College “Boy” Loses His Cherry

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Mostly non-fiction story.

My woman led a diverse and active sex life starting at a youngish age. I get highly aroused when, on occasion, she relates some of these adventures. The story below happened when the summer after her sophomore year at University in Tennesse a few months after her 19th birthday.

Go back about 25 years.

Steve and Sue had decided, on the spur of the moment, to hitchhike to the Blue Ridge Mtns and find a trail to hike for a couple days. All they had with them were backpacks with a sleeping bag. Stupidly, they only had a couple cans of food and some bread, and some good grass. They did have a small canteen.

Steve and Sue were mainly just friends at school and had never really “dated”. Sue had a couple regulars as dating material during the year.

After they arrived at a logical jumping off point for the trail, they started the hike. It was about an hour or two into the hike that they ran into 2 other kindred couples. They were better equipped for overnight camping so it made sense to join forces with them.

By early afternoon is was hot. In the past hour they had only one other group.

“Let’s all strip and hike nude in the hot weather” declared one of the other guys. The only shy one in the group was Steve. He didn’t want to be the odd man out, so joined the crowd and, like the others, was only left with his hiking boots on.

As they continued their hike, Sue noticed that the boys would get erections at various times. Also, a few times, casino şirketleri one or the other of the couples would disappear off the trail for 10 or 15 minutes at a time. When they reappeared, it was fairly obvious the couple who reappeared had been doing more than exploring nature.

They only ran into two other groups of people before they arrived at their destination – an informal camp site adjacent to a small lake. Sue had heard one of those people thay passed mutter something about those “blankety-blank hippies”.

There was no one else near their spot at the lake. It was still daylight so they all went skinny dipping before lighting a camp fire. Since Steve and Sue didn’t have a tent, they placed their sleeping bags on the ground about 25 yards from their new friends tent.

As the sun went down the girls simply put on T shirts. The boys did put shorts on. Sue had assumed that was to cover/protect their respective penises (penii?) that all had been in some state of engorgement most of the day. The only exception, as Sue had noticed, was when they were in the cool lake water.

Steve started to act a little strange as they drited off to where their bags were located. Sue wrapped her arms around him and could feel his hardening cock pressed against her lower abdomen.

“I’m a virgin and have never done this before”, Steve blurted out. Sue, who has told me that while just noticing an erection, like on a dance floor gets her wet, the thought of fucking her first virgin casino firmaları almost made her cum right then and there. She said it was a major rush because no one ever forgets their “first” and that Steve would remember her until he died. She also liked the idea of being able to break him in and train him properly.

“Don’t worry”, she had told him, “I’ll be gentle”.

She told me she knew he would be somewhat clumsy and it would be difficult to keep him from ejaculating before he even entered her. She started by wordlessly guiding his head to her nipples – which to this day can almost bring her to orgasm if sucked and nibbled properly. She did have to remind him not to bite too hard.

She tells me they made out for about 10 to 15 minutes. Sue says you couldn’t really call it foreplay since Steve was pretty awkward. She normally would have sucked his cock, but was afraid he would cum prematurally. Sue wanted to feel this virgin deposit his long pent up seed deep inside her.

She remembers there were copious amounts of pre-cum oozing out of his penis head. Although she wasn’t being stimulated physically since Steve wasn’t sure what to do, she was almost at the point of orgasm simply by the thought that she was the one who would pluck a young man’s cherry.

Sue always has gotten super lubricated when aroused. Steve had no problem, sliding his erection into her pussy. Within a minute it was obvious Steve was raedy to explode. She was able to put her finger tip on her clit güvenilir casino while Steve was inside her and her orgasm started a couple seconds before Steve started shooting into her.

Sue told me he was so awkward that after the first couple ejeculations his cock came out and the rest of his cum was sprayed over her pussy fur and stomach. She recalls one ejeculation was so hard that it hit her chin.

“I recall that he let out a yell that probably frightened half the wildlife in the area. I do know the kids in the tent yelled out some comment at the time.” To this day Sue herself is usually quite vocal herself when she cums.

She has told me that while she had one of her more memorable orgasms and sexual experiences, the rest of the night was made uncomfortable by all the cum that was created. It was oozing out of her cunt all night and it was not only drying on her body but it made the bag damp and sticky.

Sus has not told me much about the last 2 nights. The only thing she remembers is that the rest of the time together was spent “training” Steve in the subtle ways to please a woman. That included oral by him and her.

That was the only time she was to get together with Steve. She would see him around the campus. Several months later Steve came up to her and say “I’ve tried having sex with other girls, but it just isn’t the same!”

Sue was to pluck one more cherry. That would occur during the semester she spent in France. She has not related many details of that except to say that “he had such a large schlong I thought it would split me in half when I first saw it”. I’ll get her to relate the details of that first encounter. Maybe it’s because she did have a meaningful relationship with him that she doesn’t talk much about it.

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