Corey and Noah Pt. 02 Ch. 04

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‘Are you sure you’re okay?’

‘Yeah I’m fine Corey. I told you: I’m not worried about me, I only care about you.’ Reece said waving his hand airily.

Reece stumbled slightly. He was having some difficulty walking straight but that had little to do with the fact that he had just been punched in the face several times and more to do with the amount of alcohol he had consumed. I walked beside him, gripping his arm tightly to ensure his stability. It wasn’t easy however. Reece was quite a big guy, with more muscle in one arm than on my entire body. Further, I had drunk my fair share that night. So all in all, the walk proved chaotic at best.

‘Reece, I really appreciate that but Ben barely touched me. You’re the one who was knocked to the ground!’ I said, eyeing Reece’s nose worriedly.

Reece had taken his shirt off and until recently, was holding it over his nose. The white fabric was now ruined; drenched in a surprising amount of blood. I hoped desperately that his nose wasn’t broken.

‘I’m fine.’ He said again, though I knew he was lying.

Still stumbling but somehow managing to remain upright, we continued through the dark stillness of the suburbs of Melbourne. My mind was still racing, trying to piece together how everything had gotten so out of control so quickly. It was only twenty or so minutes ago yet it seemed like a lot longer. Vaguely, I saw myself standing with Reece playing beer pong before one of Noah’s friends came up to us out of nowhere. Ben was so drunk, he could barely stand and looking back on it, it was obvious that he was looking for a fight. Why Ben started it I could not say but he called us both queer because we hadn’t left each other’s side the whole party. I thought that this was a bit rich considering Ben’s closest friends, Nathan and Jarrod, were currently swimming naked in the pool together.

‘Aren’t you into any of these chicks?’ Ben asked, jerking his head behind him at no one in particular.

‘Not really.’ Reece said before grabbing my arm and starting to pull me away.

‘Where the fuck are you going you queer cunt?’ Ben asked, grabbing my other arm tightly.

‘Get the fuck off him!’ Reece spat and before I knew it, Reece had thrown a punch at Ben.

Ben let go of me and dodged the punch easily. Then, before Reece could do so much as adjust his feet, Ben retaliated and smashed Reece in the side of the head. I jumped back in shock, as Ben threw another punch which hit Reece square in the nose with a sickening crunch. Reece shook his head and blood splattered everywhere. Before Ben could wipe the warm substance from his face, Reece advanced again. This time, Reece got Ben in the shoulder.

People were really beginning to crowd around now. The sound of their yelling and the weight of so many circling us was disorientating and the alcohol was only acting to increase the sensation. Not to mention, I had not a single ounce of fighting instinct in me to react to this situation. I had never thrown a punch in my life and watched on in a kind of horrified trance as Reece was eventually knocked to the ground with one clean sweep from Ben. Then, suddenly, Ben turned to me.

‘Your turn now you gay fuck.’ Ben said, raising his fist.

Then, so many things happened at once that my intoxicated mind had difficulty comprehending it all. Nick had pulled me away from Ben by the back of my shirt just as Ben was tackled to the ground by someone I couldn’t see. I was so out of it that the world was momentarily incomprehensible. Nick caught me and threw me back forcefully into the crowd before he started shouting something I couldn’t understand. Lachlan essentially caught me and asked if I was okay. He looked more amused than concerned however. Tom was next to him and I heard him ask something as he patted my back. Before I could stop myself, I leaned forward and threw up over Lachlan’s bare feet. Tom jumped back and roared with laughter along with much of the crowd.

Little Lachy from the footy team looked pissed off for a second before joining in the laughter, ‘You right there Matheson? Fuckin hell!’

As Lachlan sped off towards the pool to wash his feet, I suddenly remembered what had happened to Reece. But before I could act, a warm hand closed around my shoulder casino şirketleri and walked me through the crowd.

‘You okay?’ Reece asked in a funny, nasally voice. Blood was protruding violently from his nose.

‘Reece -‘ I began.

‘I know, its fine.’ Reece said before taking off his shirt and holding it over his bloody face.

Stopping only to rinse my mouth out in Tom Wilsons kitchen, Reece and myself left the party before anyone had a chance to stop us.


Reece and I rounded the bend into my street. As we did so, I noticed that a light was still on in the lounge room. Kane was probably still awake. He usually stayed up until three in the morning, watching European soccer and drinking heavily.

My suspicions were confirmed as we crossed the threshold. Kane, as ever, was sat on the lounge in his favourite pair of grey undies, watching TV. Blake had joined him tonight. He was wearing some grey track pants, his legs dangling over the coffee table which held many empty beer bottles and a heavily used bong.

‘Heya broooos!’ Blake practically yelled, jumping up to hug myself and then Reece.

Blake’s eyes were blazing red and dark pubes were hanging out of the top of his trackies.

‘Hey, are you okay?’ I asked, trying not to laugh.

