City Of Dreams Ch. 09

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I can’t even believe this. This is NOT happening. If this is happening then I am going to be in jail with Gina by nightfall because I KNOW that we will end up killing them. That’s all there is to it. I could feel the anger building up inside me. Sure I’ve been cheated on before, but this is totally different. Never have I felt like this before. I thought I was in love before, but I know now that I never really was. I didn’t realize what love was until Bailey came back into my life. And yet I find him in here porking Austin?!? From the look on Gina’s face as she lunged towards the bed, I knew that Austin was about to have his balls ripped off and fed to him right then and there.

Gina lunged onto the bed and ripped the covers off of them.


The covers flew back and we all stood there wide-eyed in shock. They weren’t naked?!? Bailey had on his PJ bottoms and Austin had on a pair of sweat pants, but they were pulled up above his knees. What the fuck is going on?


I have never heard Gina this flustered and I had to admit I was in the same boat as her. I would have sounded just as confused if I could find my own voice.

“Lucy, you have some splaining to do!” Sara said in her best Ricky Ricardo voice.

Bailey looked at me and our eyes locked. I could see the twinkle in his eyes. And then it hit me!


“What the fuck is this?”


“Damn it, Miah, what?”

She turned and glared at me.

“I think Bailey just paid us back for all the times we got him. It seems he somehow talked Austin into helping him.”

As soon as the words left my mouth Bailey and Austin started howling. Gina looked back and forth between them and me and Sara. You could see the recognition dawning on her face. I couldn’t believe it myself. I knew that Bailey would eventually figure out a way to get one of us, but I never thought he would get both of us at the same time.


I have never heard Gina this calm in the whole time I had known her. It actually frightened me. The guys looked surprised too.

“Yes, G?”

“You realize what this means don’t you?”

She looked at me, a truly wicked grin on her face, and I knew.

“Yes I do, Gina, it means war.”

We grinned at each other. It was the boys’ turn to look scared.

“Oh, come on you two. You have to admit that this was fucking classic!”

Bailey had moved off of Austin and was sitting next to him on the bed.

“Oh we admit that, Bailey. You just don’t realize that you are out of your league. And now that you’ve opened the floodgates…well…if I were you, Noah, I would try to start building that ark of yours. The flood is coming!”

Gina and I started laughing as we left the room to go eat breakfast. Sara followed us down the hallway.

“Aren’t you guys pissed?”

You could hear the surprise in her voice.

“Not at all, Sara.” I started to explain. “You see this whole gotcha thing is a game we’ve been playing. At first I thought they were really going at it, but now that I know they aren’t I am not mad at all. In fact I am kind of impressed that they actually pulled this off. It is fucking classic. I wish I could have seen our faces though.”

The three of us started howling.

“You’re right, Miah. I am so proud of those two. I was ready to start killing people, but lucky for them it was a joke. Now we have to get revenge!”

We all sat down around the kitchen table and started to eat. Gina and I were whispering our plans to get them back. Sara just sat there wide-eyed. We had come up with an awesome plan!

“You guys are truly evil. I love it though!”

We all quieted down though as the guys walked in. They had both thrown on t-shirts. Bailey leaned down to kiss me and Austin did the same for Gina.

“Everything ok you two?” Bailey asked.

Gina and I just grinned wickedly at each other.

“Everything is perfect.” We said at the same time.

The boys didn’t know what they were in for.

* * *

The next few months had gone by rather quickly. Bailey and Austin were afraid at first of what Gina and I might have in store for them. After a few weeks though they weren’t worried about it. Foolish boys. Little did they know that you had to have patience to play this game. And for our plan to work we needed some time. We decided that we would get each one of them separately. Austin was first on the list. We were still figuring out our plan to get Bailey.

I was glad things were going so well with Gina and Austin. He turned out to be a really awesome guy. He was over at our place more then he was at his own apartment. I knew it was only a matter of time before Austin was moving in with us as well. Bailey, Gina, and I were talking about it the other night. Gina was just waiting for the right time to ask him. Bailey didn’t know though that Gina and I decided to spring our trap on Austin first. If he were able to handle that then he wouldn’t have any problems living with all of us. We decided that I put my part of the plan in action first. We had casino şirketleri to wait for the perfect time though.

