The Adventures of Ann: This Adventure is Titled Boats and Snakes

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The Adventures of Ann:
This Adventure is Titled Boats and Snakes

The names in my story are not real to protect the innocent as well as the guilty parties involved.

Hello, my name is Ann and I would love to share some of my adventures with everyone. I am a very happily married 56-year-old woman. It took me three marriages before I truly found happiness as well as pleasure. I will be sharing with you just what I had to endure and face until I found my happiness.

I have been married to my current husband Jack for 36 years now. I love him with my heart and soul. He is my lover as well as my best friend. I am his little slut as well and I would not have it any other way. He made me what I am today. I will start with my telling a story about some very recent fun which just happened last weekend.

This will give you an idea of just how much of a slut I have become. Then in my later stories I will tell of my life and how unfulfilled it was until now as well of my recent fun times.. There will be some hardship for others and me along the way however that is how life is sometimes. I will also share pictures of my fun if we had the camera along with us. I cannot post them here but you can email me at [email protected] if you would like to see them.

We have a boat that we keep docked at a local lake. We both love and enjoy our time spent at the lake. We love to fish and when the fish are not biting, we have other fun in the back bays. I also love to give other angler a little show sometimes when they pass our boat. I usually fish in a swimsuit as well as to fish topless.

I never used to expose myself until I meet my husband. He loves me to dress sexy and to show just what I have. I found out in time I enjoyed it as well. I love other men and women checking my goods out when I show them. I am bisexual so I enjoy the women as well.

My story starts on Thursday afternoon. It was a warm day in June I had just finished some housework when I decided I would lay out in the sun. I had started my tan back during the spring by going to the indoor tanning booth. I already have a deep dark tan but I like to give it some regular sun as well.

I went to our bedroom where I took off all my clothes. I checked myself out in the mirror. I have medium length hair and I am a brown-haired woman, sometimes it is curly and sometimes I just spike it. Today it was rather just flat, as I was not going anywhere so I did not do it.

I am about 5’3” my weight is average as a woman does reveal her true weight. I stared into the mirror at my 40 c breasts. They hung nicely on my chest not as perky as they used to be however, I have not had any complaints about them. My eyes roamed down my body noticing that I could stand to tone up my midsection just a little, which I have begun to work at.

My eyes fell upon my hairy bushy pussy. Black curly hair filled the front of my mound as well as at the sides of my pussy. I spread my legs a little letting my pussy lips roll out from between my legs. I wet my finger then rubbed it lightly between my hanging pussy lips. They shined in the mirror with my spit on them.

I slipped my finger up inside my pussy and started to run it in and out of it. My big boobs bounced slightly as I fingered my pussy. I added two more fingers to my pussy and I went to town shoving them in and out as fast as I could. I was soon squirting juices from my pussy.

My juices flowed freely as they splashed against the mirror and ran down both of my thighs. I brought my wet fingers up to my mouth where I licked at the juices on them. I sucked them into my mouth cleaning my own juices from them.

I looked into the mirror as I sucked my fingers clean. My thighs were still wet with juices, which I rubbed back into my pussy. As I did this, I thought what a dirty little slut I am. I grabbed my tanning lotion and squirted it onto my tits.

I rubbed it into both of them causing my nipples to grow hard as I did. I pinched and pulled at my nipples when they were at their hardest. I felt my pussy begin to twitch and I thought I had better stop before I never make it out into the sun. I finished applying the lotion before I slipped into my one-piece black swimsuit. It is very low cut and my boobs never really stay inside.

My slippery wet boobs rubbed together as they fell from my suit as I made my way out back. We have a huge back yard with an enclosed patio at one side to keep the neighbors eye from seeing the fun we have sometimes on our patio. We have chairs, a grill and a built in hot tub on our patio.

I grabbed a lounging chair and I laid almost flat in it on my back, which gave me a view of our back yard. I slipped my sunglasses down and pulled my swim top to the side of my boobs exposing them to the sun. I turned the radio on and closed my eyes as I soaked up the sun light. I fell asleep as I lie there in the lounging chair.

I awoke to the sound of a lawnmower. I opened my eyes to find that the lawn company my husband had hired was here cutting the grass. I saw that it was not Fred, the regular landscaper. He is in his fifties or so and the person cutting our backyard looked to be around eighteen or nineteen at the most.

I also noticed that the boy was paying more attention to my tits than mowing the yard. My sunglasses are very dark and I did not move as I watched him. He mowed right up past me staring down at my tits. On his next pass, I opened my legs a little before he got up to me.

My hair around my pussy had to be showing out each side of my crotch. The young man’s stare went from my tits to between my legs. He took his hand and he rubbed at the front of the shorts he had worn. I gave myself a little smile knowing that he was enjoying the show.

His back was to me as he mowed away from me so I reached down and I moved the crotch of my swimsuit to the side a bit further. One of my pussy lips fell from the suit. The young man came up toward the patio and before he got to there, he stopped and stared at my exposed pussy lip.

