Coming Home or Going Home?

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Finding himself back on a ranch surprised him as much as anyone. Leaving in the first place had initially only been to attend a seminar on futures trading at The Chicago Mercantile. Oh, he had returned after that, but only half-heartedly and only for a relatively short time.

You see, he had met someone during the weeklong event and that had changed everything.

As he recalls it now, they had fallen into some small talk at the bar after one of the sessions, chuckling about their name tags: Joan Samson and Sam Johnson. By the end of the conference they’d fallen in love, even though she had been the high-powered, NY lawyer and keynote speaker. He was from out West, and although he hadn’t worn his boots, the rough edges of his cowboy-ness had shone through.

But that had been, what… 30 years ago? Good years, he’d say, if you asked him. But he had been without her for five years now and their son, Justin, had grown up and was gone as well.

Joan had burned her candle at both ends until it suddenly flamed out after a bout with breast cancer that had gone undetected in the hustle and bustle of the legal practice and keeping up with her equally driven father – the other Samson on the law firm’s letterhead.

A year or so after his mother’s death, Justin had gone out to visit his uncle and had fallen in love with the outdoors, ranching and the cowgirl from the neighboring outfit. Sam’s own visit to the “neighboring outfit” brought him to today.

The ranch was about 2 hours east of the city he’d flown into. Seeing Justin at the airport was great. That wasn’t a surprise, but Sam was surprised how great it was to see the wide open spaces again and arriving after the pastures had greened and the snow was still on the surrounding peaks was a stroke of genius.

Justin filled him in on the ranch, his projects, other ranches, the woman who ran the outfit and, of course the cowgirl, Sheila. She was the daughter of the boss lady and seemed to be the real thing, although reading between the lines Sam got the impression that he was in for some more surprises in the next few weeks.

The ranch seemed quiet when they arrived and Justin showed him to the quarters he would have during his visit and told him to simply settle in and he’d come to get him for breakfast in the morning. The office staff – Justin, Sheila and her mother – didn’t leave the main house as early as the rest of the ranch, so he didn’t need to worry about starting too early tomorrow.

Breakfast got going around 9 and was a modest affair, but would keep them going until lunch. It became clear that the other three had been at it for a while: checking Eastern commodity markets, futures markets at the Mercantile and the work schedule at the ranch for the next week or so. What goes around, comes around; he thought back to the seminar 30 years ago and supposed so many things had changed.

“I’d love to show you around the buildings after breakfast.” Sheila’s mother, in the meantime also known as Madge, broke into his thoughts.

“Oh, sure. If you have time.”

“Seems like you’ve also forgotten about Western hospitality. What else do we need to catch you up on?” She asked the question, but her smile was simply disarming and not demeaning.

“Guess we’ll see. When do we start?” he asked.

“Enjoy another cup of coffee and I’ll be back in about 20 minutes, okay?”

“See you later, Dad.” Justin and Sheila headed out the door together and he saw them walking towards the buildings at the back of the ranch yard. Two attractive young women cleared away the breakfast setting, refilled his coffee and introduced themselves as Wanda and Luella.

He wondered if there were any males on this ranch besides Justin. Perhaps that was the surprise he surmised from their trip out from the airport.

Twenty minutes later, give or take a few, Madge walked through the door and over to him.

“Let’s get better acquainted and start getting you acquainted with the ranch.”

The tour took more than half an hour he guessed and led past the horse barns, the tool and machine shed, some of the livestock barns and pens and the corral in the back. The view from the corral was breathtaking – vast pastures with wild flowers, the hint of a lake in the distance and the mountains, of course. Joan would have called it a “paddock”, but out here “corral” suited better and he thought he could sit out here for hours, but didn’t find a convenient bench like in the city. Guess they just work out here. Hope they take time to enjoy the scenery, he thought.

Madge broke into his thoughts. “I’ll show you the tack room and veterinary station, yet. Then we’ll have had the quick tour for now. It really is the heart of the ranch and we spend a lot of time in there. It’s probably not your typical tack room, but there are some saddles and bridles. You’ll see.”

The tack room turned out to be in the middle of the horse barn and was surrounded by wide aisles with stalls on all sides. Several horses whinnied as we walked through and Madge spoke softly, calling their names.

