Tina#8a Replan

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Tina asked me to stop by her house on my way home from working a day shift. So, after I was relieved I hustled myself out through security and on towards Tina’s place. I parked out front and rang the doorbell. Tina’s mom answered the door: “She’s next door at Dianne’s; she said to go over there.” I dutifully walked to the next door and rang that doorbell.

Tina answered and made a big show of kissing me and hugging me on the front porch before inviting me in. Dianne was sitting at the dining room table with a cup of tea in front of her. There was another cup there where, I guessed, Tina had been sitting. Tina ushered me to the chair opposite Dianne and invited me to sit down: “Would you like some tea or something?”

Me: “Thanks, I’m good.”

Dianne: “Do you like lasagna?”

Me: “I sure do!”

Dianne: “My mom was here today and we made enough lasagna to feed the Third Army. Can I send you home with some? You can warm it up in the oven or nuke it, your choice. Is ‘Nuke’ a bad word?” Both ladies giggled at the little joke.

Me: “I’d love to take some home-made Lasagna home; that sounds really good. Thanks!”

Tina: “We’ve been discussing our upcoming plans and Dianne is still a little nervous about trying anal.”

That got my attention. I looked around the house and didn’t see anyone other than the three of us. Are we alone?”

Dianne: “My mom went shopping and the kids are all next door with Tina’s kids.”

Tina nodded in agreement, then said: “She is not against it; but she is just a little nervous. She would like your assurance that you won’t hurt her. I told her that you are always very gentle but, as she reminded me, I’ve done it before and I’m less likely to be hurt.”

Me: “Dianne, I promise that I won’t do anything to hurt you. You can stop at any time that you want. Just say the word ‘stop’ and I will, I promise. And, if you change your mind and decide not to do it at all, I will understand and never pester you about it. Am I being fair?”

Dianne: “Yes, I understand and I appreciate your assurances. I’ll talk to Tina a little more and maybe we can try sometime soon. I feel a lot better having talked to you.”

It appeared to me that the conversation was over. Tina was smiling and I felt a lot better myself. Dianne got up and asked me: “Just how much Lasagna can you eat? Come out here and show me while I cut it.”

I got up and followed Dianne into the kitchen. There were three big pans of Lasagna cooling on the counter. Dianne took a plastic container out of a closet. She picked up a big knife and turned to me: “If I cut a quarter of one of these, will it be enough for you?”

They were really big Lasagnas: “That will be much more than enough, thank you and thank your mother for me.”

Dianne cut the food and put into the container then slipped the lid on. She dropped the knife into the sink and turned to me:” Here you go, enjoy.” She took the container back and put it onto the counter. Dianne then wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big wet kiss. She felt very good up against me and I held her tight for a few moments. Dianne eventually broke it off, handed me the food and led me back to the dining room.

Tina got up and walked me to the door. Another big whole-body hug and deep kiss had me about half way hard. She held me tight and whispered into my ear: “I think that you’re going to fuck her in her ass after all.”

Me: “She’s really that scared?”

Tina: “Yes. I may be able to reduce that some. Let me work on it. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, OK?”

I told her that I was OK and I was really looking forward to getting home to attack the Lasagna. Tina took my hand in hers, she slid it down her torso and moved it to her butt inviting me to take a little grab. What a great butt! I was soon on my way; with a half-hardon, as usual.

The following night I called Tina at about seven. bahis firmaları We said our hellos and she asked me how the Lasagna was.

Me: “Really good! Dianne gave me enough for two meals; I had the rest of it tonight. Her mom should patent that recipe!”

We chatted on for a few minutes about the merits of homemade Italian food. The conversation eventually turned to Dianne. I asked if she had come up with any solutions? Rather than detail that conversation, let me just say that Tina had worked out a great plan and it went like this.

Tina and Dianne came over to my apartment at about seven on Friday evening. I was working the weekend day shift so, yes, I had to get up in the morning and go to work. Tina and Dianne were both off. The ladies were cheerful and I was glad to see them.

Dianne: “I came to get my plastic container back; would you like me to refill it sometime?”

Me: “Yes-yes-yes. That Lasagna was absolutely great.” I retrieved her container from the closet and placed it on the coffee table next to Tina’s car keys.

We chatted for a few moments before Tina said: “Let’s start the evening festivities.” Looking at me: “You have to go to work in the morning, right?”

I agreed and said: “Can I offer anyone a little wine or something?”