The young man was rubbing wildly at the front of his short as he stood there with his mouth hanging open. The bulge in his shorts had grown nicely from when he had first started to check me out as he mowed. I moved slightly and he went back to pushing the mower toward our patio. I sat up and smiled at him as I removed my sunglasses.

He smiled back as he stared at my exposed hanging tits. As he went back to mowing, I ran inside where I grabbed two beers from the icebox. I returned to the patio just as he was making his way up to it once more. I held up the bottle of beer to him and motioned for him to join me. He turned the mower off and joined me on the patio.

“Looks like you could use something cold to drink,” I said as I handed him one of the beers. “My name is Ann, and have a sit,” I added as he took the beer.

“I am Jason,” he replied sitting down in a chair. “I am helping my dad with his lawn care for the summer before I go off to college this fall,” he added never taking his eyes from my tits, which were still hanging from my swimsuit.

“I tucked the girls back into my suit as I said, “Sorry about that they have a mind of their own,” as I smiled at him.

“Sorry about staring but those are very nice,” Jason replied turning a little red in his face.

I smiled at him as I replied, “I am sure you have seen better ones on your girlfriends.”

Jason shook his head no, as he said, “None of them have as big of ones as those.”

I reached in and pulled both my tits from my suit as I asked, “Are you sure none of them were this big?”

Jason just stared at my exposed hanging tits with his mouth hanging open. I took my beer bottle and I ran it between my tits as if it was a cock and my tits were fucking it. I moved the cold bottle to my nipples where I ran it across my nipples. The cold bottle caused my nipples to double in size as he looked at them.

“You may touch them if you like,” I said to him as I removed the beer from them.

Jason jumped up and his hands were all over both of them. He stood at the side of my chair feeling my tits up with his hands. He squeezed them and ran his fingers around my hard nipples. I told him to pull on my nipples and he did as I had told him.

His crotch was right at eye level as he played with my tits. I reached out and cupped his hard cock through his shorts. Jason moaned a little as I squeezed at his cock then started to pump at it through his shorts. His hands fell from my tits as I pulled his shorts down exposing his hard throbbing cock.

It was of average size maybe six inches. I saw that a massive amount of pre-cum was oozing from the head of his cock. I could not help myself as my mouth took the head of his cock into my mouth. I sucked and licked at all the pre-cum as it oozed into my mouth.

I took one of my hands and I wrapped it around the rest of his cock. I started to pump at his cock as I sucked on the head of it. Jason moaned and rocked his body toward my mouth. I started to work my mouth down his cock when suddenly his cock twitched then jerked in my hand.

“AHhhhhhh,” Jason moaned loudly.

His cock fired a powerful blast of cum into my mouth. It caught me by surprise and I choked slightly as cum fired deeply into my throat. I removed my mouth as I pumped at his cock with my hand. His cock jerked again as cum shot from his cock. His cum splashed onto my exposed tits.

I pumped at his cock until it spit no more cum from it. I licked and sucked what little bit was left on the head of his cock. After I had cleaned cum from his dick head, I left go of his cock and looked up to him from my lounge chair. I wiped some of his cum from my lips as I thought damn that only took a few minutes and wondered if I really was that good.

“Sorry about that, but this is my first time,” Jason said shyly looking at me.

“You never been with a woman before?” I asked him.

“I have been with girls my age but I always cum as soon as they touched my cock,” Jason replied nervously but still staring at my exposed tits.

I stood up from my lounge chair and I grabbed his hand as I said, “Let’s see if we can work on that,” as I led him inside and to our bedroom.

I pushed him back onto the bed and then pulled his shorts the rest of the way off him. He lies there staring at me in just his tank top and his sneakers. I noticed that his young cock was starting to grow hard once again as I climbed onto the bed.

I got onto my knees next to his face and I hung my big tits down into his face. I ran them over his face then shook them at his face. Jason stuck his tongue out and I ran one nipple then the other across his tongue. He opened his mouth and I dropped my boob down on it.

Jason went to suck on my tit. I love to have my tits sucked on and I really love it when you are a little rough with them. Jason did not start with a gentle sucking; he was sucking it hard as I pulled my tit away from his mouth just enough to feel his suction pulling at my nipple.

My hands went to his head as I moaned, “Show me some teeth.”

Jason closed his mouth and he actually bites my nipple, as I yelled, “Gently don’t bite it off.”

However, when I felt his bite at my nipple my pussy gushed with juices. I reached down and rubbed at my pussy through my swimsuit. The crotch of it was soaking wet with my juices. Jason soon got the hang of it as his teeth gnawed at my nipple.

I slipped a couple fingers up inside my pussy pushing my suit to the side. I buried them into my pussy before I started to run them in and out of it. I popped my one tit from his mouth and popped the other into his mouth. Jason did the same to it chewing bahis firmaları at it as I fingered fucked my pussy.

