Haitian And Female in Canada

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Wouldn’t the world be better if people went around without labels? That’s one of the viewpoints I wish more people would embrace. My name is Emily Petit-Jean. I’m a young Black woman of Haitian descent living in the city of Toronto, Ontario. I’m a student at the University of Toronto, majoring in Business Administration. I hold an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, and I’m going to earn my Bachelors Degree in Business soon. My parents tried to push me into Nursing but it’s just not for me. So I switched majors. These days, I live in the Toronto suburb of Ajax. I commute to campus, and so far, I’m having a fucked-up year. It’s also been quite alright, in many ways. Welcome to my life.

My parents, Benoit and Jacqueline Petit-Jean kicked me out after discovering that I am a lesbian. I guess even though Canada now allows gay marriage, the Haitian community has yet to embrace same-sex relationships. And that makes me mad. The way they looked at me after catching me making out with my ‘friend’ Roselyn Calixte. They just burst into my room and started yelling. It’s something I will never forget. You would have thought they’d seen a ghost. Or a two-headed snake. My mother yelled at Roselyn to get the hell out of the house. I proceeded to leave with my lady. My mother wouldn’t have it. She grabbed me, then she smacked the shit out of me, pardon my Torontonian. I still cringe when I thought of that night.

Growing up, I knew I was different. And not just because I was a semi-rebel hailing from a deeply conservative Haitian family. My mother Carmelie Fils-Aime is the Pastor of the Haitian Seventh-Day Adventist Church of East Toronto, Ontario. When she’s not behind the pulpit, she runs our household with an iron fist. And she’s also the Vice Principal of Carthage Academy. My father Benoit Petit-Jean is her devoted hubby and yes-man. Dad came to Canada when he was eighteen years old. He studied at the University of British Columbia, where he earned his Law degree. For years he was a Crown Prosecutor in the city of Vancouver. He now teaches at a college in North Toronto. It’s due to his savvy that I got such a good education. I attended Carthage Academy, a private school located in suburban Toronto. It has a student body of eight hundred. Fifty five percent of the students are of African, Asian or Middle-Eastern descent.

Carthage Academy is both diverse and inclusive. The sons and daughters of immigrant families feel quite at home there. It’s a school that observes the Ramadan as much as it observes Christmas and Kwanza. We had eight Black teachers and three Arabs among the twenty two people teaching at Carthage Academy. That’s more faculty diversity than most schools ever get, especially in Canada. There were two hundred and seventeen Haitian students at the school when I went there. Sometimes, we had class in Haitian Creole and I absolutely loved it.

I learned about Haitian history and the actions of Haitian heroes like Toussaint Louverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Henri Christophe and Alexandre Petion. I wasn’t only learning about European history, which is mostly casino şirketleri about the actions of white guys with world domination schemes. Most Haitian youth growing up in Canada or the U.S. for that matter aren’t lucky enough to have such access to their history or cultural heritage. My parents wanted me to succeed in Canadian society but they also wanted me to remember where I came from. I’ll always be thankful for that.

We had quite a lot of extracurricular activities to choose from. Like varsity teams in Men’s baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, football, ice hockey, wrestling and lacrosse along with Women’s softball, basketball, rugby, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, field hockey, ice hockey and wrestling. I joined the women’s swim team. I absolutely loved it. I didn’t like folks telling me I didn’t look like a swimmer, though. I’m five-foot-eleven, and kind of curvy. I guess in most people’s eyes, varsity swimmers at North American schools were white brats but whatever. I not only excelled on the swim team, I became the captain. I played ice hockey too but I liked swimming better.

Yeah, I had a pretty decent life. The good thing about Toronto is that it’s a city of immigrants and each group is trying to make it look a little more like home. Thus you end up with Mosques in Arab neighbourhoods, Brazilian dance halls, Chinese shops, Haitian churches, Jamaican reggae clubs, Afro-Caribbean restaurants and the like. After graduating from Carthage Academy in 2008, I enrolled at the University of Toronto. It’s where I met the lovely Roselyn Calixte. A tall, short-haired and light-skinned young woman of Haitian descent. She was half Haitian and half Puerto Rican, and her mother Maria died giving birth to her. Her father Robert Calixte raised her on his own.

Roselyn Calixte simply took my breath away the first time we met. I ran into her in the campus library. The sight of this six-foot-tall, short-haired and absolutely sexy tomboy took my breath away. She was a wearing a black leather jacket over a red T-shirt featuring African-American visionary Malcolm X and blue denim jeans. With a smile on her gorgeous face, she asked me if I knew where the student center was. I gulped, then offered to show her. The next time I ran into her, I asked her to have lunch with me. And that’s how it all began. The gal was simply beautiful and I had a thing for her the moment I laid eyes on her. I wasn’t sure how to proceed, though. I have zero gaydar. I usually find out a chick is gay or bisexual when she tries to kiss me. With Roselyn, I had to be careful. I’ve met lots of gorgeous, heterosexual tomboys before. I couldn’t assume every woman with a somewhat masculine style was gay or bisexual.

Thankfully, Roselyn erased all of my doubts by asking me out. Point blank. I was so happy I felt like jumping. The gorgeous Haitian gal I had a crush wanted to get with me. Of course I said yes, and we went to hang out at the mall before catching a movie. Roselyn was the coolest person I had ever met. She rode a Harley Davidson motorcycle and loved action movies and casino firmaları comic books. She’s somewhere between extreme tomboy and extreme nerd. All wrapped up in an athletic, six-foot-tall frame. We had a lot in common. We both had overprotective parents. Roselyn’s father Robert Calixte owns a gym in Brampton. He was well aware of his daughter’s sexual orientation and accepted her for who she was. I envied Roselyn. She could be herself around her family. I couldn’t. My parents think of being gay as sinful.