The ataşehir escort sound we heard as we approached a large, closed off area in the middle caught our attention and Madge took my hand and motioned for me to follow her as she walked towards a large window in the center of a wall. The scene accompanying the sound caused me to catch my breath as my eyes swept the “tack room”: kitchen center with stovetop and microwave, two fridges, a veterinary-looking area, a full-size pool table and, yes, a couple of saddles.

The sound obviously came from the bunk beds along the far wall. Madge squeezed my hand and nodded in that direction, as if I hadn’t seen it already. My son was standing facing the bunks with a woman on the top bunk, head hanging back, so I couldn’t immediately tell who it was. She had one foot on Justin’s left shoulder with the other leg doing the splits. His face was buried in her crotch and I could only presume her pussy was getting loved. Boy was it ever! It peeked out whenever Justin came up for air or to swallow the liquid that must have been pouring from the woman’s gash.

My gaze was riveted on that and saw the woman twist and turn in ecstasy. She lifted her head and mouthed something. It was Sheila. Madge smiled and didn’t look surprised at all. Sheila spread her left leg farther, if that was possible, squeezed her right foot behind Justin’s head, pulling his mouth closer and I presumed his tongue deeper into her cunt.

I hadn’t noticed, but Madge had and pointed lower to where Justin was slowly stroking his own cock to the rhythm of the action. My eyes quickly moved back up and enjoyed the glimpses of pussy and hardened nipples Sheila displayed through her spread knees and her open blouse and unclasped bra. What a wonderful surprise.

Madge’s eyes remained peeled to Justin’s meat – most likely appearing and disappearing in his fist and probably moist and slick with his preparation for penetration. How would they pull that off in those narrow confines?

I suddenly realized that Madge had left my side and was striding through the door she opened to my left. Oh.

She slipped between Justin and the bed frame, spread her own legs, sat down on the mattress of the lower bunk and was suddenly, but seemingly not surprisingly for any of them, face-to-face with Justin’s throbbing cock. Without hesitating a moment, she swallowed it whole and the shudder that went through Justin’s system translated up into Sheila’s cunt and caused her to groan loudly again and begin to shudder in an unmistakable orgasm – or was it several while Madge swallowed Justin’s thick member and played with his balls with her left hand. Her other hand peeled back a scanty thong – who would have thought – and I saw her fingers find a spot that gave her pleasure.

Sheila writhed again, twisting and showing me more of her hot hole once again. Justin bucked and then remained stiff, obviously pouring a load of junk into Madge’s open gullet – judging by her frantic swallows. She seemed to finally respond to her own fingers and then her shoulders slumped and her fist remained motionless on Justin’s dripping cock, keeping just the last few inches in her grasp as it drooped slightly. Sheila seemed to come up for air and Justin relaxed his movement but pulled his head back and seemed to knowingly display his girlfriend’s pussy, lips, taint and butthole.

Sheila smiled at him then nodded towards the window. She threw her head back in laughter, swung her right leg off of Justin’s shoulder and turned towards my window, pulling back her cunt lips and showing me the sweet, pink nub at the top of her pussy. Beautiful!!

My own dick had lodged in my pant leg and I re-adjusted it and caught my own breath. Joan and I had been quite adventurous ourselves but not like that and not recently, of course.

Justin put himself back together, grabbed a glass of water off the counter then strode out the door on the far side of the room. The three had exchanged a few words I couldn’t make out as he busied himself with his jeans and belt, then Madge and Sheila stood near each other chatting as he left. What is with this madhouse, I thought.

Justin emerged around the corner as I was thinking about the madhouse and before I could come to any conclusions.

“Your turn, Dad.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“S’pose you liked what ya saw. I did, but I don’t do Madge. She’s the boss and I’m not going to go fuckin’ around with the boss.”

“But…” I didn’t even get a chance to finish.

“Yeah, she gives mean blow jobs and I end up getting one once in a while. Always worth it, but I’m not going to fuck her. That’s someone else’s job. And she needs it bad, so give it to her good.”

He turned and started walking away, before I could pick my jaw up off the floor.

“Oh, how about taking Bruno and the fence posts chained on it up to the ranch hands mending the fence in about an hour? Sheila’ll show you where it is. She’ll probably ride up with Max, ‘caus she needs ta check some fence out that avcılar anal yapan escort way anyhoo.”

“‘Bruno’, ‘Max’? I’m out of the loop on that.”