Blake placed his hand absent-mindedly down his pants to readjust his penis, ‘Course I am bro! I’m always okay!’

‘Don’t you work tomorrow?’ I said, trying not to look at Blake’s hand which was still inside his pants, apparently cupping his balls.

‘Yeah he does. He’s so fucked!’ Kane said, laughing hysterically.

I laughed too as I directed Reece towards the hall, ‘You need to go to bed Blake!’

‘Nah fuck that shit man! I don’t need a job. I live in Australia, the cunts will look after me!’

Guessing that he was referring to the welfare office, I shouted behind me, ‘Go to bed!’ before heading towards my room.

Reece collapsed onto my newly acquired bed, looking like death. I sat on the edge of it and looked down at him with a mixture of pity and, notably, desire.

‘Are you sure you’re okay?’

‘Please don’t ask me that again.’ Reece said, smiling up at me a little.

I smiled back as Reece threw his now ruined shirt into the corner and un-buttoned his jeans.

‘We should probably shower before bed.’ I said, taking my shirt off and throwing it in the same general direction.

‘In a minute.’ Reece grunted, ‘I just need to lay here for a bit.’

Reece began kicking his shoes off as my head swam. The alcohol was beginning to wear off by now, but I still felt as if I were on another planet. I got quite a shock when I looked down and found Reece laying in his underwear.

We looked at each other for a moment. It wasn’t hard to tell that he had a raging boner under the thin fabric. The tent in his undies was twitching in a mesmerising fashion and it was at that moment that I realised I hadn’t seen his dick since that PE class, months ago. The one in which he had blown his load down my throat and the one in which he had realised he was gay.

‘Sorry.’ Reece said, though he didn’t sound sorry at all, ‘Vodka makes me horny.’

‘Me too.’ I said without thinking.

It must have too because no sooner had I said it, then I had jumped on top of Reece. Our mouths locked together instantly and started to wrestle. Reece’s lips were warm and sweet. I could feel his heavy breath as we grinded back and forth and could feel his tongue assaulting my own.

I moaned softly, pushing myself into his body. Everything about him was sexy, from his six-pack to his tight arse which was lifting from the bed to meet my thrusts with equally passionate ones of his own.

My jeans were off in less than a minute, which worked to intensify the feeling between my cock and his. Every thrust was like a burst of heaven. I found myself needing to feel his dick with my bare hands. It seemed to be the most important thing in the world in that moment. Lifting myself onto my knees, I tore his undies off and felt his balls rolling around in my hand. I forgot how big his cock was as I grabbed it and wanked it slowly.

Reece moaned softly. He broke away from my lips and I placed my head down by his shoulder. Kissing casino firmaları his neck, I could feel his hands running over my arse. Down my thighs and up again to my arse he went, breathing into my ear in a way that made me shiver.

As I continued to stroke his dick, Reece finally pulled my undies down. I watched him curiously place his entire index finger into his mouth and remove it before he moved to my arsehole. He began to tease it with his finger, moving it in circular motions around my hole. This felt so good that I soon forgot to jerk him. Instead, I simply held his dick tightly as if it were a support bar of some kind while Reece moved his finger ever closer to my tight hole. Eventually, I felt the tip of his finger go in.

I had to suppress a deep moan, aware as I was that Kane and Blake were only metres away. I began to jerk Reece’s dick again as Reece moved his finger deeper. Finally, he got as far as he could then began retracting it. In and out he moved, each time speeding up slightly. I could feel his dick throbbing under my grasp and knew nothing except the desire for him to be deep inside me.

I reached across to my bedside, opened the middle draw and fumbled past my dildo to grab a bottle of lube. I quickly lathered Reece’s dick up, taking care to move my hand up and down his knob as I did so. This forced Reece to fall back against the pillow hard, breathing heavily.

‘Ready?’ I whispered, mounting Reece and giving him a quick kiss.

‘Fuck yeah.’ Was all Reece could say.

His hands moved up and down my body as he watched me lower myself onto his dick. Finally, Reece’s dick made contact with my arsehole and I knew that if I had been wanking at that moment, I would have cum. Just the feeling of his knob against my hole would have been enough to send me over the edge.

Slowly, I pushed myself down and felt my hole engulf his knob. Reece let out a loud sigh which I mirrored. Panting, I pushed down further and further, the feeling of his dick sliding in, enveloping me. Soon after, I felt myself landing on his pelvic bone and stopped. Reece pushed himself as deep as he could manage before pulling back slightly. Then, he pushed back in and repeated his actions.

It was slow at first, as gentle as a sensual massage. Before long however, Reece began to thrust harder. In and out he moved, and every time he did so, I could feel his balls slapping around. Soon enough, I started moving my body up and down in sync with his thrusts. It was uncoordinated at first and it was then that I fully appreciated that I had never done this before.

Reece was taking my virginity.

