The Discovery of New Anatomy Ch. 01

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Lisa was in the backyard lying on one of the lounge chairs enjoy the somewhat cooler weather taking little catnaps on and off. The sun was hiding behind the clouds making it bearable to actually be outside without threat of dehydrating in the first five minutes. Still in her nightshirt she felt even better when the breeze would sweep across her legs and then on her face. It was quiet as always, warm with a nice breeze and she felt great.

Her mind would go back to what happened only hours before and how she managed to keep the temptation of letting her brother do more than kiss her pussy. It was a lot of willpower to be honest and she wanted more since she never thought he would actually of done it. Her mind was scrambled to say the least. Going from the breeze against her body to the kiss on her pussy. All these years she has had a secret crush on her brother and it actually comes true and she doesn’t know how to take it all in. She kept thinking in the silence until she was startled from feeling her nightshirt being pulled up.

“You’re still in your nightshirt? And outside?” Tim snuck out when he saw her outside from the kitchen window. He kept her nightshirt up as he took a quick look again at her naked body under it. He could see up to half her stomach.

“Ah! You perv, someone could see me! And yes it feels good out here now that the sun isn’t out and a breeze.” She scrambled back on the chair, her nightshirt falling back down covering her body up. “What is it with you and me wearing this?”

“Oh, yeah, someone could see you in the backyard with all those high bushes and privacy fence.” He pointed out to her, reaching for the bottom of her nightshirt again and playfully pulled it up again then letting it go. “Oh, no, people in airplanes might look out the windows and see your naked body.” He mocked her.

“Funny.” She stuck her tongue out at him and leaned back in the chair getting comfortable again. “What you want, anyways?”

“I made güvenilir bahis lunch if you’re hungry.”

“Really?” She was surprised. Never thinking he would do something like that.

“Well I didn’t come out here just to pull your nightshirt up and see your pussy.” He grinned and then lightly smacked the side of her hip.

She felt a shiver go up her spine when he did that and felt herself getting turned on the more he paid attention to her like this. “Well you could have fooled me.” She hopped up trying to get her mind off her quickly dampening pussy and ran to the backdoor.

Quickly shutting the sliding door behind her, she locked it and stuck her tongue out again at him. Tim tried opening it and couldn’t believe she just locked him out of the house.

“Open the door!” He slapped on it with his open hand.

“No!” She smiled at him taking pleasure in the teasing.

“You’re gonna get it if you don’t open this door.” He knew that threat wasn’t going to do anything but hope she got the point anyways.

“Aww. What you going to do? Spank me?” With that she turned around and pulled her nightshirt up and pressed her butt cheeks against the window. “There. Spank me!” She teased him, not seeing that is not only him that brings the teasing lust out in each other, even if playing around in joking manners.

He quickly hit the door where her butt cheeks were pressed flat against the glass and she quickly jumped away from natural instincts. “Hey!” She turned around her nightshirt falling back down high above the top of her knees. “I might just eat this lunch by myself if you keep that up, mister!”

“Come on! Open the door!” Standing there not wanting to be outside and wanting back inside where it is nice and cool.

“Ok. Ok. Baby.” She teased and unlocked it.

He quickly slid the door open and shut it, running after her now, before she could see him he had her around her waist and picked her up carrying her to the closest türkçe bahis chair.

“You darn right I am going to spank you!” He laughed mainly at her struggling to get free.

“What? I unlocked it!” She tried to plea.

“Not when I said to the first time.” He replied back. “And thank you for the idea of spanking.”

“No. I don’t want a spanking.” She was pushed on his knee and kept there all his weight in his forearm on her back keeping her on his knee. She felt her nightshirt being lift up and knew it was going to be a bare bottom spanking. “No. . .” She tried pleading again, but knew it was no use.

“Yes, yes, yes.” He told her. Rubbing his hand on her bare butt feeling the softness and roundness of it. Still slightly cold from being pressed against the glass.

“You spanking or rubbing?” She felt his big hand still rubbing and gently squeezing her butt cheeks.

He slapped her butt once for talking, “No talking or you get another slap.” He continued his rubbing.

“Ow! What the –” She was cut off again by another slap. “Thought you were span–” Another slap on her butt.

“Well, the way I figure it is if you were offering to have your butt kissed by me earlier rubbing it must be allowed too.” He smirked at her when she turned around looking at him.

“But you kissed my pussy so that voids it.” She counterattacked him.

“Oh!” He pushed her legs apart now. “Good point, little sister! Guess I should be rubbing your pussy then, huh?”

Wha–” She felt his hand reach between her legs and she let out a moan feeling his hand touch her pussy. Her legs kicking up and down to no avail all she was doing was kicking air. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter with each touch she felt. “Come on! This isn’t funn–” She felt his hand slap her pussy now like he did to her ass when she talked.

Tim felt her pussy get wetter and wetter each time he rubbed on her. He felt his cock getting harder and harder under her from all güvenilir bahis siteleri of this. Her stomach pushing against it wasn’t helping any, either. “Your wetness is saying something else,” he kept rubbing her pussy lips, feeling his fingers slipping between her lips from the wetness, “and it sure isn’t saying this isn’t fun.”

“Come. . .on,” Lisa’s breath was getting heavier and her moans drawn out. “Thought you said lunc, mmm, was ready? Stop, please.” Her hips starting to push against his hand now, begging for more and getting more whether she wanted it or not.

Deciding to take it one step further and see what she really wanted from him, without warning, he slipped a finger inside her sopping wet pussy hole and quickly felt the slipper, soft insides surround it. Pushing it in and out, rubbing his palm against her outer wetter lips, his cock was at full erection now. No going back, he thought.

“Oh yeah!” She held her head back before letting it slump down, her flailing stopped, and she felt the finger penetrate her, what she wanted to do all day since he kissed her pussy. He was doing it for her. “Wriggle it.” She demanded.

He wriggled his finger inside of her back and forth and up and down changing moves faster than she could buck her hips. For just one finger inside of her she was acting wild from a day of lust and desire taking hold of her. He quickly pulled his finger out of her pussy as she was bucking faster and quicker on his finger. He held it back as she was pushing her butt in the direction of his hand wanting more and wanting to be filled up again.

“What’s the problem?” He asked in a teasing sympathetic voice.

“What are you doing?” She turned around, just now feeling his erection of her stomach, and wanting even more now. “Why’d you stop?”

“Aww, what’s the matter? You get a finger inside you and already wanting more?” He teased back at her. “Well you aren’t.”

“W-what?” She pleaded with her eyes. Mouth slightly open in shock.

Aww, what’s the matter?” He smirked at her picking her up off his lap to her knees. “Come on, lunch is getting cold.” He said as if nothing happened and his sister isn’t in the condition she is now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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