A Weekend in the Country

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When I turned 21 I gave myself a birthday present. I packed up my things and I rented a small studio apartment not far from where I grew up. I made it on my own for a little over a year and then I had a run of bad luck. The engine in my car seized up, I lost my job and my apartment. The only thing left to do was move back to my parent’s house. There was no problem with that, but wanting to maintain something that resembled independence I moved in to the basement of the house. I wasn’t there for very long before I heard my father banging my mom late one night. I walked across the basement so that I was right under their bed and listened, my young cock throbbing, as my dad fucked her for a good 10 minutes. I heard my mom gasp, whimper and moan, no doubt trying to be quiet, and I realized that she was cumming. That was when I began to notice my mother and see her as a woman.

My mom is an attractive woman, even to this day; but in her younger years she was extremely attractive. Some would even say beautiful. She had very long red hair, naturally red. She stood 5′ 10″ tall and weighed around 145lbs and had large breasts. She took very good care of herself. There were many nights I lay in my bed slowly stroking my cock while listening to my dad fucking her. After a few minutes I’d walk across the basement so that I was right under their bed then stand there and listen while masturbating. I’d listen and wait until I heard my mom cumming and then I’d have some of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had. Dad fucked her a lot, and I understand why. It’s also should be mentioned that my mom was a virgin on her wedding night and that my father was the only man to have her.

My family has a farm in the northern part of the state and we spent a lot of time up there while I was growing up. After my brother and I grew up and left the house, my mom and dad would go up there a lot. It was my father’s favorite place in the world to be, except maybe being in between my mom’s legs.

Life is so uncertain, to say the least. The day came when we got the news that my father had developed cancer. The next two years was pure hell on everyone, especially my mother. They went to the farm as much as my dad’s health would permit until the day came that he passed away. After that my mother stopped going up there for. She said it just wasn’t the same without my father around; and it made her sad to go up because there were a lot of happy memories there.

Five years after my father died my mother called me and asked me if I was going up to the farm that weekend. I told her that I was and in fact, I had taken a few days off work so I would be on the road Tuesday afternoon. She told me she was thinking about going up and even needing to go up, so if I didn’t mind she’d drive up Tuesday evening.

The house was built in the late 1800’s; big, two story farm house. While it was still in very good condition, the floor had a little tilt to it in places and none of the bedroom doors would latch shut, and there was no indoor plumbing, or even running water. Water had to be pumped out of the well and brought inside the house. The electrical had been retro fitted, which was good because up in the country when it gets dark, it’s really dark!

She arrived just after dark Tuesday evening and we had some coffee, talked about things in general, relived old memories of things that had been said and done up there over the years. That night as I lay in my room I could hear her softly crying. I knew why so there was no need for me to do or say anything to her. Wednesday evening was pretty much a copy of the night before.

Since nobody lives up there, there is always something that needs to be done. Mowing the yard, which is quite large, is one of them. I got up Thursday morning, got some coffee then went out to the barn to get the mower and string trimmer ready to go. My mom likes to sleep in and I didn’t want to wake her, so I just sat in the barn and enjoyed the quiet for a little while. After about 30 minutes, or so, my mom came out with her cup of coffee.

“Good morning, son”, she said, “Looks like you’re getting ready to mow.”

“Good morning. Yes, I am. It’s been a couple of weeks since the last cut and it needs it. I want to get it done before the weekend arrives so I can spend my time doing other things than this, like fishing.” I told her, with a smile. We have three ponds on the place so when I’m not doing “farm” things, I’m fishing.

Trimming and mowing is about a 3 hour job. Sometimes it takes longer than that if it hasn’t been cut in a couple of weeks.

“Well, how about I run the trimmer and you can start mowing? “She suggested, “We’ll get done all the more quickly and you can go fishing. I may even go with you.”

That sounded like a very good idea to me so I fired up the trimmer and let her get started, then I jumped on the mower and started mowing.

