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Setting her keys down on the coffee table in her living room, Katie sighed with relief that she was finally home. For the past week and a half she had been traveling, visiting colleges up and down the east coast. On this trip she was able to cross a few schools off her list. Being 18 her parents were letting her visit colleges by herself so she could get a sense of what being by herself would be like in the future. They had warned her about college boys, quite vehemently, before she started her college search. Katie’s parents could see that she was a beautiful girl, young and vulnerable.

Katie was five feet and six inches tall with a 32 C sized bust. Her small stature and narrow waist that flared just enough at her hips made those 32 Cs seem must bigger. Her short brown hair, hazel eyes, and full lips contrasted her smooth pale complexion, framing one of the most beautiful jawlines you’ve ever seen.

As a rising high school senior she had had two or three boyfriends but never really gotten that far with any of them. Both her parents were reverends and so naturally she was a bit more conservative with her body than most girls her age with her stunning features. However, she wanted to go all the way very badly. She was just waiting for college and the freedom to do what she wanted.

After putting her keys down and hauling her suitcase up the stairs casino şirketleri to her room she kicked off her heels and flung herself on her bed. Despite her over exhaustion she didn’t want to sleep. It had been over a week since she had last played with herself. She never really liked doing so in strange places so she was waiting until she got home. Now that she was, she had the perfect opportunity.

Quickly and eagerly she undressed as she kept thinking about how good it would feel to have her fingers rubbing her clit again. She threw her cut-off shorts to the ground and her shirt. She look at herself in the mirror wearing a purple bra and purple and white panties, with a sizable wet spot revealing just how excited she was.

She turned off the lights and plugged her iPhone into the speakers and put the music on shuffle. Jumping into bed she almost missed the bed entirely. Katie slid her thumbs under the elastic of her panties and slowly pulled them down, teasing herself just a little. She could feel the tingling sensation between her legs that she loved so much. With her half soaked panties now on the floor she slid her left hand down her smooth flat stomach down between her legs and into the small bristles of hair that preceded her favorite parts. Her hear was racing as her fingers neared her clit and her whole body shudder as they finally casino firmaları made contact. She came almost immediately as she pinched and rubbered her clot for the first time in ten days. She had always wondered what it tasted like down there, especially since her most recent boyfriend had loved to eat her tight little pussy out.

Now she had got it into her head that she was going to finally taste her own cum. She had tried before but chucked out. Now she was horny enough to do almost anything. She rubbed her clit a bit longer and ran her fingers along her pussy lips to get as much of her cum on them as possible. Then Katie slowly lifted her fingers up to her face, carefully sniffed them, inhaling the sweet and slightly salty fragrance just before sheepishly slipping her tongue out of her lips to meet her cum soaked flingers.

As soon as the tip of her tongue touched her cum soaked fingers she felt guilty. She felt guilty because she loved it. She plunged her fingers into her mouth to lap up all of her delicious cum, but sadly there wasn’t enough for her. She wanted more. So she started rubbing her pussy again with her wet fingers, pinching her clot and rolling it between her fingers. She came again and lapped up her cum again. She kept rubbing her pussy and cumin, and eating her sweet sweet cum as it dripped from her tight pussy. She plunged güvenilir casino her fingers inside her pussy this time writhing with pleasure as she did so, gasping from the slight discomfort as she wasn’t used to having anything inside her, and also with there intense pleasure it gave her.

Katie started pumping her fingers in and out of her tight virgin pussy faster and fasting until she felt like she was going crazy. As her fingers sped up so did her gasps and she was vigorously moving her hips in a circular motion trying to get as much pleasure as possible. Finally after many minutes of intense fingering she felt her pussy start to tighten around her fingers and a swelling pressure building up inside her. She knew a big orgasm was coming but she just didn’t know how big.

Gasping for breath she finally reached her orgasm. More intense than anything she had ever felt and almost screamed with pleasure. Fortunately her parents were at work so she could be as loud as she wanted. With the first wave of her orgasm she felt her pussy clench her fingers and so she pulled them out fearing injury. As she did so cum gushed out of her pussy soaking her hand, thighs, and covers. She was so shocked at what happened but she though it was so hot that it just made her hornier and she kept cumming. Cum squirted out of her in waves every couple seconds soaking her legs and bed even more. Once her orgasm had started to subside she lay there in a state of almost shock as her hand half unintentionally crept toward her mouth and she began lapping up her cum. Then she realized how tired she was and fell asleep, soaked in her own cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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