Both ladies declined. So, with only the obvious on the agenda we adjourned to the bedroom. Tina led the way with Dianne second and me last. For a very few seconds I was able to see both of their great looking butts at the same time; the view was marvelous.

We went on into the bedroom and I closed the door. My curtains were pulled and it was nice and dark in there. The only light was from my little lamp which was more like a night lite than a reading lamp. Tina started stripping as soon as the door was closed. Dianne wasn’t far behind Tina and both ladies were quickly down to bra and panties. I was only wearing cutoffs and a tee shirt so, I caught up with them fast. The three of us were soon standing there, stark naked, looking at each other; I was smiling.

Here I was, in my bedroom with two beautiful and naked women who actually wanted to be there with me. This usually only happens in dreams, right?

The plan, as I understood it, was for me to lay down on my back on the bed. Tina and Dianne were to lay down on either side of me while I spent a little time with the girls; all four of them! When they were satisfied with my attention to their boobs, they would each put a leg over one of my legs and proceed to ‘trib’ on my thighs. Meanwhile, I would explore and rub their asses spreading a little of the lubricant into their cracks with the intention that I would eventually have the tip of my finger in their ass holes. I would be able to feel them ‘get-off’ when their little puckers started to throb.

When they had both ‘gotten there’ I was to roll over onto Dianne and put my cock into the crack of her ass. I was not to go inside her; just rub my cock in her crack until I had an orgasm. This was to give Dianne a little idea of what the anal sex might be like with no real chance of any discomfort other than my weight and the sticky goo that I was going to deposit on her lower back. Sound like a good plan?

Here’s how it went.

I started toward the bed. Tina said: “Before you lay down, where is the lubricant?”

I went to my dresser and retrieved one of the tubes from my sock drawer. I purposely picked the still unopened one: “Thanks for reminding me.” I put the tube onto the night table and put myself on the bed.

Tina turned toward Dianne: “Batter up.”

Dianne came over to the bed and put herself down next to me. She kissed my face and my lips for a few moments. I urged her to slide up on me so that I could pay appropriate attention to her ‘girls.’ It didn’t take long before I could sense the changes in Dianne. She got a little squirmy and her breathing kaçak iddaa was a little faster.

Dianne slid back down and kissed my lips again. She looked at Tina who was, by now, sitting in the bedroom chair watching the action on the bed. Tina took her look to be an invitation and she quickly joined us on the bed. Tina put herself on the other side and began to kiss my face and lips just as Dianne had done. I kept one arm around Dianne as I guided Tina up a little so that her ‘girls’ came into range. I applied myself just as diligently and Tina was soon satisfied and back down by my face. I now had my arms around two hot and naked women and I was about as hard as I could get.

Tina retrieved the lube from the night stand putting it in my hand: “Open this, please.”

I opened it and handed it back to her. She squeezed out a small blob onto her pointer finger and then her hand disappeared down by her pussy. She looked over at Dianne, then handed her the tube. Dianne followed Tina’s lead and put a fingerful of the lube on her pussy. Dianne handed the tube back to me before looking back at Tina. Tina gave a slight nod and both women put a leg over mine pressing their mounds down onto my thighs. I almost came with them doing just that.

Both women rolled over slightly putting a little more weight on my legs. Their movements began slow and tenuous; little pushes that gradually grew into thrusts. I could feel their now distended clits rubbing up and down on me. Both women had their faces buried into my neck. Tina was holding onto my cock with her one hand. Dianne had her hand cupping my balls; I was in heaven.

I had both hands down rubbing those beautiful butts. I applied a little lube to the pointer finger of the hand that I was using on Tina. She seemed to know what was happening; she managed to spread her butt cheeks a little giving me access to her pretty little pucker. I applied the lube and then worked the tip of my finger in. Tina’s thrusting got a little stronger.

I put a lot more lube on my other hand, covering all my fingertips. I dropped the lube onto the bed and slid my lubricated fingers into Dianne’s ass crack. As I did this, I sensed a slight pause in her thrusting; but she soon resumed. I slid my fingers up and down through her crease lubricating as I went. I located her pucker and slid my pinkie finger in; her thrusting continued. Feeling brave, I replaced by pinkie finger with my pointer figure without objection from the lady.

We continued for a few more minutes. I noticed that both women were thrusting a little stronger as time went by. They were eventually both pushing and sliding about as hard as I thought possible; Tina had started her now familiar purr. I felt Tina go over the edge first. I could feel the throbbing in her ass and she pressed her mound against my leg really hard. She was still throbbing when Dianne peaked. She pressed hard against me and I could feel the same throbbing in her ass. Dianne didn’t make any noise but I could sense that she was enjoying a good strong orgasm.