Luckily one morning things fell into place without our having to even set it up. Sara had an audition and Bailey offered to take her. So that got the two of them out of the apartment. The night before Bailey agreed to take Sara to the audition and Gina looked over at me and winked without anyone seeing it. I knew that the next morning we would put our plan for Austin into action. I just hoped that it would work!

So that next morning I found myself standing by the coffee maker and smoking a cigarette. I could hear movement in the hallway and I knew it was Austin. Gina knew to keep her ass in bed. I had been up for about a half hour and had worked myself up to the point of almost tears. The boy had no idea what was going to hit him.

I kept my back to him as he came into the kitchen. I acted like I didn’t hear him.

“Morning, Miah.” He said cheerfully.

I spun around and wiped some of the tears off of my face.

“Oh…hey Austin…good morning.”

He looked at me and I could see the concern on his face, and I almost didn’t have the heart to go through with it. The picture of him in bed with Bailey though flashed through my mind. This had to be done. I had to tip the scale back in our favor. Austin was dressed like I was. We both had on PJ bottoms, no shirt, and were barefoot. I smiled at him, trying to make him think everything was ok.

“You want some coffee, Aust?” I asked using the nickname we had all given him.

“Sure, Miah thanks.”

He came up behind me and stood there for a second. This was going to work out all too well.

“Are you ok, Miah?”

I felt his hand touch my bare shoulder. He rubbed his hand back and forth.

“Yeah, Aust, everything is fine.”

I turned and handed him the cup of coffee. He took it, but set it back down on the counter. He put both of his hands on my shoulders and looked right at me.

“Miah, I can tell something is wrong. Come on bud talk to me. We’re friends aren’t we?”

I took a deep breath and gulped. He was walking right into this. I almost felt bad. Almost being the key word there.

“Of course we’re friends, Austin. It’s just that…well…Bailey and I…”

I tried to make myself look like I was getting worked up. Maybe I should have gone on that audition with Sara. I was doing pretty well.

“Is everything ok with you and B?”

His hands were rubbing my shoulders and his eyes were locked on my face.

“Yes…no…I mean…I don’t know. I think things may be over with between Bailey and Me Austin. We are fighting all the time, and I just don’t have the energy anymore…”

I let my voice trail off and I looked away from him. Austin pulled me up against him in a tight hug. He was whispering in my ear.

“Everything will work out, Miah. You and B were meant for each other. I’ve only known you guys for a few months, but I can tell that y’all have the real thing. You just need to talk to him and let him know how you are feeling. I know you can work anything out.”

His hands started running up and down my back. If I was really upset then he would definitely be calming me down. Like I said before, Gina is very lucky. In fact we all were. Austin really was a wonderful person. This had to be done though. They had started this prank war. I wrapped my arms around his waist and put my face on his shoulder. I shuddered a few times to make him think I was holding back tears. I could see over his shoulder and I could just make out Gina peering around the corner. She gave me a thumbs up.

“Austin…” I whispered against his neck.

“What, Miah?”

“What if I don’t want it to work out?” I let out in a voice that was barely a whisper.

I could feel him stiffen in shock from my words.

I pulled back a bit and let my hands rest on his hips. He kept his arms loosely around my body.

“What do you mean, Miah?” I could see the concern on his face.

“I just…never mind…”

“No Miah. Tell me.”

Ok. Here I go. I hope this works and that he doesn’t see right through me.

I looked up and gazed into his eyes.


I paused and gently ran my hands up over his chest. His eyes widened a bit. I brushed the palms of my hands over his pecs.

“I can’t fight this anymore, Austin. You really turn me on, and I need you.”

“Miah, you have Bailey and I have Gina, and there’s still the fact that I play on a different team.”

He hadn’t moved away from me, and I took that as a good sign. Now to go in for the kill. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him flat up against me. I could feel his breath quicken.

“Well maybe it’s time for you to be traded to a different team, Austin. Let me show you how good I can make you feel.”

I gently ran my hands up and down his back and I felt his body shiver.


“Austin, just let yourself go.” I slowly leaned my head in towards him “Let me make you feel good.”

His eyes fluttered a bit and almost closed. I got in casino firmaları close and he could feel my breath wash over his face. I felt his body relax a little and my lips were a breath away from his. I saw his eyes close. Just as our lips were about to meet I eased my head next to his ear.

“Gotcha.” I whispered.

