Iris’ New PA

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Hi readers,

This is a follow up story to Kate, Fiona a story I wrote a few months ago. (Incest/Taboo category)

Hope you enjoy it.



Hearing the knock at the door, Iris adjusted her glasses and sat up straight in her chair.

“Come in,” she said in a friendly tone.

The door opened and in stepped Jane, one of the new girls the firm had took on in the offices in the past few weeks. She was quite a small plain looking girl in her early twenties, with brown shoulder length hair, soft brown eyes behind her thick black rimmed glasses and a skinny figure. Since being placed in her department, Iris had been impressed by the young girl’s capabilities and attitude to her work, so much so that she had decided to offer her a new position.

“You sent for me, Miss Gordon?” she asked nervously.

“Yes Jane, take a seat,” Iris smiled warmly.

“Is there a problem with my work?”

“No no, on the contrary, I just wanted to have a little chat with you, that’s all.”

“Oh, okay,” Jane smiled, relaxing a little, “what about?”

“Well Jane, since you arrived in my department, I’ve been watching you and I have to say I am most impressed by your work rate.”

“Oh, erm…thank you.”

“In fact I’ve been so impressed I’d like to offer you a new position; how would you like to be my personal assistant?”

Taken aback, Jane just sat there speechless looking across the desk at her smiling boss. Most of the other girls in the office were scared of Iris, she had a reputation for being a demanding taskmaster who didn’t suffer fools gladly; her size and appearance also gave her an intimidating air, a big buxom blonde in her early 40’s with her hair cut into a bob and sinister looking designer glasses which hardened her soft facial features.

“Erm, thank you for the offer Miss Gordon,” said Jane, eventually managing to force a few words out, “may I have some time to think about it?”

“Absolutely, you don’t have to give me your answer right now,” said Iris softly, “but it will mean quite a substantial increase in salary; of course it will also mean an increase in workload, but if I didn’t think you could handle it Jane, I wouldn’t have offered you the position in the first place.”

“I appreciate the confidence you have in me, I shall give you my answer before the end of the day,” the young girl smiled.

“Alright Jane, please give it some serious consideration, it’s an excellent opportunity for someone with your abilities.”

“I will, thank you Miss Gordon,” Jane replied, getting up and making her way to the door.

“Alright Jane, I’ll see you later.”

As Jane closed the door behind her, Iris sat back in her chair and smiled to herself, ‘I think me and you will get on just fine, Jane’ she thought, closing her eyes…..

At around 3:30 there was a knock at her door.

“Come in,”

Stepping into the office, Jane stood by the door and waited to be offered a seat.

“Ahh Jane, please sit down,” said Iris, looking up from her desk.

Taking her seat, the young girl smiled anxiously at her boss.

“Well, do you have an answer for me?”

“Erm, yes Miss Gordon, I would like to accept the offer.”

“Excellent,” the mature blonde beamed, “you will start tomorrow morning, report to me here at 8:30, alright?”

“Yes, thank you Miss Gordon.”

“Good, right, you’d better run along and clear your old desk and I shall see you tomorrow morning Jane.”


The next morning, Jane stood outside the office door smartly dressed in her best grey skirt suit. At exactly 8:30 she took a deep breath and gave it a brisk knock.

“Come in.”

Stepping into the office, the young girl smiled confidently at the buxom blonde sitting behind the huge oak desk.

“Good morning Miss Gordon.”

“Good morning Jane, you look very smart, please take a seat.”

“Thank you.”

Sitting down, Jane straightened her jacket and crossed her legs.

“Right, let’s get down to business; as my new PA, I will expect you to arrange my diary, meetings and so on, take my calls and occasionally run a few errands, you know, pick up my dry cleaning, things like that. From time to time, I may require you to accompany me on trips away, conferences, seminars and the like, is that okay?”

“Erm, yes,” Jane replied nervously, “anywhere far away?”

“Oh no, nothing too glamorous, London, Manchester, possibly Belfast; no Monaco or Milan I’m afraid,” Iris smiled, pulling a folder and a mobile phone out of a drawer, “these are yours, make sure that the phone is charged and switched on at all times, is that understood?”

“Yes Miss Gordon.”

“Good, do you have another suit?”

“Erm no, sorry, I thought this one was okay,” said Jane anxiously.

“It is, but you’re going to need more than one dear,” her boss said, pulling out a large sum of money from her handbag, “here’s four hundred, go and get yourself some more outfits; when you are with me, I expect you to be immaculately dressed and nothing too short or tarty, okay?”