I had heard that most of the time, people’s first penetration was awkward and uncomfortable. If this was the case for many however, then I was very much in the minority. I could not think of a time in which I had felt more pleasure. With each powerful thrust, Reece was making me forget about the entire world and for the first time since I had met him; Noah Bennet. I could tell that Reece was in pure ecstasy as well. His eyes were almost maddeningly moving around my body, taking in everything from my hard cock to my slim chest. I could see a small amount of sweat on his defined pecks, and his face was screwed up, his mouth open to let out heavy pants.

Suddenly, Reece pulled his dick out and got out from under me.

‘Are you okay?’ he asked. We were both kneeling, and Reece was running his hands up and down the side of my torso.

‘Fuck yeah.’ Was all I could think of saying before kissing him.

Reece’s hands moved down to my arse again and I wanked his cock furiously as we made out. I felt like I could have locked lips with him forever in that moment but he had other ideas. He pulled away after a minute, kissed my neck with a wry smile and turned me around. He did so with clear strength yet a surprising gentleness.

I knew what he wanted and as he placed a hand on my back, I bent down so I was on all fours. My arse was in the air close to his cock; teasing it. Reece looked down for a few seconds, biting his lip and running his hand all over my smooth arse. One hand reached under and cupped my balls before his other slapping my arse hard. I emitted a groan of pleasure as Reece moved his dick close to güvenilir casino my hole once more. Pushing it in in one fluid motion he, without warning, began to pound me hard.

I had fucked my own dildo countless times but the sensation was nothing like this. I knew again that if I grabbed my cock and began jerking it, I would cum in seconds. The ripples of pleasure I felt were just so overpowering.

I thought he was fucking me hard at first, but after a minute or two, I knew I was kidding myself. Reece was speeding up to the point where our bodies produced a loud slapping noise on contact. I thought again of Blake and Kane and wondered if the sound would carry into the living room. These thoughts were quickly thrown from my mind however as Reece began to tremble. Instinctively, I began to tighten my anus around his cock as his thrusts became, if possible, harder and deeper.

Moments later, Reece thrust violently before emitting a deep, drawn out moan. As he did so, I could feel his cock twitching and the warm liquid entering me. All the while, I had begun to wank fast, tightening my arsehole harder and harder. As I predicted, it took no time at all for ropes of cum to spew out of my dick and onto the bedsheets below. By the time I let out a final, gentle moan, Reece had stopped fully and bent down to kiss my neck again. It was only then that I smelt the alcohol on his breath and felt a little queasy.


Reece and I showered separately so as Kane and Blake would not become suspicious. Not that they were paying much attention to us really. They were too enthralled in the soccer match between Germany and Switzerland. I took the second shower and when I entered my bedroom again, Reece appeared sound asleep.

Smiling a little, I crossed to the bed and pulled my towel off before ducking under the covers. Before I had even turned the lamp off, Reece had put his arm around my waist. He was still naked, judging by the feeling of his warm, soft cock pressed against my bare arse. He kissed my neck and the two of us lay silently for what seemed like a long time. Reece started to breathe heavily so I assumed that he had drifted to sleep once more.

As I lay thinking about what had just happened, I tried not to let myself get too horny again. That was easier said than done however. I couldn’t believe that this beautiful, sweet, hot guy was cuddling me after fucking me so hard. It just seemed positively absurd, ridiculous even. Why would he be doing all of this with me? Me; Corey Matheson. The scrawny fucker who had no friends, no home and no remarkable traits as far as I was concerned. He should be fucking someone incredible, someone like Noah.

The idea of Noah and Reece in the throes of passion crossed my mind momentarily but rather then turn me on, it only made me giggle to myself. My thoughts lingered on Noah after that however, wondering what had happened to him following the party. And after everything that day, even after losing my virginity to Reece, I couldn’t escape the fact that Noah was the last person I was thinking of before I went to sleep.

Just before I fell into a deep slumber that I wouldn’t wake from until around one p.m. the next day, I head a murmur in the dark. Later, I thought that I had dreamed it, however I knew deep down that that wasn’t true.

Indeed, I’m sure that I clearly heard Reece say, ‘I love you Corey.’


The moon was exceptionally bright tonight. It made my trek through the bush all too easy. I’d only been there a few times but it wasn’t hard to find my way back to the small beach which Corey had shown me mere months ago. The city looked inviting across the glistening water as I trudged through the sand and sat down at no point in particular. There I stayed for some time. My head was still pounding and a point at the back was very sore. I had had a concussion from footy when I was younger and that was a very unpleasant experience. I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t concussed this time yet still, my head hurt like shit.

My head wasn’t the reason my eyes were full of tears however, nor the reason I was sobbing bitterly into my hands. I could not help it. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the image of Corey standing in shocked silence as I pinned him against the wall, out of my head. That look would haunt me until my last days, would visit me in my darkest moments. The look that said clearly that I had broken his trust.

‘I’m so sorry Corey.’ I muttered into the darkness, ‘I fucked up.’

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