Mark’s computer screen as he studied them in the privacy of his bedroom.

His cock just got harder and harder as he looked at the gorgeous blonde woman in the pictures…this was his Mom and he had never seen her looking so hot and sexy. But his imagination had recently started to get the better of him, particularly as his college mates had started to discuss his Mom in more than intimate detail. D regularly went to the games at the diamond on Sundays, and it was here that the guys had begun to take longer and longer looks at Mark’s Mom. And why not?

D was certainly a gorgeous MILF. Married and a mother, but still only in her late 30s, she had a body to die for!! Blonde hair and a pretty face, she only stood at 5′, but what a body she packed into that 5′. Her breasts were huge, hard DDs, her waist was tight and firm due to her regular gym visits, her ass was perfectly shaped, and she possessed calves and thighs that were delicious, especially when she wore fuck-me high heels that accentuated the whole ensemble. She certainly was a thing of wet dreams.

Mark and his college friends were all either 18 or 19 and it seemed that D was the only subject that interested them, apart from the baseball. Mark tried to keep a diplomatic mind while the guys discussed his Mom, but even he now had started to have lurid thoughts about the woman he came home to each afternoon after college.

But what Mark didn’t know was that his college pals had gradually taken charge of his mother, with a form of blackmail, and she was now caught in a whirlwind that involved her being ‘available’ for the guys whenever they called. ‘Being available’ meant that D just had to come running for Tommy and his friends whenever they wanted to see her. She had to lie, she had to skip off work, and she had to dress just how they wanted…she was a sort of unpaid slave to these young men. How much longer would it go on?

She had been told to dress sexily, she had been summoned to the nearby lake one evening, and on another day she had been taken for a coffee to Starbucks, and then driven to a secluded wood where all these ‘glamorous photos’ had been taken. Yes, D was certainly under the control of Tommy, Ted and other friends, and it wasn’t hard to imagine how the young men had enjoyed playing with the awesome body that D possessed. Hence the sexy pictures which Mark was now drooling over.

He had always seen his Mom dressed in sweat pants and baggy tops while she worked around the home. Even when she went to work, or out for an evening with Mark’s father, she wore conservative dresses and skirts, with small heels, but now, admiring the pictures on the computer, this just confirmed to Mark that his Mom really was a sexy, hot woman who definitely was a MILF…and now Mark wanted more…he wanted to explore the possibilities that these pictures brought out into the open. He knew his feelings were taboo, but his Mom was so hot, so sexy, and seeing hot pictures of her had just flipped his mind and now he didn’t care…he just wanted more of her!!

As well as still playing with his cock while admiring his Mom, Mark quickly zipped off a mail to Tommy telling him that the pictures were ‘so Goddam hot’ and did he have any more…and where did he get them? It was only 5 minutes or so before he got a reply from Tommy.

‘I told you your Mom was a hot MILF, didn’t I? Now do you believe me? I have to make some more arrangements, Mark, but I’ll see you at the game on Sunday and I’ll tell you more. Now, you treat your Mom nicely and I’ll see you on Sunday…and here are 2 more pictures!!’

Mark quickly opened the attachments and…oh Jesus!!…his Mom looked incredible, and Mark jerked off his cock and quickly shot his load all over the computer screen.

Picture 1 was of D lying on her back under the trees, looking at the camera, only wearing her pink panties and shoes, with her hand down her panties. Picture 2 was her kneeling, facing the camera, with hot cum dripping down her face. Rather than be disgusted, Mark knew now that his Mom was a sexy, hot bitch and he was going to do his utmost to see if he could enjoy seeing that gorgeous body for himself. He would wait until Sunday to see what Tommy had to say.

In the mean-time, two days later, a private letter arrived for D at her place of work. It contained a DVD which she was told to watch in private. It also told her that her son, Mark, would be asking her for an evening out on a date when his father was away working. She was to do just as she was told, otherwise the DVD would become an internet hit!! Oh Christ, D thought!! A date with my son? Why??

She watched the DVD in private later that day…it contained her worst fears. It was of the photographic session with the guys in the woods. Her body was in close up in all of the pictures, showing her in various states of undress as the DVD progressed. Of course, it finished with her sucking cock, cum spurting onto her face and finally being doggie fucked while being made to look into the video/camera.

D was almost in tears as she closed the DVD. She knew that these guys who had started to control her in the worse way, now had concrete material to continue their control of her. What could she do…who could she talk to? No-one really…she just had to grit her teeth and see what might happen next.

At the baseball game the following Sunday, Mark soon came into conversation with the other guys, including Tommy and Ted.