“Yes Miss Gordon.”

“Right, casino şirketleri off you go then, take the mobile with you and I shall see you in a couple of hours; if I need you back here, I shall ring you.”


Leaving the office, Jane made her way down the corridor, past all the other girls in the main office, all glumly tapping away at their keyboards, barely looking up as she passed. Walking through reception and out into the car park, she squinted her eyes in the bright sunlight; despite being pleased that Miss Gordon had offered her the job, she couldn’t help feeling that maybe there was hidden agenda and that the offer hadn’t been made purely based on her abilities. Pushing her suspicions to the back of her mind, she shrugged and got into her car; as she put on her seatbelt, her gaze fell on her boss’ brand new blue C class Mercedes, it’s paintwork glistening in the sun.

“Hmm, it might be a while before I get one of those, but I suppose this is a step in the right direction,” she muttered to herself, starting the car….

After spending a couple of hours shopping for new outfits, Jane returned to the office.

“Hello Jane, did you manage to find yourself anything?” Iris asked.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Good, you will need to pack them for tomorrow.”


“Yes, they have asked me to go to one of our smaller offices in Manchester for a couple of days and I need you to come with me, alright?”

“Erm, yes okay,” the young brunette replied nervously; she hadn’t expected the first trip away to come so soon. ‘Bloody hell, talk about being thrown in at the deep end’, she thought, shifting uncomfortably in her chair.

“Good, right then, I need you to help me go through these figures so I know what we’ve got to deal with when we get there,” said Iris, smiling warmly at her new assistant, “bring your chair round this side and sit next to me.”


Placing her chair next to the mature blonde, Jane sat down and placed the folder on her lap. Leaning over and adjusting her glasses, Iris cast her eyes down the page, her expensive perfume making the young girl feel a strange butterfly sensation in the pit of her stomach. The pair spent the rest of the morning going through the whole folder huddled next to each other; rather than making her feel uncomfortable, Jane actually began to feel more relaxed than she had when she had been sat across the desk from her boss. Every time Iris leaned over, the young girl’s gaze was inexplicably drawn to the blonde’s huge breasts, her cream coloured bra clearly visible through the thin white blouse. Pretending not to notice, Iris turned to the young girl and smiled.

“Right, come on, let’s get some lunch,” she chirped, getting up and grabbing her handbag.

“Where are we going?”

“Oh just a little place I know in town, come on.” said Iris as they headed out to the car park; getting into the Mercedes, Jane put on her seatbelt and looked around admiringly at the leather interior.

“It’s a lovely car, Miss Gordon.”

“Thank you Jane, well, as a sort of ambassador for the company, I have to make a good impression, I mean, I could hardly be seen pootling round in a Ford Focus now, could I?” the big blonde laughed, “do you drive, Jane?”


“Oh right, what have you got?”

“A Ford Focus,” replied Jane quietly.

“Oops, sorry,” said Iris, smiling awkwardly, “no offence intended.”

“That’s quite alright, Miss Gordon.”

“For heaven’s sake Jane, you don’t have to keep addressing me as Miss Gordon,” the blonde said softly, “when we’re alone or not at work, you can call me Iris.”

“Oh, okay Iris,” smiled Jane, her eyebrows raised over her glasses.

A few minutes later, they pulled up in the car park of Carlito’s, a rather expensive restaurant in the centre of town.

“Have you ever been here before, Jane?”

“Erm…no, it’s a little on the pricey side for me,” the young brunette replied, looking over nervously at the entrance.

“Don’t worry, this will be on the firm, come on,” Iris beamed, getting out of the car.

Stepping into the restaurant, the pair were greeted by a smartly dressed man who Jane assumed was the owner.

“Good afternoon Miss Gordon, table for two?” he asked.

“Good afternoon Peter, could I have the usual table in the corner please?”

“Of course, if you would like to take a seat at your usual table, I shall have someone come and attend to you shortly.”

“Thank you.”

Sitting down across from each other at the secluded table, Iris turned to her new assistant.

“Well, what do you think?”

“Yes, it’s very nice,” Jane smiled, picking up a menu.

“Shall I order for both of us?” asked Iris, noticing a waiter approaching.

“Erm…yes okay.”

“May I take your order madam?”

“Yes certainly, we’ll have two fresh salmon and chorizo pasta salads with a fresh green side salad, followed by two chocolate and orange torte and two glasses of Pinot Grigio thank you.”

“Thank you madam; I shall return with your wine shortly.”

