For the very first time …

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For the very first time …
I’d spent a week at my aunts house, it was the last weekend. She had to leave town that saturday, so her stupid boyfriend was going to “look after me”. As I woke up, I could hear a lot of noise downstairs. As I past through the livingroom, he was drinking vodka shots, looking at this cruel hard porn, laughing his ass off, wanking off. What a pervert! I sneaked myself out. I grabbed my skateboard and found some guys to skate with for a few hours. But I got hungry and had to go back “home”. As I took off my shoes, I still could hear a lot of screaming inside 😮 I tip toed myself into the kitchen and grabbed a sandwich. Then I heard a loud roaring, “Hey, k**! Come over here!” I chased the sandwich with a glass of milk and tried not to look at his big dick when I came in to the livingroom. I tried to look “cool”, but I was trembling in fear. He was a very muscular and intimidating badass. And very drunk. Looking angry and horny 😮

“Look, I’ve got you a beer and a shot, let’s party, k**!” I gasped when I saw him, I’d never seen another mans erection irl before, and that hidious thing was twice as big as mine. “You like porn, k**?” he asked and winked as I sat down in the chair. I was shocked, the girl in the telly was screaming her eyes out, all tied up and fucked in the ass 😮 “Ahhh, it’s ok, I guess” I stared down at my beer, I couldn’t look that monster in the eyes. He was looking so fierce. “I’ve always wanted to fuck your aunt in the ass, but that bitch won’t let me. Fuck, she makes me angry sometimes. You like anal porn, right?” I shook my head. “No, it looks like it hurts too much” I said, realizing that was the wrong answear. I took another sip of beer, gazing at his biggy. – “Fuck, you look just like your aunt did when she was your age! Hahaha, well, drink up cause I need you to relax, k**! Let’s unwind and get drunk!” I drank a few beers and vodkas. Getting a bit tipsy and kind of worried. He grabbed something from behind the sofa and whistled. I looked in his direction and gasped when he was pointing at this cute outfit beside him in the sofa 😮 “I bought this for your aunt, but she refuse to wear it. So, now it’s all yours! Go upstairs and put it on, princess!” He said, laughing. I canlı kaçak iddaa froze. What the fuck?!? What is happening? “No, dude! What the fuck? I don’t wear shit like that! I’m not a faggot, mister! I only like girls!” I’ve always wanted to try on some girls clothes, but not here, not now with this asshole in the room.
He had always teased me for looking like a girl. And now … Fuck! I decided to try and make a run for it. I got up and ran towards the stairs, then I felt this sharp pain in the back of my head. He had jumped up and grabbed me my long hair 😮 I fell to the floor and my heart was pounding like crazy. “Where do you think you’re going, bitch? It’s you and me now! Got it?” I nodded, shaking like a leaf. I really didn’t want to piss him off, cause he had a reputation as being quite violent. He pushed me over to the sofa and made me pick up this tiny pink floral miniskirt, short top, panties and stayups. And there was pink lipstick and eyeshaddow too 😮 I glimpsed at his dick, looking even harder now 😮 I just wanted to cry as I went upstairs into the bathroom to put it all on. I felt so ashamed. Even worse, when I saw how cute I looked after dolling myself up. And the soft, seethrough fabric against my skin. Felt like heaven. When I realized that I couldn’t escape this, I also put on nailpolish and curled my very long hair with a curling iron. My god, I’d love to fuck that girl in the mirror … I’m so fucked 😮 My tiny dick got superhard 😮 What the fuck is happening??? This is all kinds of wrong!?!”

My legs was trembling so hard, I almost couldn’t walk back downstairs …
His eyes looked like the eyes of a predator as he stroked his gigantic member 😮 I felt like a lamb about to get eaten and just wanted to run away, but I couldn’t move. I was in shock. He got up, drunk, but determent. He wrapped his big, strong hand around my neck and kissed me on my forehead. Then he pushed himself up against me, so I could feel his rock hard shaft pushing against my flat tummy 😮 He grabbed my ass so hard I squealed and tried to back away, then he started to kiss my neck, grabbing my breast. I still couldn’t move, I was trembling in fear. I was so scared. I tried to talk, but couldn’t make a sound 😮 canlı kaçak bahis