‘Like the pictures, then, Mark?’ Tommy laughed. ‘I bet you haven’t seen your Mom like that before, have you?’

‘Jesus, you guys. Where did you get them from?’ He wouldn’t admit that he tossed himself off while he looked at the photos, but the guys could see that he was obviously excited. Tommy carried on.

‘Doesn’t matter where they came from, Mark…but they do prove that your Mom is one hell of a MILF, don’t they? Now, why don’t you try and see more of your Mom yourself? I’m sure you could take her out for a night out when your father’s away on work. Just do it, Mark. Tell her to wear something really hot for you…you know, something that shows off that MILF body in its best form.’

‘Do you think she’d come on a date with her son,’ asked Mark. ‘Why would she? I’m her son and…!!’

The other guys egged Mark on with more encouragement.

‘Mark, you’re a big strapping guy, muscular, and I expect your Mom gets lonely some evenings while your dad is away. Take her out and give her a good time, buy her a few drinks or go for a meal…but you lead the way and be the dominant male for the evening…and you make sure your Mom wears something that YOU want her to wear. I’m sure she’ll do it…in fact, I’m sure she’ll do it!!’ Tommy knew that D had no choice after she had received the DVD.

Mark mulled the idea over in his head for a few days, ably encouraged by looking at his Mom’s pictures whenever he could. God, she looked hot and he just got more and more frantic about the woman who was now the centre of his whole life. He had to make a move.

Back home, he tried to give his Mom more and more attention when they were alone in the house.

‘Hi, Mom,’ he would say if he came downstairs while she was cooking the meal. He’d slip his arm around D’s waist, feeling her firm stomach under the baggy jumper, or he’d give her a peck on the back of the neck and smell the sexy aroma of her perfume. Of course, D was aware that something strange was in the offing as she had been told as much in the letter with the DVD. She was also aware that her son had fucked her at the fancy dress party a few weeks ago, even though the fancy dress had hidden her identity and Mark hadn’t a clue that it was his own Mom that he had fucked. But still, D was confused and nervous and didn’t really know how to react!

‘You’re very friendly this evening, Mark. Are you OK?’

‘Fine, Mom, fine. I just thought that you must get a little lonely sometimes, what with dad being away working a lot of the time. You look so good, especially now you’re going to the gym regularly, but all you seem to do is cook, wash, iron and then sit down in front of the TV until it’s time to go to bed.’

‘Well, thanks for the compliment, son. You don’t look too bad yourself. I’m usually tired by the end of the day and I don’t have the energy to do anything else.’

‘Of course you do. You’re still youngish, aren’t you, and going to the gym has really helped you with your figure, hasn’t it? You look really fit and healthy…even better than you did this time last year!’ D smelled a rat behind the sweet talk!

‘Have you been talking to your baseball buddies? Why the sudden attention?’

‘No reason, Mom…but the guys always comment on how good you look when you come to the diamond.’

‘Oh do they now…what sort of things do they say then?’

‘They say that you’re really looking hot and sexy, they love your clothes and your figure…and, well, they say that you’re really a hot MILF.’

D wondered what else Mark’s friends had been discussing with him. Had they told him all the illegal bahis gory details of their so called relationship and the blackmail they were inflicting on her? Even worse, had the guys told him the ultimate embarrassment about how Mark had fucked his own mother at the fancy dress party, without knowing who it was? At least he hadn’t mentioned it so far, so D just hoped for the best. She tried to keep calm.

‘Well, they are nice compliments, Mark, but a MILF…if that’s what I think it is, it’s pretty crude, isn’t it? I’m a wife and I’m your mother. Doesn’t that annoy you and make you angry, Mark?’

‘Not if I appreciate that they’re right, Mom. You DO look good…but I always see you in baggy shorts and sweatshirts. Do you HAVE to wear those clothes all the time when you’re around the house? Don’t you feel like dressing up sometimes…it would make you feel better, and I’d love to see you wearing some sexy clothes now and again.’

‘You would?’

‘Yes, I would, really. You might be my Mom, but I know you have a great figure under all those baggy clothes, and I think you ought to show it off sometimes.’ D shivered at her thoughts…

Had Mark seen the DVD of her photographic experience in the woods? Was he going to ask her out for an evening together, insisting that she wore sexy, revealing clothes? She tried to divert the subject.

‘Well, I might try to get a bit more daring for you but only now and again, and only when your father is not here…he’d only wonder what was going on,’ and she grinned at her son, and gave him a peck on the cheek. Wow! That perfume really got Mark horny again, but he didn’t push the subject any more, and neither did he offer his Mom a date at this point. All he wanted to do was get up to his computer and run the sexy pictures of his Mom across the screen again, so he could jack off looking at her hot body.

