It all Started with a Bet Ch. 04

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Steve got a shock when he got home.

I listened as he walked into the house and close the door.

“Hello.” He said.

I didn’t call out to him, I just waited for him to find me.

“Baby!…” He started to climb the stairs. “Are you home?”

I stayed quiet, knowing that he would soon walk into the bedroom. I listened while he reached the top of the stairs and shuffled toward the bedroom door.

The door slowly opened.

“Wow.” Steve gasped.

I heard his gym bag hit the floor. He slowly walked toward the me. I felt him standing next to the bed, looking down at me.

From behind my blindfold, I couldn’t tell if he was happy with what he was seeing. With my hands cuffed to the bed posts, I laid still and bit my lip with anticipation.

I jumped a little when Steve’s hand connected with my bare chest. He gently ran his fingers over my skin, causing goosebumps all over me.

His hand moved down my body, until he reached my tight leather shorts. Although restricted by the stiff leather, my cock was already beginning to harden.

Steve’s fingers gently ran over my crotch, slightly pressing against my uncomfortable cock. He didn’t linger for long, his hand ran down my inner thigh.

He shuffled to the end of the bed and took hold of both of my ankles. With one quick movement, he spread my legs and released my ankles.

I felt him climb onto the bed, and sit between my legs. With no warning, he gripped my nipple and twisted it.

“Fuck!…” I pulled at the metal cuffs. “Again.”

Still pinching my nipple, he twisted it again. His fingers connected with my other nipple. Holding both nipples, he pulled on them. Through both pain and pleasure, my whole body clenched.

His fingertips brushed my hard nipples. His playful torture had made them almost too sensitive. He once again he slid his hands down my body.

He teased my throbbing package, rubbing and squeezing it. His hand left my crotch, but not for long. With force, he brought his hand back down, slapping my cock and balls.

“Oh fuck.” I gasped.

Steve quickly jumped off the bed. I heard him open his belt, then his fly. The sounds made the anticipation build within me. I began to bite at my lip again.

He climbed back onto the bed, near my head. Violently gripping my jaw, he forced my head to face him. He let go of my face and shuffled closer to me.

His wet helmet pressed against my lips. Hungry for his cock, I opened my mouth. As he pushed into my mouth, I locked my lips around his thick shaft.

He started to thrust, slowly fucking my mouth. My tongue massaged his helmet, lapping at the pre that he was feeding to me.

“That feels good.” He moaned.

The taste and feel of his meat, Avrupa Yakası Escort had my cock trying to tear through the leather. I could feel my crotch getting wet with my pre.

He slowly pulled out of my mouth, leaving me with a mouth full of his juice. I gulped hard, enjoying the taste of it.

Steve crept down the bed, positioning himself between my legs. He took hold of my legs and quickly raised them. In doing so, he revealed that my shorts were backless.

“Nice…” He held my legs in the air. “That looks good enough to eat.”

Forgetting that I was handcuffed to the bed, he tried to pull me down the bed. The metal cuffs dug into my skin and held me in place.

“Sorry.” He said.

“Dont worry…” I bit my lip and smiled. “It felt good.”

“Keep your legs there.” He said.

I held my legs in the position he had left them, making sure that my ass stayed on display. I felt him shuffling around at the bottom of the bed.

I jumped when his tongue connected with my ass. His tongue gently stroked at my opening, making me more and more sensitive with each lap.

Streams of pleasure ran through me, making it difficult to hold my legs in place. My whole body was shaking, while he worked my ass.

He pressed into my ass, gently opening me up. His tongue slipped inside me and began to vibrate. I pulled at the cuffs, desperate to push his face further into my ass.

His tongue slipped out of my ass then forced its way back in again. He repeated the motion over and over, tongue fucking me.

He slid further into my ass and started to work his tongue hard. I couldn’t control myself, I was almost screaming with pleasure. With him lapping at my insides, my cock began to leak even more pre into my shorts.

He pulled his tongue out of my wet ass and started to shuffle around. He grabbed my legs and placed them over his shoulders.

“Fuck, that was amazing.” I said.

“Good…” He pressed his helmet against my opening. “I love the taste of your ass.”

I gasped as he pushed inside me. When he got about half of his eight inches inside me, I clamped my ass around him. He started to grind inside me.

“God, you’re so tight.” He groaned.

Wrapping my legs around him, he leaned forward and relaxed his waight on top of me. He started to grind again, while gently kissing my lips.

I kissed him back, moaning between each peck. Our tongues connected and started to massage each other. Through the passion of the kiss, Steve’s solid rod pushed further into me.

With every inch of his cock inside me, he started to thrust harder. He slammed against my insides, hitting all the right spots. I pulled out of our kiss, struggling for breath.

Steve buried his Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan face in my neck, pecking at my sensitive skin between grunts. His powerful thrust drove my body insane, making me shake and squirm.