“AHHHhh,” I moaned loudly as my thighs shook.

An orgasm came over me and my pussy juices coated my two fingers. I twirled them then pulled them from my pussy. They were wet and shiny with my juices. I popped my tit from his mouth and wiped my fingers across his lips.

“Taste my juices,” I said to him as I did.

Jason licked then sucked at my fingers getting all my wetness from them. I looked to his cock to see that it was hard and dancing with pre-cum seeping from the head of his cock. I pulled my fingers from his mouth as I got off the bed.

I slipped out of my swimsuit slowly as Jason watched me intently. I told him to play with his cock as I slowly worked my suit from my body. His hand went to his cock and he started to pull at it. I pulled my suit down to just where you could see the start of my hairy pussy. I teased him a bit before I pulled it down over my pussy and off my body.

I tossed it to the corner, as I stood there naked in front of Jason. I cupped my breasts with both my hands as I smiled at him. I rubbed my hands over my tits feeling them up as I did. I reached my hand under one as I brought my tit near my mouth I stuck my tongue out as I slowly licked at my hard nipple.

Jason’s hand was going a mile an minute on his cock as he pulled at it. I told him to slow down and to save it for me. His hand went to just rubbing at his cock as I teased him some more playing, licking and sucking on my tits.

I dropped my tits from my hands as I lifted and placed one leg up onto the bed. I made sure he had a good view of my hanging pussy between my legs as I did. I pulled at my hanging pussy lips pulling them apart showing him how they stretched out from my hairy pussy.

I left go of my lips as they smacked back together dripping with my juices. I ran my fingers between my pussy’s lips once then climbed back onto the bed. I climbed on top of Jason as I pushed his hand from his cock. I straddled his chest them straddled his face. I placed my hairy pussy onto his face.

“Lick my pussy,” I said as I sat down onto his face.

His tongue licked wildly at my pussy lips then his tongue parted them. I started to rock on his face as he buried his tongue up inside of my pussy. This kid had a long fat tongue and it felt good as he probed the depths of my pussy.

In mere minutes I moaned, “AHhhhhh shit.”

My pussy contracted and my clit swelled. A powerful wet orgasm came over me. My pussy opened and squirted deeply into his mouth before I lifted up from his face. My juices gushed again coating his whole face with my juices.

I scrambled my pussy down from his face as I straddled his midsection. I went from my knees into a squatting position above his hard cock. I reached down between my legs taking his cock into my hand. I placed it at the opening of my pussy.

I squatted down onto his cock taking it all up into my pussy. His cock slipped deeply into my hole as I did. I went back to being on my knees as I started to ride his cock. I looked to his face, which shined with my juices. I lowered my face to his as I kissed and licked at his face. I rocked on his cock as I kissed at his face.

For someone who had ever had sex before Jason was soon pumping his cock upward as I rode him. I was slamming my pussy down onto his cock and my juices were flowing down his cock and my thighs as I did.

“Grab my ass and pull my butt cheeks apart,” I screamed at Jason.

Jason’s hands went to my butt and he pulled them apart each time I slammed my pussy down onto his cock. I love having my ass pulled apart as I ride a cock. I think it is because it makes my asshole wink and makes me to want to take a cock in my ass. This was what I was thinking about letting him do to me.

Suddenly Jason screamed out, “AHhhhhhh ANN.”

I felt his cock twitched then jerked as I slammed my pussy down on his cock and I left it there. I felt his cock swell then jerk again as it shot cum deeply up into my pussy. I gently rocked on his cock as I watched his eyes go close and his face making cute little expressions as cum filled my pussy.

I felt his cock growing soft so I slipped from him. As I rolled off him cum ran from my pussy that his cock had shot up into me. It ran and dripped from my pussy as I got off the bed. I went into the bathroom and returned with a towel.

I wiped cum from between my legs and on my thighs. I went to Jason who lies sweating in our bed. I wiped the mixture of my juices and his from his cock and gave it a little lick as well. His cock gave a little jerk as my tongue ran across it.

I patted it with my hand as I said, “Save it for the next time, my husband will be home shortly.”

Jason jumped from the bed in a hurry. He grabbed his shorts and slipped them back on over his cock almost falling over himself as he did. I told him to slow down he had plenty of time. When he was dressed, again he stood there staring at my naked body and me.

I smiled at him as I asked, “Is something on your mind?”

Jason asked, “When you said next time did you mean it?”

“Yes, that is if you want too,” I replied.

Jason smiled as he replied, “Ann if you were not already married I would ask you to marry me.”

“Go finish your yard work,” I replied with a little laugh as well as turning a little red in my face.

I was still blushing as I walked him out back and returned into the house myself. I went straight to the bathroom and turned the shower on before I looked at myself in the mirror. I stood there thinking how Jason’s remark was probably one of the sweetest I have ever gotten.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I thought how nice it felt to know that an teenager thought I was sexy enough and hot enough for him to tell me he would marry me. I took a long relaxing warm shower feeling good about myself.