Remember, I told you the house was old? It is. There’s no central heat and no air conditioning at all. Summers in the mid-west can be almost cruel. High heat, high humidity; casino şirketleri you almost drown in sweat if you have to work outside. At the end of the day a shower is most certainly in order. Since the house had no running water the shower consisted of a black, plastic, 55 gallon barrel mounted on a frame out behind the barn but visible from the house. We’d fill the barrel with water in the morning and let the sun do the rest. A hose was attached to the barrel with a shower head. Just turn the valve on and you had a nice warm shower.

We finished up the yard then grilled some dinner. After dinner, and coffee, we sat at the kitchen table and just talked for a couple of hours. The sun had set but it was still light enough to see when my mom said, “I think it’s time for a shower.” She grabbed the soap, a towel and wash cloth and started for the door. “Don’t peek.” she laughingly said as she went outside. I assured her I would not, but as soon as she got outside I went upstairs to my room, and looking out the window I watched her undress and shower. My cock instantly swelling at the site of her full breasts and the barely visible red triangle shaped patch of hair above her pussy. Thoughts of sucking those breasts, tasting her pussy and eventually entering her ran through my mind. I knew she hadn’t had any cock in five years, but I also knew that if she got any cock it wouldn’t be mine. I watched her until she reached for the towel then I hurried back downstairs before she came back to the house.

The old house has two front rooms. One that we refer to as the main room and the other, the one with the staircase, we call the parlor.

“Go in to the main room until I get upstairs”, she said as she reached the porch.

I did as she asked, then asked her, “When you get upstairs would you throw down a pair of shorts and a shirt for me, please? I need a shower as well.”

“Okay”, she said as she started up the stairs.

“Son, here’s your clothes” I heard her call down the stairs. I heard them land at the bottom of the stairs so I went and picked them up, grabbed a towel for myself and headed outside to take my shower, taking my clothing with me.

The shower was refreshing. By now it was completely dark and I even though I knew she’d never look I had to wonder that if she did, would she see that my cock was still halfway hard from watching her take her shower? I finished up my shower, dried off, got dressed and went back to the house. When I got inside she was sitting at the kitchen table wearing a full length, light blue night gown.

“I made some more coffee. Do you want some?” she asked.

“Sure, but just a small cup.” I answered.

When she stood up and turned around to get my coffee I could see the outline of her panties. I could also see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her gown wasn’t see through, but it was very close to it and even in the dim light of the kitchen I could see the outline of her body. My cock began to harden again. We sat and talked for about an hour or so and it was all I could do not to stare at her breasts. I wanted so much to see if I could see the dark circles around her nipples. We finished up the coffee and headed upstairs to go to bed.

“Good night, son.” she said as she reached the door to her room.

“Good night, mom.” I replied as I went in to my room.

I undressed and lay down on my bed, tired and horny. I kept thinking of her while she showered. I kept seeing her in that light blue night gown. Fantasies of cupping her breasts in my hands, feeling her nipples harden as I massaged her breasts through the material of her gown while kissing her neck raced through my mind. I reached down and begin stroking my cock, thinking of sinking it deep inside of her, and being as quiet as I possibly could when I begin to cum.

The next morning I got up and went downstairs, made coffee and started cooking breakfast. She came down shortly after I had started cooking.

“Mmmmm, something smells good. What’s for breakfast?” she asked while fixing herself a cup of coffee.

“Bacon, eggs, toast, potatoes and coffee, a farm breakfast”, I told her. “How many eggs you want?

“Just one, “was her reply.

So, what’s your plan for the day?” she asked.

“I really don’t have one. The ponds need to be mowed but there’s no big hurry. They can wait another week or two. What about you?”

“I was thinking that if you didn’t have any pressing plans we could run over to Jameston and hit the junk stores.”

Jameston is a small town about 30 miles away. It’s like the antique/junk store capital of the world and I absolutely love going there and spending the day browsing for things I don’t need, but always buy.

“That sounds like an excellent idea!”

So we finished up breakfast, jumped in my car and took off. We spent the entire day going from store to store just looking at all of the stuff that was for sale. We stopped at the little diner in town for lunch then later went to the ice cream parlor. It was a typical hot summer casino firmaları day, almost to the point of being miserable, but it was a lot of fun.

