Sleeping Beauty

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I’m so excited to be seeing you again I can’t wait to finish work for the day, get to the hotel and wait for you.

I enter my room and grab my phone to text you that I’m here and tell you every minute will be an agony until you are here with me.

I slump onto the sofa and notice something on the floor, a bag , its your bag! How did it get here?

And then my stomach is tied up in knots of excitement and anticipation, are you here already!

I walk slowly up the stairs to the mezzanine bedroom level, every step heightening my arousal, its like I can’t breath, my heart is beating so quickly, will I really find you in bed waiting for me.

As I finally get to the top I’m greeted with one of the most erotic sights I can ever remember seeing.

You are lying asleep, the fresh crisp white bed linen low exposing your perfect breasts, your olive skin smooth and silky contrasted perfectly by the shear white bedding.

The sheets are tight on your body showing every perfect curve, it leaves little to my imagination and the vision forces me to just stand scared to move in case I break the spell and you move from this perfect pose.

I’m so turned on by the sight of your naked body and the thought you sneaked into my room to wait for me, wanting me as much as I want you.

I stare motionless for what feels like several minutes not wanting the moment to end, its like electricity pulsing through me as I admire your body, the shapes, the curves.

I slowly back away and head downstairs to shower, wash the grime of the day away as quickly as possible so I can rush back to you while you are still sleeping.

Every second I’m away from you feels like hours, will you hear me, will you wake and this incredible moment evaporates to the realms of what could have been.

As I shower bahis firmaları I am so aroused, my cock is so hard, remembering every inch of your body I drank in only moments ago.

I dry myself as quickly as possible and creep upstairs as quietly as I can, please please be asleep in your perfect position.

And the my heart leaps, you have not moved even the smallest amount, your amazing breasts are rising and falling slowly in a ballet of lust and desire, I have never seen your nipples so hard and erect.

I slowly slide into bed, moving as carefully as I can, I don’t want to fail now so close to completing my plan, my plan to be next to you, staring lovingly into your eyes ready to take you into my arms and embrace you, when you stir, drenched in your beauty and sensuality.

I am there, I have made the first part of my mind blowing mission, lying naked under the covers as close to you as I dare get.

I take a moment to let it all sink in, a guilty pleasure, being able to look so deeply at every curve.

I can even make out the shape of your beautiful little pussy mound as the sheets are tight against your body.

I imagine the moist lips of your labia being separated by my tongue as I gently slide into you, imagining the amazing taste, remembering the first time I was able to make love to you and how good it was.

It’s as if my thoughts alone are causing you to stir, you move slightly and your hand comes to rest somehow so perfectly on my rock hard cock.

I hear a low moan of pleasure and with eyes still shut a beautiful small smile appear on your face.

Your hand lingers on my stiff shaft and starts to slowly trace up its length and down again.

I can’t believe how lucky I am, to be with you, right here, right now!

Have you been playing with me all kaçak iddaa this time, have you been awake and just laying there letting me enjoy this fantasy knowing how much it is turning me on.

You begin to gently stroke my shaft up and down, making slow moans and groans as you move.

My eyes are locked on you now waiting for your eyes to open and see the look of love and lust on my face.

After what feels like several minutes you reward my patience with the slow deliberate opening of your eyes, locking on mine you smile and wink.

“Hey babe, what took you so long”

We both laugh, as I move towards you and kiss you so deeply, something I have been desperate to do ever since I first saw you.

Kissing you is such an awesome pleasure and my favorite thing, sometimes I think I could just lay next to you and just kiss you hundreds of different ways all night long.

With your hand still lovingly stroking my cock you slide down to take me into your mouth.

I literally gasp out loud as my hard shaft goes deeper and deeper into your wet hungry mouth.

Your expert licking and sucking is turning me on so much, you look up and stare into my eyes knowing how much I want you.

You look at me holding my stare and lick the tip of my cock circling its head over and over.

“I want to fuck you so much, I want to sink my little cunt onto your big cock.”

The power of those words alone almost send me over the edge.

You slide up on my body, kissing me full on the lips letting me taste the precum from your mouth.

As you kiss me your hand expertly slides my shaft into your pussy.

My mind is spinning out of control, you are so tight, so wet, the feeling is mind blowing.

You take it slowly at first, lifting yourself up and then sinking down, so deep.

Then kaçak bahis you quicken the pace, slamming down on my shaft and lifting up so far I’m almost completely out of you. You start to grind back and forth on me while you hold me in you as deep as you can.

Your hand finds the swollen bud of your clitoris, you lean back with me fully inside you and stare into my eyes as you rub your clit up and down slowly showing me the incredible sight and enjoying the way it is so obviously making me feel.

“I want to fuck your mouth, I want your tongue in my cunt.”

With those words I almost burst and cum inside you, but I fight the urge as you so slowly ease of my rock hard cock and move on your knees up towards my face.

As you grab the bed head you position your pussy directly over my open mouth, waiting for my tongue to extend so you can sink onto it.

I eagerly respond and extend my long wet tongue as far as possible, begging to be fucked!

The feeling is amazing as you begin to push down onto my face and take my tongue between your lips and begin to fuck my face, you are in a frenzy now grinding and pumping.

You grab my hands and force them on your breasts as you move back and forth across my face.

As you quicken your pace I sense your orgasm is close, the telltale signs of its approach are so arousing to me.

I know you are close so I squeeze your nipples harder and pull you onto my face as I sink my tongue impossibly deep inside you and lick your G spot.

You scream as you cum feeling wave after wave of pleasure wash over you.

The feeling of your orgasm flooding over me is too much for me, and as if you can read my mind you reach back and grab my cock and start stroking me frantically as my own orgasm sends spurt after spurt over us both as you are still cumming into my mouth.

I’m drinking and loving the taste every last drop of your amazing fluid.

We both flop onto the bed completely sated and entwined in ecstasy, and love and lust.

So good ??

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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