Jay and Noami Ch. 03

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I just gave myself an orgasm for the first time and it was in front of someone. I loved it, I loved having her eyes on me. I loved her watching me cum. I loved everything about it. Why haven’t I been doing this my entire life?

Jay gave me this confidence, she made me feel sexy. I want her to think I was sexy. Its just the way she looks at me, her eyes on me makes me hot and verrryyy horny. The way her eyes get darker and her voice gets raspy makes me want to drop my undies for her.

I was laying on the counter with Jay in between my legs, staring at me. She is so beautiful. I just couldn’t stop staring at her face. I like her and more than sex wise. I wanted to keep seeing her. I really wanted to tell her, but what if she just wanted sex? What if she was leaving soon? I don’t even know her last name.

We were staring at each other and I blurted out, “What’s your last name?”

She was searching my face, frowning her eyebrows, “My full name is Jude Marie Tucker”

I nodded my head, “Noami Lynne Stapp.”

“Anything else you want to know about me little mama?” She was making circles around my belly button and it was distracting, but I liked it.

My mouth went dry, “Umm..” I whispered, “I want to know everything about you Jay.”

She stopped moving her fingers and stared at me, searching my eyes, “I have a lot of secrets little mama.”

I swallowed the air in my throat, “If you’re willing to tell me, I’m here to listen baby.”

“Why do you want to know me so bad Noami?”

I went to go answer her, but she slid two fingers into my still dripping pussy. I gasped and grabbed her shirt, “Fuck Jay.”

She started slowly fingering me, “Noami, I asked you a question.” She licked my nipple.

I couldn’t speak, and she expected me to answer her. So not cool.

I gripped her shirt harder and she started moving her fingers in me faster, biting my ear, “Do you like my fingers in you babe?”

I nodded my head moaning.

“Should I lick your pussy Noami?”

I nodded my head again, “Yessss, lick me please.”

Jay moved down my body, biting me lightly everywhere. She finally got to my pussy, taking her fingers out and gave me a few long licks. I immediately grabbed her head and started grinding against her face. I don’t know how she makes me cum so fast, but I can already feel my body getting warm. She reached up and dug her fingernails into my stomach and I screamed. She then started sucking on my clit. Jay flicked it with her tongue fast and hard making my body jerked. Then pushed her fingers back into me. I started cumming in her mouth. She wasn’t letting up. My clit was becoming too sensitive and I tried to push her head away.

Jay was working my wet pussy. She was fingering me hard while licking me fast, but my body couldn’t take it. I started squirting on her face, I was so embarrassed. I pushed her head away again and she stopped sucking on my clit, but her fingers were still in me.

I was breathing so heavy, I put my hands over my face, “I’m so sorry I just did that.”

“Why are you sorry? That was so sexy.” She wiggled her fingers in me.

I groaned.

“I loved it.” She kissed me and pulled her fingers out.

I’m going to be addicted to her mouth and those damn magic fingers.

She sat on her stool and was staring at my dripping pussy while I was trying to catch my breath. When I could breathe again I sat up on my elbows looking at her.

“Is something wrong down there?” I giggled, nervously.

Jay shook her head sticking out her bottom lip, “Nope. I just like how your pussy looks.” She smiled.

My body started burning under her gaze, but I like how she looks at my body, so I let her.

I was staring at her bottom lip, “Can I have a kiss?”

“Of course, gorgeous.” She pulled me to sit up all the way and stood up. She put her arms around my waist and gave me the best kiss I have ever had. This kiss was so different then the other ones. Her lips were hungry for me. I could still taste myself, but she let me control it. She let me go deeper if I wanted to. Which of course, I did.

Jay pulled back resting her forehead on mine, breathing heavy, “I want to fuck you.”

I laughed, “You just did.”

“No.” Her stare became serious, “With my cock.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was honestly confused. She could tell and started laughing.

“With my strap on little mama.”

My stomach dropped and my face started burning, “I..I’ve never um..” I couldn’t find the words. I started fidgeting with my nails.

“Never had sex?” She looked in my eyes, asking.

I shook my head.

“Have you been with anyone else besides me?”


“So, the other night was your first time with someone else?”

I nodded my head, looking at my fingers.

I felt her rub my back, “That’s okay, don’t be ashamed of that.” She tilted my head to look at her.

