Corset Conquest

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“What have you done to me?” she said, looking in the long mirror, “my God, what’s happened to me?”

He thought to himself, “Nothing by comparison to what’s coming, my dear,” but he stayed silent.

Instead, he said, “You look amazing. Exciting. A lover’s dream.”

“Oooh nnnooo,” she was beginning to scream now as she placed her hands on her waist, “it’ll kill me. Something must burst in me.”

She reached round the back of the corset, to see if she could unfasten it, but she couldn’t. The knot he tied was too complicated for her to untie behind her back.

He placed his own hands on her waist and drew her to him, kissing her forehead among her dark hair.

“You felt it closing; so now it’s made you a wonderful shape,” he tried to reassure her.

“I didn’t know it would do this to me. Now I see it, it must damage me. I didn’t reali-i-i-i-i-ise,” she was wailing again and he cuddled her gently. He felt her relax onto my chest.

Reaching round her corseted body, he could tell it was open by about 2 inches at her waist, but almost closed shut at hips and ribs. That meant her waist was 20 inches round; and she’d had a natural waist of 30 inches earlier that night.

Earlier that night, he’d talked her into the corset which was new to her.

“Let me show you something really nice for your figure,” he’d suggested casually as they held each other when she first arrived in his apartment.

“Like what?” she’d queried, “Don’t you like my figure?”

“Your figure’s wonderful,” he said; and that was true. He guessed she had measurements of 36C-30-38 inches. At 5ft 6in tall, she looked magnificent in her long denim skirt, fitted embroidered waistcoat and high heeled boots.

“But I’ve an idea to make you very pleased about your figure. Even more than now. Go on – let me show you,” he’d adopted a slightly pleading tone.

“OK,” she said, “what is it?”

“A little corset for your waist; that’s all. Yes?”

“Mmm. OK.”

His words “little corset” seemed to reassure her; as if he meant a slight, flimsy, fashion accessory, like the shiny basque that a burlesque dancer might wear. But what he had hidden to one side was a tight-lacing, waist-training corset from one of the most prominent names in English corsetry. It was heavily boned, would reach from her bra-line to the widest part of her hips; and had strong lacing at the back, through no fewer than 30 steel eyelets. This corset was small in his favourite sense: it could reduce a woman’s waist to the minimum of anatomical possibility. Small? Certainly a small waist and that was his goal for this shapely woman.

She had undressed down to her bra and panties, and he had blindfolded her; “Just part of my little game. Yes?”

“Mmm. OK.”

And so he’d placed the blindfold over her head and led her to the bedside. There he sat in front of her and wrapped the “little corset” around her torso, being careful not to tighten it at this stage. It simply rested on her skin, settling into her hips slightly. Then he removed her bra and they lay down. He kissed her breasts and played with his hands on her body. She mewed like a kitten as he used his experience and skill to give her pleasure. His fingers and tongue explored the crease under her breast as well as her nipples. With his mouth still gulping on her breasts, his hand pushed down over the corset front, all the way from top edge to bottom, and then further into her pubic area with its little fuzz of blonde hairs. And so into her labia, where he found her wet and receptive of his finger; two fingers; more fingers he guessed would be possible some day.

Then he followed his hand down the front of her corseted body until he could place his tongue on her clitoris. He moved his face and mouth around in an exploratory way until he found the pressure and rhythm that she seemed to like. And so he settled down to bring her to her first orgasm of their time together. And it happened; and she mewed again with more volume, until she relaxed her head back into the pillow, with eyes closed inside the blindfold. He stayed still and quiet, resting his face on her corseted abdomen, just casino şirketleri above the fuzz-line. He raised one of his hands to hold one of her breasts as if he were a bra-cup. And she placed her hand on his, to stop him from moving it away. Which wasn’t his intention, anyway. So they rested after her climax. At one stage, she opened her legs a little further which he assumed was an invitation for him to enter; but he had other ideas and plans for later. So they just rested.

Some time later, he lifted himself off the corseted figure and spoke softly to move her, for some tightening;

“Keep the blindfold on but just roll over onto your tummy. OK? I’ll tighten you a little.”

The corset was still quite loose on her at that stage but 3 minutes later he’d tightened her waist by an inch or two. Also, he’d moved the top and bottom edges so that almost met, closed on her skin. Fortunately, he’d guessed her measurements correctly and they would eventually meet without exerting any pressure. But her waist was something else, and that was the centre of his interest.

He rolled her onto her back again and she slumbered, holding her waist lightly and feeling at the new indentation over each hip.

