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It was a day when I felt a little excited.
Since the morning I had like a desire in the lower abdomen that extended to the anus, the desire to be a woman, to wear a dress or skirt with nothing underneath.
But I still had a lot to do, especially go shopping.

I could not concentrate, always with the idea of ??being a woman, trying to imagine what you feel when a man puts his hand on the breasts or on the buttocks.

What do you feel when he puts his hand on the pussy ?
When gently stroking the clitoris ?
When a finger slowly sinks into the vagina ?

So I started to touch me a little, stroking my cock through the pants, but I could not frankly bend …
I still had that weird feeling in me.
And then I had to go shopping.

At the last moment, in the room, while I was looking for a shirt, kaçak casino this desire became stronger and stronger, and I could not resist any longer.
I searched for my plug and lubricant gel and went to the bathroom.

My fingers were shaking a little and desire was increasing, but my decision was made.
I spread my legs and leaned forward, leaning on the sink.
I took my time to apply the gel on my rosette, savoring this freshness. Then I also applied gel on my plug, making these gestures as a ritual.

Then I slowly stroked the rosette with the plug and pushed it down slowly into my ass …
As it was a bit bad, I came out, added gel on my rosette, pushing my finger slightly, and I started the game again: push a little plug, out, push it again a a little deeper, savoring the moment casino oyna when the widest part slips inside my ass.
What a pleasure !

Then I put on my thong tanga checking that my plug could not stand alone … it was not the purpose of the maneuver.
I got dressed and went out shopping.

Driving with a plug in the ass is an adventure to live: every bump, every hole on the road brought my plug a little deeper and the vibrations of the car echoed into my prostate.

I felt ashamed of coming out of the car on the supermarket parking lot, and everyone seeing my blush would look at my ass.
Of course, it was silly to think that, no one could have known since my buttocks and my pants hid the little bump of the handle of the plug.
Walking with the plug in the ass was doing me a beneficial massage canlı casino siteleri of the prostate and, knowing that I was the only one to know my little secret, increased my desire even more and I felt my cock become harder.
At first embarrassed, still believing that everyone could see, I now fully enjoyed my erection and that sweet feeling in the ass, this little massage at every step, having the impression that my ass tightened my plug even stronger with each movement .

The wait at the checkout was unbearable and did not seem to want to finish, I could not wait to get home to jerk me off …

Again in the car, the beneficial vibrations, the unevenness of the road driving the plug in my ass …
I wanted that does not stop …

Back at home, I dropped my shopping in the kitchen, I climbed the stairs completely dominated by desire.
I completely undressed and saw that I did not bandage so much …
I sat on the bed, which broke the plug at once in my ass.
I could not do anything else, I enjoyed a shot: my first anal orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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