College Love 01: Coffee Date

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He caught my eye from across the hall; with a cocky grin and a raised eyebrow, he melted my heart, and I instantly fell for the tall ginger in PoliSci 101. He caught up with me as the lecture ended, and though I tried to act surprised I’m almost certain he knew that I had been watching him since he stood up.

“Any chance I could take you out for coffee?” he asked me.

“Could I get a name, first?” I reply, thankful that my tongue is still working. Other students were streaming around us like a river around a lake.

“My name’s conditional,” he said, smirking.

“What are the conditions?”

“That you’ll go to coffee with me.”

“I don’t know. What if you’re a serial killer?”

“Let’s throw that in with coffee then. If you will go with me, I’ll tell you the truth then.”

“You drive a hard bargain.”

“I was a debate captain in high school.”


“Not really. So, coffee?”

“Sure,” I said, and I took a sharp breath. He spoke so quickly it was hard to keep up. “So, about that name?”

“It’s Kai.”

“Nice name.”

“Not as nice as yours, I’m sure.”

“How about I tell you my name when you tell me if you’re a serial killer?”

“Fair enough.”

A short pause as the hall emptied and the doors clanged shut.

“So?” I prodded.

“No, I’m not a serial killer.”


“Promise. And your name is…?”


“Like Harley?”


“Harley Quinn. The girl from Batman?”

“I don’t read comics.”

He feigned stabbing himself in the chest.

“Knife to the heart!” He shouted, and I laughed.

“Is that a dealbreaker?” I ask nervously, suddenly afraid I may have missed my chance.

“For most guys? Yeah. For you? I’ll try to look past it.”

“Aw, thanks,” I reply jokingly. “So when are we going for coffee?”

“How about right now? Do you have a class?”

Yeah, I have International Relations in five minutes.

“No, I’m free for a while.”

“Great, there’s a place right around the corner.”

“Not a Starbucks?” He laughs.

“No, not a Starbucks.”

Kai lead me of campus and down the street, walking briskly as he asked me questions.

“So where are you from?”


“So am I. Where from?”

“Shithole Alberta, and you?”


“And just when I was starting to like you,” I teased him.

“Why do you think I’m so far from home?” he responded. “Had to get away from the one place that Canada has agreed to hate.”

“Fair enough.”

“Why are you down here?”

“It was the only place my parents would help me pay to go to. It was either UPenn or I was on my own.”

“That’s not a terrible ultimatum.”

“No,” I agreed, “but it would have been nice to have a choice.”

“Are they still up in Shithole, Alberta then?”


“Then start making choices here,” he suggested.

“What kind of choices are you thinking of?” I asked him.

“Things like going to coffee.”

“But that was one of your choices.”

“That you chose to go along with.”

“You’re complicated.”

“And you’re sexy.” I missed a step.

“Are you okay?” he asked, holding onto my shoulder to steady me.

“You must be joking,” I replied, not answering the question.

“Do you think I take not-sexy people out to coffee?”

“I’m not sure what to think.”

“Then this is your chance to choose!” He grabbed me by the hand and swung me around. “Am I fun, or am I superficial? Am I a sweet romantic for picking you up out-of-the-blue, or am I a narcissistic creep that you unwittingly are enabling?”

“Right now you’re just being weird,” I said uncomfortably. “People are looking at us.”

“So what?” he said, and he leaned in and kissed me on the forehead.

“Kai!” I started, pulling back in surprise.


“What the hell?”

“Live a little! You’re not in the prairies anymore, Quinn, you could have a little fun.”

I looked around and realized that we’re in unfamiliar territory for me. I looked behind us and saw that the school was no longer there.

“Kai, where are we going?”

“We’re going for coffee. We’ve been over this, remember?”

“I thought it was just around the corner?”

“It is just around the corner.”

“Which corner?” I asked, getting a little flustered. I checked my phone; we’d been walking for almost twenty minutes.

“This one, right up here,” Kai said, pointing with his finger to the intersection ahead.

“Why so far away?”

“There’s no good coffee around the campus, and this place is close to where I live.”

We turned down the street and walked for another couple minutes before Kai stopped in front of a plain-looking apartment building.

“This doesn’t look like a coffee shop,” casino şirketleri I said, confused.