The call came the following day at lunch-time…and D knew who it was straight away. Ted’s voice told her to be in the car-park at Starbucks the following Wednesday at 1pm. (The guys knew she had Wednesday afternoons off). They would be going for a nice ride in the country again and D was to wear something really hot again. She tried to prevaricate with all sorts of excuses but Ted was adamant and warned her of the consequences if she didn’t make the date. Oh God, thought D…here we go again!

At baseball on the Sunday, Tommy told D’s son, Mark, that if he wanted to see something really exciting, Ted would pick him up at College at 1230 the following Wednesday, and they would have a trip out. Mark tried to ask more searching questions, but received a blank!

‘Don’t ask any more questions, Mark,’ went on Tommy. ‘Just take it from me that you’ll enjoy a great afternoon…so be there for a 1230 pick-up.’

D spent the next few days worrying about Wednesday afternoon, but what choices did she have? She was in this up to her neck and the college guys knew just how to control her. They were even discussing her feminine charms with her son now, and he was bringing some pressure on her at home about the way she dressed. Christ, my life is one big mess, she thought…but what to wear? Should she ignore the request? What sort of retribution would the guys take? She daren’t think about it…she just had to do it!!

She was at the car-park at Starbucks at 1pm on Wednesday afternoon, having been home to change after work. Two of the guys, Tommy and Lenny, sat in Lenny’s car and called D over as she locked her car. God, did she look hot? As she moved beautifully across the car-park, her tight, pink mini-dress was covered by a three-quarter length coat, and her high platform shoes also had 6 inch stiletto heels. The effect was stunning as the blonde woman moved as quickly as possible to the car, trying to ensure that she wouldn’t be seen by anyone who knew her.

The back door of the car opened and she slid onto the leather seat. Luckily, Tommy and Lenny were both in the front, with Lenny driving, but they both took a few seconds to turn round to admire the fabulous view of almost naked legs and huge breasts straining at the tight dress as her coat fell open.

D knew it was a futile question but she still asked,

‘Where are we going, then? You know I don’t have a lot of time…Jesus, where the fuck are you taking me today?’ Tommy grinned as usual.

‘Calm down, Mrs J. Calm down. We’re just going for a little drive out into the country again. You’ll love the peace and quiet, we know you will…and I’m so glad you’ve chosen something really sexy to wear. She looks great, doesn’t she, Lenny?’ Lenny gave a lecherous look in the rear view mirror as he pulled the car out of the car-park.

35 minutes later, the car was bumping down a little lane that seemed to be heading for a set of buildings and barns that looked like a farm. It was surrounded by fields and woods and there seemed no other buildings in the area for miles. D had no idea where she was as the car went through the open farm gate and bumped around the huge farmyard until it pulled up outside a huge barn. One barn door had been partially slid open and leaning against the door was Ted.

‘Out, bitch,’ grinned Tommy again. ‘Oh…and leave the coat in the car There’s no-one around here for miles, so don’t get any big ideas about running away or trying to cause trouble.’ D knew there was no point in trying to argue as Tommy opened her door. She took off the coat and left it in the car, and the two guys joined Ted as they led the blonde wife and mother through the sliding door into a huge barn.

One side had a few bales of hay lying about the floor, but the other side of the barn was full, from floor to ceiling, with more bales of hay. A ladder gave access to the higher bales, almost up to the high ceiling of the barn, and it looked as though the hay was being stored for use on the farm later in the year as the weather and winter drew in.

Otherwise, there were just sacks of vegetables s**ttered around the barn, and there seemed to be no other sign of life on the farm at all. It was just D and the 3 young college teenagers.

The brilliant afternoon sun shone through the open barn door and covered about a quarter of the inside, leaving the rest of the barn almost in shadow. Looking around, D took in the hugeness of the place and noticed straight away that 4 bales of hay had been moved to the centre of the floor, enveloped in the sun’s rays, laid two against two giving an almost square platform or ‘stage.’ Jesus, thought D…this looks ominous!!

‘What the hell do you think’s going to happen now?’ she almost spat out. ‘I think you should take me back to my car right now…I shouldn’t be here with you, you know that…this has gone on too long, and…’ but all the three young men did was grin at the sexy bitch.

Three hungry pairs of eyes just devoured the awesome sight in front of them. The tight pink dress only reached down to the curve of D’s ass, and it was stretched across her magnificent breasts, with the fuck-me high heels finishing off a stunning appearance.

