football tailgate party

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football tailgate party
I tought i found a group of real fans to assist the game i was on time for the tail gate party

Mike was a delivery guy at my work and invited me for the game

when i arrived he was already a bit drunk

his friends offered me a beer and were kind of too nice with me

all lof them in their team jersey shirts asking me what team i cheer for

it was getting dark the match was on and mike had me drunk on rhum n coke always making sure my glass was refilled

the half time show started , i was having fun and accepted to follow them at mike place to continue the game

following mike and 4 other tall big black guys all in the saints jersey

once inside mike and his friends all made fun of ”my team”

”your team needs a cheerleader to cheer for them ”

”yeah your right boys ”

Mike stood up and he looked drunk and happy

walking to his room , a cheerleader outfit in his hands

looking at all of them smiling at me approaching me like predators focusing on the prey

i was ripped of my cloth

my small frame turned and hold by all of them laughting ”dress up the cheer boys lets gooo”

so many hands , i güvenilir bahis şirketleri was naked in no time

”oh he is really small, put him in the panty ”

i was dizzy and raggdolling into a broncos cheerleading outfit

my hands inside pawn with pom pom at the hand , i could not use my hands inside these circles gloves and only wave the pompom up and down in vain all of them getting horny lifting my skirt asking me if i want to cheer for my ream of loosers

rubbing on my little white cotton panty string while mike stuffed my bra with paper towels

i was drunk and feeling used,my body pulled around making me dance like a cheer for my team

Mike pulling me doggy on the living room table his bbc out leaving me 2 sec to realised it before he got in my mouth

pumping in my cheerleader mouth deep and steady his friends cheering at me mouth filled with his bbc

”oh yes mike , go all in her mouth”

my pompom pull up to no use just waving my hands like a little cheerleader

”fuck shes cute trying to stop you”

they circled me all 4 cocks out having fun looking at me taking cock after cpcks in my small mouth canlı casino siteleri waving my pompom hands trying to stop the assault

”what a cute little looser you found us mike”

pumping in my mouth slapping my pompom hand off his cock

slapping my face

”open up and let me down that throat”

the other guys help my head pushed all on mike cocks

”look up , look up ”

all 4 looking at me down on my knees mouth filled by mike

4 black guys smilling asking me to stay like this

cocks rubbing over all my face

never knowing winch one will pull my head , so weak in the middle of hard black cocks

Mike pulled my ass up and made all of his friend looked , his bbc poping in me

”thats how you get em sissy ready”

”awwwwwww ahhhhhh yes take this bitch, get that cunt wet like a good cheer, you gotta get it fuck like a looser”

the room kinda turned into a game for them

lifting me up legs and hands just pom pom wiggling as i get fuck

helpless between such horny black dude just playing in my holes

kissing me while they cum deep in my pussy ass , making me feel so open and wet
one getting out , casino şirketleri another cock taking place

i felt so small in my white string on the side my small cock dripping in the panty

the white looser cheerleader fucked by the winners , like a scene of a porn movie

ass up moaning like a doll , open up by a bbc pumping quick in her

they cum at least 2 time each before i was drop on the floor unable to move feeling lost and full of cum

all of them watching the saints celebrate

”look at that girl , shes gonna endup on her knees sucking them tonight i bet you”

”not only her bro they must have lots of white trash slurping on them evryday”

”yeah your right money talks”

they left except mike who drag me in the shower and took me ass up under the refreshing water stream

loud wet noise of him pumping in my cunt made him really happy eye closed calling me stefanie

repeating how he like teen blond girl tight pussy

eye close for the next hours pumping in me relaxing eye close expressing how he like to fuck white slut

until he cum slapping me around on the floor taking his cum making me moan i was a white slut

i slept in a pink qos panty admitting i loved his cock

smilling and wanting to be his secret sissy girl

”i love your big black cock ”

Mike smilling his sissy slut in his arm getting lower and lower under the draps

his cock worshiped by a wet mouth as he drift to sleep

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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