Caught In The Act..On Purpose

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Caught In The Act..On Purpose
It was Saturday morning and as usual I’d woken up with a tent pole between my legs.
The question was should I grab a handful of tissues and go for a quick wank or hang on and hope the house would be empty…or even better, mostly empty, like last week.
(For those who haven’t read part one of this debauched tale my sister, Alice had caught me masturbating in the bath. If you haven’t read it, you might want to catch up…

So, being a Saturday there was a fair chance of some alone time or, as I now hoped, just Alice for company.

I allowed my erection to subside and went downstairs for some breakfast.
Mum and Geoff (my step-father) were tucking into scrambled eggs.
My older brother Ron slurped down his coffee and shoved his empty mug into the sink.
“Sorry haven’t got time to wash it up, I’m late for training.” He called back as he scuttled down the hallway and out of the front door. One down!
My youngest sister, Becky, was playing with her cereal, swirling the coco-pops around in the milk creating a brown mush. Alice was sitting at the far end of the kitchen table, drinking tea and nibbling on a slice of toast. She was wearing her skimpy night-shirt, which left very little to the imagination. In fact, illuminated by the bright morning light, it was virtually see-through. She really did have amazing tits! I sat down quickly, in order to hide the sudden involuntary swelling in my shorts.

“Someone pass the cornflakes” I requested, my impromptu erection safely concealed under the table.
My mum obliged. I shook some into my bowl, poured on some milk and began to munch away. I glanced up to enjoy the view of Alice’s pert mounds, as often as I could without being too obvious. I noticed I wasn’t the only one taking in the view, Geoff the dirty old sod was also having a good old stare. I wondered if he had a stiffy too.

“Geoff and I are going shopping, who fancies coming with us?” Mum asked.
“ I want to stay at home and watch TV!” Becky whined.
“No, you’re coming with us, you need new shoes for school.” Mum insisted. Becky started whinging, about never being allowed to do what she wanted, but luckily her protests were dismissed.
“Alice, how about you? There might be some clothes in the sale.” Mum suggested.
Damn! The offer of new clothes. That was sure to tempt her out of the house. It looked like I’d be on my own after all, which before last week would have been cause for celebration. All alone, to play with myself, with no interruptions…now of course, being caught in the act was exactly what I wanted.

“I really ought to stay and do some revision, we’ve got a biology test on Monday.” She replied, to everyone’s astonishment and of course to my delight.

“Geoff, did I hear that right? Mum asked.
“My daughter is choosing homework over shopping for new clothes?”
“Yep, you heard right!” I do believe our Alice is growing up. He stood up and squeezed her shoulder affectionately, smiling down at her. From what I’d witnessed last Saturday our Alice was undoubtedly growing up and I suspected that’s the kind of ‘grown up’ Geoff was thinking about!

“It’ll be good to get on without being interrupted.” She explained.
“You hear that, Adam? No distractions and that means no loud music.” Geoff frowned at me.
“Yeah, yeah…OK”I replied.
“Fuck off Geoff and stop ogling my sister’s tits!” I thought.
“Alice, If you need a hand revising…” I offered.
“Ok, thanks, I might take you up on that.” She smiled. I detected a naughty glint in her eye, at least I thought I did.

“Is there enough hot water for a bath?” I asked. “I’m feeling a bit stiff.” I glanced at Alice to guage her reaction.
A wicked smirk danced across her face.
“Football was, really tough, last night.” I explained, just in case I was being a bit too obvious.
There’s probably enough for one bath, Mum replied.
“You had a bath last week.” Alice complained. ”Remember?” She added pointedly.
There was an unmistakably naughty glint in her eye. I was beginning to think my sister was a bit of tease.
“But I am really feeling very stiff this morning…I really could use a hot bath.” I protested.
“Well, I did quite fancy one myself.” She responded. “It’d be good to relax before I get down to revising.” She added, raising an eyebrow suggestively in my direction.
“Well, I suppose it illegal bahis IS your turn.” I conceded. “I guess I’ll just have to find another way to alleviate the stiffness.”

