Emotionless Pt. 06

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She shut the T.V. off and stood up.

Jessie adjusted her shirt as they walked out. “So what do you want to see?”

Lauren shrugged as she locked the door “I couldn’t even tell you what’s out right now.”

“Then I guess I get to surprise you.” Jessie grinned sliding into her truck.

Lauren smiled and sat in the truck. Her apartment was only 10 minutes from the theater but she never really liked going. Jessica only liked to go watch sappy romances and Jennifer either talked too much or only wanted Lauren to fuck her during the movie. Lauren ran her fingers through her hair, pushing her bangs back and to the side. They sat in silence the whole ride there, but it was nice. Lauren enjoyed just being around Jessie. She didn’t feel like Jessie only wanted to be around her so that Lauren would have sex with her. But Lauren would be lying if she said she didn’t want to.

They parked and walked up to the ticket booth. Lauren stopped Jessie, handing her some cash “Here, I’ll pay for us both but you go get the tickets since you are picking the movie.”

Jessie looked down at the money then back up at Lauren. She walked to the booth without taking Lauren’s money. Lauren sighed and decided she would buy lunch or something. Jessie quickly came back with two tickets.

“What are we seeing?” Lauren asked as they walked in.

“An action adventure. You good with that?” Jessie handed the worker their tickets.

“Sounds good to me.” Lauren followed Jessie to the theater room.

When they got in the theater room, Jessie headed towards the back. They sat next to each other and settled in. The room was empty besides one other person. Lauren looked down at her ticket stub to see ‘Harry Potter: Double Feature.’ Lauren shook her head and gave a small chuckle.

“What?” Jessie looked at her.

“Harry Potter?” Lauren put the ticket in her pocket.

“I told you I was a fan.”

“Mhm. Action adventure alright.” Lauren smirked.

Lauren slumped down comfortably in her chair and waited for the movie to start. Jessie asked if Lauren wanted a drink or anything but she kindly declined. Jessie nodded and went to get popcorn and a soda for herself. While Jessie was gone, Lauren made sure her phone was on silent. Harper never responded to her text early, so she knew she was mad at her but Lauren didn’t really care right now. She was more excited about spending time with Jessie. Lauren thought about texting Matt that she wouldn’t be at work tonight. She figured she would just take the yelling later.

Jessie sat down just as the movie was starting. She offered Lauren some of her snacks, but again Lauren turned them down. They sat and watched both movies. Every now and then Jessie would lean into Lauren and whisper a joke or some random fact about the movie. It gave Lauren butterflies when she felt Jessie’s cool breath against her ear and the warmth of her body against her’s. Lauren never knew what it was like to have these childish feelings about someone, but she kind of liked it.

Finally, after both movies Lauren stood up and stretched. As she extended her back, she felt a sharp pain jolt through her stomach. She winced but quickly composed herself before Jessie noticed.

“You okay?” Nothing seemed to pass by Jessie.

“Yeah just stoved-up from sitting so long.” Lauren adjusted her shirt.

Jessie stood up behind her “It’s probably time to change your bandages huh?”

“Yes mother.” Lauren joked.

“We can go to your apartment if you want, I’ll help.” They made their way out.

“You don’t have to help, but you are more than welcome to hang around.” Lauren hoped she didn’t sound desperate.

Jessie gave her a grin and a nudge. “Of course I’ll hang around Cherry. You’re fun.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Lauren shut the truck door.

“Oh nothing Cherry.” Jessie turned the engine over and drove off.

Lauren felt her ears get red. They walked into Lauren’s apartment and she told Jessie she could sit in the living room while she changed her bandages. Lauren heard the T.V. click on as she walked to her bedroom. She left the door slightly cracked and grabbed clean bandages from the closet. She took off her shirt and laid it on the bed. She carefully removed the old bandages. Lauren looked at her wounds, they no longer looked infected and they didn’t hurt with every movement. She cleaned them and started rebandaging herself. As she finished placing the bandages around her, she heard the door slowly creak. Lauren shot her glance to the door. She had forgot anyone was there with her. She was alert and ready to protect herself. But when she saw Jessie walk through the door, she instantly calmed down. Jessie walked to Lauren and carefully placed her hand on Lauren’s stomach. The warmth burned Lauren to the core. Jessie quietly asked “Are you in pain still?”

Lauren shook her head. “Not really.”