“It isn’t. Who said we were going to a coffee shop?” Kai asked, pressing the buzzer. Once it unlocked, he opened it and held it for me as I stood there staring at him.

“You said we were!”

“No, I said we were going to get coffee. I order Tim Horton’s from back home, some of the best coffee anyone’s ever had, but they don’t serve it here.” We stood there, looking at each other for a minute, before he broke the tension.

“So, would you like some coffee?” he asked.

I had two options: I could have either run away from this strange man and this strange date, or I could follow it through. If it had been anyone less attractive or quick on his feet, I would have said no.

But I could already tell that Kai was something special.

“Sure,” I said, and he led me into the building.

After he unlocked his door Kai dropped his bags on a small table, while I followed carefully behind. I had still been unsure about the whole setup.

“Anything in your coffee?” he called from the kitchen.

“No, I take it black,” I replied as I examined the place. If I needed to I had wanted to be able to find a quick escape route. It was a nice, spacious apartment, better than the mini-fridge I lived in.

“A proper Albertan, huh? Just give me a sec.”

I followed his voice into the kitchen, where I gaped in amazement. He had real appliances! Like, a fridge, and a stove, things I didn’t think a student could have. Kai faced the coffee machine that quietly whirred; the sound reminded me of the smashing noises that my own grinder made when it decided to work.

“Take a seat at the table, it’s almost done,” he said over his shoulder. I sat down as the glass table, another remarkable commodity. My table had been a cardboard box with duct tape to support it.

In a couple minutes he turned around, holding two steaming mugs of coffee. He set one down in front of me, and then sat down in the seat beside me.

“You know what’s interesting? Coffee’s been credited with causing the Renaissance,” he said, sipping gently from his mug.

“No it hasn’t,” I scoffed, sampling the coffee. It burnt my tongue but it had been a welcome taste of home.

“It’s no coincidence that right around the time explorers started reaching Central America and discovering coffee, artists started becoming more inspired. It has to do with the caffeine; people used to drink beer all the time, and alcohol’s a depressant. That’s why people drink it when they’re feeling sad, it causes you to stop feeling feelings. However, caffeine does the opposite, and this burst of energy caused a huge amount of artwork as people rediscovered their emotions.”

“That’s… interesting?” I said, not really sure about where this was going.

“It is. It’s also why people go on coffee dates. The caffeine makes you more talkative, more energetic, and fall in love more easily.”

“Aren’t you in political sciences, not psychology?” I jokingly asked him.

“I’m in both, it’s a double major.”

“And they taught you about the aphrodisiac qualities of coffee?” I laughed.

“Why would I need an aphrodisiac when you’re here?”

“Are you called me a human aphrodisiac?”

“You’re attractive enough.”

“Look who’s talking.” It was true; he had the gorgeous blue eyes, blond hair, and pale skin of a god, and the body to match. He looked like he belonged in the gym, not in the classroom. “You’ve got all the muscle. I’m just scrawny.”

“You’re not scrawny!” he laughed. “You’re plenty big yourself! You must have done sports back in school. Let me guess; by the shoulders, I’d say rowing?”

“Rowing? In Alberta? Where?”

“Urging?” he asked.

“What even is that?”

“It’s like stationary rowing.”

“What’s the point of rowing if you’re not going anywhere?”

“What’s the point of a treadmill?”

“Precisely why I use neither.”

“You don’t run?”

“I don’t use a treadmill,” I corrected him. “I run a few miles every morning.”

“It’s kilometers, Quinn,” he teased. “Have you already assimilated?”

“I’m just adapting to the American customs.”

“But seriously, what sports do you play?”

“I used to do some hockey.”

“That explains your ass.”

I spat out my coffee all over the table and Kai.

“What!?” I sputtered, trying not to choke on what was left.

“Let me grab a towel,” he said, running out of the room briefly. When he came back, he started wiping away at the table.

“Hockey players always have great butts. It’s a fact of life. You’re always skating, and it gives you great glutes.”

It was true of others, I knew. It had been part of the reason I had liked hockey so much. The showers…

“Well, I don’t,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Oh, casino firmaları yes you do,” he said, giving me a wink.

“What sports do you play?” I asked him, trying to change the subject.