His eyes shot open in surprise.


I planted a kiss on his check and stepped back laughing.

Gina walked around the corner with a huge smile on her face. She came over and high-fived me and then gave Austin a huge kiss.

“You two planned this out? You dirty bitches!”

“Now now now, honey. We warned you!”

Gina and I started cracking up, but Austin didn’t look too thrilled.

“I can’t even believe you two would do something like this!”

He looked pissed. Gina and I immediately stopped laughing and looked at him.

“Aust….” I started, but he interrupted me.

“You two must really think you are funny. How funny is this?”

And with that he leaned over and grabbed me. He jerked my body full up against his and planted a huge kiss dead on my lips. He forced his tongue into my mouth. I was in such a state of shock I couldn’t help it when my body responded to him. My senses kicked in though and I jerked back away from him.

“What’s going on here?”

We all turned and Bailey and Sara were standing there.

“Well would someone like to explain this to me or not? Why is Austin making out with my man in the kitchen in front of his own girlfriend?”

Bailey and Sara came into the kitchen. Gina and I both started talking at once to try and explain. Austin just stood there laughing.

“I see they finally got one of us back. I’m glad they went after you first though, Austin.” Bailey said.

“I don’t think it counted though Bailey because I got Miah right back.” Austin added with a laugh.

I explained the set up to Bailey, but he still hadn’t smiled yet. Uh oh. He stood next to Austin and me. He looked back and forth between the two of us.

“I don’t think it’s fair that you kissed him Austin.”


Austin tried to respond, but Bailey cut him off. Not with words either. He grabbed Austin and laid one hell of a kiss on him. Gina, Sara, and I just stood there in shock. I could see that Austin was responding a bit to the kiss. Bailey pulled back and smiled at him.

“Ok. Now everything is even. You kissed Miah, and I kissed you.”

We all started cracking up. Austin was laughing especially hard.

“Y’all are crazy!” Sara exclaimed.

“Austin, which one of them kisses better?” Gina asked.

We all looked at him expectantly.

“Well…” Austin began. “They both kiss the same way. I have to say though that they are both amazing kissers!”

We all laughed again as Gina hugged him and gave her a kiss of her own.

“Now that is the best kiss I could get.”

Gina grinned up at him.

“Good answer!”

I lit up a cigarette and looked at Sara.

“So cutie how did the audition go for you?”

“Don’t you mean how did the audition go for us?”

All our heads turned towards her.

“What do you mean, Sara?” Gina asked.

“Well I went in to audition, but there was a problem. The song they were using was a duet, and they didn’t have any men auditioning that day. So when they saw Bailey had come in with me they asked him to sing it with me. We both ended up with the leading roles! We’ll open…on Broadway…in a month!!”

We all went nuts. I grabbed Bailey and gave him a HUGE kiss.

“Baby, I am so excited for you!! This is awesome!”

Bailey grinned back at me.

“I was really surprised they offered it to me. But I have to say that I am excited about it. It is going to be a blast. Even if we only have a month to rehearse.”

“So are you going to finally tell us what show you auditioned for?” I asked.

They both looked at each other.

“We will be playing the Baker and the Baker’s Wife in Into The Woods.” Bailey said.

“HOLY SHIT! That is my favorite show!!!” I exclaimed.

I was jumping up and down now. I can be such a kid at times!

“Guess who is playing the Witch, Miah.”

“Who who who???”

“Vanessa Williams.” Sara said with a grin.

“This fucking rocks!” Gina exclaimed.

“We need to party hard tonight to celebrate!” Austin added.

This was definitely some of the greatest news ever!

* * *

The next few weeks were interesting to say the least. The apartment was constantly filled with singing. Bailey and Sara were practicing so hard, and they sounded wonderful. They were both busy with rehearsals, but luckily they were during the day. The first interesting thing to happen was when Bailey and Sara came back from a run through one night. Bailey looked a bit upset. Gina, Austin, and I were watching some movies and just relaxing. Bailey sat down next to me and gave me a tender kiss.

“You ok honey? Didn’t rehearsal go well?” I asked with concern.

“Rehearsal was great, Miah, it was after rehearsal that things got bad.”

I looked güvenilir casino at him curiously.

“What happened, B?”

“I ran into my dad, Miah. He came to the city looking for me. He heard from some friends back home that I was here doing the show.”