The night was almost a carbon copy of the night before. After dinner she went out to take a shower and I went upstairs to watch her through the window. When she came back in I went out and took a shower. When I came back in she was sitting at the kitchen table in that full length, light blue night gown. She had made coffee again so we sat and talked as we drank coffee, while I tried not to stare at her breasts, and hoping to see the outline of her nipples. My attempts not to stare were quickly interrupted when my gaze fell on her breasts and I could see the outline of her nipples even in the dim light of the kitchen. For whatever reason her nipples were hard and pushing the material of her nightgown out. I’d seen this before and it always turned me on. My mom has large nipples to go with her large breasts. Smaller than a penny but bigger than a dime would be the best way to describe them. We talked for about another half hour or so, her nipples still visible and distracting me while I tried not to notice them.

“Well,” she said as she started to stand, “it’s time for bed.”

“Yeah, it is. You go on up and I’ll turn off the lights and lock the doors.” I said, rising from the table.

When she stood up and turned to go it was one of those picture perfect moments. I could see the outline of her body. I could see the line of her panties and I could see the perfect outline of her breasts and swollen nipples.

“Good night,” she said as she walked in to the parlor.

“Good night.” I replied as I locked the door.

I got up to my room, undressed and laid down on my bed, thinking about her again. I reached down and slowly begin stroking my cock, thinking the same thoughts I’d had the night before only this time with the vision of her nipples in my mind. I lay quietly stroking my cock when I heard sounds coming from her room. At first I thought she was crying again but then I realized that what I was hearing was more like someone who couldn’t catch their breath. The first thing that crossed my mind was that maybe she was having a heart attack or something along those lines. She was 52 years old, after all. So I got up, slipped on my shorts and went to her room.

As I told you earlier the doors to the rooms don’t latch. You can close them, but the latch doesn’t catch so you can’t lock them. I also told you that it gets very dark up there. It gets so dark that if you have no light on you can’t see your hand in front of your own face. Because that is so, my mom always used a small night light in the room whenever she was up there, for as long as I can remember.

I pushed the door open; expecting to find her in some kind of distress, but what I saw instantly put me in a state of extreme lust. She was lying on the bed completely naked, her light blue nightgown on the floor next to the bad. She had hand between her legs and the other teasing and squeezing one of her nipples. Without thinking I slowly walked across the room and stood next to her bed watching her pleasure herself. My hand went down and began stroking my cock as I watched her finger rub and massage her pussy. She was so involved with what she was doing she never heard me come in the room. She just laid there, eyes closed, touching her, moaning and gasping softly. I stood beside the bed watching, stroking the full length of my cock, wondering if she’d notice I was there, and wondering what would happened when she did. I continued to watch her, hoping she was going to cum. This went on for 2 or 3 minutes and then she opened her eyes and saw me. I thought she’d say something, scream, yell or something like that, but she didn’t. She stared up at me while she continued to touch herself. Then her gaze fell on my cock. She continued fingering her pussy and teasing her nipples while she watched me stroking myself. As we continued watching each other she turned, kind of diagonal, on the bed so that her head was slightly hanging off the edge of the bed.

“Come over here,” she said, as she tilted her bead back, opened her mouth and reached out to take my cock in her hand.

I moved closer to the bed as she stroked my cock slowly. Then she guided me to her mouth and began to suck me as she continued to finger herself. Her hand gently massaged and squeezed my balls. Shivers raced through me as she lightly raked my balls with her fingernails. I could feel drops of semen seeping from the tip of my cock, and knowing she could taste them brought me so close to spilling my cum in her mouth.