Putting the menu casino firmaları back down, Iris sat back in her chair and looked across at the young brunette. The strange sort of unspoken chemistry that had built up between them throughout the morning had not gone unnoticed by either of them. The warm smiles, the occasional eye contact that lasted just that little bit too long and the odd ‘accidental’ brush of a hand when they had been checking the figures in the office had almost evolved into a sort of game of cat and mouse, although neither was quite sure which was which.

“You’re not too worried about tomorrow, are you Jane?” she asked, as the waiter arrived with the wine.

“Erm…I am a little, I’ve never been away from home because of work before.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll look after you, I’m sure you’ll be more than up to the challenge,” the blonde purred, giving the young girl another one of those smiles that made the butterflies flutter.

“Thank you Mi…Iris, where will we be staying?”

“The Pines, it’s a small hotel just on the outskirts of Manchester, very nice and very quiet,” said Iris, taking a sip from her glass, “it will take us about two hours to get to the office, so we will have to set out early tomorrow morning, about half six.”

“Oh right.”

“I’ll pick you up outside your place; where do you live?”

“Vine Tree Avenue, number fifteen,” replied Jane, putting her glass down as she noticed the waiter coming towards them.

“Ahh, here we are,” Iris beamed as the meals were placed on the table, “trust me Jane, the food here is excellent.”

“Hmm, it looks very nice,” the young girl nodded, picking up her cutlery, “what time are we going back to the office?”

“Um, I dunno, about two-ish,” her boss shrugged, “we’ll go over a few more things when we get back and then I’ll let you go early to get ready for tomorrow, alright?”

“Okay,” said Jane, her stomach churning in hope as much as anticipation that their ‘game’ would continue on their return to the office. Almost as if she could sense it, Iris smiled at her knowingly before starting her lunch. After spending an enjoyable hour or so in Carlito’s getting to know each other better, the pair returned to the office to continue their preparations for the trip to Manchester. At around 4:00, Iris told her new young assistant she could leave.

“Right, make sure you get an early night and I shall see you tomorrow morning bright and early, okay?”

“Okay, see you tomorrow morning.”

“Bye Jane,” the blonde purred, giving the young girl that smile that made her insides wince. Taking a deep breath, she made her way out of the office……


The next morning, Jane was stood waiting at her front door; dressed in a smart black trouser suit, she kept anxiously looking at her watch and peering down the road. Eventually the blue Mercedes appeared and pulled up alongside her; putting her bags in the back, she then settled into the passenger seat.

“Morning; sorry I’m a bit late,” Iris smiled as they pulled away.

“That’s okay.”

“You look very smart; that suits you,” said the blonde, admiring Jane’s outfit.

“Thank you,” replied Jane, casting her eyes over her boss’ dark blue skirt suit, down her strong looking nylon clad calves to her shiny black stilettos.

“So, are you looking forward to this then?”

“Erm yeah, I think so,” the young girl said anxiously.

“Your erm…boyfriend not too miffed about you coming with me then?” Iris asked, smiling to herself.

“I…don’t have a boyfriend,” replied Jane, sensing there was more to that question than was implied.

“Oh, good.”

“What?” said Jane, slightly startled.

“Erm…I meant good, he won’t be miffed then, will he?” Iris smiled, a little flustered. For the next few miles, the pair sat in a strangely charged silence, with Jane staring out of the window and her boss concentrating on driving.

“Would you like the radio on?” asked Iris, trying to ease the tension.

“Yeah, okay.”

As the radio came on, the young girl smiled and rolled her eyes.

“I can change the station if you want.”

“No no, it’s fine,” Jane grinned, “my Mum likes Radio 2 as well.”

“Sorry, I’m showing my age a bit,” the blonde giggled, pushing her foot down as they joined the motorway….

A couple of hours later, they arrived at an industrial estate on the outskirts of Manchester.

“There’s the office,” said Iris, pointing to dull grey building in the corner as they pulled up in the car park.

“What are they like here?”

“Hmm, they’re alright I suppose,” Iris shrugged, “we won’t have that much to do with them anyway, we’re just here to do a spot of trouble-shooting, we’ll be in an office on our own.”

“Oh right,” the young brunette smiled, feeling the anticipation building in her stomach once more.

“Right then, come on.”

Making their way across the car park and into reception, the pair were met by a tall middle aged man in a dark suit.

“Miss Gordon, lovely to see you again,” he said, shaking güvenilir casino her hand warmly.