“Sorry I’m so inexperienced.”

She casino şirketleri frowned her eyebrows at me, “Never say sorry to me, but I do have a question?”


She stepped back and started chucking, putting her hands in her pockets, “Why did you choose a one-night stand to be your first time?”

I pulled her jeans to make her come back closer to me, “Well honestly that wasn’t my plan I just went out to celebrate my birthday and then you were there. Staring at me and it was something about you. I think it was your body, I wanted to talk to you, so I did and here we are.”

She smiled, licking her bottom lip, “So your using me for my body?”

I laughed, “Yes.” I started unbuttoning her shirt, “What can I say? Your body is heaven sent.”

She watched my fingers, “Well, I’m glad you liked what you saw. I enjoy your company.”

I stopped messing with her buttons and looked in her eyes, “I’ve enjoyed your company too. I like you Jay.”

“I like you too Noami.”

I saw something in her eyes that wasn’t there before, it almost looked sad.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

I didn’t believe her but didn’t want to push her.

I just rubbed her face, “When you’re ready to tell me whatever is wrong with me, I’m here to listen.”


I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I wanted to tell Noami everything about me. My family, job, literally anything she wanted to know. Like I said before its her eyes, she looks so concerned for me. Like she actually cares about me. I love how she isn’t pushing me to tell her, but when I do want to talk she is there to listen. I was sitting in between her legs while she was rubbing my face.

I kissed her hand, “I’ll tell you anything you want to know if you go on another date with me.”

Noami smiled, “You just fucked me, I think we are passed bribing for dates.”

“I just want you to say you’ll keep seeing me.”

“I want to keep seeing you Jay and I also want to know you.” She bit her lip

“Well Noami, I want you to know everything.” I was being completely honest with her.

She sat up on her elbows looking at me, “Right now?” She started to giggle. Motioning to her naked body.

I nodded my head, rubbing my palms on my jeans, “Yes. I don’t want you uncomfortable with me and you obviously have questions about me.” I looked at her pussy, licking my lips than shook my head. Looking up at her.

“Okeedokee then.” She started to sit up all the way.

“First let’s get you a shirt I won’t be able to concentrate on your questions with you naked.” I went into my room coming back with one of my shirts. It was too big for her, she looked so sexy with just stockings and a shirt on.

We stayed on the counter and I hopped on next to her, she started tapping her chin pretending to think that made me laugh, “Well what do I want to know first?”

I shrugged my shoulders; my palms were so sweaty. I haven’t been this nervous in forever. I grabbed a strawberry and handed her one.

“How old are you?” She asked biting into the strawberry.

“I’m 26. You?”

“24. Birthday?”

“December 14th. You said you were celebrating your birthday at the club?”

“Yeah. Well, my birthday is April 23rd, we just went out early.”

“Ohhhh. So, what is Noami’s story?” Dipping another strawberry in the chocolate, looking back at her.

“My story??” She bit her lip, “Well like I said I have two sisters, one 30 and the other 16. We are all very close I talk to them about everything. Also, we have family dinners every Thursday. Umm as you can see I am mixed. Dad is white, mom is black and Mexican.” She pointed to another strawberry, “I played volleyball since I was like 9 years old, I got a full ride at the university from it.” That’s where her beautiful ass comes from. “Julia my best friend you met,” I nodded my head. “We met when we were kids. I used to love wearing my hair in these braids with these colorful stings everywhere. I wore my hair like that every single day, but the kids didn’t really like them and would sort of tease me, so I used to sit by myself in the cafeteria when one day Julia came and sat with me. We’ve been best friends since. I can’t think of anything else to tell you.”

“What is your parents like?”

“My parents are awesome. My dad’s a construction worker and my mom’s a nurse. We lived comfortably. I never wanted for anything. They are super supportive of everything my sisters and I do. They got married when they were 18 and are still very happy. I want what they have.”

I saw Noami’s eyes smile talking about her parents and it made me sad about mine. That’s life, right?

“They sound lovely. I bet you’re lucky to have them. So, I have a personal question.”


“Are you gay or do you like men or am I just special?” I started smiling.

She smiled back, “I like women. I used to date guys until I fell in love with this girl in high school,”

I nodded my head, “Okay. What was this girl casino firmaları like?” For some reason I felt a little jealous.