Jessie smirked, then leaned in. Her hand amsterdam shemale still on Lauren’s wounds, she placed her lips on Lauren’s. Lauren felt her heart melt and kissed her back. Jessie cautiously slid her hand to Lauren’s back. Lauren moved into Jessie, neither of them ever breaking their kiss. Lauren felt Jessie start to guide her back to the bed. Lauren pulled Jessie’s shirt off and threw it across the room. Lauren ran her fingers across Jessie’s long, muscular body. They laid down on the bed, still kissing. Jessie finally pulled away and moved to Lauren’s neck. As she gently bit down, Lauren let out a moan. Lauren felt a smile grow on Jessie’s face. Lauren rubbed Jessie’s perfectly sized breast in her hand. Jessie traced from Lauren’s neck, along her jaw, back to Lauren’s lips. Lauren kissed Jessie deeply. Jessie kissed her back before Lauren tugged at her lower lip. Jessie sighed in pleasure. Jessie slowly let her fingertip trace down Lauren’s body stopping above the waistline of her pants. Jessie carefully bit down on Lauren’s lip as her hand slid in Lauren’s pants.

Lauren opened her legs and Jessie moved in between them. Jessie spread Lauren’s lips and began to rub her clit. Lauren moaned into Jessie. She couldn’t remember the last time she let someone touch her, but she couldn’t help but want more. Lauren reached to Jessie’s back and ran her fingers down her spine. Jessie arched her back and began to rub faster. She kissed Lauren’s collar bone and moved down slowly. She slid Lauren’s pants off. She kissed Lauren’s mound before spreading her lips and moving her tongue across Lauren’s clit. Lauren raised her hips at the soft touch of Jessie. She moaned when she felt Jessie’s cool breath. Jessie flicked her tongue over Lauren’s clit, then began circling it. Lauren couldn’t hold it in any longer. She arched her back and moaned loudly as she came. Jessie moaned and moved her tongue down to Lauren’s vagina. She quickly cleaned Lauren up before kissing her way back up to Lauren’s neck. She placed a soft kiss under Lauren’s jawbone. Lauren reached for Jessie’s zipper, but Jessie shook her head and laced her fingers in Lauren’s before laying next to her. “Not today. Today I wanted to make you feel better.”

Lauren felt herself turn red and quickly stood up. “I wasn’t expecting that.” She slid on her boxers then reached for clean bandages.

“Are you complaining?” Jessie got up and pulled on her shirt.

“No, not at all.” Lauren fumbled to open the bandages.

“Me neither.” Jessie smirked and took the bandages from Lauren to help her.

Once they got Lauren rebandaged Jessie went to the bathroom. “There’s an extra toothbrush in the drawer.” Lauren shouted to her as she pulled her shirt over her head.

When Jessie was finished brushing her teeth she went to the living room and plopped down on the couch. Lauren followed, grabbing the remote before sitting down next to Jessie. She turned the T.V. on and slumped into the couch. She could feel Jessie looking at her through the corner of her eyes. “What do you want to watch?”

Jessie stretched and shrugged, “Whatever you want.”

Lauren turned it to some random channel. “I’m so tired of being cooped up and watching T.V., but I still get tired so quick.”

Jessie looked at Lauren. Lauren was glad Jessie didn’t question about Lauren’s injuries even after she told her how she had gotten them. “Well maybe when you get more energy we can do something else. But for now, you should probably rest. And if you don’t care, I’ll hang out with you.”

Lauren could feel her ears turn red but she fought back the smile. “No I don’t mind at all. It makes being cooped bearable. I’ll cook us dinner later if you want.”

“Nonsense, I’ll order pizza. And go pick up beer.” Jessie smirked at the sight of Lauren’s redness.

“Pizza sounds good and I already have beer in the fridge. Perks of being the best bartender at a club. The boss doesn’t get mad when I take a case home every now and then.”

“Petty thief, huh?” Jessie nudged Lauren in the shoulder.

“Matt doesn’t care. Hell he offers it to me when there’s extra.” Lauren defended herself.

“I was joking Cherry.” Jessie patted Lauren’s thigh.

Lauren felt the warmth of Jessie’s hand linger. She could feel herself grow excited again. Thoughts of what just happened in her bedroom replayed through her head. She squirmed back into the couch to fight back the thoughts and feelings rushing through her. Lauren was embarrassed of how Jessie made her feel. She had never felt this vulnerable before. Not even when she was beaten and attacked as a child or a few nights ago. She couldn’t explain why Jessie actually made her feel something. But what puzzled Lauren even more, was why she liked the feelings Jessie gave her.

They sat and watched for a few hours. Every now and then they would joke or talk about random things. They were both comfortable and honest with each other. They rotterdam shemale took turns asking each other questions about likes and dislikes. They had a lot of similar interests and beliefs. With each question and answer, Lauren could tell her feelings were growing stronger and stronger. She tried fighting it, pushing it back, and ignoring it. She knew that the feelings she was developing were not good to have. She knew Jessie was too much like her and how these things always ended. That was why she never let anyone get close to her. But it was still too hard to fight it this time. For a little while, Lauren sat quiet.