I walked from the shower into our bedroom to find Jack standing there looking at the mess in our bed. There were wet spots from both my juices and Jason’s sperm. Jack had the still wet sticky towel in his hand as he turned to me. I stood there just staring at him.

Jack smiled as he asked, “Just who was the lucky SOB that had fun while I was hard at work today?”

I smiled back at him as I replied, “The lawn guy.”

Jack gave me a funny look as he asked, “Isn’t he a little older for your taste?”

“Not him his son,” I replied as I went to him. I rubbed at his cock as I added, “Let me tell you all about it.”

We both had to jump into the shower once I had finished telling him of my fun today. Jack also made sure I got that butt fucking I had wanted to do with Jason as well. He even pounded my asshole a little harder than normal as he told me I should have called him at work before I played.

That is one of the rules Jack has for me. I am suppose to tell him when I am about to have fun and with whom. Jack tells me it is more for my safety however; I know it is so he knows who to go look for if something was to happen to me.

Jack is a special man in that he loves me so much. He will give me anything I ask for or I ever wanted. He is a strong, big, muscular man who is really just a big teddy bear unless you piss him off. Jack is ex military, he was in law enforcement when I met him and he runs his own security service now in which he does bodyguard work, private detective work as well as being a diamond courier. Jack has spent some time in Iraq through the years on security details for companies as well. I hated that part of his job the most because I always feared I would lose him over there.

Jack is also very good at his job and the men that work for him all respect him as well as I do. His only other rule for me is no play with his employees. Which went both ways as he has some lovely women that work with him as well? I have a problem with jack being with another woman. It was not always like that but now it is and you will learn why in future stories.

That was an adventure I had on Thursday and my adventure for the weekend began with a phone call Friday night. The husband and I were out having dinner when his cell phone rang. He told me it was his friend Chris before he answered it. He talked to him while I flirted with a man in his thirties sitting near us.

The man had been eying me up from the time we sat down at our table. He was with a girl whom I did not know whether she was his wife or his girlfriend. She was a plain woman as I once was.

I had worn a very low cut tank top that showed off my 40 c boobs rather well. His eyes like most men went straight to my tits as we walked by him. I gave him a little smile as I sat down at the table. I sat where he had a straight view of me as well as of my big tits.

The man was not discreet about staring at my tits as we sat there. I would lean forward from time to time giving him a better view. The woman with him was not thrilled when she realized he was paying more attention to me than to her. However, I saw she was checking out my tits as well and she had even smiled at me.

Now normally I do not tease a couple unless I know they enjoy it as well. These two seemed to be OK with it so I continued my tease as Jack talked to Chris. The reason I do not like to tease a couple is that I do not want to become the reason of their break up or of their falling apart.

I am a woman who knows the heartache when another woman comes into your husband’s life. As I stated before there has been some bumps in my road to my happiness. I do not want to be the cause of others bumps in their life. However, the woman and man seemed to enjoy looking at me and they were smiling and talking to each other as they did so I believed they were happy with what I was doing.

I dropped my fork to the floor and I bent down to pick it up from the floor. I knew in doing so they both would get a full view of my tits hanging from my tank top. I gave my tit’s a little shaking as I reached down then looked up to them. They both were staring intently at me but not at the smile, I had on my face.

When I sat back up their smiles grew bigger. My husband eyes across from me grew as well. His eyes focused on my boobs as well. I glanced down to my tits to see that the girls had fallen from my tank top. I was sitting there with my tits fully exposed. I smiled at the couple across from us as I slipped the girls away.

Jack finished his phone talk as he said, “The girls got away from you I see.”

“Yes this tank top does not hold them in well,” I replied with a smile.

“What did Chris want?” I asked Jack.

“He is free this weekend and he wanted to know if I was going to the lake to do some fishing,” Jack replied. “I told him he was welcomed to come with me if he wanted too,” Jack added.

“Oh I see so I have to stay at home this weekend,” I said rather sadly.

“I did not say that,” Jack replied. “You are welcomed to join us as the boat fits three nicely,” he added.

“I promise you both will not regret taking me along,” I said taking his hand into mine.

Jack smiled as he replied, “I just bet we won’t.”

Chris and Jack have been friends for many years. They hunt and fish together all the time. I never really teased Chris that much as he was happily married and I was friends with his wife as well. His wife once told me he was a very good lover and he knew how to use the eight inches of cock between his legs.

However, she was not into sharing him with anyone so I left it at that. Chris and his wife got divorced earlier this spring. He was very unhappy about it and it took him a while to get over it. I felt sorry for him as it was due to his wife being kaçak iddaa unfaithful to him that brought about the divorce.

I have never been truly unfaithful to my husband as we have an understanding between us. We both used to allow each other to have fun with someone else as long as the other knows about it. However, Jack stopped having fun with other women years ago due to me having problems dealing with it, which I will get into during another story.

