Fucked for the First Time

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This follows on from my previous story.

If you’ve read my previous story you’ll know there was no way I wouldn’t go back for seconds from the stud with with the masterpiece of a cock. And I went back for thirds. And fourths. And fifths. You get the picture.

Our meets would always be the same. I’d have a stressful day at work, text him to ask if he was free then get off the bus on the way home and walk the short journey to his house. I would excitedly ring the buzzer, be welcomed with his soft masculine tone beckoning me inside, climb the 2 flights of stairs and find the door partially opened so that I could just walk straight in. Once inside I’d say hello then ask if it was ok to have a quick wash, it always was because a fresh cock usually tastes better but I felt it was polite of me to ask, and once I was washed and dried I’d enter the living room to find him waiting patiently for me.

Now it was showtime. He would stand up, take his jeans off then sit back down next to me and press play on the DVD player. Appearing on the tv would be handsome and toned men proudly showing off their packages while other handsome men were on their knees, hungrily sucking cock or having their arses stuffed. We would watch that for a couple of minutes then he would always put a hand on my knee to put me at ease then I would rub his dick through his boxer shorts until it grew slightly then he’d stand in front of me. I was usually so eager to get at his cock that I’d almost rip his shorts off or I’d hurt my knees throwing myself onto the wood flooring to devour his incredible member. Once his shorts were off I would admire it for a brief second before impaling my head on him.

That’s how it normally went, him standing proud and me on my knees in his living room attacking his prick like my life depended on it. Although I did enjoy having him sit on the couch, relax back like a king and almost demand I worshipped his cock. He suggested we go into the bedroom one day and be a bit more comfortable. It made it far easier to enjoy casino şirketleri each other. We 69’d, he lay back on the bed with his feet on the floor while I serviced him, he had me kneel next to his head on the bed and gave me the most incredible blowjob until I flooded his mouth (I’m sure he said I was the only guy he’d let cum in his mouth because he hated the taste, he swallowed mine quick enough though) and it was on the bed that the talk of him fucking me came up. My arse was untouched, I was a virgin in that respect and I’d never really thought about a situation where that might change. But I trusted him, I enjoyed turning him on and I started to wonder what it would feel like having his big beautiful dick inside me.

So, a hard day at work had come and gone. I sent off my usual text asking if he was at home and wanted to have some fun. Only this time the reply wasn’t just ‘Yes’, there was a question attached. ‘Do you want me to fuck you as well?’ I didn’t even hesitate. ‘Fuck it, go for it.’

So I head up the stairs, through the already open door, have my shower then walk across the hall to the bedroom where coming from the tv I can hear the sound of someone being stretched by a large cock, its owners skin glistening in the sunlight.

I look to the bed,he’s waiting for me. Naked,dick already hard and smiling in my direction. I drop my towel and leap at him. My hand reaches for his cock as our lips meet. I’ve mentioned this already but I don’t really enjoy kissing men. It was different this time though, I can’t explain why but it was. He really enjoyed kissing then working his way over my neck and sucking on my nipples. I broke from our embrace and worked my way slowly down his body before suddenly taking his cock in my mouth. His deep intake of breath told me he’d been aching for this. I swallowed him as deep as I could before taking him from my mouth and licking the length of his shaft, when I reached the head I swirled my tongue around it.

I felt his hand on chin, guiding my eyes up casino firmaları to his. ‘Are you ready?’ he asked. ‘Mm-hmm’ was all I could manage. ‘Come up here then.’ I crawled my way up the bed and we kissed again. He reached out a grabbed a condom and the lube from the bedside table.

‘Lie on your stomach. It’s probably the easiest way to start out.’

So I lie down and he tells me not to worry. His left hand parts my cheeks while his right hand squeezes the lube bottle. The cold gel takes me a little by surprise but its quickly replaced by the surprise of an expert finger preparing my hole, guiding me through when to relax and when to tense up so that I’d be loose enough to take him.

Finally it was time. My lover climbed on top of me, his smooth skin caressing my back as his legs gently worked their way inside mine to grant him access to my arse. He held his cock to my hole, rolled it round my opening before gently pressing it against me. My lubed up hole accepted his massive dick to start with until he was through the initial opening and into my virgin canal.

‘Holy fuck, you’re tight. Holy shit. God, that feels incredible.’

He was all the way inside me. It felt like it took forever and every time I thought he was done he had some more to give me. Once he was finished he lay there for a second before gently rocking then quickly gesturing me onto my knees while he stood up. He was inside me the whole time and as I got to my knees and my hole tightened i knew all about it, his cock seemed to double in size. I won’t lie, it hurt. My arse was stinging, my insides felt full and I wasn’t sure how the rest of this was going to go. He started to fuck me slowly, very gently and tenderly to ease me in. Withdrawing his cock then sliding it back in, making love to me while making satisfied groaning sounds, commenting how amazing and tight my virgin arse felt.

My insides started to feel strange, like I suddenly need to go to the toilet.

‘Are you ok?’ he whispered.

‘It hurts güvenilir casino a bit.’

‘Do you want me to stop?’

I tried to say yes but said ‘No’ instead.

‘Good, cos you feel amazing. You don’t have to anything you don’t want to though so let me know if it gets too much.’

I mumbled in agreement as he went back to fucking me. He started picking the pace up until something extraordinary happened – the pain stopped. I felt comfortable. Then not only was the pain gone but it started to feel good.

‘Oh yeah, that’s nice. Mmmmmm, fuck me.’

‘Starting to enjoy it now are you, baby?’


‘I knew you would.’

It started to feel phenomenal, waves of pleasure swept over me as my older hunk pounded me.

‘Fucking hell, that’s great. Come on fuck me. Please, fuck me harder.’

‘Mmmmmm, you’re arse feels great. Tell me how much you want my big cock inside you.’

‘Oh God, yes. I need your cock filling me up.’

‘You want it?’

‘Fuck yes. Fuck me harder. Come on, fuck me. FUCK ME! HARDER! OH GOD, FUCK ME! PLEASE, HARDER!’

I was screaming with pleasure as he tore my hole apart, forgetting that he has neighbours that live through the wall. I didn’t care though, all I knew was what he was doing to me.

‘Oh you dirty little slut. Your arse is so fucking tight. I won’t cum with a condom on though so I’ll need to stop.’

‘No, please, not yet. Keep going.’

He fucked me for a while longer as I bucked wildly against his giant dick that was doing its best to ruin me, watching him in the mirror, beads of sweat rolling down his forhead and a look of incredible joy on his face as i thrust myself backwards onto him.

Finally I gave in and he withdrew his cock from me, rolled off the condom and got me a tissue to clean myself so that I could feel more comfortable. He lay down on the bed and I slid between his legs and went back to sucking his cock. My arse was still pulsing ripples of joy through me as he engulfed my mouth with his sweet cum. I swallowed every drop then climbed up the bed and darted my tongue into his mouth so he could enjoy some of his own juices.

That’s still the only time I’ve been fucked. Unfortunately we lost contact shortly after when I forgot to save his new number.

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