Heaven Beneath the Blue Light

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I’m so happy its Thursday. I woke up this morning smiling and anxious for the day to start. The sooner it started, the closer I would be to you. Which is what I want more than anything. To be close to you. To touch you, to taste you, to feel you against me.

I go through my day with thoughts of you in my head. Seeing you smile or laugh at something I said. Hearing your voice. Hearing the sounds you make when you moan and your heavy breathing and your body is shaking. I close my eyes and I swear I can feel you and hear you right next to me. I lick my lips and I know I can taste you. I touch my fingers to my lips, lightly lick the tip, close my eyes and I know what you taste like. I love your taste. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever had. I know how wet you get as you get closer to cumming. Your juices start to flow more and more, your muscles clench on my fingers, your hips erratically jerking up and down against my mouth. The more I touch you, the wetter I get. And I get so wet. It drips down my thighs when I’m with you. I clench my thighs together in hopes of relieving the ache. I’m sitting in class and my thighs are pressed so tightly together. I feel like everyone around me knows that I’m aroused right now. You turn me on with thoughts and memories. When I’m with you, when I have the real thing, I feel like I am constantly on edge, about to explode. I never leave that edge; the slightest breath you make will send me over. I love that edge. I thrive on that edge. I await your breath so eagerly.

I can imagine our first time together. I think about it often enough. I play it over and over in my mind. It’s perfect and breathtaking and so dirty hot it leaves me trembling and it hasn’t happened yet.

You come over and you’re breathtaking. Your long gorgeous hair flowing down your back. I love that hair. If I had one shred of artistic ability I would want you to pose naked for me. On your back, with your long hair draped across the front of your body. I think about that. You are so innately sensual and that picture, drawn by hand would be something I would cherish. You’re stunning. You walk into my arms and I inhale your scent and it sends a tingle down my spine. I press you closer, and your arms tighten around me and I can feel your breasts press against mine. I feel you’re hips press against mine, and you rub them suggestively against me. It isn’t a ploy to turn me on more. You don’t need ploys. It’s your honest reaction to me. Your body craves mine, like mine craves yours. We both crave the need to be so close, skin against skin…. my clit pressed against yours, rubbing against each other. I whisper in your ear that no one is home and that no one will be home casino şirketleri for the rest of the night. Your arms tighten around me. You know what that means. We have the house to ourselves. It is our chance.

I take your hand and lead you to my bedroom, with a soft glowing blue light from my radio that we’ve grown so used to and fond of on our nights together in my bed. You put your stuff down and take your coat off as I sit on the edge of the bed, watching you. You walk over to me; step in front of me and in between my spread legs. You lean down, your hands on my cheeks and give me the sweetest softest kiss. My hands find there way around your thighs. I push you away and close my legs. I pull you forward so that you’re straddling my thighs. You press yourself close, the apex of your thighs pressing against me so intimately. My arms are wrapped around you, one gripping your tight ass, holding you close, the other tangled in your hair, massaging your scalp as I press the kiss harder against your mouth. I deepen the kiss, wanting to taste you, my tongue in your mouth, tangled with yours, biting your lips, nibbling on you. Your arms are wrapped around me holding me tight.

I take both arms beneath your bottom and I stand up. I turn and lay you on the bed, and I lay between your spread thighs, pressing hard against you. You wrap your legs around my waist as we continue to kiss and nibble at each others lips as I continuously press my hips against you, rubbing up and down. I pull back and I pull your shirt off over your head. You’re not wearing a bra, which makes me groan, and your nipples are hard, begging for my touch. I rub the palm of my hand across one nipple and your body arches as you gasp and moan. I pinch it and pull it. I squeeze it and your hips are moving more and more, seeking more contact. I lean forward and I lick your nipple. Move from one to the other, licking, pressing my firm tongue against them and dragging it up, flicking it hard. I suck on one, hard and fast. I bite it, nibble it, and suck on it again and again. The entire time you’re moaning and shaking, you’re hands are gripping my arms. I take your hands off of me and I pull them up over your head… you feel the headboard and I tell you to grip it, and not to let go… or I stop what I’m doing and we just sit back and watch a movie. You believe my threat; you know I’ll do it. Your grip the headboard tight, determined not to let go for any reason.