‘You know you love coming out with us for a ride in the country, don’t you,’ laughed Tommy. ‘We only want some fun for an hour or two, and then we’ll get you back to your car in time for tea. You can scream and shout all day long, but no-one is going to hear you, baby, as this place is completely empty for the whole of this week. Ted, why don’t you get the sexy lady some blankets to go on those bales of hay?’

Ted quickly nipped out to the car and returned with 2 blankets which he spread evenly over the 4 bales of hay. It seemed ideal!! Tommy carried on.

‘Why don’t you give us all a better look at that sexy dress, slut? You seem to have excelled yourself today, Mrs Johnson. Come on, babe, turn round slowly for us. Oh, I almost forgot…get the camera out of the car, Lenny.’

‘Shit,’ exclaimed D. ‘You’ve got a camera again?…haven’t you got enough photographs of me from last time?’

‘Can’t get enough of a good thing, Mrs J,’ laughed Tommy…’and this one’s even better.’

Lenny came back into the barn and opened a tripod and put it in position. He then attached a camcorder to the tripod and pointed it at the ‘stage’ of the 4 bales of hay. D’s heart pounded at the possibilities of what might be coming!!

‘I said turn round slowly for us, bitch,’ went on Tommy. ‘Go on, we want to see that sexy dress stuck to your body. Do it now!’ and his voice became quite firm.

With a deep sigh of resignation, D began to move slowly around on the spot. She really had excelled herself because the pink dress was almost a micro-dress, the hem reaching down to only the bottom of her ass cheeks. It was zipped all the way down the back and there was also a tempting view of her awesome cleavage from the deep v-neck.

‘Shit, she looks fuckin’ hot today, doesn’t she, Tommy,’ said Lenny. ‘Look at the cheeks of her ass peeping out.’ It indeed was ‘hot,’ and Tommy got the sexy wife and mother to bend over while they all took great delight in viewing the stunning ass cheeks with a little sliver of pink material sliding up between the cheeks.
Also admiring the view with great excitement was another pair of eyes surveying the erotic scene, but these eyes were hidden away between two bales of hay, high up in the bales that were stacked above the ladder near the roof of the barn. The view was perfect, looking down on the scene from on high, but this spectator was totally undetectable! What else would these eyes see this afternoon?

‘Get on the ‘stage’ Mrs J,’ ordered Tommy, ‘and no arguing, please. It’s very comfy, and we’ve even got some blankets for you. Lenny, switch on the video.’

As D walked over to the 4 bales of hay, nervous and her heart still thumping, Tommy helped her up onto the ‘stage’ and the 3 young men positioned themselves so that she was facing them, but also clearly visible to the ‘eyes’ looking down from high up in the barn. D slipped off the fuck-me shoes and waited with trepidation.

‘On your knees, baby bitch,’ ordered Tommy again. D knelt on the blankets, facing the teenagers, and Lenny trained the video onto the shapely body, switching on to begin to record all that D was likely to endure that afternoon.

‘Raise the dress to your waist, baby,’ and D gently lifted the pink dress to reveal a thin strip of pink material between her legs. It was almost a g-string but not quite, and it managed to hide most of her bare vaginal lips before disappearing underneath her body.

Tommy slowly walked over to where D was kneeling and his hand went straight between her legs…but he made sure he didn’t obstruct the view from the bales above them. His arm went round D’s shoulders while his other hand gently slid onto the panties covering her cunt. He began to rub slowly.

‘You’re a good girl, aren’t you, Mrs J? Really obedient. Now, don’t canlı casino fight it, because you know you can’t resist being played with. Are you starting to get wet, baby?’

‘You’re a bastard, you know, Tommy, you really are…oh God!!’ The fingers on her cunt were working miracles, and D started to breathe heavily and her breasts began to heave. Tommy eased the pink material of her panties aside and ran his finger onto her hard clit. He rubbed gently but firmly, she sighed even more deeply and then two fingers slid into the wet cunt.

‘Uughhh,’ groaned D. She was putty in the boys’ hands…as they knew she would be. Tommy’s fingers slipped from her cunt and he moved away two paces.

‘No, no…ohhhh…don’t start to excite me and then leave me, you ass-hole,’ moaned D as her own fingers went between her legs. Tommy was quick to tease her.

‘Take your fingers away, you sexy little minx. No touching unless I say so.’

D hung her head as she let her hand drop to her side.

‘Take off the dress,’ Tommy ordered again. The guys knew that their ‘prisoner’ had been started up and her juices were high. She would now agree to almost anything because she wanted satisfaction herself. She might be married, she might be a mother with responsibilities, but as soon as the right sexual buttons were pressed, and her body had started to respond, they knew that she would do anything asked of her.