Jessie finally broke it, “You hungry?”

Lauren nodded. “You?”

“Yeah, I’ll go ahead and order pizza. Cheese or pepperoni or both?”

“Surprise me.”

“Okay.” Jessie took her phone out and walked outside to place the order. She came back in sitting back down next to Lauren. “Will be here in an hour.”

“I’ll get my wallet.” Lauren sat up to grab her wallet from the room. But before she could stand, Jessie put her arm against her, blocking her.

“Nope, My treat.” Jessie smiled.

Lauren sighed and sat back. “Next time is on me.”

Jessie smiled. “So there will be a next time?”

Lauren saw the childlike excitement in Lauren’s eyes. “Yeah, I mean as long as you don’t have someone better to hang out with.” Lauren said trying not to sound too desperate.

Jessie shook her head, “Nah Cherry, you’re pretty fun to hang around. I might have to keep you around a while.”

Lauren felt her smile and redness before she could think to fight it back. It was the reassurance Lauren had secretly wanted from Jessie.

Jessie grinned devilishly. She stretched and laid back into the couch. “Sure I’m not keeping you from something or someone more important?”

“Nope, only thing I had to do was work. Jenn might wonder where I am but she’s nosey.” Lauren leaned in the corner of the couch against the armrest.

“Jenn.” Jessie said questioning, “the other bartender? You two do seem pretty close. She won’t get mad at you hanging out with another female?”

Lauren couldn’t help but laugh “Jenn, jealous? Of course she is jealous. But we are just friends. We tried dating once, she likes real dick too much.”

Lauren swore she saw Jessie sigh in relief “Oh, one of those huh?”

Lauren nodded, “What about you? Surely you have a girlfriend or someone.”

Jessie shook her head. “Just me, myself, and I. I used to be married. But that didn’t work out.”

Lauren hid the surprise on her face. “Well I’m kind of glad it didn’t.” She smiled sheepishly, hoping Jessie wouldn’t take it the wrong way.

Jessie laughed. “Me too, Cherry.” She nudged Lauren.

A few minutes later they heard a knock on the door. “Got it.” Jessie leaped up. She answered the door and tipped the delivery man. She sat the pizza down on the coffee table and headed to the kitchen. “Where are the plates?”

“Cabinet near the sink.” Lauren said, sitting up. She realized she was hungrier than she realized.

Jessie quickly came back with plates, napkins, and beer in hand. She handed Lauren a plate and sat her beer in front of her. “I ordered buffalo chicken and pepperoni.”

Lauren smiled. “My favorite.” She grabbed a piece of each and started eating. Jessie followed suit.

Lauren found a movie and put it on while they sat and ate. After they finished their first beers, Jessie went and got them new ones. Lauren was tired of sitting in her apartment and watching T.V. but she found she didn’t mind it when Jessie was by her side. She couldn’t believe how hungry both of them were. They ate all of the pepperoni and most of the buffalo chicken before they both called it quits. Jessie got them a fourth beer while picking up their mess and putting the leftovers in the fridge.

Jessie sat back down next to Lauren. “So you said you have a twin sister?”

Lauren nodded. “Why?”

“She single?” Jessie asked.

Lauren felt her heart crack a little. “Yeah.”

Jessie smiled. “Twins. Hmm.”

Lauren wasn’t sure where she was going with this. “Yeah, she’s straight though.”

Jessie laughed. “I’m kidding, I don’t like two of anything at a time. I like to focus on one.”

“Oh so now I’m yours?” Lauren said jokingly but secretly hoping.

Jessie grinned. “Hmm, I didn’t think that one through.”

Lauren shook her head. “I don’t think so.”

Jessie leaned in kissing Lauren. Lauren’s heart melted and she knew, no matter what, she was Jessie’s. Lauren kissed her back, moving her hand towards the back of Jessie’s neck. She held on. Jessie broke the long, intense kiss.

Lauren cleared her throat. “I should go change my bandages again.” She stood up and headed to the bathroom. She turned the sink on and washed cold water over her face. She couldn’t admit or show Jessie how she really felt. She had to protect herself. There were blog shemale still too many unknowns about Jessie. Jessie could have just been joking with her. She wiped the water from her face and replaced her bandages. When she got back to the living room, Jessie was sprawled out on the couch. Lauren smiled and shook her head at the sight.

“Sorry.” Jessie began to sit up.