“My teenage son and daughter being civil to each other, will wonders never cease?” Mum sighed happily, clearly oblivious to any innuendo or sexual undercurrent.

“Well we’d better be off, before the carpark fills up.” Geoff announced.
“Yep, come on Becky, let’s go!” Agreed mum clapping her hands.

When they’d gone, Alice leant back in the chair and stretched her arms upwards.
“I must admit, I’m feeling a bit stiff myself”. She moaned, arching her back and pushing her firm round breasts forward shamelessly, her erect nipples pressing invitingly against her night-shirt. The bright sun highlighted her perfect contours, my stiffness was becoming more acute.
“I think I’ll run that bath.”
“Don’t forget to lock the door!” I reminded her. “I mean, you don’t want anyone accidentally coming in and seeing you naked, do you?
“No that would be TERRIBLE.” She called back, as she climbed the stairs. I moved to the hall and listened to her shuffling around in her bedroom, picturing her slipping off her night-shirt. I peeped up through the gaps in the bannisters and caught a tantalising glimpse of her naked body crossing the landing and entering the bathroom .The door clicked shut behind her,
I waited for the clunk of the door being locked. I heard the sound of water cascading into the bath tub, but no clunk. My erect penis throbbed with anticipation.

So, what next? How long should I leave it before absent-mindedly wandering into the bathroom?
I crept upstairs, sat on the edge of my bed with my door open and waited.
In my mind’s eye Alice was lying in the bath, her hand between her legs, fingering her tight young pussy. The gentle sploshing and splashing of the water, which I could just about hear, added fuel to my lustful thoughts. While I pictured her playing with herself, I played with my cock, it was hard as a rock, hot and pulsing in my hand. Was Alice masturbating on the other side of the bathroom door, waiting for me to come in, as I imagined ? Or was she simply enjoying a relaxing totally innocent bath. Fifteen minutes earlier I’d been certain she was sending out clear signals, telling me she wanted to carry on from last week’s debauched encounter. Now I was unsure. Perhaps she was just teasing, perhaps I was imagining everything. Then I remembered that smutty smirk and the mischievous twinkle in her eye. I also recalled last weekend, laying in the bath with Alice sitting on the toilet, legs open wide, rubbing herself and gleefully watching the sticky white fountain shooting from my swollen tip.

It was time to make a move. I decided on a stealthy approach. I tiptoed to the bathroom door and placed my hand on the doorknob. I turned the handle slowly trying not to make a noise and eased the door open, creating a small gap, just big enough to peer through.
Alice’s eyes were closed, she was smiling contentedly, her damp hair clinging to her bare shoulders. Frustratingly, that was about all the naked flesh I could see. The rest of her body was hidden under a blanket of fucking bubbles.

“I know you’re there” She said, casually, without opening her eyes.
I just stood there, like the proverbial lemon.
“Are you coming in or not?” She demanded. ”You’re causing a draft with that door open.”
“Sorry” I said weakly, closing the door behind me.
“What kept you?” She asked.
“Um, I err…I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to…”
“Christ! How much more obvious did you want me to be?“
So, the desire to resume last Saturday’s entertainment, was clearly mutual.
She brushed her damp hair from her face, offering a brief, glimpse of her tits and peered down at the bulge in my shorts.