D slipped the zip down at the back and eased the dress up her body and slipped it over her head, leaving just the little panties and a half-cut bra.

‘The bra, baby,’ said Tommy. D unclipped her bra and it joined the dress on the floor. Now she was just kneeling on the ‘stage’, a magical, mature body on view to all!

‘Desperate baby, are you,’ laughed Tommy. ‘Want to be a good girl, do you?’

‘Christ, you guys…you get me all hot and excited…and then you tease me. Just give me some more if you’re going to…otherwise take me home.’ Her breasts heaved and her nipples stood to attention. She really was going to be obedient!

‘Stand up on the bales, sexy bitch,’ went on Tommy. D gingerly stood up on the blankets and managed to balance as she waited.

‘Ease the panties down your thighs to your knees.’ The pink panties slipped slowly down her body and ended up stretched between her thighs. She looked magnificent, totally naked.

‘You want some more…well, do it, baby,’ said Tommy. Immediately D’s hand went down over her stomach and began to caress her clit. ‘Keep your legs open,’ reminded Tommy. She inched her thighs apart a little more and her fingers moved between her clit and the wet lips of her cunt. All the while, Lenny was training the video on her body, catching all the erotic movements, including the moans and deep sighs.

‘Oh God, ummmm, Jesus, you bastards…you make me do this, you know. You’ve poisoned me…but…but it’s so good…aghhhh!!’

‘Now stop it,’ teased Tommy. ‘Hands by your sides again. You’re frantic again, aren’t you slut?’

The purpose of all this, of course, in addition to the college guys having an enjoyable time with the mature mother, was to show the hidden pair of eyes high up in the bales of hay just how sexy the blonde woman was and how she could be controlled and made to be obedient if she was treated in a forceful and domineering manner. Tommy continued.

‘Play with your tits, bitch. Hold them and rub them and suck your nipples.’ Lenny trained the video onto the magnificent breasts as D’s hands went up to nurture her breasts. Her eyes closed, trying to shut out the evil experience, but she still caressed the huge mounds of flesh in the most erotic manner.

As D squeezed the flesh together, her fingers flicked at the long, firm nipples. She lifted each globe and her soft tongue darted out to lick at a nipple. Then she licked at the other one while the camera followed each movement in detail. ‘Suck them, bitch,’ called Tommy, and D pulled hard on a mound of flesh until she was able to ease a nipple into her mouth and suck as best she could.

This carried on for a minute or two, with occasionally one of D’s hands slipping down to her cunt to grasp a quick fumble…she was obviously sexually frustrated and aching for attention.

‘The poor bitch is desperate,’ teased Tommy again. ‘She needs more attention, guys, doesn’t she? Kneel down again, slut, only face the other way now. Let’s see that incredible ass.’ D gingerly turned round and went down onto her hands and knees, so that her ass was facing the three young men. It was an unforgettable sight. Her pink panties were stretched between her thighs and the cheeks of her ass were a soft, lily-white colour.

Lenny continued on the camcorder while Tommy and Ted moved slowly over to the body on the bales of hay. From the top of the barn, the view was ideal as the sexy wife and mother was in perfect view, her body kneeling on the ‘stage’ in a side-ways-on position in relation to the ‘eyes’ looking down.

Tommy moved behind D’s ass while Ted moved round to her head, caressing the blonde hair as he went. Tommy began to play with the delectable bottom, indicating to Lenny on the camera to come in closer. He squeezed the cheeks of the ass, he eased them apart. He instructed D to move her knees wider and then he played with her cunt. He pulled the lips apart, he played with the clit, and then he pulled the cheeks apart again to reveal the hard, pink anus.

‘Oh God, ummmmm…,’ moaned the excited woman. ‘You’re all ass-holes, treating me like a slut, but…but I love it…love it, you bastards!!’

‘We know,’ laughed Tommy. His finger slid into her ass-hole, and then he pulled her anus open. He eased 4 fingers into her cunt and screwed her for a few moments, and then he slapped her ass…Tommy was just enjoying the stunning, shapely ass of a sexy, hot, married woman with no apparent come-back, but he also knew that up above, the ‘eyes’ would be devouring every single action taking place on the ‘stage’ below.

At her head, D allowed Ted to grab her blonde hair and force his big cock down between her lips and into her throat. She had started to moan with satisfaction at Tommy’s attention to her ass, and now she was lapping at Ted’s cock like a k** with piece of candy. She was past the point of caring, and now arched her back to get more comfortable, to allow Tommy to explore even more, and to get more of Ted’s cock into her mouth, if that was possible.

