Daddy Drop

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I was a bit miffed as usual, hardly in the best of moods as I showed up at my ex-wife Katie’s place to drop off the first alimony payment. It was just one of those days. Hell, it was one of those years. I didn’t look forward to seeing her again, let alone to give her some of my hard-earned cash. I suppose that it was partly my own fault for marrying her in the first place, added to the utter romantic folly of not getting a damned pre-nup as my friends suggested.

How was I to know that I was going to end up in the clutches of a “work wife,” who wouldn’t leave me alone until she seduced me and got me caught red-handed in the act of marital infidelity? How was I to know that Katie’s family would push her into the divorce on the grounds of adultery, convinced that they knew what was best for her? Her parents never liked me in the first place, and a small, paranoid part of me wondered if perhaps they had set me up. Then again, if Alyssa was acting, she could have quit by now, couldn’t she? The damage was long since done.

Any way, time to face the music, I thought, as I got off my hog, a recent acquisition from where I traded in my gas guzzling SUV for this sweet ride. Sure, I had to wear a helmet and pay motorcycle insurance, but it was so worth it, wasn’t it? The SUV had been from when I hoped to be a Daddy and such, but now those hopes were a bit delayed, so why not go ahead and enjoy the thrill of the open road on a fine Harley? It was your standard cruiser, not a sports bike, but higher up in the cc range, with plenty of horsepower behind the engine.

I rang the doorbell several times, deliberately choosing to be as loud and obnoxious as I could to my ex. If she insisted on me paying her extortion money, or rather the courts did, fine, but I was going to make it as early in the day and as noisy to deprive her of sleep and make her suffer for the check. Some might call it petty, but I called it hate. That’s all it was, plain and simple. I loved her before this divorce, but now I hated her more than I could have guessed from our three years of marriage.

Sure, I had cheated, but you always hear of people making excuses for women who slipped and such … why couldn’t they listen to my side, too? Talk about your cognitive dissonance, your double standards! Women cheat and people find a way to blame the guy. Men do it, and then it’s all about “owning up” to your fuck-ups all the sudden. So, excuse me if I was bitter as my former mother-in-law’s sorry-assed coffee! Getting reamed royally by the courts was likely to make me despise my ex with a purple passion, too.

I waited, rather impatiently, having better things to do with my day than wait for my stupid cunt of an ex to answer the door, but having no alternative right then. I stomped my feet for a bit, spitting on the welcome mat for good measure, a deliberate act of spite directed at Katie and all of the stupid legal system that had shafted me without lube. True, I wasn’t in the poorhouse by a long shot, but it was the principle of the thing, and that alimony was money that I could put to much better use than keeping Katie “in the style to which she was accustomed.”

Since when did anyone have a right to that, married or not? If you think so, try getting laid off by a major industrial firm as my Uncle Jasper was. I don’t hear anyone clamoring for the management to pay monthly maintenance to him! After I became a corporate raider, I deliberately made their lives hell for that, just on general principles. Hell hath no fury like a shark wronged! By the time that I was done, Uncle Jasper was living high off the hog and half those CEOs were now living on the streets!

Anyway, there I was at Katie’s new house (we sold off the shared residence), admiring at least her taste in decor, which I had to admit was classy as ever, when the door opened and Katie stepped out, wearing nothing but an old T-shirt of mine (how did she get that) and terrycloth pajama bottoms. She took one look at me, as if briefly confused for a moment, put on her eyeglasses, and then her eyes grew wider when she looked at the alimony check. That was a bit confusing to me, since she had to have known how much I was to pay her, right?

That was when the big shocker came, in the form of a very wet French kiss from my ex-wife, who pulled me inside and closed the door in a hurry. I caught myself returning it, too, much to my absolute surprise! The next thing that I knew, my pants were down and my cock gagging her, as I held onto her head to keep from toppling over. Katie was all over me, practically swallowing my entire prick more than once, her hands on my ass to grope me as I ravaged her mouth. How did that girl get my whole cock in her throat, anyway? When we were together, she would suck, sure, but not like this! It felt as if she were dying of need for it or something!

