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I’d moved to the city, just having graduated from college with a master’s in computer science and having a nice job at a prestigious tech firm as well as an entry level bonus which allowed me to rent a nice, little apartment. Nothing too fancy but comfortable just the same. Years of sacrificing my social life had finally paid off. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to have fun. I was just focused on my degree and future career. While most of my friends were off getting drunk or high and getting laid every weekend, I would be busy studying in my dorm room, trying my best to concentrate over the thumping bass and distant sounds of laughter wafting down the hall.

After settling in to my new digs, I decided to let my hair down, so to speak which is funny because I actually had short hair. Easier to take care of and I always thought I looked better with short hair rather than long. Slipping on a pair of skinny jeans as well as a tee shirt that emphasized my c cup breasts rather nicely, I threw on some make-up and headed out to have some fun.

The first couple of clubs that I tried left me flat. Drunken guys, their breath stinking of beer and cigarettes, tried hitting on me but I definitely wasn’t interested in what they were offering. I honestly didn’t know what I was looking for as far as a good time but I know that a simple hook-up wasn’t it.

I was just about to walk home, having politely but firmly telling the latest would be suitor no thanks, when it started raining. It’s not that I was scared of getting a little wet but I was wearing a white shirt and didn’t want everybody I passed to get a free show so I used my phone to call an uber driver.

A late model Dodge Caravan pulled up, and I hopped in, noticing thankfully that I had lucked out with an older woman as a driver instead of another dude. I definitely didn’t want to deal with men right then. “Where to, hun?” the woman asked, her voice having a slight southern accent.

“Home, unfortunately.” I replied. “Unless you know of a bar where I won’t get hit on by a bunch of drunk guys.”

The driver laughed at that. “Yeah, I just might know of a place like that, if you want to go.” I thought about it for a moment. The night was still young and I was bound and determined that my self-celebration wouldn’t be ruined by what happened so far.

“Okay, sure. Take me there.” I couldn’t help but notice her slight smile when I agreed to go to this magical nirvana of a bar.

About five minutes later, we pulled up in front of a non-descript building simply named “HERS”. Just before I exited the van, my driver pulled out a slip of paper, wrote something down and handed it to me. “I’m gonna be drivin’ all night, hun.” she said as I took it from her hand. “So, when you’re ready to go home, just give my number a call. “Name’s Ruth.”

Smiling, I put the number in my purse. “Thanks for that, Ruth. I’m Brooke.” I replied, smiling at the little bit of good luck that seemed to have shined upon me. Stepping out, I hurried to the front door and walked inside.

The first thing I noticed about HERS was the smell. A faint, pleasing hint of lavender was in the air, not stale beer and smoke. I showed my ID to the woman sitting in a chair right when I walked in. Her sleeveless tee showcased her muscular, tattooed arms nicely as well as a large amount of cleavage. I would never have worn something like that but I didn’t have the build or breasts to pull it off, anyway.

Walking down the darkened hallway, I turned the corner and was greeted by the sight of a half- filled room. It was when my eyes adjusted to the ambient light that realization hit me. The reason why there were no men, the reason why there were six couples dancing to the slow tune coming over the speakers, all of them women, the reason why the club was named HERS: I was in a lesbian club.

I guess I should have realized it sooner but I was a bit disoriented over my night so far, as well as the three beers I’d consumed, to form this conclusion. My first instinct was to turn around and head out, hailing a taxi home, Ruth be damned. But, as I stood there, I decided to just give it a try. Hell, it couldn’t be any worse that what I’d already experienced so far.

I walked over to the bar, trying my best not to notices all of the eyes watching me, and sat down on the stool. The bartender was a rather pretty Latina who smiled as she came over, handing me a drink menu. “First time, huh?”


“First time in a gay bar.” She replied.

“That obvious?” I said. I was doing my best to relax but it was apparent that I wasn’t comfortable here.

The bartender laughed. “After a while, you can spot a virgin. I’ll tell ya what. Since you decided to grace us with your presence, the first drinks on the house.”

I smiled, glancing down at the menu in my hand. I had really no idea what I was looking at but the name “Pink Lady” stood out so I decided on that one. The bartender smiled, gave me a wink and went to mix my drink. Turning around in casino şirketleri my stool, I glanced around, just curious of who was here.