In the background I saw this poor woman crying her eyes out as she was beaten with a belt. This couldn’t be happening, wake up! This is a nightmare, wake up! But then, he grabbed me and lifted me up like I was his bride. He went towards the sofa and threw me into it, hard. I got up on my knees and looked at his big dick. Then into his psychotic eyes. He was so scary and looked so angry 😮 “Turn around, princess! It’s about time you and I get closer!” He smacked my ass and told me to spread my legs. I spread them wide and bent over the back of the sofa. Shivering in fear and whispering “Please, don’t do this! I’m not gay! You’re not gay! This is so wrong, mister!” He laughed and said “Well, you’re not a man but I am, so that would make you just another worthless bitch, right?! You need to learn your place!” He grabbed my panties hard and lifted it up so hard my balls felt like bursting. Then he yanked them so hard, they snapped 😮 I squealed “What the fuck, man?!?”

He let me go for a second and handed me a shot of vodka. “You’ll need this, k**!” My hand was shaking so bad, I almost spilt it out. As I threw the shot down my throat I felt his rock hard dick pushing against my asshole. So this is it? I really didn’t think I’d loose my virginity to a man. I fucking hate men! Fucking bully! This is so wrong! “Aaaaoooww!”
He pushed his way into me, without lube, without a condom, no mercy, he just forced himself into me 😮 And hard, he was so god damn hard. “It hurts! So bad! Please take it out! Unckle!? Please!” He slowly pulled out, but right before getting his dick back out, he forced it back in, much harder this time. I hit my face against the wall and almost passed out 😮 I got my hands up against the wall to prevent it happening again, but then he grabbed my hands and forced them behind my back, as he started to fuck me for real 😮 It felt so weird, like I was shitting myself as he went on fucking me furiously. He wrapped his elbow around my neck and started to choke me. It hurt so bad and I felt so ashamed, I started to cry and begged him to stop! But the crying didn’t help. He just got more furious and fucked me even faster. bahis siteleri canlı He was shouting and yelling all kinds of bad stuff as he was trashing my ass up. And I kept on crying. He let go of my throat and arms, so I grabbed the wall again. But then he yanked my hair and pulled my head hard backwards. I screamed and begged. He fucked me so hard, I was about to black out. I could see stars and stuff. But to my suprise it started to feel good. Very good?! My tiny dick was rock hard and I was about to cum. “Fuck, are you cumming, bitch?” He asked. I whispered “OMG, yes, so sorry!” He smacked the back of my head and fucked me even harder, I really was passing out, when he started to roar. “Well, I’m cumming first, you stupid cunt!” The same time I looked down at my tiny dick exploding, I could feel a warm sensation inside of me, he was filling me up so hard … I fell forwards and into the sofa, as he pulled out. I felt his cum gushing out of my wrecked gaping asshole. My god, so much cum 😮 So much pain 😮 So ashamed 😮

He slapped my ass a couple of times and made me turn around. Then he kept on wanking off over me. Still hard 😮 He grabbed my head and came again. All over my face and hair 😮 He covered all my face, cum gushing all over me. In my eyes, in my mouth, so much goo. My god, I never tought a man could have so much cum 😮 He laughed and to my suprise he started talking to someone?!? “There you go, guys! That’s how you turn a stupid sissy into a cheap hoe! HAHAHA!!!”

When he moved away, I was looking into this video camera in front of the tv, with a red light on it 😮 “Oh, smile for the camera, k**! My buddies really gonna like this! Smile, you’re a pornstar!” He put on “Like a virgin on the stereo, laughing as I tried to remove some of the cum dripping into my eyes. I started sobbing again as he lifted the camera up and zoomed in on my cumcovered face, laughing … I tried to cover my face, but he pushed my weak arms away … I cried and cried and told him how much I hated him. He slapped my face twice, spat into my mouth and told me how much he loved his new “bitch” 😮 I tried to not break down, but I did. Cried my eyes out 😮 He just laughed and kept on drinking and shouting at me …

After I had a long shower, I waited until he passed out drunk, ran off and never came back.

One month later, my aunt threw his stupid ass out. Rumours said that she found a video tape with him m*****ing a young boy dressed like a girl. Luckily she didn’t recognize me 😮

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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