Laura’s Sleepless Night Ch. 04

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This night was only going to end one way now, and Cassandra was going to make sure she made the most of every second.

As she kissed Laura’s soft lips, one of her hands moved behind her own back and slowly began to unzip her dress. When it was about three-quarters down, she stood up straight. Laura looked up at her from her glazed eyes and Cassandra smiled as her hands slowly peeled her dress off, to reveal her red satin bra. Her breasts were voluptuous but perky, proud, as if matching their owners’ sexual energy.

Laura exhaled as the dress hit the ground and Cassandra red satin panties were revealed. She reached down and took one of Laura’s hands in hers, whispering “Look what you’ve done…”

She took Laura’s fingers and ran them along the front of her panties, which had moistened from the excitement of tasting her former student. The two both exhaled as Laura’s fingertips felt her lover’s slit through the thin material, and Cassandra grinned and let out the slightest moan when she felt the a pressure there.

“I didn’t know you were such a bad girl, Laura…” “I’m not…”

“You feel like one…” Laura’s fingers had begun tracing up and down, tentatively. “You want to repay me, don’t you?” she whispered as she leaned in closer to the sitting girl again.

Laura’s eyes closed and she nodded. “Yes…”

“You will. But not before I fuck you again.” With that she gently pushed Laura’s fingers away, took a step away and again kneeled in front of her now-sitting prey. “I’ve waited for this night for a long time. You have no idea how many times I was thinking about you during class…” She began to slowly lick and kiss Laura’s smooth, bare thighs.

“Do you like that, baby?”

“Uh huh…”

“I don’t want to ruin anything…I just want to fuck you all night. I want to send you home, but I want to send you home exhausted tomorrow…”

“Oh God…” Laura moaned out as Cassandra’s mouth again found her willing wet lips and it’s tongue began its dance. Her fiancée entered her thoughts again, but only briefly. It’s okay. He won’t know…it’s once. He would understand… Her rationalizations sounded weak to her, but each lick, each flicker of her tongue reinforced them. Her rational mind was no longer in control.

So she fell back, her back on the bed as Cassandra lifted her legs over her shoulders and began to take her again in earnest. Laura’s head lifted just a bit, so she could make eye contact casino şirketleri with her seducer. Cassandra again seemed to have a look approaching evil as her mouth sucked on her like she was her sustenance. And for tonight, she was.

Her head bobbed between her legs as Laura offered her approval in the form of sighs and whimpers, and the occasional “Oh yes, right there…” Cassandra sucked and slurped Laura’s cum out of her as the girl approached climax again, and as her hips raised off the best she shrieked out “Cassandra!” to the delight of the woman between her thighs. She came again, harder, more openly, providing another taste and another sign that her sexuality was unfurling from its cocoon in a matter of minutes.

She lay back with her legs hanging over Cassandra’s shoulders, panting, as the other girl moved them aside to stand up. Noticing this, Laura, sweaty and breathless, looked up to see Cassandra’s breasts revealed, the breasts she had privately envied, as the red bra fell casually to the side. Cassandra’s panties, now with their own moist spot in the front, soon joined them.

“Slide back onto the bed…” Cassandra whispered. She too was almost breathless, having barely come up for air. Laura obliged, slowly slinking back on the bed until her head rested on her host’s pillow, and Cassandra was able to admire her firm, incredible body slinking backwards. She rested there, her head propped up.

And she saw Cassandra climb on the bed in front of her, on her knees. She slowly crawled towards the girl, then laid on top of her, naked, kissing her deeply, her face glistening with Laura’s own juices. Their legs naturally intertwined, and the two slowly rubbed against each other as they made out, their hands exploring each other’s bodies.

Laura, for her part, was now far more confident, and she let her hands rub and feel Cassandra’s chest, her nipples hard between her fingertips as Cassandra moaned into her mouth. Cassandra lifted her lips from Laura’s. “Let me show you something.”

In an instant, she had lowered herself to Laura’s chest. Her breasts weren’t as big as Cassandra’s, but beautiful in their own right. Firm, pert, and small, soft red areolas and hard eraser-sized nipples. She gave them all her mouth’s attention. Her breasts were well sized for a mouth, and she could feel Laura’s back arched as she licked and sucked them, rolling her hard nipples along her skilled tongue.

