Chris and Jasper Ch. 05

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The Fireman and The Librarian

Chapter 5

Fully Developed – Chris and Jasper’s Heat Intensifies

Jasper was told about a fire at a nearby office building by a patron. Since he wasn’t needed at the moment and it was near his lunchtime anyway, he asked if he could go and take a look. He was hoping it was Bill’s and Chris’s Station. There were two fire departments close by, and if one is already out, then the other is called. Jasper walked the few blocks to the building.

When he arrived, Jasper weaved his way to the front so he could see which department was on the scene. He was standing near the police line and was intrigued by watching all the firefighters and saw it was Bill’s Station. It was a small building, but he saw firefighters bringing a few people out on their shoulders. There was more smoke than anything coming from the building. Jasper knew the people that were being brought out were elderly or disabled and were sat in the EMS trucks to receive some oxygen for too much smoke inhalation.

Chris saw Jasper standing close to a building by himself. He smiled and looked around. He knew if he got caught, he could get in a heap of trouble.

Chris radioed he was going to check the side and back of the building. Since they were finishing up and the fire was out, the Chief okayed it, and Chris started his circle. When he made it to the end of the building, he was close enough to the police line, and Chris was able to flag down Jasper.

Jasper stood at the police tape, watching a firefighter bring an elderly man out of the building and place him into the EMS truck to receive oxygen. When the firefighter stepped away, he released his face mask and turned the breathing apparatus off, and Jasper could see it was Chris. He watched Chris walk around doing a few things to the truck, and when he saw him hold his mask up, talk into it and then start walking towards him. When Chris was near, Chris motioned for him to come towards him. Jasper shook his head no because the police officer was standing in front of him, and then Chris motioned again, so Jasper got the officers’ attention and told him the fireman wanted him for some reason.

The Officer looked back, and Chris motioned he wanted to talk to Jasper, and the Officer nodded and let Jasper through. He was amazed he was allowed and went right over to him. Chris didn’t say anything just motioned for Jasper to follow him.

“What’s going on?” Jasper asked, Chris still didn’t say a word, he just smiled, looking at the building and walking forward. “Chris?”

Once they turned the corner, and he saw they were alone that all the other firefighters have left the back of the building. Chris pushed Jasper up against the wall and pinned his hands above his head. Chris bent down, looked Jasper in the eye for a few, to gage Jasper’s reaction to this, and proceeded to kiss him. Jasper was instantly hard, so was Chris.

The kiss was long; both Chris and Jasper forgot about everything around them. Chris never let Jaspers’ hands-free, and he continued to hold them up above his head. Their tongues were invading each other’s mouths. Chris would suck on Jasper’s upper lip, and when he’d do this, Jasper would bite Chris’s lower lip when he’d let go.

Chris was only brought back that he was at the scene when his radio crackled to life, “Engine 46, number 267, Johnston, where are you. The scene is cleared.”

Chris and Jasper were breathing heavily. Chris put his forehead to Jasper’s for a minute, then responded to the radio because the Chief was starting to cuss. “267, Johnston, coming around. Be right there.” He looked at Jasper. “God, Mr. Stone, you’re something else.” He smiled and handed Jasper some wet wipes. Chris had swiped them from one of the medical kits when he was putting things back on the truck. “Just your forehead is dirty, can you make it back around.”


As soon as Jasper said yes, Chris took off running to the end of the building, then around, and was gone. Jasper leaned up against the building for a few minutes to catch his breath and smiled. They’ve been doing this teasing game for a few months now. Jasper knows Chris isn’t going to hurt him, and he already knows he’s fallen in love with him. He needs to tell him, and he hopes Chris doesn’t run away, but he knows he won’t.

Chris jumped into the engine across from Bill and the Chief, “Where the fuck were you?”

“Sorry Chief, I was just taking my time going around the building.” He looked at Bill and immediately looked down, he removed his helmet and rubbed the back of his neck.

When the trucks were stocked, Bill pulled Chris outside and around the building. “Chris, I’m glad you like my brother and all, but pull your head out of your ass. Don’t fuck up like that again on a scene. The Chief catches you, and you’ll be written up, he almost went looking for you.” Bill walked away and back into the fire station.

“Shit,” Is all Chris said. He stood outside for a bit, and then he walked back in, he casino şirketleri didn’t stop in the kitchen with the rest of the guys. Chris went to the showers, got dressed, and laid on his bunk for a bit. He didn’t realize Bill saw Jasper at the scene or that he had taken him around the building. He knows he must watch it. He can’t get written up during his first year on the job and especially for making out with his boyfriend while on duty at a scene.