Ten minutes later, he recommenced his exploration of her body. She’d moved a little this way and that, as his hands and his face delved into her creases. Smoothing, pulling and licking her skin almost everywhere it was exposed apart from the corset and her panties. These panties came off, of course, during one of these “explorations” and she allowed his hands to move over her, and under her and into her.

At one point, he placed his hand on her flattened abdomen and asked softly, “Is this OK? Comfy?”

“Mmm. I can’t feel it now, at all,” she’d replied in a dreamy voice.

“So let me tighten you a little more. Tell me when you can feel it again. Yes?”

And she’d agreed with a waggle of her head inside her blindfold, so he laced her waist an inch or two further.

“That alright?” he’d enquired and got another waggle of her head.

She didn’t realise it, but her waist was now 5 inches smaller than when she’d arrived, maybe two hours earlier. She placed her hands on the shrinking waist but expressed no concern.

So this was the way it went from time to time. He played on her body. She had another orgasm. He would tighten her waist a little, while she relaxed into the new shape developing inside the ferocious corset.

Eventually, there came the time for another lacing, more serious this time. He rolled her over and played with his mouth and hands on her back and shoulders and her bottom. He reached out for a small conical butt-plug and slowly introduced it into her anus. She seemed to be expecting it and made all the right motions and sounds. He pressed it and she pushed out, so that her sphincter opened. It was only one-inch diameter, and settled into her smoothly with the black flange showing against her fair skin. Then he kneeled up across the backs of her legs and reached up for the knot at her waist. He leaned down to her ear and spoke softly:

“This is a bigger tightening now. But you’ll be fine. Your body has got used to the corset now. Yes?”

“Mmm. I’ll tell you if it’s too much,” she said into the pillow.

This time, he braced himself and crossed over the laces to get leverage against the eyelets: the first time he’d adopted this method of lacing. He braced his shoulders and pushed the two lace-loops outwards, drawing the corset edges almost together. He could see what she couldn’t; her waist was almost at its smallest and the tightest the corset could be made. But not quite. Not yet.

“Mmm. Enough,” she’d said, and he had stopped. He would resume in a short time; he knew that.

At one stage, he’d also tied her hands so that she wouldn’t be able to feel the reduction of her waist; which might have startled her. So her hands were tied up to her shoulders; each hand crossed over her breasts and tied to the opposite shoulder, with the soft rope round her back.

“Why this?” she’d asked from behind the blindfold.

“So your figure will be casino firmaları a surprise when you feel it next,” he’d said in his soft matter-of-fact voice.


Now it was the early hours of Saturday morning. He’d had her blindfolded for six hours while he gradually laced her into the corset. At the start, she’d been excited at the feel of the white satin covering; smoothing her hands against her changing figure. After each reduction, she’d asked for a rest. And he’d agreed, so they lay down and he played on her some more with his hands and mouth. At one stage, after some minutes for her to recover her quietness, he reached out for a favourite vibrator and they’d played some more. He was keeping her body for his pleasure later. She orgasmed easily, this beautiful shapely woman, and she’d clung to him each time, in her pleasure. Together, they’d gone to the bathroom from time to time so that she could relieve her bladder and he helped by cleaning her from the tub of gentle wipes he kept there.

The latest lacing had been done with her lying on her stomach and relaxed, but with her arms still crossed over her breasts. Now her waist was 20 inches: almost half her hip measurement and 10 inches smaller than it had been when she arrived the previous evening. There was only a short waist acing still to be completed.

He turned her over onto her back, untied her arms, and helped her to stand in front of the mirror. Her eyes were wide open, and her mouth.

“What have you done to me?” she said, looking in the long mirror, “my God, what’s happened to me?”

“Oooh nnnooo,” she was beginning to scream now as she placed her hands on her waist, “it’ll kill me. Something must burst in me.”

Until that moment, she’d been relaxed and quiet in her corset, but the visual image of her own figure in the mirror had provoked a panic. For the first time, she thought she should be gasping for breath; struggling to move; fighting against the constraints of the bones and the lacings. She ran her hands over her figure, into the waist, over her hips, round and over her contained buttocks, up and round her ribs. As he knew, the corset was not tight at the bottom edge, nor at the top. She slid a finger under the bottom edge to realise that it was simply touching her skin. And she tucked her thumbs in the top edge and discovered the same there. But her waist was tight. Really tight. Tighter than she’d realised before this view in the mirror.

After her little outburst subsided, he held her and felt at her figure for himself. From behind, looking into the mirror and into her eyes, he ran his hands over the flat rigid front of the corset; feeling the tautness of the busk fastening over her muscles and containing her ribs. Then he moved his hands to left and right to feel the curve over her hips, which now felt like little shelves.