I continue to lick and suck and nibble on your breasts. You start to beg and plead but you don’t know if you want more of the same or you want me to move on. I move slowly down your body to your jeans and I begin to undo them, slowly pulling casino firmaları them own, your panties too. I want you completely naked and vulnerable to my touch. I want you completely open to me. I pull your pants off and your thighs immediately fall open. I can see you’re blushing, you’re embarrassed by your wanton display but you need relief for the ache you feel. You need me to touch you and taste you and fill you up somehow. I press your thighs wide and up a little so I can see all of you, open and wet. You look so hot, your eyes closed, your head thrown back, your body arched, awaiting my touch on your wet and waiting pussy. I rub my finger up and down the slit, pressing lightly against your sensitive swollen clit. Your body is shaking. It’s so hot to just watch you. To watch the feelings come over you. I lean forward and press my mouth against your open slit. I slide my tongue in and out of you and you cry my name out.

“Brianna! Oh god!”

My name sounds like heaven on your lips. I tongue you harder and deeper and you’re lifting your hips searching for more. Soon enough, I’ll be inside of you. I slide my tongue up and against your clit. I start furiously sucking and licking and nibbling on your lips and your clit. I’m driving you wild and you’re shaking so hard. Your body is twisting and turning, your hips banging up and down against my face, your hands gripping the headboard so hard. You’re moaning and gasping. You can be as loud as you want. You keep calling my name. I know you want to cum and I tell you too.

“Cum Kai. Cum against my tongue. Cum all over my lips and face. I want to taste it.”

You scream and yell my name. Your back is arched so high, your body tight as your pussy is pulsing and cumming again and again against my mouth. I never stop sucking, through your orgasm, I swallow your juices. Your body finally falls to the bed, replete and shaking. My mouth finally lets your clit go and your body spasms. I crawl up and kiss you on the lips. You muster whatever energy you have to taste yourself on my lips, licking my lips clean, my face dry of your juices. God you’re so sexy… And I’m not done with you yet.

I pull my shirt off and my breasts are free. Your hands immediately grab them, you love to touch them and feel them. You’re pressing them and squeezing them in your firm slender grasp. You pinch my nipples and pull them to your mouth. You suckle on my breasts, nibbling, biting them hard. You know I like it a little hard, a little rough. Squeeze them hard, pinch them and bite on my nipples. You know it makes me wet and so fucking hot. You love the way they feel in your mouth, I press them closer to you, against your face, as you güvenilir casino lay back in the pillow. Your hands start to roam over my body and you come to my jeans. You can’t speak with your mouth still sucking on my nipples but you start to unbutton my jeans and are trying to push them down, although it’s hard for you to reach. You finally pull away from me and send me a pleading look.

“Please Brianna. Please take off your jeans. I want to feel you naked against me. I want to touch you and taste you. Please Brianna.”

I can refuse you nothing. I pull back and get naked. And you immediately are kneeling in front of me. We’re both kneeling and naked and your hands are everywhere. You’re stroking any place you can reach. You’re kissing my chest and all over my breasts. You’re mouth moves lower and lower. You lay me back and spread my knees apart. You’re nervous; this is your first time tasting me like this. But you can see how wet and aroused I already am, my pussy is dripping. My hands are gripping my tits so hard, my eyes are closed and I am shaking thinking about your fingers and tongue against me. I feel your first tentative lick against my clit and I can feel my pussy get wetter. I moan long and hard, trying to press my slit harder against your tongue. You get eager and excited at my reaction and you pres your tongue harder against me. Licking me furiously, running your tongue up and down my slit. Now you can’t get enough. Now you want to taste every bit of me. I grab hold of my thighs, pulling them back for you, giving you better access to my spread lips. You spread open my lips with your fingers and tongue fucks my pussy good and deep. You’re driving me insane. I’m moaning and gasping. My fingers are digging into my thighs, leaving marks; it’s so intense. You drag your tongue to my clit and you start to nibble on it, lick it and finally suck it hard and long into your mouth. I scream and let go of my thighs. I grab your head and start rubbing my pussy up and down your face. You don’t let go of my clit. You’re sucking on it, your hands are underneath me, grabbing my ass tight, not wanting to let go of me.

“Oh God Kai! Yes! Yes! That feels so good. Fuck yes!”

I can feel how wet I am. How it drips down and gets all over your tongue and face. I’m so close to cumming.

“Please don’t stop Kai! Oh God Im gonna cummmmmm!”

I explode all over your mouth. My juices running down your chin. You’re furiously tonguing and licking and swallowing what you can. You love my taste and what you do to me. You lift your mouth off me and I am shaking, convulsing with my orgasm. I pull your body on top of mine, my face to yours, kissing and licking and nipping at each other.

We rest briefly, laying side by side, breathing heavily. Our chest rising and falling in rhythm. I lick my lips and I taste you and me, mingled, mixed together. It’s so sexy and exciting to taste that… to taste you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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