I reached down and being caressing her breasts, my fingers tracing circles around her nipples. I’d had fantasies of sucking her breasts since the day I saw her in the shower and my desire to do so was overwhelming. I stepped back away from her, withdrawing my cock from her mouth, leaned down over her and took her one of her nipples in my mouth. My heart was pounding when my tongue circled her nipple. It was so güvenilir casino hard it was almost like sucking a small stone made of flesh; and hot. I could feel the heat of her nipple with my tongue. My hand found her other breast and I begin to massage, squeeze, tease and pinch the nipple. I was in a state of pure bliss when she suddenly pushed me away, reached out and grabbed my cock and put me back in her mouth. No sooner had her lips closed around my cock when her body went completely rigid. I reached down with both hands and squeezed her nipples, pinching them, pulling them as she arched her back and begin making those sounds I had heard her make as I’d stood in the basement, under their room, while my father was fucked her. Watching my mom cumming with my cock in her mouth caused an orgasm to start to build quickly inside of me. I had often fantasized of cumming in my mom’s mouth but if she was going to make me cum tonight, then I wanted the first time to be inside of her. I pulled my cock out of her mouth before it was too late as her body slowly began to relax. She lay still, breathing hard, relaxing, eye closed as I moved down to the end of the bed. I reached down and wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

“No, please.” she said. “This isn’t right. This never should have happened.”

I didn’t listen. I wasn’t going to listen. Years of fantasy, years of dreaming, years of masturbating and thinking, “what if…”, and seeing and doing what we’d just done fueled a lust in me that was not going to be denied. Don’t get me wrong, I’d never force her, never rape her, but I wasn’t going to stop without putting up a fight and besides, I had it in my mind, I hoped anyway, that not having sex in 5 years, maybe more, would play out in my favor once I started doing things to her that I’d dreamed of doing.

“Son, no, please!” she cried as I knelt down on the floor, placing her legs over my shoulders.

She tried to close her legs but it was too late for that. My head was already between her legs, my mouth just inches from her pussy. She tried to pull away but I wrapped both arms around her hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed.

“Just this, and no more.” I said as I leaned in and softly kissed her pussy. It was warm, soft and soaking wet. The feel of her hair on my face and the smell of her sex only served to fuel the fire inside of me.

“No, please, don’t do that,” she said.

“Mom, please. Just let me do this. I have dreamed and fantasized about this for years. What I just saw you do was one of the most erotic, sexy and beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I want to see you do that again. I want to see your body respond to what I’m doing, not what you’re doing. You’ve just had me in your mouth so now I want you in mine.”

“But it was a mistake. That never should have happened. I was just weak because I hav…”, her words stopped and she gasped as I softly kissed her pussy again, my tongue slightly penetrating her. I felt her body relax slightly and her legs open and I knew this discussion was over.

I caressed her hips and tummy with my hands as I traced the outline of her pussy lips with the tip of my tongue, running it up and down the outer edges of her pussy. Kissing her softly at times, the tip of my tongue barely touching her swollen clit. I ran the tip of my tongue up and down her soft, wet slit, barely penetrating her body. I continued to do this to her for a few minutes then softly sucked her clit inside my mouth. I probed her softly, slowly with the tip of my tongue and then begin to suck, nibble and furiously lash her clit with my tongue.

“Oh…God…this…I’ve missed this.”, she moaned and she reached down and placed her hands on my head.

I stopped long enough to ask her, “Can I finish?”

“Yes.” was her only response.

I continued to make love to her with my tongue while massaging her body with my hands. I moved up a little so I could reach her breasts and massaged her there, focusing on her nipples. I knew that what I was doing was beginning to have an effect on her because she begin to move her hips up and down, rubbing her pussy against my mouth, fucking my tongue. Thoughts of disbelief were running through my head as I continued to make love to and almost worship her cunt. My cock was throbbing with each rapid heart beat and my balls begin to ache. I thought “blue balls” was only for teenage boys, but mine were aching so bad it was as if someone had kicked me.

Her orgasm came almost without warning. Her hands, already holding my head in place between her open legs, wrapped in my hair as and pulled me tight against her body, her nipples, already as hard as stone, became even harder in my hands as she arched her back and begin to cry out.


I sucked, massaged, pushed my tongue against her clit, lashed and slashed it with the tip of my tongue while she continued to cum for me. I could feel the contractions of her orgasm against my mouth and taste a fresh flow of wetness. I slid my tongue inside of her, licking the wetness out of her and swallowing every drop I could get; drinking from her body as if drinking from a crystal goblet. Heart racing, cock throbbing, balls aching, my face covered in my mom’s wetness…pure pleasure.

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