Laura casino firmaları laid back, eyes closed, moaning as Cassandra alternated from breast to breast, coating them with her saliva, suckling licking and running her teeth along her nipples, causing her to jerk and writhe. After a few minutes of this, Cassandra came up to meet Laura eye to eye again.

“Your turn.”

Laura needed no urging on. She slid underneath Cassandra far enough to get to her chest. Her affections were tentative – soft kisses all around first, followed by tentative licks. They were no less effective, though. When her nipple entered Laura’s mouth her own back arched as she moaned aloud. “Oh fuck, Laura, you’re a natural…” Her reactions only egged Laura on, and the two continued to rub each other with their thighs as Laura had her first experience sucking on another woman’s breasts. Only in her wildest dreams, her deepest fantasies, had Laura imagined she would have gotten to enjoy Cassandra’s chest.

Cassandra’s breathing got hot and heavy and she knew that she would come on Laura’s thigh before long if she didn’t have the girl stop. So she gently whispered “Enough..” As Laura released her from her mouth, Cassandra slowly rose to a position where she was sitting upright on the bed, her knees on either side of Laura’s waist and her tight stomach.

Her hand gently stroked Laura’s cheek. Their chests were covered with each other’s saliva, their bodies with each other sweat, and their wetness had ended up on each other’s thighs, too.

“It’s time…”

They both understood. Cassandra took Laura’s arms and placed them underneath her so the girl could slide down the bed and she could shuffle herself up. Her beautiful face was now underneath her, and seeing it only made her twinge more at what was about to take place, at what she was about to do to it.

“Are you ready to eat a woman’s pussy?”

Laura nodded. There was no other conceivable response in her mind anymore.

“Did you ever think you’d be eating my pussy tonight, Laura?”

“I can’t believe it.” A defeated smile escaped Laura’s lips.

“I can.” Cassandra smiled back, and with that lowered herself onto Laura’s lips. “Let me lead you for a bit…” She softly bucked herself again Laura’s mouth, her wet lips smearing on the girl’s face. Laura closed her eyes halfway and opened her mouth, using her tongue to try to rub against Cassandra as she slid back güvenilir casino and forth against her mouth and chin.

Cassandra continued to slowly rub against Laura’s face like this until the girl began to get a foothold, until her tongue was about to find its destination and her hands reached behind Cassandra to hold her steady as she rode her face. Laura’s tongue followed Cassandra’s example; up and down her lips, an occasional flick of her clit.

“Oh fuck Laura, that’s it baby, use that pretty mouth…” Cassandra’s sounds and movements became more rhythmic now, as she was being eaten out. She still managed to egg on Laura, even as she gradually lost control. Her head leaned back as her eyes started to close, her hips riding Laura’s face in earnest. “You like the taste of your first pussy, don’t you? Ohhh…”

Laura’s would’ve agreed if she could say anything over Cassandra and the own wet noises her mouth was making on her. The bottom half of her face was covered now.

Cassandra looked down at the obscene sight. “God, I love fucking your pretty face…” Her pace was more frenetic now, faster, and in reality it was hard to tell who was doing it to whom. Laura, for her part, was adept for a first timer, and felt satisfaction as now it was Cassandra who was dripping into her mouth, down her throat. The tables had turned.

“Oh fuck Laura, oh fuck, oh -” Cassandra’s back arched violently as Laura held her face against her sex, getting every drop, fighting to keep her riding her orgasm. Cassandra’s body convulsed and shook in a way it rarely had atop her, and the boards shook with the sheer violence of her movement. She screamed “Fuck!” as she came on the girl’s face and mouth for what seemed like an eternity.

With a loud groan they released each other from their grip, Laura’s glistening face falling back onto the bed and Cassandra leaning back, exhausted, panting like she had run a marathon.

She finally climbed off to the side and laid down next to her apprentice. “Laura, that was fucking incredible.” Laura smiled. “I had a good teacher…”

The two women kissed, their juices mingling on their tongues now. They were too spent to resume immediately. This embrace was more loving, tender. Laura had discovered something tonight and would always have a memory. Cassandra had had a chance to explore a long-held fantasy. They were both glowing from the experience.

As they kissed and touched each other’s bodies, Cassandra’s eyes glanced to the alarm clock next to her bed. She couldn’t believe it was nearly 2 AM.

It was cliche, but she noted amusingly that time really did fly when she was having fun, as she lowered her lips to Laura’s for another kiss…

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