Katie’s tongue worked magic, too, and I had to really fight back the urge to cum that close to her tonsils, thanks to her oral casino şirketleri services. I pushed her long, dirty blonde hair away from her face and tried not to notice that she looked up at me so pathetically with her baby blue eyes. It was as if she was desperate for me not to hate her for some reason, much to my amazement. How could I not hate her after how she stuck it to me in the divorce? Even so, her pleading eyes and pouty lips weren’t helping me stick to my guns there, were they? She looked like a dog who had been kicked one time too many, and I just didn’t have the heart to be mean to her right then, not with her mouth crammed full of my dick.

“Katie, I’m about to cum…!” I warned my ex, but she wouldn’t stop sucking me off, even going more furiously with her purpose, until I exploded down her throat and she came up for air at last.

I started to feel a sudden urge to piss now, blocked previously by my churning balls, but Katie wouldn’t let go of my dick. If I didn’t stop her now, I was going to whiz down her throat. I gestured at my cock and she just kept sucking me, as if trying to revive me. I tried again to get her attention and she just winked at me. I felt very frustrated, not wanting to piss in her mouth, no matter how angry I was at her. Admittedly, her actions had mollified me a bit, so this was a bit of a dilemma, as I was really had to go!

“Um … Katie, I have to pee … badly!” I warned my ex, and to my utter astonishment, she winked at me and started sucking me even harder.

I couldn’t hold back any longer, and my piss just poured out down her throat, making her gulp down the golden stream with complete abandon. I staggered backward with shock after she opened her mouth and let me go. I pulled up my pants and ran out of the house, truly shaken by what just took place. I was as kinky as the next guy (a factor in helping Alyssa seduce me, of course), but to have anyone, even one’s ex, swallow my piss? I never expected that in a million years! As it happened, that wasn’t the end of it, of course. Katie followed me out of the house, eyes bawling for a bit as she saw me ready to put on my helmet and ride away.

“Please … Lucian … no! Please don’t leave! Please stay!” Katie begged me, fighting me to get my helmet out of my hands.

“Damn it, woman, what now?” I demanded, noting that she smelled fresh again, “Did you wash out your mouth already?”

“Of course, but I had to run pretty fast to try to catch up with you! I just didn’t want you disgusted by me if I did, so that forced me to stop long enough to use the Listerine and toothpaste,” Katie told me, following up with a French kiss, as she put her arms around me and her head on my shoulders.

“Why … why, Katie? Why?” I confronted her, even as my hands started wandering her body and she grabbed them long enough to place them firmly on her ass.

“Because … I’m kinky like that, I guess. I like the taste. I … just plain like it. So sue me!” Katie confessed, covering her mouth as she realized what she just said.

“Yeah, last time I tried that, it didn’t go so well for me. Remember the countersuit that was summarily dropped, in spite of the merits? You slapped me in the face repeatedly and I called it abuse and cruelty, and the judge didn’t take it seriously at all, even got angry when I pointed out her inconsistency and hypocrisy on the subject. What a cunt!” I swore, making Katie step back nervously, with a good, healthy dose of fear now.

“Look … I’m … sorry, okay? I really am. I shouldn’t have done that, I guess. But Mom does that to Daddy, so do a lot of my girlfriends, so I just assumed that it was something that women did, that society was okay with it. The judge backed me up on that, as did my lawyer, even YOUR lawyer seemed to treat it as normal and get embarrassed that you insisted on the countersuit on those grounds. But, for what it’s worth … I … I really am sorry. For that … and for divorcing you … and… , ” Katie trailed off, eyes wet with tears now, feeling rejected and hurt.

“And taking you for so much. I really … miss you. God, I can’t begin to tell you how much I miss you! I thought that … I don’t know, I guess that I hoped that you would see me, miss me, too, and such, but I hadn’t counted on your wrath, your bitterness at being treated that way by the courts. And by me. And when I saw the actual figure, as a weekly amount, I just realized how bad it must be. Sure, you’re still rich, but damn, that’s … a staggering amount! I’m actually embarrassed by it. Especially since… , ” Katie trailed off again.

“Since what, Katie?” I probed further.

“Since this was all to keep from getting cut off. If I didn’t divorce you, Daddy was going to cut me out of his will. Mom insisted on it. He didn’t like you, but he wasn’t pushing for it like she was. She can’t stand you. Just something about you that she doesn’t like, for reasons that she never quite explained to me. No, she didn’t casino firmaları set you up, not that I know of, but she jumped at the chance to kick you out of my life … and I lost the best guy that I’ve ever loved. Yes, you’re a damn cheater, but you’re still a stand-up guy … and I … I’m not exactly innocent myself.