She giggled, “Well, we met in one of my classes. She used to skateboard, and I thought she was so cool. She wore tank tops all the time and these skinny jeans. We started hanging out a lot. We hung out at the skatepark, movies, usually with her friends. I went everywhere she went and I just fell for her. We never became official, just friends. Then she moved, and we lost contact.”

“Mmmm, I’m sorry. First loves are the worst.”

She started putting her hair into a ponytail, “Okay your time. Tell me everything.”

“Where shall I start?”

“Your family.”

“Well my parents aren’t as awesome as yours.” I chuckled, “My dad died when I was basically baby I don’t remember him. My mom is sick, after my sister was born she became different.” I was staring at the floor not really looking at anything.

“What do you mean different?”

“She checked out on us. My mom sort of stopped being our mom, she became depressed. I always thought it was because my sister’s dad left her, but it came out after I moved with my granddad that she has a bipolar disorder.” I heard her gasp and felt her touch my arm, “It’s okay, I’m just thankful my gramps took me in. I took care of my sister while my mom just sat in her room all day.”

“What was your granddad like?”

She jumped off the counter walking to the fridge looking for something. She reached down and grabbing two beers. It made me smile how comfortable she looked moving around my house. She sat back down next to me and handed me one. I opened it and drank it.

“He was the best, took real good care of me. When he passed away it was rough for me.”

“I’m sorry for your loss babe.”

“It wasn’t your fault, he was old.” I looked down at my deer, picking at the label.

Noami grabbed my head, “I’m glad you’re telling me this.”

“Me too.” I smiled, “So your friend Julia? She gay too?”

She started laughing, “She likes men and women. She has a boyfriend right now, but who knows in a week.”

“Oh okay, now is there anything else you’d like to know little mama?”

“Actually, there is.” She sat up straight looking in my eyes.

“Okay, what’s up gorgeous?”

“What is your business?”

Right to it, eh?! Great.. “Well Frankie and I have known each other since we were younger, I think I’ve said that before. Anyways, she lived next door to my gramps and her mom babysat me when he had to work so we become friends. Frankie was always into drugs. She used to hang out with this guy that sold drugs, I hated him, but she was in love with him. She would do anything he told her, and it drove me nuts. Then after we turned 18 she asked me if I wanted to move out here with her and the guy. I agreed, but when we got out here Frankie started selling drugs. She got very serious about it, I didn’t say anything to her about it because it wasn’t my business really. Then one day someone robbed her and mind you, Frankie is super tinny. She barely weighs 130 pounds, so she called me to go get the guys that did it. Me being bigger people feared me. Frankie noticed and asked me to basically protect her when she needs it. Soooooo.” Oh shit, “When someone messes with her or her drugs she calls me, and I handle it.”

Noami nodded her head, “What do you mean handle it?”

I froze, looking more through Noami than at her. She poked my stomach and I focused on her shaking my head clear.

“Nothing, forget it.” I gave her a fake smile and went to go grab her thigh, “I would like to taste you again if you don’t mind.”

She gave me a hard stare and it made me uncomfortable. I moved my hand taking a sip from my beer.

“I want to talk about what you meant Jay.”

She looks so beautiful being so serious.

“She tells me to do something. I do it then she pays me. That’s all.”

“And what does Frankie tell you to do?”

Jesus, she doesn’t give up.

“Well for example if she tells me to beat up someone I do it. She tells me to threaten someone I do it. She tells me to pull someone teeth out I do it.”

“But why?” Her eyebrows frowned.

“Because that’s what I do. I protect her and her business.”

“Has she told you to do anything else?”

I just stared at her. Goodbye beautiful.

“Yes.” I couldn’t meet her eyes, I looked down.

I could feel her stare burning the side of my face. Then out of the corner I saw her wipe her face. My head snapped towards her.

“Are you crying?

She looked down.

“What have you done Jay?”

“Everything you can think of.”

“Why?! I don’t understand.” She bit her lip.

“I’ve killed people before. What don’t you understand?” Good going Jay, you’re going to be an ass because you know she’ll be leaving soon.

“Innocent people?” Noami whispered more to herself than me.

“They aren’t innocent to us. They usually owe Frankie money or drugs.”

“Yeah, but what if these people that you are killing have güvenilir casino families?”

“They usually do.” I looked at her.

Why the hell am I being so honest?!

She started fidgeting with her nails, I can tell she was thinking.