“I mostly just go to the gym,” he said nonchalantly. He looked down at his shirt and cursed quietly. “I didn’t realize you got coffee all over me,” he said, giving me a bit of a look.

“Shit, I’m sorry,” I apologized, grabbing the towel from him and trying to wipe the coffee off the shirt.

“Relax, it’s not a favourite or anything,” he reassured me. “I’ll just wash it later,” and he pulled off his shirt.

For a second I just stared at his body; the perfectly round pecs, the washboard abs, the v-cut going down into his jeans.

“Like what you see?” Kai asked, jolting me out of my stupor.

“Uh… yeah,” I mumbled, acutely aware that I was most likely drooling.

“You’ve got a bit of coffee on your chin,” he said, and I reached up in a daze to wipe it off. He grabbed my hand. “I’ll get it for you.” He gently took the towel from me and started patting my neck dry, and then my chin as he stared into my eyes. He gently tilted my head towards his and closed his eyes as he leaned in to kiss me.

We stood there, locked in a quiet but passionate kiss, for what felt like hours. His strong hands had started at my chin and my neck but had slowly moved down to my waist, while I held him by the shoulders, feeling the muscles rippling under the skin. After a while, he pulled his lips away, and I reopened my eyes.

“Would you like to go to the living room?” he asked, those crystal blue eyes staring into my own. I couldn’t speak anymore, so I nodded, and he led me by the hand into the next room. We sat down on a soft couch and he kissed me again, and again.

“I’m feeling a little self-conscious here, Quinn,” he whispered to me, “sitting here without my shirt on.”

“Would it help if I took mine off?” I whispered back. Without a word, he pulled my tank top over my head and tossed it to the side. “What do you think?”

He bit his lower lip, staring at my body. Next to him I had still felt scrawny, but the way he looked at me suggested otherwise. Then, without warning, he put his hands on my chest and pushed me hard onto my back. He leaned in, his legs enclosed by my own, and he kissed me again, but with more passion, more ferocity. I kissed back hard, feeling his chest rubbing against my own, his groin rubbing against mine and the muscles in his back expanding and contracting as he rubbed against me. I felt his hands holding onto my waist, then slipping down to grip my ass tight.

“Gotta love that hockey-player ass,” he muttered, pulling away for just a second. He slipped his hands into my jeans and kissed me again, our tongues intertwined as his hands moved over my butt. I decided to take a risk, and slid my hands down his back to his waist, then moved them around to the front and started undoing his zipper.

“You’re getting awfully handsy,” Kai whispered.

“Is that a problem?”

Kai responded by lifting my ass up from the couch and in one deft motion sliding me out of my jeans. I reached beneath the waistline where I could feel his erection building through his underwear. I slowly began to stroke him as he moved his hands back up to my chest and gave my nipples a hard twist.

“Ow!” I gasped, breaking our liplock.

“Did that hurt?” Kai asked, sounding concerned.

“In a good way,” I replied, and pushed him back up so we were both sitting. I unwrapped my legs from his, and laid him flat on the couch. I kissed him hard again, the moved down to his neck, softly biting the soft, smooth skin. His grunts had encouraged me, and I moved down to his chest, where I took each of his nipples in turn into my mouth, gently biting them, making him gasp. I kept moving down, my tongue grazing over each bump in his abs, my hands under him, feeling his powerful muscles. It excited me even more knowing what it was doing for him.

Finally, I felt my chin graze his jeans. I sat back and pulled them completely away, leaving him on the couch in a pair of boxer briefs that were dripping with pre-cum for the tip of his massive erection. I sat there for a minute, just looking him over, and for a moment I panicked; after all, here I was on top of Adonis reincarnate with a massive hard-on, and an hour ago we hadn’t even known each other.

“Is everything alright?” he asked me, sounding concerned.

“Yeah, it’s just…”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“I want to, it’s just… this is crazy. You’ve got the abs and the chest and the abs and the dick and the ass and everything, and – “

“Trust me, you’re all that and more,” he interrupted me with a smile. “If I didn’t like you, do you think we would have gone this far?” He propped himself up güvenilir casino on his forearms and kissed me softly. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want,” he repeated.