Bill walked in the bunkroom, Chris was the only one there. “Chris, come eat. I was just pissed, and I don’t want you to fuck up.”

“I know, Bill. It was a stupid thing to do.”

Bill hit Chris on the leg. “That was a fucking hot kiss you were giving my brother by the way. Have you guys fucked yet?” Bill laughed.

“You saw everything?”

“I rounded the corner when you’d pinned Jasper’s hands, and you two were completely oblivious to anyone else. I just turned around, and I’m glad I did because I caught the Chief coming to look for you. I told him I didn’t see you. Thank God he didn’t want to continue around the building.”


“Chris, you need to watch it, but I’m done lecturing. Come down, eat something, and hang out with the guys.”

Later the guys were all in the lounge. Chris was playing cards with a few. They all had their phones out on the table face up, and each was sitting on three tens. The deal was, whoever’s phone rang first, and they had to fold to talk to their significant other, being their wife or girlfriend, but they all knew in Chris’s case it was Jasper. The tens would go to the others at the table.

Chris knew he was generally safe until nine and would tend to stop playing cards by then, which had won him a few phone pots. He wasn’t expecting his phone to ring and when it read Jasper’s name, there was a huge uproar at the table. Chris threw his cards down, picked his phone up, and walked out. Bill looked over and laughed as he saw Chris leave.

“Hey, Babe.” Chris had walked out into the engine bay.

“Are you going to still come by in the morning when you get off?”

Chris generally came to Jasper’s when he got off on weekend days, being Friday through Sunday so they could spend them together. Even if it was just to be curled up on the couch with Chris sleeping, Jasper was happy to have him around.

Chris tried to be active long before he’d typically be, especially when he’s shown up after getting off work. One-time, Chris showed up not telling Jasper, he was on no sleep due to fire calls all night on a Sunday morning, and they’d gone out all day. Jasper didn’t find out until later when he called to talk to Bill and found out through Mary that Bill barely made it home due to being tired.

“Yeah, I’ll either be in your bed or on the couch when you come home, please wake me up this time.”

“I tried last weekend.” Jasper laughed, he lied, and Chris knew he had. “Anyways, I wanted to talk to you. So this time I’ll wake you, I want as much time as possible.” Chris was intrigued with what Jasper wanted to talk more about, so he asked. “Oh, I’ll let you know tomorrow. You didn’t get in trouble today, did you?”

Chris inhaled and exhaled. “No, not by the Chief.”

“What do you mean, not by the Chief?” Jasper responded, and the last part of the sentence was slower and drawn out.

“Bill, but thank God it was him, the Chief wasn’t far behind according to him.” Chris brief him on what happened.

“How much trouble could you’ve gotten into?” Jasper asked Chris, but at that exact moment, the tones went off, and Chris was happy he didn’t have to answer the question.

“Got to go, Love Ya,” Chris responded, hung up, dropped his phone in his pocket, and walked over to grab his gear.

Jasper’s mouth dropped open, and he slowly pulled his phone from his ear. He was wondering did he hear Chris correctly. Maybe he heard him wrong, and he said, ‘See ya.’ But he heard it, ‘Love Ya.’

Jasper heard his phone ding to notify him he had a text. “We’re almost at the scene, and I Love You, Jasper.”

After Chris had walked over and grabbed his gear, he retrieved his phone out of his pocket. He generally leaves his phone in the engine anyway, but he wanted to text Jasper to tell him he did love him, it wasn’t a mistake. He did want to say it to him in person, but he’ll tomorrow.

Jasper was beside himself, and it was the first time he called Mary. Mary was so happy for him, but brought up a point to Jasper, did he text it back?

“OH MY GOD, MARY! I was so shocked and happy, and I forgot to. I love him. I was going to tell him tomorrow. I was going to show him how much I do. Oh my God, Chris is going to think I don’t. Mary, what do I do?”

“First of all, you need to calm down. Second, Chris knows you love him.”


“Jasper, calm down. Just text back that you love him too and asked him if it’s not too late when he returns from the run, you’d love to hear his voice.”

“Thank you, Mary.”

Jasper casino firmaları did just what Mary told him to do. He fought the feeling of running down and waiting at the station for him to come back.