I told Jack I had to go to the bathroom and excused myself from our table. I went into the restroom and I entered the stall closing the door behind me. I pulled down my jeans and then my panties. My panties were wet from my juices, as I had gotten a little horny teasing at our table.

I rubbed my fingers through my hairy pussy coating them with my juices. I slipped my fingers into my mouth as my pee started to trickle from my pussy. I sucked at my fingers as my pee turned into a full torrent. I slipped my fingers from my mouth and stuck them down between my legs.

My warm pee splashed against them as I rubbed at my pussy. My pee turned to but a trickle as I brought my wet fingers back to my mouth. I licked as my pee that dripped from my fingers. Yes, I am a girl who enjoys pee games especially pee from a woman’s pussy. I will allow special men to pee on me however; I am not really into that.

I licked my fingers clean then pulled my panties and my jeans up before leaving the stall. When I got out of the stall, I noticed the woman who had been sitting across from us at the mirror. She was fixing her hair and she smiled to me in the mirror.

She turned to me as she said, “You turned us both on with your little show,” as she smiled at me.

“Thank you it was my pleasure,” I replied to her as I checked my own hair in the mirror.

I noticed she was staring at the top of my tits that were sticking out of my tank top. I bent over giving her even a better view. When I did, I saw that her light blue jeans had a big wet spot between her legs. I turned to her and I looked to her crotch.

“Looks like you enjoyed it quite well,” I said pointing to her pussy.

“My husband was rubbing my pussy and I came in my jeans,” She replied smiling at me.

My eyes looked into hers as our eyes met. The next thing I knew our lips were touching as we kissed each other fully on our lips. Her tongue slipped into my mouth as my hand went between her legs. I rubbed my hand through her wetness as she broke our kiss.

The woman moved her lips to the tops of my breast were she started to kiss and lick at them. She slipped her hand into my tank top and she scooped a tit from it. As her tongue licked at my nipple, an old ugly woman walked in on us.

“Get a fucking room you tramps,” she said as she went into a nearby stall.

The woman and I busted up laughing and we walked from the restroom. She went to her table and I went back to ours. I was explaining to Jack what just had happened when the woman walked over to us. She handed me a piece of paper.

“Here’s my phone number call me sometime I would love to talk,” the woman said smiling at me before her and the man she was with walked out the restaurant.

Jack shook his head, as he said, “I just can’t take you anywhere,” giving a little laugh as he did.

Jack and I went to an early show then back home where we climbed into bed. We made love as only the two of us can. We have sex with other but the sex between us is making love. No matter how many men I have had sex with not one of them makes me feel as Jack does. Sure, some of them have given me great sex and a few have been lousy in bed. However, none of them makes my toes curl as Jack can.

As we lie in bed, my hand drifted down to his cock. Jack has a lovely cock even in the older stages of his life. During the prime of his life, his cock never went soft. His cock is about 7 ¾ inches when fully hard. When he was younger I could get it to stretch to nine however he lost an inch or so to age or maybe I worn it off him.

My hand brushed against his cock then I took it into my hand. His cock started to get hard as I moved my hand back and forth on it. I kissed at the nipples on his chest as I pumped his cock with my hand. His cock grew hard and started to throb in my hand.

I looked up to him as I asked, “Is it OK to tease Chris at the lake tomorrow?”

“No,” Jack replied. He smiled as he added, “I was thinking more like you just fuck the hell out of him.”

Jack’s cock throbbed in my hand as I replied, “I would like to do that.”

I pulled the sheets from Jack as I slipped down between his legs. I was on my knees and my elbows between his legs. I pumped at his cock with my hand as my tongue licked across the head of his cock. I took the head of his cock into my mouth sucking on it.

I started to work my mouth further down around his cock. I had about half of it in my mouth when I started to bob my head up and down on his cock. I moved my hands to his balls and rolled them in my hands as I sucked more of his cock into my mouth.

I kept bobbing my head up and down his cock working my mouth down further each time my head went downward. I did this until my lips were at the base of his cock. I stopped with his cock fully in my mouth. I moved my tongue around the inside of my mouth against his cock.

“AHhhhhh,” Jack moaned as I sucked deeply at his cock.

I used my tongue as I sucked deeply at his cock. I slowly started to move my mouth back up his cock. I was sucking hard on it as I did. The head of his cock slipped from my mouth with a popping sound. His pre- cum started to ooze from his cock. I toyed with his pre-cum on his dickhead. I twirled my tongue in it tasting it before I kissed at the head of his cock taking the pre-cum onto my lips.

I pulled from his cock as the pre-cum trailed from his cock to my mouth. I pulled back until the string broke and snapped back to my lips. I stroked his cock with my hand as I ran my tongue around my lips removing the pre-cum from them.

I smiled at Jack as I climbed over top of his cock. I squatted above his cock, which I took into my hand. I rubbed it at my wet pussy a few times. I slipped his head up into my pussy as I slowly lowered my pussy onto his hard cock. While still squatting over him I started to bounce on his cock.