There were all types of women. Feminine types with short dresses and plunging necklines, rather masculine women, a couple of them looking strong enough to break bricks, older ladies who reminded me of my mother and some looking young enough that I wondered if they’d used fake IDs to get in.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the bartender place my drink on the counter. It lived up to its name, being a light shade of pink. The first sip and I wondered if she’d forgotten to add alcohol. It was fruity and sweet without a nasty aftertaste. Turning back around, the sound of laughter drew my eyes to a darkened corner of the room.

Three women were sitting in a booth around a little table, laughing and toasting. I must have been staring a little too much because soon, one of the ladies got up and somewhat gracefully made her way over to me, sitting on the stool next to mine.

“Hey Allie,” the woman said, calling out to the bartender. “Another Pink Lady.”

“They are pretty good, aren’t they?” I said, taking another sip.

“Nah, I prefer white Russians. This drink is for you.” the woman said, smiling. She was about my height and age, hair braided into a rather intricately woven pony tail. “Name’s Sam. Wanna join us?”

“Um…sure, thanks. I’m Brooke.” I replied. I figured just sitting here, sipping on a delicious beverage with no one to talk to was getting rather boring. Hell, I could do that at home. And it wasn’t like I would be sleeping with them so some light conversation would be nice.

Sam picked up the drink Allie placed on the bar and I quickly downed the first one, hopping off the stool and picking up my purse. For a second, I got a little wobbly but I followed Sam to her table.

“Ladies, this is Brooke.” Sam said as she sat down next to a pretty African-American and put her arm around her. “Brooke, this is my girlfriend Aurora. That’s my sister, Sunny.” Sam said motioning to the woman who’d scooted over to make room for me.

“Nice to meet you.” I said, raising my drink. All three did the same and we took a sip.

“Haven’t seen you around.” Aurora said, trying hard not to stare at my chest. She had full lips, really beautiful dark eyes and wore a strapless dress that was tight enough to showcase her nipples.

“Yeah, I just moved here. Graduated college, got a new job and decided to treat myself.” I replied, taking another gulp of my drink.

“Well, congratulations!” Sam exclaimed, holding up her drink to toast me. “Here’s to Brooke. Moving on up in this damn world! Don’t need no man’s help!” The other two ladies joined in enthusiastically.

I giggled at that. “Thanks. So, you guys come here often?”

Sam laughed. “Aurora and I do. This is Sunny’s first time. She just turned twenty-one!” Sam let out a loud whoop which caused several nearby women to turn and laugh.

“Happy birthday!” I said, turning to Sunny. She said thanks, flashing me her dimples when she smiled. She was definitely Sam’s sister, having the same delicate features and long, intricately braided hair. But I could tell she was the shyer one of the two.

We sat around and talked, Sam buying rounds. “I got this Brooke. Don’t worry about it.” she said when I innocently asked her about it.

“We’re celebrating you and Sunny tonight.” Aurora said, a huge smile on her face. I laughed and thanked her, adjusting myself in a more comfortable position, my arm resting on the booth cushion behind Sunny. I didn’t think anything about it until Sam scooched over which caused her sister to move closer to me. Our legs were touching, hips just a mere inch apart.

After drink number three, or maybe four, I caught myself absentmindedly lightly tracing patterns on Sunny’s shoulder with my fingernail as we talked. Sunny didn’t seem to mind as she rested her hand on my leg. I turned to face her just as she turned to face me, our eyes meeting. God, she had such beautiful eyes, the grey-blue of a storm-colored sea. Little freckles dotted her cheeks and nose, giving her an innocent, child-like quality.

I’m not sure what came over me. Maybe it was the closeness of her body. Maybe it was just the super-charged sexual atmosphere. Maybe it was my fourth Pink Lady. Slowly, I leaned in and pressed my lips to Sunny’s. I felt her hand rest on my neck, holding me in place.

Sunny’s tongue touched my lips and I parted them, accepting her into my mouth. Her breath tasted sweet; her lips soft. It was so unlike the men I’d allowed to kiss me before.

The hand I had been rubbing her shoulder with gripped it lightly. My left hand reached out to her, accidentally brushing against her breast. Sunny let out a little moan into my mouth when my hand made contact so I decided to accidentally do it again, causing another light moan.

Finally, we broke the kiss. Pulling back, Sunny and I looked each other in the eyes casino firmaları again before turning to the other two women. Aurora was breathing heavily, her tits rising and falling, her hand on her chest as if trying to calm down. Sam was smirking behind her drink, her eyes twinkling.