“Hello Michael, nice to be back again; this is my PA Jane Pearson,” said Iris, introducing the young girl.

“Hello,” she smiled nervously, offering her hand.

“Hello, right then follow me, I’ll show you to your office.”

Following Michael through the building, they were led down a corridor to a small office with two desks.

“Right, here we are,” he chirped, “all the files are here; anything else you need, just call me and I’ll have it sent over to you, okay?

“Yes, that’s fine, see you later.”


With that, Michael left the room; settling behind her desk and switching on her PC, Iris looked over at Jane.

“Right, let’s get started then, I’ll do this pile and you do those; if you need help with anything, bring it over to me.”

“Okay,” said Jane, switching on her PC.

The morning seemed to go quite quickly, the pair barely uttering a word to each other. Beginning to feel quite warm, Jane slipped off her jacket, revealing a silky ivory coloured blouse. Feeling a pair of eyes on her, she looked over to see her boss smiling at her.

“That’s nice,” she purred, “everything alright?”

“Erm yeah, I’m a bit stuck with this one though,” Jane sighed, holding up the folder.

“Okay, bring it over.”

Walking over and perching on the edge of the desk, she handed the folder to Iris.

“Hmm, let me see,” said the blonde, the back of her hand gently brushing Jane’s pert bum cheek as she sat down; a shockwave jolting through the young brunette as she felt the fingers glide over the tight fabric, she knew that was no accident. In fact, the big blonde didn’t even try to apologise, she just carried on as if nothing had happened. Looking down at her boss, their eyes met, a knowing smile spreading across the older woman’s face. Unable to resist, the young girl found herself yet again drawn to Iris’ large breasts, the top button of her white blouse undone affording Jane a nice view of her cleavage.

“Are you alright?” the blonde asked.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Jane nodded, feeling a tingling sensation in her clit.

“Are you sure?”


“We can stop for a while if you want,” said Iris, a playful smile on her lips as she gently slid her hand down Jane’s thigh.

“Yes!” the young brunette gasped, her breathing getting heavier.

Getting up from her chair, Iris went over to the door and locked it.

“Close the blinds,” she said softly, looking into Jane’s beautiful brown eyes, framed by the thick rims of her glasses. Watching her quickly twist the blinds shut, Iris had been quite surprised by how quickly things had moved. Ever since that night in her sister’s apartment a few months earlier, she had been desperate to sleep with another woman and Jane had caught her eye from the moment she first set foot in her department; so she had devised a plan which she had hoped would eventually get the young brunette into bed. She had been confident that her plan would work, making Jane her personal assistant, treating her to nice new clothes, fancy lunches and so on, but even she didn’t think it would happen this quickly. Standing there in the gloom, the pair stood looking at each other in silence, their breathing getting heavier as the seconds passed.

“Well?” said Jane in a stern tone, “this is what you want, isn’t it Iris?”

Looking over at the usually confident blonde, Jane could tell she had completely wrong footed her. She had suspected for quite some time that Iris fancied her and this trip she had taken her on was probably when she was going to make her move, saying the only room she could get at the hotel was a double and they’d have to share a bed; not that she minded, she found the big woman strangely attractive, imaging running her hands all over her soft voluptuous curves. Striding confidently over to her, Jane grabbed her by the shoulders and crushed her lips against her boss’, the blonde giving out a lustful groan as Jane’s tongue pushed deeper.

“Oh God…Jane please!” she gasped, pulling young girl closer to her and running her hands down her back to her cute little ass. Squealing as she felt the fingers dig in, Jane tried to push the big blonde back over her desk but she was too strong. Slipping her hand inside her blouse, she moved up to her bra and pulled it to one side, twisting the big erect nipple between her fingers.

“Oh my God….Jane….Jane…we can’t…not here!” her boss wailed, the sensation in her nipples sending shockwaves down to her rapidly moistening pussy.

“Yes we can and yes you will!” barked Jane, fixing her boss with an icy stare, “take off your clothes.”

“What?” asked the blonde, startled.

“You heard me Iris; take off your clothes….now!”

Although Iris really didn’t want to admit it to herself, having Jane bark orders at her was turning her on like crazy; her clit was throbbing almost unbearably. Now so desperate for release, she knew she would do anything the young girl told her to. First kicking off her shoes, she then began to strip; slowly taking off her dark blue skirt and jacket, she then unbuttoned her blouse and placed them over the chair. Rolling down her tights, she took them off, dropped them on the chair and stood there, arms folded in just her silky pale blue bra and panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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