“I see you’re still feeling a bit stiff.” She observed with a half smile.
I felt my cock growing harder as she spoke.
“And getting stiffer, I see!” She chuckled as my erection visibly grew.
“Yeah, It’s a real problem!” I grinned.
“You know what might help?” She asked.
“No, what?” I asked keenly.
“A nice gentle massage.”
“Yeah, that could work” I agreed.
“Well, go on then.” She urged.
As instructed, I began to rub my cock through the fabric. A wet spot had appeared where I was dribbling, from my now fully engorged tip. I started to slide my hand up and down my pole, perabet giriş the sticky patch becoming bigger, as my pre-cum soaked through.
Alice watched, enthralled, as I continued to massage myself through my shorts.
“Feel good?” She asked.
I nodded.
The bubbles had started to disappear and I realised she was running her hands gently over her nipples. My heart raced.
“I think you’d find it easier if you pulled them down.” She suggested eagerly.
I did as she instructed, her eyes twinkling with delight as I stretched them over my throbbing penis and down around my thighs . “All the way down!” she insisted.
I eased them down past my knees and allowed them to drop to the floor.
“Take your top off as well!” she demanded.
My heart pounded. Again, I did as I was told, willingly stripping for my naughty little sister.
I pulled my top over my head. When I looked up, Alice’s legs were spread wide apart, her hand between her legs, still obscured by bubbles, but it was clear what she was up to. As she moved her hand rhythmically up and down, creating tiny waves, the bubbles began to vanish. Her fingers slipped up and down between her pussy lips, easing them apart, revealing her shiny, pink bud. As her finger tips slid over and around this tiny jewel she gasped with pleasure.

I rubbed my cock, avidly watching her every move. Alice rubbed her pussy, watching me back with equal enthusiasm.

“You look cold she” She said, noticing the goosepimples on my skin.
I couldn’t tell if they were caused by cold or excitement, but it was a bit chilly.

“Why don’t you get in?”
“Why don’t you get in with me?” She repeated. “It’s not as if we’ve never had a bath together”. She added.
“But we were only 5 or 6!” I reminded her.
She eased herself into a seated position and pulled her knees up towards her, creating a space for me.
“C’mon, It’ll be fun.” She pleaded.
“Well, I guess I do need a wash!” I laughed nervously.
“So, get in then!”
“What the hell!” I thought and climbed into the bath.
I was a decent sized bath, but obviously still a squeeze for two teenagers. I sat down and manoeuvred my legs either side of Alice’s. When we settled into a comfortable position her feet were more or less together, with her knees wide apart, resting against mine. I had a perfect view of her perfect pussy. Her silky black pubes shimmering and waving gently in the bath water, which was happily now virtually devoid of bubbles.
“So, you need a wash then?” Alice asked.
“Umm, yeah, I guess so”, I replied. To be honest washing wasn’t really what I had in mind.
“Well then…” She smiled naughtily, lifting the soap from the soap dish. She created a lather in her hands, then deftly pulled herself up onto her knees.
“Let’s make you nice and clean!” I liked where this seemed to be leading.
“Lift up your arms.” She ordered me.
I did as I was told. Alice slapped her soapy hands under my hairy armpits.
“Ha, ha, that tickles!” I chuckled, flinching slightly.
“Don’t be such a baby!” She said sternly. “We need to make these stinky pits smell nice.”
Despite my ticklishness, the feel of my sister’s soapy hands against my skin was intensely erotic. Once she deemed my armpits adequately clean and fragrant, she moved onto my chest, her palms gently gliding over my erect nipples. I noted Alice’s nipples were also erect but naturally, far bigger and juicier than mine. I reached out and picked up the soap, formed a lather, stretched my arms over hers and placed my hands on her tits. She smiled, approvingly and slid her hands down to my belly, providing me more room to smear the soapsuds over her firm fleshy mounds. She sighed happily as my soapy palms caressed her soft skin.
I squeezed firmly causing her to wince. I pulled my hands away anxiously.
“It’s ok, you just need to be more gentle” She reassured me, taking hold of my hands and placing them back on her breasts.
She guided them expertly over and around, manipulating my fingers so they lightly pinched her rigid nipples and stroked he pretty pink areola. Once I’d got the hang of what she wanted she let go, allowing me to fondle them unaided.
“Mmmmmm…that feels nice.” She whispered, as she placed her hand on my inner thighs.
My heart rate increased dramatically, as they slid downwards towards my groin. I gasped, expectantly. Alice smiled knowingly, as she ran perabet her fingers through my curly bush, gently tugging at my pubes teasing the soft fleshy area surrounding my cock. Her left hand slid downwards, and tenderly cupped my balls, while the fingers of her right hand wrapped around the shaft.
“Oh my God!” I panted as her hand slid slowly up towards my shiny, engorged, purple bulb. Her other hand slipped up over my balls and gripped the base.
“I’ve never felt one before?” She admitted, which surprised me. After all, she had plenty of male admirers and no doubt plenty of opportunities.
“I guess that means you’re not a slut.” I smiled.
She smiled back, her hands feeling their way up, down and around, exploring the contours of my hot, throbbing pole.
“Mmmmmm, it’s SO big and hard.” She said eagerly.
I groaned loudly as she wrapped her palm around my helmet and squeezed gently.
“Is that good?” She asked.
“Fuck yeah…” I breathed heavily.
She slid herself backwards, opening her legs a little wider.
“Do you want to feel my cunt?”
“God, yeah!” I breathed excitedly. I paused briefly, then cautiously I slid my hand down, over her soft pubes and between her legs. She shivered as my hand glided across her soft, fleshy mound, her swollen pussy lips gaped invitingly. I was amazed how slippery she felt. She moaned softly, as my fingertips moved tentatively along her moist slit. I explored her velvety folds, carefully probing her warm, wet pussy, trying to recall the way she’d fingered herself in front of me last Saturday, mimicking her movements as best I could. Her rapid breathing and gentle moans of delight suggested I was doing ok.

