The Right Time Is Now

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A big thank you to estragon for editing suggestions and Darkniciad as well. I do hope you enjoy this short and sweet little write. ~ Red

The cursor blinked rapidly in front of her face as she bit down on her lower lip and sent the text message. It was a simple question, one Lily waited to see answered. A sound from the gentleman sitting across from her made her look up. He caught her stare; she blushed and looked back down at her new laptop. She always used her phone for texting and talking to her friend, but today she’d opted to bring the laptop because she had a lot of work to do and it would serve her better than her phone. She ignored the rumbling of the train as she waited for her online boyfriend’s message to come back to her.

Her message icon blinked orange and she clicked on it. A smile drifted to her lips, small and barely noticeable, but it was there.

Todd: Black stilettos.

She wrote back about how typical a color and that maybe the girl should have left wearing bright pink pumps or neon orange ones.

Todd: Oh? Do you think that would go well with her black skirt and white blouse?

Her smile became a smirk, as she typed a splash of color is a nice way to dress up such a boring woman. She could see Todd just shake his head at her amusement and teasing, and smile briefly.

They had been communicating online for a long time. Though hundreds of miles separated them, they were only seconds away from each other online. She typed back asking him what the woman looked like. Was she plain? Boring? Pretty?

This was a game they played. Todd rode into work every morning on a train and she, already at work, would IM or text him. She would pick the gender for him to describe and he would of course pick the person. This morning was the exception to their typical exchange. She had to make a business trip, so for the first time she was able to communicate with him in a setting like the one he experienced every day. She wasn’t surprised to learn he’d picked a woman wearing a pair of black stilettos. Todd had a thing for shoes.

Todd: She’s pretty. I guess. Not as pretty as you. Kind of hard to tell really.

Lily blushed. Todd had her picture and he had called her lovely, beautiful, sexy and yes, pretty. She smiled at the memory of the first day she’d sent him a headshot of herself. In her opinion her cheeks were too round and her smile too wide. But he had loved it, or so he said and from that point on, she slowly began to feel more comfortable in her own skin.

Todd: Still there?

She bit down on her lower lip and answered his reply, apologizing for her lack of response. She quickly asked why he couldn’t tell if the girl was pretty or not.

Todd: She’s sitting across from me, on the other bench and people keep jostling past her. So I can only get a glimpse here and there. She looks pretty though, your turn. Pick a man, any man.

Lily’s brow furrowed, until she got the point. Todd wanted her to play too. She was all for it and secretly had hoped he’d asked her to play. After all, usually she had no one new to describe. Lily spent her workday sitting in an office, where the same people passed by every day. She’d already described all of them. Her gaze drifted over to the man who had noticed her. She had to peer around a woman who had gotten up to find another seat, but the brief exposure of her quarry had been enough.

She answered back that the gentleman looked to be in his early thirties, and had brown hair. He also wore a pair of gray trousers and sports coat.

Todd: So pretty much your typical business guy. Leave it to you to find someone exciting.

Her shoulders shook at his description. She wrote back that he was a “typical business guy” and when Todd concurred with her description of him, he confessed that he too was wearing the same thing as the man she was looking at, but his pants and coat were more of a dark charcoal color.

They commutes continued as did their talk, so the game, as usual, was abandoned and those around them went ignored. Every so often Lily would glance at the gentleman she’d described to Todd, but that was all she’d do. When it was apparent that the train was slowing down, she looked up and noted where she was. She said her goodbye casino şirketleri to Todd, closed her laptop and hurriedly shoved it into its bag.

She rose from her seat and made her way to the door, just as the train came to a stop. The man, whom she had noticed and described to Todd, looked up and smiled at her. Her stomach twisted as she stared back. His brows furrowed slightly, but neither of them spoke to the other. She gave him a small smile, turned away and left the safety of the car behind her.

When she arrived at the office that had been assigned to her for the week, she opened up her laptop and set to work on several of the company’s laptops. After working for an hour, and accomplishing enough to justify taking a break, she logged back into her IM and saw an offline message from Todd.

Todd: She had a splash of color. A pink ribbon in her hair, holding back a braid, no neon shoes, but still color.

Lily smiled and typed back asking if the back of her hair was the only thing he’d noticed? The message was answered very quickly with a “no” and “she had a nice butt too.” Laughter spilled out of Lily’s lips. She and Todd spoke for a short while, until duty called and both had to leave. He asked what her plans for the evening were and she explained she would be going out for supper, but maybe she’d sneak off to the ladies’ room, if he’d leave her a sexy voice mail.