As Tommy screwed D’s cunt, he bent down and began to lick her hard anus, pushing his tongue against the pink bud until it opened to let him inside. More moans of satisfaction spewed from D’s nose and mouth as her throat continued servicing the hard cock sliding back and forth. There was no doubt that this was something that D relished…if she had to endure it, she was going to enjoy it. Perhaps this was the type of treatment that she hankered after in the marital bed at home…perhaps if she received these types of thrills at home, then she wouldn’t be so easily led into this lecherous, underhand, disloyal and totally treacherous lifestyle!

But that was ‘If’ and this was ‘Now.’ D continued to groan as she felt Tommy’s tongue deep in her ass-hole, giving her thrill after thrill, while his fingers on her clit between her open legs were sending her higher and higher up the sexual ladder.

Ted, meanwhile, was thrusting faster and faster into D’s mouth and it was only a matter of time before he would explode. His hand on her head was pulling and pushing back and forth, and D’s gullet was opening with each thrust to get as much cock down her throat as possible. She gagged once or twice as the cock blocked her gullet but she was, indeed, a willing participant, and when she felt Tommy’s rock hard cock touching the lips of her anus, her heart thumped with eager anticipation.

The watching eyes from above couldn’t believe the magnificent display he was party to. Never again would he have qualms about what his next moves might be. He had all the ammunition he needed to bring all his dreams…and more…to fruition. From his vantage point, he could clearly see his college mates doing whatever they wanted to with the blonde woman in their grasp. Tommy had slipped his cock deep into the open ass-hole and was gleefully fucking the mature wife, while Ted grasped her hair and was holding his cock no more than two inches from her panting face.

‘Splash.’ The first rope fired onto her cheeks, the second onto her forehead…she just couldn’t move until her face was covered in hot, white spunk. D just licked her lips and groaned and couldn’t give a damn that her face was covered…she was more excited and concentrating on the thick cock ploughing into her ass. Her head dropped, but was quickly raised again when Tommy shouted at her, and Lenny was enjoying taking the camcorder all around her body, taking in the spunk all over her face, and then Tommy’s cock deep in her ass.

Ted stood back, nursing his spent cock and enjoying seeing his cum slide down the appreciative face, and then he sat on a bale and watched his buddy fuck the glorious ass of this wanton woman.

‘You love it, don’t you bitch,’ riled Tommy as he slammed back and forth between the cheeks of this welcoming ass. ‘Say it, slut. Tell me that you like being fucked in the ass. Go on, baby.’

‘You big bastard,’ muttered D. ‘You wind me up and you know how I need you to finish me off once you’ve started. You’re fucking my ass, aren’t you and I…I love it…oh God, keep fucking my ass and …ummmm…do me, really do me and finish me off!’ Her head bobbed about and she was almost screaming with pleasure and expectancy.

Tommy suddenly stopped and slipped off the bale of hay. ‘You want doing and finishing off, do you slut?’ he teased.

‘Jesus, you know I do…what are you doing…don’t leave me now…I’m nearly there…pleeease…I need it so badly. Oh fuck…just finish me off and make me cummmm…Godddd!!’

‘On your back, bitch,’ Tommy ordered. As he spoke, he moved to the side of the barn and his hand went into one of the many sacks dotted around the floor. He pulled out a large Corn on the Cob, still ripe from the fields with the husks and leaves hiding the hard, yellow knobbly seeds making up the shapely cob itself. As he walked back towards the ‘stage’, Tommy pulled off the leaves and husks from the fresh produce, until he was left with just a huge, dildo-shaped yellow vegetable. He was grinning to himself!

‘Ted, you get on the camera now, and let Lenny play with the baby’s face.’

D didn’t know what was happening but then she saw the huge yellow cob in Tommy’s hand.

‘Christ, oh my God…no, nooooooo…,’ but Tommy knew exactly what he was doing and how he wanted the sexy bitch to lay.

‘I said on your back, baby bitch.’ D slowly turned onto her back, never taking her eyes off Tommy who grabbed her body and kaçak casino eased it around on the blankets until her legs were facing the view down from the upper bales of hay. The hidden ‘eyes’ had a perfect view again down onto the naked body with just her panties stretched across her thighs.

Tommy slipped the pants off D’s legs and threw them onto the floor and then he began to caress between her legs, opening her thighs wider as he teased her. Lenny had gone to her head and was just caressing her hair, slipping a finger into her mouth and then running the wet finger around her hard nipples.

‘Say you want it, bitch,’ grinned Tommy. ‘Say you want finishing off…you’re frantic and you want it, don’t you?’

‘Christ, you’re an evil bastard…you really are…just keep touching me there…oh…oh, Jesus, yes…yes, I need you to finish meee…ummmm!!’