I eased my fingers out of the woman and waited for them to calm down. I had my fingers out but I still kept my hands on those beautiful, tight asses. Their breathing returned to normal and Tina had stopped purring.

Tina kissed me and rolled over. She stood up and walked back to the chair. After she sat: “Well, you know what comes next.”

Dianne kissed me and rolled off to lay on her front. I moved to the side as she moved to the middle of the bed. She went up on her knees and puled two pillows down under her front. I almost passed out when I saw her lay herself back down on those pillows with her butt looking so very good. I applied a little more of the lube to my cock and took up a kneeling position between her spread calves. From this position, I could see her vagina and her asshole. She was breathing heavy. I looked over at Tina kaçak bahis who just smiled and nodded her head ‘yes’.

I leaned forward centering my cock on Dianne’s crack. I put a little weight onto her keeping most of my weight on my knees and my hands which were now down on the bed on either side of her. I started to stroke my cock up and down her crease and that really felt good. I gave her a few more pushes when I felt her start to rock her hips meeting my thrusts. We were in sync as I continued to push myself up and down her firm butt.

I was going along at a good pace expecting to feel an orgasm coming along when Dianne stopped moving. She looked back over her shoulder at me and said: “I’d like to try having you go inside me; just a little. Can you do that?”

I quickly looked over at Tina who was smiling broadly: “Go for it!”

I picked up the tube of lube before lifting myself back up to a kneeling position. I put a big blob onto Dianne’s butt hole and more on the tip of my cock. I leaned forward aligning my cock with her pucker and asked: “Are you ready?”

Dianne nodded her head yes.

Me: “Are you sure?”

Another nod let me know that she, at least, wanted to try it. I pushed gently and the very tipoff my cock went in. It went in just a little, maybe a quarter or half an inch but it was in. I waited for a reaction from Dianne; nothing. So, I pushed again and I went in, I think, as far as her inner muscle. Still nothing from her. So, after waiting another moment I pushed again and went in about half the length of my cock.

Dianne gasped but said nothing.

Me: “Are you OK lady?”

Dianne nodded her head again, then said: “Are you all the way in?”

Me: “Not quite, maybe half way. Are you sure that you’re OK?”

Dianne: “I’m OK; go the rest of the way. I can take it.”

So, I dutifully pushed the rest of the way in. She was warm, tight and well lubricated. Dianne felt so good wrapped around my cock. I could tell that I wasn’t going to be there very long. I took a quick peek over at Tina. She was getting up to come over to the bed. Tina knelt down next to the bed and put a soothing hand onto Dianne’s face: “I’m so proud of you.”

I withdrew a little and slid myself back in. I did it again. Tina looked back up at me: “Do it, be gentle but do it.”

I resisted the urge to say ‘yes ma’am’. I started a steady in and out motion. I didn’t come all the way out but I did go all the way in. It only took a dozen strokes or so before I felt the orgasm starting. I buried myself all the way inside this beautiful woman and erupted. It felt like I delivered a significant load into her lower colon. I was actually dizzy when it was over. I held onto her hips and withdrew myself very slowly. A little cum leaked out as I exited. I stayed where I was for a few moments before Tina said: “You, shower now. “

I understood and got up from the bed. I headed for the bathroom and went right into the shower to give my cock a good washing. Tina came in while I was washing and took a big wad of toilet paper from the roll. I asked: “Is she OK?”

Tina: “Yes, very much OK. She surprised herself and you didn’t hurt her. You did good big fellah!”

I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Both ladies were redressed and sitting on the couch. I went into the bedroom and retrieved by cutoffs putting them on as I hopped around the bedroom.

I went back to the living room sitting between the ladies on the couch: “Well, was it what you expected?”

Dianne: “It was certainly different. And, like you promised, you didn’t hurt me.”

Me: “Thank you for doing that with me, I’m a really lucky man.”

Tina: “We better get going, You’ve got to get up early and go to work.”

I stood and escorted them to the top of the stairs. Dianne was walking a little gingerly, like someone with a load of semen in their ass. She kissed me: “Thank you.”

Me: “Thank you. That was wonderful.”

Tina kissed me: “Thank you for being gentle. Do you realize that you got her cherry?”

They left and I went to bed. The bed was a mess.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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