Roselyn and I began a passionate relationship. I was in love with this gorgeous, free-spirited, wild and outgoing gal. I wanted us to be together forever. Surely we couldn’t be the only Haitian lesbian couple in Canada or even North America. I’m pretty sure women from our background have been getting together discreetly for a long time. The funny thing is that I was closeted at home but all my friends on campus knew I was gay. They knew and accepted Roselyn and I as a couple. We went bowling together. Roselyn played for the University of Toronto women’s varsity rugby team. She was really passionate about rugby and looked great in her uniform. Of course I was always there to cheer her on.

I love my Roselyn with all my heart. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be together. Unfortunately, some people are so homophobic it’s scary. And unfortunately my parents fell into that category. That really sucks. Roselyn is to me what the sun is to all life on earth. Without her, I’d be empty and lifeless. Before I met her, I’d only been with a couple of girls at Carthage Academy. I was desperately lonely until she came into my dreary little life. Let’s just say she helped me make up for lost time.

I remember that time we made love in her dorm on a weekend following the school’s women’s rugby squad big victory over McMaster University. Roselyn was ecstatic after her big win and we celebrated in our own way. I laid her on the bed and began to gently make love to her. Off came her shirt, followed by her bra. Roselyn is quite butch and it took her a while to let go. Now she trusts me, because I’ve earned it. I love taking care of her. So I gently licked her from her head to her toes. Off came her I kissed her lips tenderly while stroking her big, firm breasts. Roselyn was tense but I told her to relax, in between kisses. I removed her panties last, having first removed the boxer shorts she always wore. My woman’s pussy was neatly shaved. I gently inhaled her scent before spreading her thighs. Slowly and gently, I began licking Roselyn’s pussy.

Roselyn cringed as I began licking and fingering her pussy. I pushed her hands away and went to work on her. It’s always fun when a sexy femme like myself takes control of a sexy butch woman like Roselyn in the bedroom. She usually dominates me completely and I like it. She likes it too. Roselyn loves to lie fully clothed on the bed while I undress. Then I kiss her, and let her go to work on me. She would lick my breasts and finger my pussy while I writhed and moaned in pleasure. Roselyn sometimes made me cum violently after güvenilir casino fucking me with her strap-on dildo. She simply loves using that thing on me. And it’s been in every orifice I’ve got. Mouth, pussy and ass. Butch women love taking their femmes that way. Well, now it’s my turn.

I licked Roselyn’s pussy, fingering her and teasing her until she squealed in delight. That answers the question as to whether butch women can squeal while they’re orgasmic. Hell yes. Afterwards, Roselyn stared at me, stunned. I smiled. What can I say? I’ve got skills. Us femmes can be pretty bossy when we want to be. Something butch women shouldn’t forget. She was mine now, and I took her for a ride. Wearing the same strap-on she usually fucked me with, I sat on the bed. I asked Roselyn for a blowjob. She hesitated. I cocked an eyebrow. Grudgingly Roselyn knelt before me and took the dildo into her mouth. I almost came right then and there. The sight of this gorgeous butch woman being submissive turned me on that much.

I ran my hands through Roselyn’s hair as she sucked my dildo. The look in her eyes was priceless. When she done, the difficult part came. Would she let me fuck her? I had to ease her into it. I kissed her tenderly and told her how much I loved her. I laid in bed with her, kissing her and caressing her. Sweet-talking has always been my forte. And it worked. Roselyn admitted to being curious. And she wanted to give it a try. I smiled and lovingly spread her shapely thighs. I slipped a finger inside her, then raised her legs in the air. Roselyn rested her legs on my shoulders. I pressed the dildo against her pussy, and gently eased inside. Slowly, I penetrated her.

Roselyn’s eyes widened when I entered her. I leaned over and silenced her upcoming scream with a kiss. Gently I began fucking her. The good thing is that as I’m fucking her with the strap-on dildo, I know exactly how it felt. So I took my sweet time with her. Though she was tense at first, I noticed a change in Roselyn’s body language. She was quite relaxed and enjoying herself. Little moans escaped her lips depending on how deep I went inside of her. I looked at my beloved adoringly as I fucked her. I began fucking her harder, thrusting my dildo deeper inside of her. Roselyn squealed in delight and urged me to fuck her harder. Thrilled by this change in her, I fucked her as hard as I could. We went at it until we both came who knows how many times.

Roselyn and I lay side by side, our bodies covered with sweat. She pulled me into her arms and kissed my forehead. Roselyn thanked me for the best fuck of her life. She couldn’t believe how awesome it was. I smiled. See what happens when you try new things? I kissed my beloved, and went to sleep. I had no idea how much our relationship was about to change. And not just because Roselyn became more open-minded in the bedroom. The following night, my parents caught us making out. And I left home forever. I stayed at Roselyn’s dorm until I found a cheap apartment in Ajax. She moved in with me in a somewhat nicer apartment. We’re together and we’re happy. Two queer Haitian women together living in the city of Toronto. Definitely not your usual love story, that’s for sure. I know the world looks at me differently because I’m Black, female and gay. And I don’t care. Let the haters bring it on.

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