I needed to say something, “They are drug addicts.”

“That doesn’t mean they deserve to die.”

“I agree, but Frankie asks, and I do.”

“How can you be so calm about this?” She yelled at me.

“I’ve been doing it for years.” I shrugged my shoulders. Just leave already.

“Why do you have to kill them? Explain it to me!”

For someone so tiny, she can get loud.

I can tell she is getting frustrated at me. She wants to fight about this and that isn’t me. Plus, there is nothing to fight about. It’s my job.

“I have to babe. Frankie needs me to. It’s how she lives and how I live.”

“No do not call me babe. I said explain why.”

I looked back down at my feet, “I don’t really know what you want me to explain here. That is the only reason I have because I have to. It is what it is.”

“No, it’s not is what it is. You kill people with kids. You kill over drugs. That isn’t a reason to kill someone. You’re a murderer.”

I shuddered at the word, I hate thinking of myself like that, but she’s technically not wrong.

“I help Frankie with her stuff, that’s all. I don’t kill for fun, I kill because she needs them gone. I do what I do to keep my lights on.”

“So, you’ll kill me if Frankie told you to?” She was facing me with her arms crossed.

“What?! NO! What the hell Noami why would you ask that?” That pissed me off.

She jumped off the counter, “Because you’ll kill for Frankie. So, if Frankie told you to kill me, would you?”

I couldn’t say anything, I wanted to tell her I would never kill her. I like her too much to want to hurt her.

We stood there staring at each other when she went to the couch grabbing her dress and heels.

She put them on turning to me, “Right. Got it Jay.”

I got off the counter trying to get it her. She stepped away from me looking down, “Can you take me home?”

Please look at me, you have to know I wouldn’t. I’m not like that.

“Just take my car and I’ll get it in a few days.” I stuffed my hands in my pockets.

“No, take me home. I don’t want to see you in a few days.”

“Then keep it.”

I need her to leave now, my stomach hurts.

She just stood there then walked to the door opening it.

“How will you get home then?”

“I’ll call Julia.”

She slammed my door.


Why does it feel like I am going through a break up? I only hung out with her for a few days, why is my feelings hurt? It has been a week since I last saw or spoken to Jay. At least we stopped talking before any actual feelings were involved. Jay has been calling me daily, but I haven’t answered. I cannot be with someone like that.


I walked into my apartment where I see Julia sitting at the kitchen table reading a card.

“What’s that?” I asked as I threw my purse on the floor kicking off my work shoes.

“A gift for you.”

I looked at her and she nodded her head to my room. When I walked in I was blown away, my entire bed and floor was covered in red roses. I didn’t want to walk on them, so I just looked from the door. Julia walked behind me.

“What does the card say?” I ask without looking at her.


I grabbed the card reading it. “I am SO sorry and I miss you. I cannot stop thinking about you. Please talk to me. -Jude.”

I didn’t say anything just looking at the card, rereading it.

“So, are you ready to tell me what happened between you and McHottie?”

“McHottie?” I giggled.

“Yes, she was hot. So, what happened? She is the first person in years that you actually got dressed up for.”

I started thinking about what happened between me and Jay.

“Nothing, she is just a bad person.” I shrugged my shoulder walking into my room. Picking up the roses.

“Bad how?”

“Doesn’t matter. She won’t be around us.”

“I’m your best friend you can tell me anything.”

“Jay told me she murdered people for a living.”

She started laughing, “What?”

I frowned my eyebrows, staring at her, “What is funny?”

“That you believe that.”

“I do. Why else would she tell me that?”

“What did she actually tell you?”

“That her friend Frankie sells drugs and Jay kills off the people that do Frankie wrong.”

“Wow. At least you can call her loyal.”

I could tell she was trying to lighten the mood, but it wasn’t funny to me.

“Right. I’m going to finish cleaning this up then take a nap.” I wanted her to get out of my room.

“Ok sweetie. I didn’t mean to upset you. I just don’t think you should judge on a situation you don’t know anything about. People do crazy things to make a living that’s all.”

“I guess, but why does she have to kill people? That is too much for me.”

“Did you let her explain before you stopped talking to her.”

“Yes, she explained enough. I don’t want someone that kills to be around me.”

“But you actually seemed interested in her. You let her touch you.” She laughed at that knowing how I am.

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