“What did he say?”

Bailey took a deep breath.

“Well at first everything was great. He was really happy to see me. Everything was fine until I mentioned where I was living.”

I cringed.

“He asked why I would want to live with a faggot. And I told him point blank that he wouldn’t talk about my fiancé like that.”

I reached over and hugged him against my body. Bailey continued.

“We got into a huge argument and he was going off about you. He claimed that you changed me. He told me that I wasn’t his son anymore and that he didn’t want to see me ever again. He stomped off and I went in the other direction.”

I felt his body shudder and I kissed his forehead.

“Oh, baby, I am so sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, Miah. It’s not your fault. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says. I love you and nothing will change that. He is a major asshole anyways.”

I pulled him tighter against me and kissed him.

“Well here is some good news.” Gina said trying to lighten the moment. “Austin decided that he would move in with us.”

Bailey’s face lit up.

“That’s great bro! It will be awesome to have you here all the time now.”

Austin grinned back.

“I think it’s going to be a blast.”

We all relaxed that night and had some drinks to celebrate Austin’s moving in. The night started out bad, but was definitely looking up now.

* * *

God damn it! I hate running late. I was rushing around the apartment trying to get ready. I fucking dozed off and I was supposed to meet everyone at the restaurant 15 minutes ago. Bailey and Sara had their first night rehearsal, and Gina and Austin had gone to his place to finish up his packing. We decided to meet up for dinner at 8 o’clock. It was already 8:15. I had dozed off watching TV. I jumped in the shower and got dressed in like two point two seconds. I was just grabbing my coat when there was a knock at the door. Who the fuck could that be?

I opened to door and stepped back in surprise.

“Mr. Masters?’

Bailey’s dad was standing there in front of me and he looked fucking pissed.

“YOU! You filthy faggot!”

I didn’t see the punch he threw until it hit me in the side of my face. I fell backwards to the floor. My hand flew up to my face. I was in shock. What the fuck is he doing here?

“You corrupted my son you sick, dirty cock sucker!” He yelled as he slammed the door to the apartment.

I scrambled backwards on the floor trying to get away from him. He lunged forward and kicked me in the stomach. All the air rushed out of my lungs. Fuck that hurt!

This is NOT happening. I had to get out of here. This man was fucking insane.

* * *

Bailey’s Point Of View

I looked down at my watch again. It was 9 o’clock. I was getting worried. Miah still hadn’t shown up yet. Where the hell could he be? I lit up a smoke and sighed.

“Bailey, it’s ok. Miah probably fell asleep watching TV. I bet he is on his way here right now.” Gina said to me with a smile.

“You’re right, G. I am just nervous about the show opening soon. I am totally freaking out.”

“You were awesome tonight, B! The show is going to rock. So don’t worry about it ok?” Sara said as she patted my hand.

“You’re right. I’m just being silly.” I said with a laugh.

The waitress came back with all of our drinks we had ordered. We sat around for a few minutes talking about the show and trying to have a good time. Then the weirdest thing happened. I got this weird feeling all of a sudden. My stomach felt like it was in knots. Something was wrong. Miah was in trouble. Before I could say anything my eyes locked with Gina. She had a serious expression on her face as well.


I interrupted her.

“Miah is in trouble.”

Austin and Sara got very quiet. Gina nodded her head at me. Her expression was grim.

“I don’t know how I know, B, but I just got this weird feeling.”

“Me too, Gina, Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

We all jumped up and took off. I threw some bills down on the table to cover what we had so far tonight. Neither Austin nor Sara questioned us. They could tell something was going on. We went outside and hailed a taxi. All of us squeezed into the back seat. We got back to the apartment building and pushed the button for the elevator. It took forever to show up. By the time we got up to our floor we were running down the hallway.

As we approached the apartment I knew something was definitely wrong. The front door was slightly opened.

“I don’t like this, Bailey.” Gina said.

You could hear the concern in her voice. Austin stepped up next to me.

“Let us go in first. You two follow behind Bailey and me.”

The girls nodded their head in agreement.

I stepped into the apartment and it was pitch black. None of the lights were on. Austin leaned over and flipped the switch on the wall. What we saw made all of us gasp in shock. The apartment was completely trashed. The couches were even ripped open and shit was thrown around everywhere.

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