He traced the bones in the corset from top edge, over their laced-in tightness and down to the bottom edge. He imagined he could feel her hip bones, the fabric of the corset stretched tightly over the curve of her iliac crest; the broad sweep of bone. But what were her bones and what was the rigid taut corset was impossible to distinguish. Even so, it felt good to him.

He held her waist, pressing his fingers and thumbs together as if to encircle her. Almost but not quite, and she was almost rigid in her waist. She felt like warm wood; carved into the shape of the most erotic feminine waist. There was no movement in her waist at all; no “give” as he pressed; no flexibility as she swayed a little under his grasp and his groping.

Then he allowed his hands to roam over her lower abdomen and down to her pubic area, to discover a little bulge below the corset. Her intestines and skin-fat had been gradually rearranged during the slow corseting, and now was located in a beautiful little mound above her pubis. He anticipated how that would feel when he next lay down with her; on her; inside her. But he could wait a little longer.

He led her back to the bed and helped her to lie down. A woman in a tight-laced corset hasn’t the flexibility to lie down buy herself. güvenilir casino He knew that and let her down gently onto her pillow, lying on her back. She was panting a little by now and holding her waist; remembering the image of her own figure in the mirror.

Lying next to her, he coiled his arm over her and held her waist with one hand. Moving that hand up and down, he moved to place his face near hers and kissed her gently on her cheek, in her hair and then on her chest above her breasts. And then full kisses and sucking on her nipples, such as she’d appreciated earlier in the evening. But now she was concentrating on her breathing and the memory from the mirror. Orgasm was not high in her list of priorities but she knew that he would take her soon. She opened her legs as far as the corset would allow, with the outer edges digging into her thighs just a little.

And so he lifted himself onto her corseted and contained body, and entered her for his pleasure. With his hands either side of her waist, flat on the bed, he pumped his penis into her slowly at first; and then with greater urgency.

At this point, he surprised and shocked her by leaning flat on her body and holding her waist in his two hands as he continued his shagging. His full weight lay on her and she expected to feel crushed; but the corset seemed to support him through its tightness and the rigidity of her body. She wrapped her hands round his shoulders and his neck as he lay on her full-length. She knew that he was holding her waist but had no awareness of it. The hardness and tightness of her waist had lost all her skin sensation.

For the first time, she understood how tight corseting can be restrictive and immobilising but also comfortable if done properly. The corset seemed to contain its own anaesthetic through its tightness and the perfect pressure on her skin. She pondered all this as she lay there under his movements, knowing that soon he would flood her with his sex juices. But then he surprised her again.

He let go of her waist and raised himself off her. Quickly, he turned her over and pushed his erection into her vagina from behind. He pressed on the flange of the butt-plug, of course, and she could feel both intrusions now in a way she didn’t before. He kneeled over her and held her waist as he moved back and forth. His erection was very hard even though he was not super-endowed with penis. She could feel the rigidity of his movement as he pounded into her lips, against the walls of her slippery vagina and rubbing against the butt-plug in two ways. First by movement of the flange, and secondly by proximity through her membranes inside her body. Her own excitement was rising and she could tell that his certainly was.

At this stage, he startled her again; he took hold of the knot in the corset-laces and untied it. She knew what he was going to do and felt another panic rising in her; and he did exactly as she expected. He leaned against the laces, crossing them over again to provide the leverage. Until the corset was closed. Her waist was now only 18 inches but she didn’t know that; only that she was being compressed into the most erotic feminine figure that she could imagine for herself. He tied off the knot and she lay under him immovable, and resisting the sense of panic in her numbed waist.

And so, holding her tiny waist from behind, he completed his shagging on her and spewed his sperms and other juices deep inside her. At the last moment, as his erection and his testicles were pulsing, he buried himself deep inside the corseted vagina. Thus he finished his conquest of her body and her corseted figure; and she relaxed with pleasure and release in the knowledge of what had happened to her.


Later, he released her from the corset. She was relieved but also sad and disappointed. She’d become accustomed to the pressure and the knowledge of her superb shape. As they stood to release the corset, she held his hands away for a few seconds; to take a final long look at her 36C-18-38 figure. She wondered if she would ever again see herself with such an outline; such a silhouette. She hoped so and determined to keep close to this man if he agreed, and to experience this again. Next time, she resolved to take more pleasure now that she knew how it felt and how she looked.

Uncorseted, and with his arms around her, she slept until late in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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