“Right, guess you’ve forgotten. Most things have a couple ‘a names out here. We usually use the name we end up given’ them ourselves. ‘Bruno’s’ the ATV out there. It’s not your Harley but it has handlebars, so you’ll figure it out.”

“‘Max’ is Sheila’s gelding. They ride everywhere together and he needs some good exercise anyway. She’ll make sure you’re headin’ in the right direction ‘fore she heads east to check the fence out thata way.”

“Oh, and we’re not in or out of the loop out here. It’s more like, ‘I don’t get it’.”

This time he turned and walked away without looking back. I was left to look back into the tack room and saw Madge and Sheila side by side grinning back at me through the window. My dick hardened at the thought of the scene that had unfolded a few minutes ago as well as Sheila’s nipples, which were still on display. I wasn’t sure I was ready to join them, but they both waved me in and Sheila opened the door Madge had used and pulled me in. She closed the curtain and locked the door. All of a sudden I was in a room with a narrow bunk bed and apparently at least one woman in need of a good fucking. How was this going to turn out?

Madge answered part of that question by hopping up on the edge of the pool table, spreading her legs slightly and beckoning me to come closer. Sheila turned around and busied herself with the sheets on the bunk bed and with putting her bra and blouse back together.

“I’ve been waiting to meet you, Sam. Justin told me so much about you, but I guess he didn’t tell you much about things on this ranch. If it’s too sudden, I can take that, but I hope you’re ready to give me a good fucking. I need it bad.”

Was that line rehearsed, or is that how they talk around here?

Madge looked down and smiled slightly at the sight of my dick beginning to work its way into play.

“I hope that means you’re getting into the idea,” she said as she spread her legs widely and pulled back the triangle of thong. Her pussy came into view again and an aroma that wasn’t tack or vet supplies teased my nostrils and pulled me forward.

Sheila was still behind me as I loosened my belt, pulled down my zipper and got my cock ready for its first real action in years. It hadn’t reached its full length yet, but it was getting there hard and fast as Madge leaned back on the covered pool table and pulled back the lips of her cunt, still wet from her earlier work on it herself or wet again in expectation of getting it good. I hoped I could.

I forgot about Sheila as I zeroed in on the pussy so willingly offered in front of me and at the exact height to simply be driven into good.

Our eyes locked and one hand reached out to the other’s. Her right hand grabbed my pole and guided me towards her cunt. My free hand had found her wetness and had pulled back the lips making the target unmistakable. My thumb found the nub she had worked on earlier herself and then curled upward and inward finding wetness and warmth. With a slight twist and a different angle my index finger found a rough patch inside. Madge moaned deeply and my bending fingers felt her clench more tightly and move so my thumb made the right amount of contact with her quivering clit. Her breath came in short gasps as my rigid pole spread her tunnel, forcing my fingers away from inside but not my thumb from outside.

We kept that up for several minutes while my arousal rose and remained on the edge. I wasn’t ready to cum and I wasn’t sure I wanted it to happen at all. Would I be able to cum a second time or would it take days to recover? I didn’t know anymore!

Madge peaked another time and then eased back a slight bit – to catch her breath, I guess. We didn’t know that well how the other person responded, yet!

But she sighed deeply and winked in my direction as though she had expected it all and knew what lay ahead.

Out of the blue I felt a hand on my ass, caressing the inside of my thighs and gently squeezing and petting my balls and their low-hanging sac. Oh my god!

“Madge thought you’d like this, Sam. I hope you don’t mind.” The voice was Sheila’s, of course. Although I’d forgotten about her, she was suddenly in the mix. “Don’t cum yet. You might be wanting it later. But just keep giving it to Madge. She’ll take some more.”

I looked down and Madge indeed smiled, closed her eyes and lifted her hips a bit to signal the need for more cock action. We fell into a strong rhythm and Sheila kept me hard and on the edge while my cock and the thumb on my left hand kept Madge wet and on the verge for a few more minutes.

I didn’t cum and Sheila didn’t touch her mother, but the threesome helped Madge cum “good” a few more times and then Sheila pulled my rock hard cock out of its warm refuge and gently licked it off and stuffed me back into my briefs.

“That was good, wasn’t it, mom? We’ll see to Sam another avcılar bdsm escort time. But now we need to get those fence poles out to the ranch hands.”

What the hell, I thought. Who runs things around here, anyway?