Chris never called or texted back and Jasper was bummed when he woke in the morning to get ready for work and looked at his phone. He texted Chris, good morning, and still no response. Which he’s had that happen before, Chris’s phone had gone dead when he was at the scene, and Chris didn’t realize when he crashed on his bunk, so Jasper just got ready and went to work.

When Jasper was walking from the train station to the library, he knew why Chris didn’t respond. It was an apartment fire. A few people were watching, and he could see some of the residents of the building standing in another location. Some had shocked looks, and others were crying. The building he could see was a total loss. He felt horrible. They lost everything.

He knew he’d have to turn around to go a different route to work, and sadly he could do nothing here. When he arrived at work, he found out from Sandra, she’d heard a couple of the tenants didn’t make it out, and the firefighters had tried to get to them but failed.

Jasper felt awful, and when he went into the back to put his bag away. He texted Chris and told him if he needs to talk, to call him, he’d keep his phone on him. Jasper didn’t hear anything from Chris until eleven that morning, it was just a text, stating everything was fine, he was at his apartment, not his house.

Jasper called Mary on lunch, hoping to talk to Bill. “He didn’t come home. He went to Chris’s.”


“Bill just said, he and Chris needed to decompress for a while, and he doesn’t know when he’d be home.” Jasper was quiet for a long time, so Mary continued. “Jasper, the last time I can remember your brother ever saying that, he had come home so drunk, I was amazed he found our house.”

“The fire this morning?”

“It had to have been. I’ll pick you up when you get off work tonight. We’ll both go to Chris’s and hope they resemble some sort of human life. I assume you have a key.”

“Yes, and thank you, Mary, I’ll see you at five.” Jasper resisted the urge to call Chris or Bill and had paced through the library for the rest of the day. He had his bag in his hand and was out the door as soon as his day was done.

When Mary and Jasper arrived at Chris’s, they found a sight. Not only was Bill there, but so was Marcus, a fellow firefighter from Engine 42. They were all passed out, and there were beer and liquor bottles everywhere. Bill was on the couch, Marcus’ feet were in Chris’s only chair, and he was laying on the floor, and Chris was lying half in and out of the bathroom.

Mary looked over at Jasper, and the look on Jasper’s face made her start to laugh. She’d never seen this level of shock come over him before. His mouth dropped open, his eyes were wide, and he was speechless. Mary laughing did stir Bill and Marcus to conscious awareness but not by much, their eyes open slightly, and they both covered their ears, Chris never moved a muscle.

“Already that bad, Bill?” Mary asked. “When did you all start drinking?”

“Ten,” Marcus whispered. “And please stop yelling.”

Mary asked Jasper where Chris kept his washcloths and told him to get a few. Jasper went off to Chris’s bedroom and got some and followed Mary to the kitchen. They wet them and put some ice in each. She gave one back to Jasper so he could take care of Chris, and she’d work on Bill and Marcus.

Jasper stepped over Chris and squatted down in front of him in the bathroom. He wasn’t expecting the reaction he got when he touched Chris, which woke everyone up in the room, even startling Mary and himself. When Jasper felt Chris’s face, Chris screamed out, jumping to his feet and backing away from Jasper. At first, not recognizing him or where he was, but as Jasper was trying to calm him and the light and sound were hitting and hurting him, he started to focus on where he was and what happened.

Once the realization came over Chris, he stepped forward, hugged Jasper, and backed him up into the bathroom, closing the door. “Chris?” Jasper questioned, but Chris didn’t respond, he just started kissing him on the neck and started to unbutton his shirt. “CHRIS!” Jasper squeaked and grabbed Chris’s hands.

“Jas, Mary’s driving us home, talk to you tomorrow.”

When Jasper heard that, his focus was drawn away from Chris for a second, and Chris started to unbutton his shirt again, continuing to kiss Jasper’s neck. Once Chris opened Jasper’s shirt, he dropped to his knees and started undoing his pants. Chris pulled up Jasper’s t-shirt and kissed his naval sending shockwaves throughout Jasper’s body, bringing him to complete attention, Jasper seized Chris’s head in his hands, but it didn’t stop Chris. Chris tugged on Jasper’s pants, and they fell down his legs, his cock peeking out of his boxers. Chris wasted no time pulling the waistband down, taking güvenilir casino Jasper’s entire cock down his throat and all he could do was hold on and try to remain standing.