Todd: I shall. I’ll tell you what. I’m having a business dinner with our CEO and a few other folks from the office. We’re going to Georgio’s, why don’t you eat Italian too and imagine us having the same meal. We’re eating around six.

She grinned and wished he could see her smile. Seconds later he did; she took a quick picture of herself with her webcam and shared it with him. Her hair was down, where before she had pulled it back to keep the flyaway curls from falling into her face while she worked. But the tension of the morning’s activities had left her with a slight headache. The pressure of her twined up locks had taken its toll on her scalp. He thanked her for the picture and told her again how beautiful she was. They logged off and once again Lily went about her day, this time with thoughts of Todd and how much fun it would be to actually share an Italian dinner with him.

When she left the office she had been happy to discover that Georgio’s was a well-established chain, with six locations spread out over the country, including the one just a few blocks from her hotel. She made a reservation for herself, and pondered what dish Todd would be choosing. On the train ride back to her hotel, she looked for the man in the gray trousers, but didn’t see him. She pulled out her phone, keeping the laptop tucked securely by her side. She sent Todd a message, curious if he too were on his way home.

Todd: Hey there sunshine.

Lily answered, pecking away at the keyboard of her cell. She told him of her day and he spoke of his. She mentioned she’d eat Italian and think of him. Before hanging up she made him promise to leave a sexy voice mail, and she promised to leave him one.

Back at her hotel, Lily showered and shaved. She laid out the clothes she wanted to wear and blow dried her red hair. It hung in curly waves down her back and over her shoulders and breasts. She stared at her reflection and imagined Todd looking at her, admiring the color of her skin, the sprinkling of freckles that seemed a contrast to her ivory complexion. Her breasts were round, soft and just barely more than a handful. Her sex was shaved bare and her lips flared slightly, allowing a hint of the darker inner flesh to show itself.

Her hands traveled across her chest, down her abdomen and pressed against her mound. She teased herself until she was forced to slide onto the bed. With a trembling hand, she reached for her cell phone and pressed the speed dial number that would reach Todd’s phone. She knew there was a chance he’d pick up, but there was also the chance she’d get his voice mail.

As she touched and rubbed herself closer to a pending release, the recording came on. She cursed softly and quickened her pace. When the waited-for beep rang through, she knew her sounds were being recorded. Lily vigorously played with herself until her moans, grunts, casino firmaları and mutterings of love cascaded into Todd’s phone. She told him she loved him, hung up and closed the cell phone with one finger.

She lay there for several minutes, basking in the joy of her orgasm. A few minutes later, her phone vibrated and her ringtone sounded. She picked it up and saw Todd’s number. He would either be calling her back to thank her for the voice mail, or making his own climax known via a recording.

Lily bit her lip and waited for her phone to tell her she had a message. When it stopped ringing and then chirped that she had a voice mail, she grinned. Lily quickly listened to her messages and heard the grunt of Todd’s release and the curses that often accompanied his coming. The shot heard round the world, she thought.

That night Lily headed to dinner, alone. She wore a pink dress, and pink ribbon in her hair, along with a pair of pink stilettos. Her stockings were cream-colored, but her undergarments matched the clothes she wore. The lace thong, shelf bra, and garter set enhanced her complexion as well as her freckles, but that beauty was shielded from prying eyes.

The cab driver delivered her safely to the restaurant and though she received a funny look when she told the attendant she was dining alone, she didn’t mind. Lily had expected it. She was given a table near a window, where she could gaze at the city as well as several of the guests that were eating at the lovely Italian restaurant.

An attendant came by and ran through the wine list as well as the house special for the evening. She ordered a red wine and perused the menu, every so often looking up to see who was eating and what they were enjoying.

To her left and several tables away were four people, two men and two women. They laughed and smiled at each other, and occasionally would take a bite of their meals between whatever they were discussing. The food one man was eating looked delectable, so when Lily was asked what she would want for the evening, she asked the server to discover what the man was eating and she would have the same as him. The server agreed and Lily watched as he casually walked past the table with the four diners.

He then circled back, with the pretense of refilling her water glass and told her the name of the dish. Lily ordered it and quietly waited alone for her meal to arrive. While she did, she pulled out her phone and sent an offline message to Todd. She told him that she had found a Georgio’s near her and she was dining there right now. She explained what meal she was eating and how it felt strange to eat in such a pricey place alone. She told him she approximately what time she was going to go to the ladies’ room and warned him that he was expected to go too.