But Sheila had opened the curtain, moved towards the door and looked back to see if I was following. Madge grinned and said, “Go on. That was good and just what I needed for now. Sheila’s right. You need to get those fence posts up to the guys.”

Oh, so there were other males around here. Okay. Let’s see what’s up out there. By that time my still somewhat hard dick was back in my pants and I looked more or less presentable.

“I’ll saddle up Max and be back in a few minutes. Take some time to get acquainted with Bruno and I’ll be right back.” Sheila stepped through the door with me in tow. No, I really didn’t know who ran things around here, yet.

I found Bruno and fiddled around with the starter and figured out the transmission. It really was simple, like Justin had said. I saw a cooler fastened on the back and opened it to find food and supplies. I guess for “the guys”. That seemed to be my next experience. Wonder how that’ll be, I mused.

Before I got too deeply into that scenario, however, Sheila and I guess Max walked around the corner. He was a beautiful horse, regal and proud following Sheila without a halter or a hand on the reins draped over the saddle horn. Sheila stopped near me and Max stopped in his tracks.

“He’ll follow us up the trail. Just head straight outta the barn and follow your nose for a while.” Sheila jumped on the back of Bruno between the cooler and my seat and motioned for me to grab the handlebars and get him going.

In about ten minutes we’d passed all of the ranch yard gates and were on what seemed like the open range. Sheila shifted position and moved her hands from the side grips to my belt buckle. In a couple of quick motions my belt was open, my jeans unzipped and my hardening cock sniffing the ranch air. My god, that was quick.

“Just keep driving until you get to the thicket and the fork in the road. We’ll have to split up there,” Sheila announced without losing contact with my stiffening cock or letting on in her voice that her hand on my cock was any surprise. What a madhouse!

Max kept up with us and Sheila kept up stroking my rock hard member. She seemed to get an immense amount of pleasure out of the game and I sure did, too. I almost came three times, but she seemed to know when to back off and at those moments just whispered, “Just a few more minutes.” I didn’t know whether she meant until we came to the fork in the road or until I blew my nuts all over her and Bruno. I hoped it was the latter.

Not so. We came to a fork in the road surrounded by trees with only a small trail ahead and one slightly off to the right.

All four of us came to a halt: Bruno, Max, me and Sheila’s hand on my cock. But she didn’t stay motionless for long and almost immediately swung around to face me, her heaving tits more exposed than not and hanging seductively in front of my face. The hand that had been on my dick, left long enough to pull back her thong before reattaching itself to my cock and guiding it deep into her hot, wet tunnel. Oh my god.

“Let’s see how this works out here.” She rose and fell on my cock, causing it to harden again and probably wonder what good fortune had befallen it – as if it had a mind of its own. We were definitely at Sheila’s mercy and not complaining about that at all.

“Make me cum with your dick,” she croaked, obviously aroused and not ready to slow down. She set a torrid pace and drew my cock deeply and tightly into the cunt I’d seen dripping its juices at the end of Justin’s tongue back in the tack room.

My hands had found their way back to the handlebars as an anchor against her driving hips and suctioning pussy.

“Squeeze my nipples, caress my butt. Do something with those hands besides just hang on,” she implored.

As I moved my hands off the handlebars and found her buttocks enough to pull her more deeply to me, she exhaled sharply then sucked in a breath before going limp for a moment. I guessed she’d cum again and not a moment too soon. I was about to cum myself and I wasn’t sure she wanted me inside when I did. But I didn’t and couldn’t believe that I’d ridden – or been ridden – by two delicious women within the past hour and hadn’t cum myself. Did my junk still work? What if it didn’t?

Sheila dismounted me much like she would dismount Max, I suppose. In a few flicks she had her riding gear back in order – she must have made that outfit herself and I couldn’t imagine how it worked, but that was irrelevant for the moment. She whistled between her index fingers and in a moment Max was beside us.

“Take this trail straight ahead for another twenty minutes or so. You’ll find the guys up there. They’re expecting lunch and looking forward to meeting you. They’ve heard all about you from Justin. Well, I s’pose not all about you like Madge and I have, but enough to get them curious. They’ll be pleasant, so take time to enjoy lunch with them then bring the empty cooler back down here. When you get to this fork, take the trail Max and I are going to take until you get to the lake. We’ll meet you there as soon as I get the fence out there beyond it checked out. Then we’ll finish up and then some. See you soon, big guy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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