My big tits bounced freely as I did. Jack’s eyes were on my tits as they bounce in front of his face. He reached both hands up to my tits taking one in each hand. His fingers wrapped around my tits as his thumbs went to my nipples.

“AHhhhh Shit,” I moaned out as his thumbs twirled at my nipples.

I slammed my pussy down onto his cock as I fell to my knees. I started to rock back and forth on his cock as fast as I could. My nipples grew hard as his thumbs played against them. I felt my pussy contracting as my first orgasm came over me.

“AHhhh Jack,” I moaned loudly as my pussy juices flowed around his cock.

I started to move up and down his cock as my juices flowed from my pussy. I knew if I were to look at his cock, it would be soaked with my juices. Jack removed his hand from my tits as I fell forward. My tits were now hanging in his face as I rode up and down on his cock.

Our bedroom filled with wet sounds as my pussy slipped up and down his cock. Jack took one tit then the other into his mouth as he sucked at each of my nipples. His hands went back around both my boobs as he smashed them together. He took both my nipples into his mouth.

I felt my pussy twitching again as he sucked at both my nipples at the same time. His sucking at my nipples made me think about how fun it was when my tits were full of milk during and after I was pregnant with our first and only child. A lovely daughter who will also play a role in my stories. Jack started to bite lightly at my nipples.

“AHhhhhhhh,” I moaned as another orgasm raced through my body.

I slammed my pussy back down onto his cock and rocked lightly on it. Jack released my tits and removed his mouth as I finished my second orgasm on his cock. I arose from his cock and went to beside him on my hands and knees with my butt and pussy toward his face.

I looked at his cock. It was slimy with my juices. I took it into my hand as my mouth closed around the head of his cock. I sucked and licked at the head as his finger toyed with my pussy. I ran my tongue up and down his cock tasting my juices from it.

I pulled my face from his cock as I said, “Take me from behind.”

Jack scooted up, he got behind me as my hands, and face went down into the bed. He rubbed his cock at my hairy wet pussy for a second then slipped it up inside of me. He started out with slow deep strokes as he increased slowly the speed at which he was fucking me from behind.

Soon he was slamming his cock into my pussy as his balls swung upward against my clit. My pussy sucked at his cock as I felt his big hanging balls slamming into my clit. Another wet orgasm came over me as he slammed his cock to my pussy.

“AHHHhhh Fuck,” I screamed out as his cock slipped from my pussy.

His cock was wet and slippery from all my juices. It had slipped from my pussy when he had drawn back to far. I backed my pussy toward his cock as he thrust forward with his cock. His dickhead slammed against my asshole.

“AHHhhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned as his cock buried itself deeply up my ass.

Jack started to pull his cock from my ass as he said, “Opps sorry about that.”

“NO leave it there and fuck my ass,” I screamed out as I worked my butt back toward his cock.

I am an three hole girl thanks to Jack. He showed me just how enjoyable anal sex could be. I had tried it with my other husbands either however, they were to rough or it was over before I could enjoy it.

Jack’s hands went to my hips as he eased his cock deep into my asshole. He held it there until I started to rock my butt on it. He started out slowly moving his cock in and out of my asshole. He worked his way up to a deep and steady pace as my ass took all of his cock.

I reached under myself with my hand. I rubbed and toyed with my clit as his cock fucked my ass. My clit swelled as I rubbed my fingers on it. His balls were slamming into my open wet pussy, which was dripping with my juices.

Jack slammed his cock deeply into my asshole as he pulled me back to him he yelled, “Going to cum.”

My fingers pinched hard at my clit as I felt his cock swell then throb in my ass. My own orgasm came over me as I felt his cock spewing his load into my ass. My pussy squirted against his balls, which only made him shoot more cum up into my ass.

I pulled my ass from his cock and I spun around grabbing his cock with my hand. I pumped and pulled at it as I lowered my face to it. I took his cock into my mouth and sucked the last few drops from it. I keep my asshole clean so I do not worry about tasting my shit when I do ass to mouth with him. We both fell to the bed and I cuddled up next to him as he wrapped me in his arms.

I ran my hands over his chest as I said, “You are the best and I love you.”

“I love you too,” Jack replied as his lips touched mine.

Jack held me as I lie with him. I rubbed his chest as I watched him fall asleep. I lie next to him thinking about just how wonderful of a life we have had together in the last 36 years. Tears of happiness filled my eyes thinking how once I never knew a man like Jack existed. I drifted to sleep thinking about the wonderful times in my life with this man and of those yet to come.

The next morning the alarm went off and we arose from bed. Jack jumped into the shower and I was going to join him however if I had we both would have to shower again. I went to the kitchen kaçak bahis and got the coffee going. I sat there in my little robe drinking coffee when Jack came into the kitchen dressed.

“You better get ready Chris will be here in about ten minutes,” Jack said.