“Oh My God, Chris!” Jasper shouted. “I’m cumming.” Jasper was holding on to Chris for dear life, he didn’t want to fall over, but Chris had a good hold on Jasper and wasn’t going to let him. When Jasper’s tremors finished, Chris stood, picked him up, and kissed him. Chris carried him out of the bathroom and to Jasper’s relief everyone was gone, Chris continued to the bedroom. “Chris?” Chris didn’t say anything. He finished removing Jasper’s pants, leaving his boxers on, laying him down on the bed, while curling himself protectively around Jasper before passing back out.

It was a while before Jasper could move, Chris finally loosens his hold on him. When he got up, it was after seven. He calls Mary and asked how Bill was doing. She told him better after she got some coffee and food into him, he hadn’t drunk as much as Chris and Marcus. “Why did they drink so much, Mary?”

“The fire today.” Mary sounded down when she spoke now. “Bill said that it was kids they couldn’t get to. They could hear them, but couldn’t find them, and then the floor became unstable. Marcus and his partner were across the unstable floor from Chris and his, before they had to pull out, Bill said both teams reported they couldn’t hear the kids anymore before they were pulled. But they couldn’t move forward because of the unstable floor. Bill said as soon as they retreated to the stairway, the floor gave way. All were ordered out of the building, and all they could do was contain it.”

“They left them?”

Chris was behind Jasper, “We had no choice, and they were at least we all pray to God, already gone when the floor collapsed.” Jasper had jumped when Chris spoke, and Mary even heard Chris. “The crying had stopped, it’s why none of us could find them, and it may have saved all of our lives. If we’d continued to look, the four of us would’ve been on opposite sides of the unstable floor, not able to help either pair. We all reluctantly radioed back that we couldn’t hear them and were pulled back and out.”

Jasper had pulled his phone from his ear. He had forgotten he was talking to Mary and turned around to face Chris. Chris had tears streaming down his face, and Jasper took the few steps that remained between them and hugged Chris. Chris rested his chin on top of Jasper’s head, and it made him happy to hold the one he loved, then he remembered about the text and wanting to tell Jasper in person.

“Jasper, I love you.”

“I love you too.” Jasper was so happy to be able to tell Chris this finally, but it was such a sad time.

“Yeah, I knew you did. You put up with my ass for what, almost three months now?”

“It hasn’t been that long.” Jasper laughed.

“Damn near. You’re giving me blue balls here.” Chris laughed; he needed to change his mood.

“Oh, God, Mary!” Jasper raises his phone to his ear. “Mary, are you there?” There was no response. Chris looked at Jasper and laughed.

“Well, I hope we never get to the stage where you forget you’re talking to me on the phone.” Both laughed, and Chris hugged Jasper, bent down, and kissed him. “I do love you.”

“Let’s go to bed unless you think you’d like some coffee and food, like what Mary has done for Bill?”

“Unless you want food, bed for me. I’d rather eat in the morning.” Chris responded.

“No, I think I can make it until morning,” Jasper stated, and they walked back to the bedroom, stripped down to their boxers. Chris laid on his back, and Jasper snuggled up next to him. Chris fell back to sleep while Jasper watched him. Jasper closed his eyes and succumbed to sleep eventually, but he was thinking about the children that lost their lives today.

Jasper woke the next morning early and lightly climbed out of bed. Chris was snoring, so he knew he didn’t wake him. He went into the kitchen to see what he could make them for breakfast, and he didn’t figure much because Chris was scheduled to come to his house.

He looked through the cupboards and the fridge and didn’t find much and decided he’d walk down to the diner and get a carry out for the two of them. When he walked out into the living room, Chris was standing there. “Chris?” But he didn’t respond. “Chris?” Still nothing from him. Chris then walked back to the bedroom and sat down on the bed, which concerned Jasper. “Chris, honey?” Chris just continued to lay back down and fall asleep, as nothing happened.

Jasper thought this was extremely odd and called Mary. “Jasper, it sounds like he was sleepwalking.”

“But his eyes were open.”

Bill took the phone from Mary because Bill could hear the entire conversation. “Wake him up, Jas.”

“He’s sleeping, Bill. I don’t want him to be tired.”

“Wake him up now. Just do it.” Bill responded.

“Okay, okay.”

“Keep me on the phone and give it to him,” Bill responded.

Jasper went back into the bedroom to wake Chris. He found him again, sitting up on the side of the bed. “Chris, honey.” Jasper touched Chris, and Chris jumped. “Honey, it’s okay. Didn’t you know I was here.”


“Baby, are you okay?”

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