“Is that good?” It was my turn to ask.
“Not too bad.” She smiled, taking hold of my hand and lifting it slightly, so my fingers were touching her clitoris. She began to guide them slowly, in an easy, circular motion. I felt the tiny bud harden under my fingertips, her moans grew deeper.
“That’s better.” She whispered, and wrapped her hand back around my throbbing, cock.
My head span with excitement. We caressed each other, responding to each other’s gasps and groans, gleefully exploring each others genitals, delighting in each other’s pleasure. My cock felt so hard, my balls ached. Alice’s moans grew louder, her breathing became frantic almost feverish. Her hand slid up and down the shaft of my cock, faster and faster, almost impatiently.
“I’m going to cum soon.” I warned her.
“Me too.” She whispered.
She reached down, located my index and middle fingers and eased them inside her. It felt awesome, surprisingly hot and unbelievably wet.
Her pelvis thrust downwards pressing her clitoris against my hand, encouraging me to push my fingers deeper inside into her pulsating, moist, velvety chasm.
She leant forward and kissed me softly on the lips. I kissed her back. She opened her mouth invitingly, the tip of my tongue brushed against hers. Our mouths opened and our tongues entwined in a slow, passionate kiss. My pulse raced, my head swam, I was almost delirious with pleasure. I couldn’t hold on any longer.
A milky white jet spurted from my tip, arcing into the air, across Alice’s arms and onto her belly. As if triggered by the feeling of my hot cum on her skin, she began to judder uncontrollably her body tensing in a series of spasms, accompanied by deep, almost a****l, groans of ecstasy. Her hot, wet, hole clamped tightly around my fingers, as I pumped out my sticky white mess. I pushed my fingers upwards, as she pushed downwards as her hands slid up and down the shaft of my hard, throbbing pole, our desperate thrusts and frenzied breathing perfectly in sync. My grunts and groans of delight merged with her euphoric gasps. Finally, I stopped pumping and Alice stopped juddering. Our hands disengaged from each other’s genitals and our bodies relaxed. We rested our foreheads against one another’s, both panting hard, exhausted by the overwhelming intensity of our orgasms.

I lifted my head and kissed Alice tenderly on the cheek. She responded with a gentle peck on the lips. We affectionately smiled at each other. Alice looked down at the gluey mess splattered over her arms and belly.
“Yeeuk! What a mess!”
“Yeah, sorry about that!”
“I should bloody well think so!” She frowned, playfully.
She wiped off as much as she could with her fingers, cleaning her hands as best she could in the already spunk filled water. I stood up, pulled out the plug, drew the shower curtain and turned on the shower. We washed my cum from our bodies.
“Next time, maybe I should wear a condom.” I laughed.
“Hmmm….maybe?” Alice replied.

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