Her food arrived and she enjoyed the rich sauce and the al dente pasta. The flavors exploded on her palette and as she savored every bite, she noticed the women who were laughing with the two men. They were stunning creatures; a raven haired beauty and a blond, but they were dressed conservatively, which made Lily feel as if the dinner was more formal than pleasure. She looked away when one of the men caught her staring at him. She felt her skin grow heated as she saw from the corner of her eye that the man was trying to get the other man’s attention.

Lily noted the time, grabbed her purse and rose from the table; she passed her attendant and told him that she needed to use the ladies’ room. He whispered the directions to her, and she left, slipping past various tables and guests. Once behind a locked stall, she opened her phone, slipped her hand under her skirt and behind her panty.

The sound of Todd coming over the phone for her was more erotic now that she knew he was doing the exact same thing. She listened to his climax over and over again. While she did, Lily was fingering her clit and rubbing vigorously the swollen wet lips of her pussy. When she came, she swallowed the moan that threatened to expose her antics to unknown listeners.

Lily wiped her hands and her sex with toilet paper, then quickly texted Todd, telling her about her orgasm and how naughty she felt. He answered back, shocking her that he was online at the same time as her.

Todd: güvenilir casino I would love to clean you up, right now.

She told him the feeling was mutual.

Todd: To shove you against a wall, lift your skirt and drive my dick between your slick folds. Right there in the bathroom, with no one around, just you and I.

Lily asked him if he was still in the bathroom.

Todd: Yeah, wanna call me? lol

Lily smiled at the thought; she held the phone in one hand and smoothed down her dress before leaving the stall. She texted back that she would love to call him and waited for his reply. Her reflection in the mirror was bright and full of a sensuous glow. She picked up the phone just as his text came over the waves.

Todd: Fuck yes. They don’t need me at the dinner table.

A giggle left Lily’s lips; she left the bathroom with her phone in her hand. She stopped inside the hall of the restrooms and pressed Todd’s speed dial number. He answered before the first ring had finished. She grinned and leaned against the wall behind her. He whispered to her that his cock was hard and that he wanted her on her knees in front of him. His fingers, he wanted buried in her hair. He told her that he needed to look down at her, and catch her staring back up at him.

Lily listened and shifted nervously on her feet as desire slowly began to build deep inside her belly. She could hear a large party of guests milling about. Her pussy tightened as Todd’s breath began to sound more labored. A figure moving down the hall toward her made her face pale. She covered the phone.

“One of the restaurant managers said that the men’s room was out of order,” she lied. The man grumbled and Lily gave him an apologetic smile. After he was gone she returned the phone to her ear and opened the bathroom door.

The men’s room was quite different than the ladies’. It was furnished in a much more masculine way. The wallpaper was darker as was the wood trim, and a leather bench sat along one wall. She sat down and slipped off her shoes. Todd’s voice echoed around her. She heard him in stereo as he cursed that someone had come into the bathroom. A smile rose from her lips as she listened to his phone close and his pants being zipped. She tucked her phone into her purse and waited for him to step out of one of the stalls. When he did, she rose up and waited.

She heard the sound of water running and knew he was washing his hands, but still she did not make her presence known. The sound of the dryer blared through the interior of the men’s room as Todd dried his hands under the scorching heat and tornado like winds that were pushed out. Only when she heard him take a step toward the bathroom door, did she round the corner and expose herself.

They stood there staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity.

Lily was the first to break the silence. “My business trip wasn’t in Nashville; it was here in New York. I remembered your train route, the one you mapped out for me back when we first met. I also prayed to God that you wouldn’t alter your routine, that all of this would work out the way I dreamed”

He said nothing as she chewed on her lower lip.

“I was on the train, the woman in the boring clothes and the pink ribbon in her hair,” she pulled out the ribbon from the bottom of her purse. It lay between her fingers as she showed it to him. “I wasn’t sure if you’d recognize me or not. I didn’t want you to. I purposely kept my hair back and I wore more make-up than a super model on a photo shoot. Oh, and these,” she pulled out a small plastic container and held it up, “colored contacts,” she admitted.

She watched him come to the realization that it was all real. That she was the woman on the train and she was in the same restaurant as he was and that she truly was standing in front of him. He closed the distance between them and grabbed her by the arms. Their lips touched and their fingers pulled and tugged at the clothes they wore. He pulled away and looked down at her, once more she saw him questioning the reality of it all.

“I’m not fucking you in this bathroom,” he suddenly said, breaking through the disbelief that had left him speechless. He opened his phone and she listened as he excused himself from the dinner he had been taking with his CEO, and two female co-workers.

Hand in hand they left the restaurant and when they arrived at her hotel, it was with the idea of living out many of their online fantasies.

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