“Oh fuck!…” He quickly pulled out of me. “I almost came.”

“You don’t want to?” I gasped.

“Not yet…” He sat up. “I want to play.”

“Ok.” I said.

I relaxed my legs, one at each side of Steve. He stayed quiet for a couple of minutes, obviously trying to catch his breath and calm himself down.

I felt him tug at the zipper of my shorts, he pulled it all the way down. I lifted my butt, allowing Steve to pull my shorts down. He only pulled them down to my knees, enough for him to have full access to my junk.

Free from the leather, my cock repositioned itself. I felt a huge relief, now that my cock wasn’t being forced into an uncomfortable position.

Steve’s hand wrapped around my throbbing shaft and began to slowly stroke it. I gasped, as his other hand made contact with my balls. He lightly teased my sack while still working my shaft.

His tongue wiped over my helmet, lapping at the pre that I was oozing. His lips suddenly wrapped around my shaft. He started to work his warm mouth up and down my seven inches.

His hand went from teasing my balls, to tugging on them. He pulled my sack as far as he could, as his mouth met the base of my cock.

“Fuck!” I gasped.

I would usually hate my balls being pulled, but I was so horny that I didn’t feel the pain that I should of felt.

He pulled on my sack a couple more times, before releasing them. His mouth continued to work on my cock. He picked up speed, sucking me hard. I was still oozing pre, filling his mouth.

“Shit!…” I gasped for air. “I’m gonna cum.”

Steve’s mouth quickly left my cock, just in time. If he had sucked me off for even a second longer, I swear I would of blown my load.

“Where is the key for those cuffs?” He said.

“In the drawer.” I gasped.

Steve leaned over me and opened the drawer in the nightstand. I heard him dig around in the drawer, then close it.

Still leaning over me, he gripped my wrist and unlocked one of the cuffs. He then reached over and unlocked the other. I pulled my arms down and brought them to rest at my sides.

Steve pulled at my blindfold as he sat back. When the blindfold left my eyes, the first thing I saw was Steve’s beautiful smile.

Steve repositioned himself, straddling my waist. He leaned over me again and reach back into the drawer. He pulled out a bottle of lube and squirted some onto his fingers.

Reaching behind him, he smeared the lube all over my solid cock. He wasted no time at all, he Escort Avrupa Yakası shuffled slightly and sat on my wet rod.

He tight ass gripped my cock as he worked his was down my shaft. I was all the way inside him, in no time. He started to slowly grind on my cock.

With both hands, I gripped his waist.

“You cock feels so good.” He moaned.

I couldn’t say a word. With all the teasing and sucking I had been through, I was finding it difficult to stop myself from exploding.

He must of seen that I was close, he picked up the pace. He moaned loudly, riding my cock like his life depended on it.

I couldn’t hold it back anymore. My whole body began to quiver, as I started to erupt. I moaned hard, shooting a huge load into Steve’s ass.

Steve continued to grind on me, making sure that he milked every drop from me.

“Fuck!” I gasped.

Steve reached for his cock and attempted to wrap his fingers around it. I knocked his hand away and took hold of his solid rod. I worked his shaft, hard and fast.

Leaning back a little, he started to groan loudly.

“Oh yeah.” He moaned.

He started to shoot. Stream after stream of his cum landed on my chest. Just as the last of his load dribbled onto my stomach and over my hand, he fell forward and collapsed on top of me.

I pulled my cum covered hand from between us and held it in the air. I wrapped my other arm around him and gave him a little squeeze.

Totally spent, we ended up falling to sleep in that position. I woke up about an hour later. I was still inside Steve and fully hard again. I nudged him, to wake him up.

He quickly sat up and began to grind on my reloaded tool. I reached around him and cupped his butt cheeks. Feeling his butt clench and relax, drove me insane.

He slowly worked his ass up and down my rod, moaning with every movement. Even after being lubricated and fucked, his ass felt tight.

A little bored of his slow movements, I moved my hands up his back and pulled him toward me. I started to pound his tight hole.

Fucking him hard and fast, I wrapped my arms around him. I repeatedly slammed my cock into him, while he kissed and bit at my neck.

Although I was loving the feel of his ass, I wasn’t able to even get close to cumming. I continued to pound him for a couple more minutes, enjoying his tight hole.

I eventually gave in and relaxed my body.

“It’s not going to happen is it?” Steve said.

“No…” I sighed at myself. “Not yet.”

“That’s ok…” Steve pulled my cock out of his ass. “We have forever.”

I smiled at him, loving the thought of having him with me forever.

“That was an amazing session.” He said.

“I know…” I jumped off the bed. “We’ll do it all again later.”

We both went into the bathroom and jumped into the shower. Finished washing, we dried ourselves and went downstairs.

We stayed completely naked while we had dinner and watched tv.

Later in the night, we fucked again, cumming deep inside each other.

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