“Don’t be.” Lauren said walking to her. Jessie moved slowly, making room for Lauren.

Lauren sat in the space Jessie gave her. She looked at Jessie through the corner of her eyes, trying to think of her next move. Normally she had no problem being charming, but Jessie made her forget all of it. Then she felt Jessie move in closer. Lauren slumped back into the couch and Jessie laid her head in Lauren’s lap. Lauren smiled and began to run her fingers through Jessie’s hair. They sat like that for a while until Lauren felt tired from all of the day’s excitement. She looked down at Jessie and realized she was asleep. Lauren gently shook her shoulder to wake her. Jessie sat up slowly. Lauren saw she was drowsy and put her arm around Jessie’s waist. She walked Jessie to her bedroom and put her down on the bed. Jessie started to wake more, but Lauren shushed her as she covered her with blankets. As Lauren turned to walk back to the living room, she felt a firm grasp on her wrist.

She turned back and saw Jessie’s fingers wrapped around her wrist. When she looked towards her, their eye’s locked. She felt Jessie pull her closer and before she knew it, she was in bed with Jessie. Kissing her deeply as Jessie fumbled to slip her own pants and boxers off. Lauren moved herself under the sheets. She felt Jessie’s exposed skin brush against her. Lauren ran her fingers down Jessie’s thigh. Feeling the muscles contract as Jessie moved to pull Lauren’s shirt off and toss it to side. After her stomach was exposed, Jessie looked down at Lauren’s bandages.

Jessie slowly ran her fingers where each of the healing wounds were spread across Lauren’s body. Lauren tingled in excitement at the touch. Jessie whispered in Lauren’s ear “I’m sorry they did this to you.”

Lauren tried to fight back the emotions. Instead she focused on Jessie’s warm and muscular body against hers. Lauren kissed Jessie’s neck and felt her moan. She moved her fingers between Jessie’s thighs. She gripped at her inner thigh, Jessie arched her back in excitement. Lauren smiled against Jessie’s collarbone. Lauren gently slid her hand to Jessie’s pussy. She slowly teased Jessie’s clit with her fingertip. Jessie let out another moan. Lauren slid two fingers into Jessie, feeling her wetness. Lauren moaned at the feeling. A hint of smile flicked across Jessie’s lips as she dug her nails into Lauren’s back. Lauren began to move her fingers in and out of Jessie. She moved faster, thrusting into Jessie. With each thrust Jessie sighed in pleasure. Lauren nibbled at Jessie’s jawbone, kissed her way down her neck, and put moved down to her breast. Lauren took Jessie’s nipple into her mouth, flicking her tongue against it until it erected. She kissed it and did the same to the other nipple. Lauren ran her tongue down Jessie’s tone stomach, all the while, still thrusting into Jessie. Finally, Lauren moved herself between Jessie’s thighs, taking her fingers out of her. She spread Jessie’s lips with her fingers, then took Jessie’s swollen clit in her mouth, sucking. Jessie let out a loud moan. It made Lauren all the more determined, as she flicked her tongue against Jessie’s clit. She kissed Jessie’s clit and then moved down, sliding her tongue into Jessie. Jessie squirmed but Lauren held her down, moving her tongue around inside of her. Jessie arched her back as she started to reach her climax. Lauren moved her tongue in and out of Jessie. Jessie gasped as Lauren felt her cum.

Lauren continued to move her tongue in and out, letting Jessie ride out her full climax. Jessie moaned. Lauren began to lick up the mess she had made. When she was done, she kissed her way up Jessie’s body. Jessie felt ran her fingers down Lauren’s back as she made her way up. Lauren looked at Jessie and smiled. She slowly got up and made her way to the bathroom.

“Come back.” Jessie said sitting up as Lauren began to brush her teeth. “You can stay in bed with me. It is your bed after all.”

Lauren walked back to the bedroom shirtless and braless, brushing her teeth. She smiled and took the toothbrush out of her mouth “Sex and cuddles? Doesn’t seem your style.” She went back to brushing her teeth.

“Doesn’t seem your’s either.” Jessie stated.

Lauren finished up and came back. “You’re right, but for some reason, you’re different.”

Jessie nodded. “I agree and I don’t know why.” Jessie patted the space next to her.

Lauren grinned and slid in next to her. She couldn’t believe how quick her and Jessie seemed to click and that they actually slept together and Lauren didn’t feel the need to leave as soon as they were done. Instead, she wanted to spend more time with Jessie. Her eyes were closed, but she felt Jessie move closer to her and that was the last thing she remembered before falling asleep. That night Lauren got the best sleep of her life.

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