“TEN MINUTES,” I yelled as I ran from the kitchen.

I went into the bathroom and got the shower going. I checked my hair and thought it was good enough as the wind was just going to blow it around anyways. I jumped into the shower cleaning last night sex from myself. I even used my little enema bag to clean my ass out just in case it got lucky today there as well.

I wrapped myself in a little towel and returned to the kitchen. I filled a cup with coffee and I turned to see Chris sitting with Jack at our kitchen table. I had not even noticed him when I walked into the kitchen.

I looked at him as he looked at me. Chris was not looking at my face or at my tits in the towel. I looked down further on my self to see what he was looking at. The towel I had wrapped around myself did not cover my hairy pussy. My full bush was sticking from under the towel.

I smiled at Chris as I said, “Good morning.”

Chris smiled back as he replied, “It is a fine looking morning,” as he stared at my hairy pussy hanging from beneath my towel.

I took a few sips of my coffee then told the boys to give me a few more minutes and I would be ready. I placed my coffee cup into the sink making sure the boys got a good view of my ass that was also sticking out from under my towel.

“Be right with the two of you,” I said as I walked from the kitchen shaking my ass as a good slut does.

I stopped when I was out of their sight and I heard Chris as he said, “Dam your wife has got my cock hard already.”

“And the fun is only beginning,” Jack replied with a little laugh.

I heard them high five each other as I hurried to the bedroom. I knew then that the boys must have planned all of this. I put on my black one-piece low cut swimsuit, then a tee shirt, and a pair of shorts. I slipped my sandals on and returned to the kitchen telling them I was ready.

The fishing was great in the morning and by 11 that day we had 10 walleyes in our live well. Plenty to have a fish fry later tonight. The morning started out cloudy but by now the sun had came out and it was getting warm. The boys had just removed their shirts and I told them that I was going to join them as well.

Chris turned to me as I stood up in the boat. I turned my back to him as I slowly pulled my shorts down off my butt and down my legs. I removed my shorts and tossed them into the bag I had with me. I bent over as I did. My swimsuit had gathered between my butt cheeks from sitting to long and when I bent over it went further up the crack of my ass.

I could feel the wind blowing my pussy hair as I bent over. I looked back to Chris whose mouth was just hanging open as he stared at my ass. I reached back with my hand and pulled my swimsuit from the crack of my ass. I pulled it away from my body exposing my ass and pussy to him. A long loud wolf whistle came from Chris as I did.

“Oh sorry about that I forgot you were even here,” I said with a little laugh as I turned toward him.

Chris looked at me with a smile on his face as he stared at my tits. I took a hold of the tee shirt covering the top of my swimsuit. I pulled it off over my head exposing the top and inner parts of my tits to him as I did. I bent over as I grabbed the bag and stuffed my tee shirt into it.

As I did, I felt my tits falling out of my swimsuit top. I looked to my tits to see them swinging back and forth to the waves around us. I grabbed the suntan lotion from the bag as I stood back up. My tits were exposed to Chris and Jack and they were both they stared at them.

I sat back down and I squirted some lotion onto my hands. I then took my hands and rubbed the lotion into my tits. My nipples grew hard as I rubbed the lotion into them as well. My tits shine as if they had oil on them oil. I sat back in my seat exposing my tits to the sun.

I sat that way for a few seconds before I looked to Chris as I asked, “You don’t mind if I leave the girls hang out do you? ‘’

“Not at all,” Chris replied smiling at me gawking at my big tits all oiled up in front of him.

I smiled back as I replied, “You might want to check your pole instead of my tits,” as I point to his fishing pole in the rod holder.

His rod was almost touching the water. He stood up and he yanked the pole back setting the hook on the fish. I was staring at the huge bulge in his shorts as he reeled in yet another walleye. It looked like a real nice one and so did the fish that he reeled into the boat. After he took it off his hook, he handed it to me.

“Would you hold my fish so I could get a picture of it?” Chris asked me.

I sat up in my seat with the fish in front of my tits. I did not put them away as Chris took out his camera phone. Chris clicked a few pictures then he looked to me.

“Could you hold the fish a little lower so the picture will show just how big it is compared to those lovely tits you have?” Chris asked me.

I did as he asked as I replied, “I guess you can tell everyone it was at least an 40 C walleye,” giving a little laugh as he clicked away with his camera phone.

We added his fish to our live well and we went back to fishing again. I did not join them as I lay back getting more sun onto my tits. About a half hour later, I told Jack I had to pee. Jack took the boat back into a bay and pulled it up onto land. I stepped from the boat tucking the girls away as I stood there looking at the woods in front of me. I turned back to the boys as I gave them a look.

“There are no snakes in there so go piss,” Jack said giving a little laugh shaking his head from side to side.

“What if there is and one bites me on my pussy or on my ass?” I asked giving him a serious look.

“Go with her Chris I will stay with the boat,” Jack replied.