“I … sorta cheated on you, too. I know that you must have suspected at times, but you could never prove it. I think that I was set up, though, because it was just too convenient. Mom wanted you gone, and she figured that me cheating would set me free of you, get you out of my life at last, and then make it easier to find me someone … else. I really doubt that it was a coincidence when I got … buzzed at my bachelorette party and hooked up with the stripper.

“His name was Antonio. Nice, sexy piece of Latin man meat, I have to admit to enjoying it with him … but I felt very guilty with him, and to make matters worse, I … sorta did him again the next morning, the morning of our wedding day. I never did it again, but Mom kept dropping hints and trying to lure me into bed with him. Evidently, he’s now one of her lovers, and no, Daddy has no clue. He’s a little dense at times, Daddy, but he is a good man, in his own naive, simplistic way,” Katie admitted to me at last, blushing as she told me such things about her own family, not that I was surprised … they were real nasty pieces of work, at least her mother was.

“So … you cheated on me, ON OUR WEDDING DAY, went to the altar with his sloppy seconds still inside you, and then proceeded to give them to me, after which you divorced me for cheating on you with my assistant! God damn it, Katie! And why did you need Daddy’s money so badly? I would have taken care of you myself! I could be all that for you! I’m rich enough and I love you enough … and … I’m so fucking angry right now!” I started to shout, but Katie stopped me short by giving me a desperate, hungry, tearful kiss on the mouth.

“I’m … so sorry, and baby, I really do miss you! Please, please, don’t go! Please come back inside and let me … let me take care of you! I don’t care about Alyssa! Or Fleur, for that matter! Yes, I know that you’re screwing that French girl now and then, and quite frankly, I’m jealous, but more because I’m left out, not because of sharing. I wish that I could share you! I should be so lucky! With either lady or both!

“And the sick thing is … since I left you, I’ve become a real slut, too! I mean … really a big-time, round heeled tart! I think that I might be an addict or something, I don’t know! I’ve slept with Antonio more than once, plus his buddy Tyson, and then his buddy Luther! I’ve done it several times, and even done gang-bangs, pulled trains, you name it! I’m far wilder than you ever were while we were married, dear, and now I’ve probably lost you for good, but I can’t keep this all in, honey! I just can’t! I can’t stop it, either. I need it badly … but I also need you!” Katie really turned on the waterworks as we kissed, but that was okay now.

“Come on inside, Katie. Let’s deal with this, okay? Let’s not have you weeping out here on the front porch of your own house. Why do you need me so suddenly, when you didn’t before?” I asked my ex-wife, taking her by the hand for a moment as she seemed to have broken down a bit.

I sat Katie down on the sofa of her new place, a sofa that I suspected that her parents bought for her, one where she probably took on those men more than once. I let her cradle her head on my shoulders and weep a bit, her tears staining my shirt, but I didn’t care anymore. I held her tight, even kissed the top of her head a bit, and hushed her whenever she was about to speak until she was able to cry it out a bit. I don’t know why I was so overcome with sentimental weakness or whatever, but here was my sobbing ex-wife, a sight that already existed in my fantasies, but I found that I didn’t have the power to be cruel to her after all. Instead, I was kind and comforted her through the sobfest of hers, letting her weep over her mess of a life even though it felt at times that she had ruined mine.

By now, Katie’s glasses were a smeared mess and I wiped them for her, just as I used to in the past, another shock for both of us. Then I pulled her face up to mine and shocked us again with a very loving kiss that had her more than a little shaken. She kissed me back nonetheless, both on the mouth, and then on my cheeks. She started lifting my shirt above my head, kissing my bare chest, and then working her way down to my belly before undoing my pants once more. I found my boxers falling to my ankles, even as Katie got busy sucking me as if her life depended upon it. In spite of myself, my prick rose to the occasion again, this time without any full bladder pressuring me behind it.

“Oh, God, my favorite cock! My favorite toy, baby!” Katie told me, licking me as if my prick were ice cream or a Sno-Cone or something, “I’ve güvenilir casino missed this little guy so damn much, though, truth be told, he’s not really all that little, is he? Not once he grows to full mast. Yummy! My favorite treat!”

“Even now … after all this time and the divorce and everything? The ink is barely dry on the papers, but we’ve been separated for months now!” I groaned, “even now, after taking up with Antonio and Tyson … and … Luther?” I expressed surprise now.