“Damn, I thought we’d have to use a crowbar to separate you two.” Sam said, putting the drink down.

I felt my face flush and glanced at Sunny, who also was blushing. My hand was still on her shoulder and hers was still on my leg, a little higher up my thigh. I could feel myself getting warm as I parted my legs a bit, cursing myself for not wearing a skirt.

“Hey Brooke, you didn’t drive here did you?” Aurora asked.

“No, I got an Uber.” I said.

“Well, this place is closing and Sam and I live like a block away if you want to come over and, you know, continue to party.”

I thought about it for a few seconds, then said sure. It was either that or just go back to my place and sleep it off. Sunny’s kiss had left me a little breathless, not to mention very horny.

Sam smiled, took care of the tab and the four of us stumbled out into the night to walk the couple of blocks back to their apartment. Luckily the rain had stopped by then. Sunny and I held hands the entire time.

Once inside the fourth-floor apartment, Sunny let go of my hand, wheeled around and kissed me hard on the mouth, her hands gripping the bottom of my shirt. I raised my arms above my head, briefly breaking the kiss so that she could pull my shirt off. Sunny’s hands flew to my tits and she began to massage them through the lace of my bra.

I had no idea what Aurora and Sam were even doing. All my focus was on Sunny. Reaching behind my back, I undid my bra, letting it fall off my body. I sighed into Sunny’s mouth as her fingers played with my bared breasts, teasing my nipples into rock hardness. Reaching out, I began to fumble with the buttons on her blouse, trying to undo them with shaking fingers.

Luckily, Sunny wasn’t wearing a bra and her naked tits pressed into mine as she wrapped her arms around my neck. My hands drifted down to her ass and I caressed it through her skirt. I felt the zipper and slowly pulled it down. It fell off her body and she tossed it to the corner of the room with her foot.

Sunny pulled back, biting her lower lip as she gazed into my eyes. I could hear moans coming from what must have been Aurora and Sam’s bedroom as Sunny unbuttoned my jeans as she pushed them down my legs.

Kneeling before me, Sunny lifted each of my feet in turn to remove my jeans which landed on top of her skirt. Now, both of us were naked except for our panties; mine a silky red boy shorts style and hers a black thong.

I watched Sunny intently as she gripped the waistband of my panties and looked up at me, that oh-so-naughty innocent expression on her face as she gently and slowly lowered them down my body.

Sunny leaned in and, using her fingers, pried my pussy lips apart, planting a kiss right on my clit. I started to tremble, the feeling of her lips almost overwhelming me. She stood up, grabbed my hand and led me to the couch, guiding my body down and then spreading my legs so that I was wide open for her. Sunny flashed me a quick smile with those adorable dimples of hers before diving right in and eating me out.

God bless, the feeling was incredible. It wasn’t long before my hips were bucking as Sunny used her lips and tongue on my vagina, giving me sensations I’d never experienced. I was getting close to orgasm; I could feel the muscles in my stomach tightening. That’s when she shoved two of her fingers deep inside me and began to lightly scrape my g spot.

I saw stars. Clenching down, my whole body tensed and shook as I let out a scream. Sunny didn’t stop fingering and licking me the whole time. It took all my willpower just to gently push her head away to make her stop assaulting my super-sensitive pussy.

In all my life, I’d never orgasmed that intensely. Opening my eyes, I saw Sunny standing over me, biting her lower lip as she rubbed her pussy through the crotch of her panties. That’s when I heard Sam call out from the other room “Hey sis! Why don’t you bring Brooke in here? We wanna watch.”

Sunny raised her eyebrow speculatively and I gave a slight nod. We smiled at each other as she helped me up and pulled me into a deep kiss before taking me by the hand and leading me into the darkened bedroom.

Aurora and Sam were laying on their messed-up bed, both naked and with satisfied expressions. My eyes darted to between their legs; Sam was shaved bare while Aurora had a thick bush that was matted with her fluids and Sam’s saliva. The scent of womanly sex permeated the air.

Letting go of my hand, Sunny turned to face me and, with a cute, little smile on her face, lowered her panties down her legs. Aurora and Sam scooted over so that she could lie between them. Spreading her legs wide, Sunny silently invited me to taste her body.

I’d güvenilir casino never been in this scenario before; that of eating another woman out. Climbing onto the bed, I knelt between Sunny’s legs, my ass sticking up into the air. Her pussy was covered in a light fuzz and I could see that she was already soaked. I decided right then to just turn off my brain and go for it.