The ‘Corn Cob’ was certainly big and Tommy began by tempting it at D’s mouth.

‘Lick it, baby…lick it and suck it.’ He edged it onto D’s lips and she slipped her tongue out and tentatively licked at the monster. Tommy pushed a little harder and she opened her mouth. She had difficulty in taking it between her lips, it was so thick, but as Tommy pushed, her lips stretched and D was able to take two or three inches into her mouth. Finally Tommy pulled the Cob out and ran it down her chest and waist and then ran it between her legs and up and down the lips of her cunt.

‘Oh God, ummm…God, please be gentle…it’s fuckin’ huge,’ moaned D.

‘Not too big for you, baby,’ teased Tommy again as he held the yellow Cob against the lips of her wet vagina. He pushed gently but only allowed an inch or so to enter D’s body. Already, her cunt lips were stretched with the girth of the vegetable.

‘Ummmm…ahhhhh,’ she moaned, both in excitement and fright. ‘It’s enormous…please be slow and gentle…oh God!’

‘Bend your knees up, bitch,’ said Tommy. ‘It’ll make it easier.’ D bent her knees up on the blankets and Tommy pushed again…this time another couple of inches slid into the soaking cunt.

Ted held the video and was filming in closely, taking in all that was happening. The bright, yellow seeds of the cob stood out distinctly as it moved between the wet, pink lips of D’s cunt, and Tommy grabbed a knee and pulled her legs even further apart.

Now the view was perfect as Tommy eased the Cob backwards and forwards slowly, easing in bit by bit until it stretched D’s cunt almost to the limit. She started to groan with pleasure, but Lenny held her head and moved his hard cock against her mouth. D’s lips opened and Lenny slipped in easily. Now she could only moan and grunt through her nose as Lenny went to work fucking her mouth.

The sun shone beautifully across the scene as Tommy and Lenny toyed with the frustrated wife and mother. The ‘eyes’ looked down from above as Tommy gripped the Cob and slid it deeper and deeper into the waiting body. D’s legs were bent up and were wide apart, and it was no effort on Tommy’s part to keep easing the yellow dildo back up into D’s soaking cunt.

At her head, Lenny’s cock was deep in her throat and he held her blonde head firmly as he thrust back and forth into the waiting mouth. Then Tommy began to whisper into D’s ear as he continued to screw her with the Cob.

‘You’re good, baby bitch, aren’t you?’ Only a grunt and a moan came from her nose as Lenny still fucked her mouth. ‘We all know you like our little excursions every now and again…makes you feel like a real hot woman, doesn’t it?’ He pushed the Cob in deeper, in and out, in and out, knowing full well that D was going higher and higher up the road to satisfaction. He went on.

‘Don’t forget about our little agreement about a date with Mark. You need to be obedient…or else…understand, slut?’ D slipped Lenny’s cock from her mouth and slobbered,

‘I can’t…oh God…don’t stop that, pleeeease…don’t stop…you know I need it. I can’t date my own son…you know that’s not an option…Jesus!!’

Tommy pushed the Cob deep into her cunt again, the knobbles of the seeds causing ecstatic havoc inside her body. He increased the speed, back and forth, harder and harder…and then he stopped, knowing the frustration it would cause.

‘No, no…please…don’t stop…I’m nearly there…oh God, I’m begging you!’

‘The date with your son, bitch! You’re going to do it…and you’re going to look good for him!’

‘Screw me some more…pleeeease…I’ll try…I’ll try and do what he asks…if he asks…just don’t leave me like this!’ Her breasts were heaving up and down, she held her thighs wide open and raised, using her hands behind her knees…and D was desperate!

‘You’re going to do the date, bitch…or the video comes out on the net, and lots of people will see the photographs,’ and Tommy pushed the Cob right up her cunt once more.

‘Alright, alright, I’ll do it…ahhhhhh, shit, just screw me harder…!!’

It was perfect. The ‘eyes’ high up in the hay-loft could see the gorgeous woman being screwed with the Cob and now she had Lenny’s cock back in her mouth. Lenny had to hold her head firmly as she started to moan again and jerk her head from side to side with frustrated pleasure. As Tommy now hammered the Cob back and forth into her waiting cunt, she stretched her legs out straight so they were now pointing at the roof of the barn, and her ass was trying to lift off the hay.

D was nearly at breaking point, her tits were bouncing about, and she was like a bucking bronco. Tommy continued to screw her as deeply as he could, and as fast as he could, and Lenny was fucking her mouth with deep thrusts. She didn’t care when Lenny erupted and sent his spunk all over her face, as it was her own orgasm she was concentrating on.

