Daniel Crosses his Sexual Threshold

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She watched him through the peep hole as he sat quietly at the end of the bench, fear and uncertainty in his eyes, and yet his desire painted upon his face.

She could almost imagine the short anxious breathes he was drawing as he sat in the room battling hard against the urge to flee.

Charlotte smiled to herself at what was to come. She had seen many young men broken this way. The poor little things, they tried so hard their whole short lives to be straight, wanted so hard for life to be simple… but there was no escaping their private thoughts or the carnal visions that filled their dreams at night when the lights when out and they were alone.

They were all just like the frightened young man in front of her when the urgency of their need overwhelmed them as it always threatened to do. That’s when they would finally find the courage to knock on the door of the club.

She watched him alone in the room, already half erect now, terrified to move either to flee or to touch himself.

But there is always that small moment that starts the rush …and so it was with Daniel.

Daniel, who could barely speak his own name above a whisper when she let him in. Daniel who couldn’t even say the words when she asked him which band he wanted to wear (blue for straight, red for bi). Charlotte knew immediately what he wanted from the embarrassment on his face when she held up casino şirketleri the rainbow band for him.

She had smiled kindly, taken him by the hand and lead him to the showers. There she told him carefully and in detail how to clean himself and make himself ready.

Then she had given him the mask and lead him to a room, and told him to wait.

Now as she watched, his hand moved to his hairless belly and traced a line across to his nipple. His eyes closed as he pinched himself and his mouth opened a little as if in silent exclamation.

At last he took the mask Charlotte has given him and placed it over his eyes and she noticed moments later with some satisfaction how his cock twitched and hardened a little.

He bit his lip and his hand drifted down between his legs. He gasped as he gripped himself.

But still she waited to give the signal. She wanted him to enjoy the delicious suffering of his capitulation and to savour these last moments before the threshold.

And Charlotte was also aware of her own powerful, greedy arousal now and how her fingers had slipped inside the elastic of her skirt.

Then she pressed the button, and smiled and with all her will tore herself away from her secret watching place and left him to his fulfillment.

Later he told her that he smelt their scent first. A hot, erotic musk of sweat and sex and desire. It filled casino firmaları his nostrils and he breathed it in deeply knowing his moment had finally arrived.

He felt a body brush past him, then another, felt the slight breeze their stocky frames created in their movement.

It was all too much for him and he abandoned restraint and started to stroke himself fiercely. Then he heard one of the men laugh and he felt waves of both humiliation and a ferocious lust.

The young man almost jumped in the spot when two hands, then two more and then.. oh god even two more … suddenly started pawing at him and lightly pulling his hair.

These were hard calloused hands made firm through exertion and labor and he knew the strength of any one of these men would overwhelm him. And here in this room where he sat naked and vulnerable, there were three of them upon him.

In this moment of utter sexual surrender he gave himself completely to all of the yearnings and long unrequited hunger of his sexual self discovery.

The mask kept him in total darkness but his hands told him they were all still wearing denim pants, just as his finger tips told him about the soft fuzz of the hair on their bellies, of the smooth firm roundness of their asses and the bulges in their pants.

He heard a noise, zippers opening, then fabrics and belts falling to the floor. Once more their güvenilir casino musk overwhelmed him.

Fingers pinches at his nipples roughly, with none of the softness that attended his own self play. Then a hand gripped his shaft and he felt he would burst from his own erection.

Softness then, and wetness and warmth as his cock was enveloped by willing male mouth. A man was sucking his cock… there was no denial now. How often had the thought of this moment, wanted it, lusted for it. His head turned from one side to the next as if wanted to see his lovers through the darkness, but there was no light, only touch, and breathing and the addictive presence of their scent. Lips kissed his throat, hands stroked his thighs and he ran his own fingers through the hair of the man between his legs.

He mouth was dry, his heart ready to explode and he could barely speak.

He gasped and sighed and it was almost a cry. Then he heard his own voice which seemed more of a whisper than he had ever imagined asking, “What are you going to do to me?”

A strong voice, but gentle and almost tender whispered in his ears, “I’m going to fuck you Daniel, but not for a very long time. There are so many things we are going to do to you first. So many things we will make you do to us.”

And with that a hand pushed against his chest and he lay back on the bench, his legs spread and wrapped over the shoulders of the man who was still knelt between his legs. He gave himself over to them until they were all spent and sated.

That night, in that room, with all time and care abandoned, he was utterly undone and then remade again.

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