“But I want to,” I said, and I pushed his chest back so he was lying flat again. I kissed his erection at the base first, slowly moving up, feeling the hard flesh under the thin layer of fabric. His head prominently stood, and I licked around it delicately, hearing him moan through gritted teeth. I sucked on him in small mouthfuls on the way back to the base, leaving little wet marks across him. It occurred to me then just how hung he really was; this would be a struggle. But not an unpleasant one.

I couldn’t resist anymore; I grabbed the waistband in both hands and gently started pulling his briefs off. As they slid down his legs I noticed his well-trimmed blonde pubes, and as the underwear kept lowering and his dick kept being revealed I was getting a little more afraid of the size. All of a sudden, it popped out at me smacking me in the chin as it sprung to attention. I gasped, and Kai laughed.

“Did I surprise you?”

“In the best possible way.”

I flung his underwear down past his feet and off his body, and finally, he was naked, his rock-hard erection pointing straight into the sky, and slightly to the left.

“Look good to you?”

I responded by leaning down and gently flicking his tip with my tongue, getting a taste of his pre-cum. Then I licked the shaft up and down, looking up to see him watching me intensely. I winked at him, then bent down lower to suck first one, then both of his balls into my mouth, locking my lips around them and gently pulling away as I ran over them with my tongue. He gasped out loud, and I started stroking him while I licked and sucked his balls.

Eventually, I moved back up to his dick, where a steady stream of pre-cum was pouring like a waterfall.

“Please…” Kai gasped.

“Please what?” I asked, grinning.

“Just… do it.”

“With pleasure.”

I leaned down and sucked his head into my mouth and he shouted in pleasure. I started bobbing my head up and down as I tasted the salty pre-cum on my tongue. Each time, I went a little lower, swirling my tongue a little more, sucking just a little harder. I started to choke a couple inches down, and opened my eyes to see that I had at least another five to go. Countless porn videos taught me to relax my throat, and I sucked another inch into my mouth.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck fuck fuck,” Kai groaned as I sucked inch after inch into my throat until finally, I felt my nose brushing his pubes lightly. I started bobbing my head again, going all the way to the tip before taking all eight inches down the base.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Kai was shouting now, thrusting his hips and pounding his cock further into my mouth. “Oh, fuck Quinn!”

I reached up with my hand and started playing with his balls as I sucked his cock harder and harder, and with my other hand pulled my shorts and underwear away and started pumping away at my own cock to the same rhythm. Faster and faster Kai fucked my mouth, until I felt his balls tense up in my hand.

“Oh shit, oh shit, I’m gonna cum Quinn, I’m gonna cum, oh fuck!” he grunted. I sucked even harder as I felt him tense up one last time, then buried his cock all the way down my throat as the first shot of cum filled my mouth. More followed, and I swallowed it all while I impaled myself again and again on his cock, but his huge load filled my mouth and leaked out as I struggled to keep up. Finally, when the flow subsided, I sucked the last few drops of cum out, and pulled my mouth off of him, letting his dick fall limp to the side.

“Jesus, that was… fucking unreal,” Kai said, gasping for air.

“Mm-hm,” I grunted, leaning back and jacking my cock harder, the taste of his cum in my mouth bringing me close to the edge. With my eyes closed, I hadn’t even noticed Kai until I felt his lips around my cock, and the sensation pushed me over the edge.

“Oh my God, I’m gonna cum Kai, I’m fucking cumming, fuck!” I shouted as I felt Kai’s lips and tongue covering my cock, and I felt the first load of cum fly out of my cock. With each pulse in my dick, Kai seemed to suck harder, face-fucking himself on my cock as his mouth overflowed, and I watched my cum dribble down his chin. Once the orgasm died down, Kael grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down, and kissed me hard, with our cum and our spit intermingling in our mouths as our naked bodies pressed against each other.

We were there for what seemed like forever, holding each other, the cum stiffening on our cocks and on our lips as we laid in silence. Finally, Kai spoke.

“So Quinn…” he said, looking at me with those sharp eyes.


“I know this is sort of sudden, but… would you like to be my boyfriend?” he asked, seeming, for the first time, nervous. “I mean, I know we just met and we don’t know each other too well but – “

I silenced him with a kiss.

Of course I would be his boyfriend.

So long as he was mine.

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