Using my fingers to part her pussy further, Sunny let out a low moan as I swiped my tongue from the bottom of her slit all the way to her clit. I was pleasantly surprised at the taste; mostly sweet with a hint of bitter. I gripped Sunny’s thighs and affixed my lips right against her vagina, basically licking her all over. I guess I was doing alright because soon Sunny’s body began to tremble and she clamped her legs together, trapping my head. That’s when I felt something hard start rubbing up and down my soaked pussy.

Someone, I couldn’t tell if it was Sam or Aurora, began licking my asshole as the now slick dildo was pressed inside me. I wasn’t a virgin but it was easily the biggest thing I’d ever been penetrated by. My hips began to rock back and forth, matching the speed of the thrusts. The dildo felt so damn good fucking me and the tongue rimming my ass was driving me to distraction but still, I didn’t stop my oral assault on Sunny’s pussy.

Just as I felt the stirrings of another orgasm brewing deep inside me, Sunny’s hips bucked and her body went taught as her sweet juices flooded my mouth. I didn’t stop licking and slurping down as much cum as I could. Just as Sunny’s pussy throbbed again, giving me even more yummy juice to drink, my own orgasm triggered and I moaned as my pussy clenched down on the plastic prick buried deep inside me.

For a moment, time froze as both Sunny and I orgasmed at the same time, both of us locked in the rigor mortis of pleasure pulsating through our bodies. Then, as if we were one being, we both went limp, our muscles quivering from strain and residual orgasmic tremors.

Whoever had been fucking me left the dildo inside me as Sunny’s legs fell onto the bed, releasing me from my captivity. I looked up just in time to see Aurora climbing off of Sunny’s face where she’d been kneeling and Sam walking from behind me, a huge grin on her face. She winked at me as she climbed back onto the bed next to her sister.

All of us just laid there for a while, catching our breaths and coming off the orgasmic bliss. After a minute, I stood up, reached between my legs and withdrew the sword from its sheath, so to speak. My breath caught as the dildo popped free from my body. I brought it to my face, studying it intently before licking it clean of my juices. All three women cheered at the show I put on, running my tongue slowly up the veiny ridges before swallowing all nine inches down my throat.

Sam hopped up off the bed and took the toy from me when I was finished cleaning it off. “If you want, you can crash on the couch.” she said, tossing the dildo on the bed. I politely declined, wanting to sleep in my own bed. She smiled and said she understood.

After dressing, I called Ruth to come pick me up and kissed all three women good bye, making sure to wish Sunny a happy birthday. We exchanged numbers and I headed out the door when Ruth texted me that she was outside.

I opened the door to her Caravan and climbed inside. Ruth let out a giggle at my appearance. “Well honey, I was going to ask how your night went but I don’t think I have to.” she said in that southern drawl of hers.

“Um, yeah. It’s definitely been a good night.” I replied, laughing. As Ruth drove to my address, I could see her keep glancing at me out of the corner of her eye. After all that had happened tonight, I was still turned on. Ruth turned to smile at me as she stopped in front of my apartment. I noticed that her nipples were poking out, impressively tenting her shirt.

“Um, thanks for tonight.” I said, opening the door.

“Hey, no problem, hun. I’m happy that you had a great night.”

I smiled and before I could stop myself, I replied “Yeah, um, you wouldn’t want to come up to my place for your tip, would you?”

Ruth looked surprised for a second. Then she turned off the vehicle and hopped out. Taking her hand, I led her to my room. Time for round two, I thought to myself.

When the door shut to my apartment, I faced Ruth, biting my lower lip. She could sense my hesitation on how to proceed so she took charge. Taking ahold of the bottom of my shirt, Ruth removed it from my body, then reached behind me, undoing my bra. I could see her swallow as she reached out, cupping my breasts and rubbing my nipples with her thumbs.

Taking Ruth by the hand, I led her into my small bedroom and removed my jeans and panties. Ruth kissed me as she ran her hands all over my body. She was more aggressive than Sunny, pushing her tongue past my lips as she massaged my butt cheeks. I could taste the hint of strawberry on her breath as our tongues wrestled.

Breaking the kiss, Ruth quickly undressed as I laid onto the bed, spreading my legs, inviting her to eat me out. She didn’t dive in. Instead, Ruth straddled my face, pressing her hairy pussy against my mouth, then leaning down to feast on my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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