Ted on the video took a close-up of her face and then went to where the yellow Cob was flashing back and forth between her legs.

‘Yes…yes…oh my God…I’m there, I’m there…I’m almost there…aaaaaaaaagh…ummmmm!’

After a few more lunges of the vegetable, D almost screamed with pleasure as the orgasm flooded around her body, sending spasms of erotic lust to every nerve and sinew in every part of her shapely bones and flesh. She was wonderfully shattered, her body almost grabbing the Cob tightly as her cunt lips opened and closed around the vegetable almost of their own volition.

Up in the heights of the hay-loft there was a small puddle of fluid splashed into a bale of hay as the watching pair of eyes had been overcome by the action going on below. The owner would never forget what he had just witnessed, but already his mind was working overtime in what his next moves were going to be in his efforts to reach the goals he had set his heart on.

Gradually all the participants became decent again, and D could not find anything sensible to say. She had been used again, both brutally but so sexually satisfying, and now she just wanted to get home…but what would she have to endure at home, even though she had no idea that a secret pair of eyes had seen everything that had happened at the farm?


D had showered and was cooking over the oven at home when her son, Mark, came through the door. She tried to look as normal as possible…but what did she have to worry about? She had changed into her baggy sweats and shorts again and there was nothing to worry about…was there? She tried to sound nonchalant!
‘Hi, honey,’ she said to her son. ‘Had a good day at college, have you?’

Mark approached her from behind and ran his arm round her waist and gave her a kiss on the neck.

‘Not too bad, Mom…but I was thinking about you a lot of the time!’

‘Me? Why me?’

‘Wondering what you were doing…wondering if you’d still be wearing those baggy sweats when I got home…and you ARE, Mom, aren’t you?’

‘Oh, Jesus, Mark. I’ve been at work this morning, and this afternoon I’ve been downtown to do some shopping,’ she lied. ‘I’m tired, Mark, and I couldn’t raise the energy to put on anything but my sweats.’

‘Is that right, Mom?’ and he grinned at her.

‘Yes, of course it is…I’m really tired after walking up and down the shopping mall…why, what do you think I’ve been doing all day?’ and she tried not to meet her son’s eyes, eyeball to eyeball. Now, Mark decided he would try and push his Mom just that little bit harder.

‘Well, when we discussed the other day how I know you can look really hot and sexy when you want to, you agreed that you would try to do it for me, but only when Dad was away working. Well, he goes away tomorrow, doesn’t he, and he’ll be away for 3 nights. So, here’s the deal…You choose the evening and where you want to go, and I’ll choose what you’re going to wear. I want you to do it, Mom…come with me on a date!!’

‘Jesus, Mark…you and me go out on date? I can’t date my own son?’

‘Why not? We’re both free in the evenings…and it would be great to go for a drink or a meal, just for an hour or two, and then we can come home and you can relax again.’

D knew what she had promised Tommy about agreeing to the date with her son, and now she just couldn’t see a way of not honouring the agreement. She knew that there must have been some lurid conversation between all of the college guys, including Mark, and she also knew about the damaging DVD which Tommy had sent to her. She had no choice.

‘Well, I suppose there wouldn’t be any harm in it, but only while your father’s away. And my outfit…why do you want to choose my outfit?’

‘Because I know you won’t look hot and sexy like I know you can, and how I want you to. I’m proud of you, Mom, and if we’re on a date, I want you to look really hot and sexy.’

‘Are you sure, baby? You won’t be ashamed of being with your own Mom?’

‘Jesus, Mom. What have I kept trying to tell you over and over? You’re a hot woman with a great figure, and I want you to look really hot on our date. No arguing Mom. On the night you choose, I want to choose your outfit, so tonight you can think about it, and tomorrow before I go to college, I want to know which evening it is. I’m going to my room before dinner to do some home-work, and then when Dad comes home, I’ll come down for dinner,’ and before D could reply, Mark was gone out of the room to switch on his computer.

As he looked at the pictures of his Mom clicking across the computer screen, all the images he had seen that afternoon while he was high in the hay-loft in the barn kept flashing through his mind. He had no doubt that he had enough ammunition now to take his gorgeous Mom under his control and treat her just how he wanted to.

He didn’t want to blackmail her with all the information he had, as he wanted to try and seduce her in the gentlest way possible, but if he did have to put pressure on his Mom, then he knew he could do, and it would leave D with no alternative but to become the sexy, hot plaything that Mark was aching for.

Already his cock was hard, not only from looking at the pictures, but also imagining the possibilities that were almost certainly going to present themselves!!

To be continued.

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