Chris stepped from the boat and he took my hand as he said, “I will guard that ass with my life,” as he led me into the woods.

We walked a ways into the woods and Chris stopped. He then took his foot brushing a pile of leaves away from the ground. He did it until you could see only bare ground for about five foot around.

He walked from the area he had cleaned and looked to me, as he said, “No snakes here,” smiling me.

I walked to the center of the land he had cleared. I squatted down as Chris turned away from me. I pulled my swimsuit to the side at my crotch exposing my pussy.

“Hey, how are you going to watch for snakes if you don’t watch me pee?” I asked still squatting as I did.

Chris turned toward me and his eyes zeroed in onto my exposed hairy pussy. I smiled as my pee started to trickle from between my legs. It started slow then turned into a stream of piss. I pushed harder making it blast from my pussy as water does from a garden hose. You could hear my piss as it hit the ground in front of me.

Chris was standing close enough that when my pee gushed out it splashed against his foot and legs as it hit the ground. He just smiled at me never moving from where he stood. I peed until it turned into a small trickle, which dripped from my hairy pussy. I looked up to Chris as I was squatted on the ground.

“I thought you were watching for snakes,” I said to him smiling.

Chris looked around then back to me as he replied, “I was and there are none.”

I reached up to his big hard cock, which was tenting his shorts out as I asked, “What about this trouser snake here?” As I gave his, cock a quick squeeze with my hand.

Chris smiled as he replied, “It is a friendly snake that does not bite.”

I pulled his cock free from his shorts as I said, “Lets see if it spits,” as I moved my mouth toward his hard cock.

I licked at the head with my tongue. My tongue flicked around his disk head as if it was a snakes tongue. I then took his cock into my mouth. I worked my mouth up and down on it taking more of it each time my head went down. I was squatted in front of him as I sucked at his cock. I work my mouth all the way to the base of his cock and I started to suck deeply at it.

“AHHHHhh FUCK Ann,” Chris moaned out loudly.

I started to pull my mouth back off his cock. As my lips reached the head of his cock, I wrapped my hand around it and started to pump on it. I was not ready for what happened next.

I felt his cock swell in my hand and the head twitch in my mouth. A huge cum blast shot into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat with force. I gagged slightly as I removed my mouth swallowing the thick cum he had just blasted into my mouth. I pumped at his cock with my hand as I did.

“AHHhhhhhhhh shit that feels good,” Chris moaned out loudly.

Thick ribbons of cum spewed from his cock. The thick gooey cum splashed warmly against my face. His cum was thick and heavy as it spewed from his cock. I pumped at his cock until it fired no more cum from its head. I gave his cock a quick lick then stood up in front of him. I could feel his cum running down my face and over my lips. I used my tongue to lick at his cum near my mouth.

“I suppose you don’t have a towel do you?” I asked with his cum dripping down onto my tits.

“No but I have this,” Chris replied sticking his tongue out from his mouth.

Chris kissed me and then he licked at his own cum running down my face. I kissed him and tasted his cum from his tongue as we French kissed. I love a man who cleans up after himself. We did this until he had cleaned my face free of his cum that he had deposited onto it.

Chris broke our kiss as he said, “Sorry about that Ann it has been a long time and that load was building up for a long time.”

I smiled to him as I licked my lips and I replied, “I rather enjoyed it myself just was not ready for it to happen as quickly as it did.”

Chris gave a little laugh as he said. “I was a little quick on the trigger but damn woman you can suck some cock.”

“You will see just what else I am good at later,” “But we have better get back to Jack before he thinks we have gotten lost,” I replied.

Chris took my hand and walked me back to the boat. We found Jack in the boat still casting out for fish. I do not even think he missed us. Chris helped me into the boat and I sat down as Jack came over to me.

“Well, were there any snakes?” Jack asked me.

“No and I only saw one but it did not bite me,” I replied giving him a big smile.

Jack smiled as his hand went to the top of my tits and he said, “I see you did not get bite but one spit upon your tits,” as he wiped his fingers into Chris’s cum still on my tit.

Jack licked cum from his finger as he added, “And a tasty snake it is.”

We all gave a little laugh as Chris climbed back into the boat after pushing us off the bank. Chris looked back to Jack as he started our motor. Chris told Jack thanks friend, I really needed that.

“There is more to come if you like,” Jack replied smiling to Chris then to me.

“I would like that and thanks Ann,” “I always had fantasies about you,” Chris said smiling at us both.

“We will work on those tonight,” I replied licking my lips.

That is just a little tease of some of my adventures. I will be writing more of my recent fun as well as writing about just how all of this came to be. There will be some heartache as well as dirty hot sex in my stories. There will be incest, Bi sex, interracial, pee play, pregnant sex with milky tits and doggy play as well.

The reason I write is that it makes me even hornier as I type of my fun. I hope you enjoy my writing as well. I am no writer and welcome your thoughts as well as your comments. Let me know if you enjoyed my story.
Ann Jack

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