“Yes, even now … I like them, but I love you … and theirs don’t taste all that great! Yours does! Yummy, like I said! I’d eat it, but then I couldn’t use it again, plus it would put you in a lot of pain. Your balls, too!” Katie informed me with conviction, as she began sucking my balls in earnest as well, “I love sweaty, hairy balls like yours!”

“Oh … fuck me!” I groaned again.

Sure enough, Katie took that as an invitation, sliding off my old T-shirt, followed by sliding down her pajama bottoms, and then bending over the sofa for me. I don’t recall the exact second that I just went with my impulse, but the next thing that I realized, I was inside my ex-wife from behind and my palms slammed against her bare buns repeatedly. I soon bottomed out inside my ex, and God, it was even better than I recalled! Perhaps I really had missed her sweet snatch, as well as her many winsome ways, but damn, I was in Heaven, taking my Katie once again … reclaiming her at last. I saw in the mirror on the wall that she bit her bottom lip, too, something that she only did when the sex was really intense like this.

“Oh … fuck, Daddy!” Katie screamed, “Daddy, fuck me harder, please! Spank me harder, too! Please … Daddy!”

“Daddy? Your father might take offense to you calling me that!” I chuckled as I took her roughly, spanking her even more now.

“I … don’t … care! It’s his fault that I don’t have you anymore! His fault and … Mom’s!” Katie begged me for more and more hard cock … and hard hands, making her my bitch, my slut.

“So, what does this mean now? Do you want me back, then?” I asked Katie, as I kept thrusting in and out of her.

“Yes, more than ever, but you’d never take a slutty cunt like me back, would you? I couldn’t be faithful, and I wasn’t before, and yet I divorced you … for not being faithful! I’m a hypocrite and a fool! Could we ever have a chance? I wouldn’t say a thing against you and Fleur … or that girl you call your ‘work wife,’ I swear it … Please take me back! Would you? Could you? Or is it too late?” Katie pleaded with me.

“Okay, I’ll take you back, but not as my wife!” I had a burst of inspiration right then.

“Oh … what as, then?” Katie grunted and whimpered as I slapped her bottom again while fucking her harder now.

“As my baby girl, honey. I’d be your new Daddy. You’d be my pet slut. My plaything. I’d be your Dom, your Daddy, your Master, you see. You need discipline, domination, you see. Guidance. A firm hand to take control and guide, direct … train you. As my slut girl, you wouldn’t have to be faithful, and as my baby girl, you’d need a new Mommy or two, anyway. A strong female presence to help me train and discipline you, to correct your misconduct at times. Forget about me being faithful to you … ain’t gonna happen.

“Your new Mommies are going to be my sluts, too, serving and pleasuring me, but dominating you. Are you game for that? We’ll whip you into shape, kinky slut that you are, so that you can serve us, especially me, but also them, permanently and for life,” I instructed her, even as I smacked her booty and thrust in and out of her delicious twat.

“Oh … God, yes! Yes, Daddy! Make me yours! I’ll do whatever you like! Thank you, Daddy!” Katie moaned her orgasm at last, closing in with her slick, juicy cunt on my cock and all but forcing every last drop of my seed into her snatch.

“Okay, then. We have a deal, and to seal it, I’ll sell my place and move in with you. I’ll continue paying you the alimony, but you and I both know now that it’s really your allowance. I’ll have Alyssa come by now and then, and I know that she’ll do it, because she’s fantasized about making your ass red a few times in my hearing.

“I’ll also have Fleur come by from time to time. She’s very French and very kinky in her own way, and from what she’s already shown me, she’d go for this, too. Maybe in time, they can move in with us, but for now, it needs to just be you and me 24/7, but with them visiting regularly to assist me in bringing you to heel.

“As for your guys, well, that’s part of your reward system for obeying me. If you do well, you can have access to strange dick. If you disobey me, or your two Mommy/trainer sluts, you might be cut off now and then, are we clear? You will get plenty of cock, but on my terms. You’ll always get Daddy’s dick, though. I won’t punish you with denying you that. You will also have to eat them out, the Mommies, and watch me fuck them regularly. Are we clear about that?” I demanded, knowing already what Katie would say to that.

“Oh, God, when can we start?” Katie asked me as her eyes danced, and my hands reached for the home phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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