Caught In the Act

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It was Friday night Karen and Lita a friend from work were off to a bachelorette party or something like that. You know were the girls get together drink talk about sex and sex toys. What ever goes on at those things, strippers, and dildos for sale I don’t know for sure? Anyway there was a basketball game on tonight and the kids were all off at friends’ houses for the night.

I figured that this might be the one chance I got this season to watch a game in peace and quite. So I got all that was needed, a bag of chips, a glass of ice, the bottle of scotch, and a few joints. Sat back in the lazy boy and began to enjoy my night of solitude. Poured my scotch lit the joint, and opened the window a crack so the family room would not totally reek in the morning. It was a great game we had won, I even got to watch the post game show.

After the post game show was over I was getting bored there was nothing to watch on TV.

It was the weekend and I was feeling a bit horny so I searched out a porno tape to pass the time. Figuring it would at least keep my interest. Putting the tape in the VCR I fast forwarded past the adds in the beginning and then sat back to enjoy the movie. Rolling a few more joints while the tape got past the talking part were it was trying to be a real movie. I finished rolling the joints and lighted up one.

It was some good weed, and the movie was not that bad either. The combination of the movie and the joint had me feeling a little constrained in my pants. So I decided that since no one was there it was time to remove the pants. Placing them on to the table in front of me I then put a blanket on to the chair. A leather chair is too darn cold for my ass.

I sat there staring at the TV rubbing my dick and balls for two scenes so far.

When all of a sudden Lita pops into the room with you not too far behind her. She plops down her two bags and began to stumble toward the couch. I grabbed what I could of the blanket under me and tried to cover up. I had no chance of getting to the TV remote as it was on the table in front of me. Karen staggered in waved at me and sat down next to Lita They both started to laugh. Then commented on my viewing choice for the evening. Looking down at my predicament, then over to you. I said that if I could reach the remote I would. Lita spoke up and said that it had been quite awhile since she had seen one, or a naked man for that matter. Anyway its so much fun to make fun of them. So the three of us sat and watched. The scene of a man and woman doing it with her on top facing the camera just ended.

The next scene casino şirketleri started it had two girls who just entered what ended up being a bedroom (go figure). All of the sudden amidst the quite Michelle spoke up and started mocking the girls in the film. When she stopped not sure it that was the right thing to do. Lita turned to Michelle and replied almost word for word what was said in the movie. The two of them continued like that for most of the scene while it was playing. When they stopped I informed them that I didn’t care what they though, but this part with the girls in a 69. The one on top was pushing a large dildo into the other. It was really hot in my opinion, but I’ve never seen a woman enjoy anything that size. I ended in a question; asking if that was too much for either of them? Karen chimed right up and said “ yeah, I think I could do it with some thing like that”. She smiled at me and elbowed Lita in the side. Lita reacted to the elbow and then laughed holding her hand over her mouth. Then she rolled off the couch and reached into one her bags. She turned towards us and smiled. Taking her hand out of the bag with a huge dildo in it. My god I thought. It must have been at least ten inches long, and almost as thick as her wrist.

Lita crawled back over to the coach with the dildo still in her hand, and sat back down. The three of us were laughing our butts off. Then Lita placed the dong down between the two girls, and asked if I would spark up another joint. I started it up and passed over to the girls, they were also passing my scotch back and forth.

The three of us sat starring at the screen. A new scene just started it was with one girl and a guy. They were making out on a couch, as they were taking each other’s clothes off. Soon the guy was going down on her, he must have been doing a great job by the sound of things. All most out of nowhere another guy entered the room and began to disrobe. This new guy walked up to the girl and rubbed his prick against her face until she opened her mouth and devoured it. I glanced over and saw Lita squeezing and rubbing the dong that was still next to her leg. Soon the girl in the film got up got on her hands and knees and bent over the end of the couch with her chest resting on the padded arm. One guy entered her from behind while the other got a ravenous blowjob. I spoke up saying that must be every woman’s fantasy to have two cocks filling her at the same time. Lita interjected first saying that she had sure enjoyed it a few times. Starting to roll off the couch again she placed the dong on Michelle lap as she crawled to casino firmaları the bathroom. Michelle said I don’t know if I could handle two dicks at once, but it might be fun to try.

Karen and I were sitting watching the TV I looked over to see her squeezing the dong, and rubbing it in to her crotch. Just then Lita opened the bathroom door and turn off the light. She tried to walk back bumping in to the wall a few times. Michelle moved the dildo back between them not letting her hands off it as Lita sat down.

The next scene had already started it was a guy and two girls. I was starring at the screen when Lita and Karen almost in unison said, “I bet this one is everyman’s fantasy”. Breaking my train of thought I said will it sure is one of mine. Michelle looked at Lita and said he has more than one. Oh sure I said I will tell you about them some time. Lita then reached over to grab the dong and found Karen’s hand there. With it both of their hands they raised it up a bit, and smiled at each other then turning they smiled at me.

They got up and walked over to me. Karen ripped the blanket that was covering me. Then she got down on her knees in front of me and began to lick my cock like she had not had one for years. After a few more licks she looked over to Lita and asked if she wanted a taste. Pointing my dick toward her while giving it a few firm strokes. Lita already on her knees next to Karen. Engulfed my cock in her mouth and bobbed up and down a few times. Karen started to rub my balls as Lita continued to suck me. Lita then came up for air and the two of them licked the shaft up and down one on each side.

Next was one of my favorite parts. Karen was sucking and licking my balls while Lita was sucking me and rubbing her hand around my ass hole. I yelled out that it was time to cum Lita let off my cock and Karen began to stroke me, and then Lita stuck a finger up my ass. Well I shot off and the girls were hungrily licking and lapping off me.

The girls then started licking cum off each other’s fingers then their faces. Soon they were kissing and rubbing their breasts together. I came up behind Karen and took her top off over her head. When I started this Lita also took hers off and bra. Then she rolled on her back and took off her pants and panties in one swift motion. Michelle followed suit, well birthday suit that is. Then the two of them went back to kissing and rubbing their tits together. While kissing Karen’s hands went up and started massaging Lita’s breasts. She was rubbing them and pinching her nipples. Lita moved her hand over to Karen crotch and started güvenilir casino fingering her clit and pussy.

Karen then pushed Lita back and started to lick and suck on her tits. She stopped for just enough time to tell me that there was enough for two. So I moved over and started in on Lita’s tits. Karen was on one side and I on the other. Karen then gabbed my hand and placed it on to Lita’s very moist pussy. I rubbed my finger over her clit while continuing to work on her tits with my mouth. Then sliding my finger back and forth from her clit to ass. Lita was starting to moan. First one finger then two were working there way in and out soaking my whole hand with her juices. Lita came in a body shaking orgasm.

After Lita took a few seconds to sit up. She looked over to Karen and said now it’s your turn. She pushed Karen onto her back. She started working on Karen’s tits Licking and sucking on her nipples. Then raising her head she massaged them pressing them together and pinching Karen’s nipples lightly. Soon Lita stated kissing her way down to Karen’s pussy. She was licking and sucking on Karen clit while reaching up to massage her tits. Lita then reached over and grabbed the dong and ran it over Karen’s pussy a few times. Then she placed the head to the pussy opening and slowly inserted it. Inch by inch the huge dong disappeared into Karen. All the while Lita didn’t miss a beat in her clit licking.

Lita looked up at me sitting next to Karen and slide the dong in and out a few more times. She then smiled and said “so why don’t you see if Karen can handle two at once”. So I kneeled next Karen’s face and rubbed my dick on her face a few times like the guy in the movie did. Well she must have been lost in her own pleasure because this went on for a bit. Karen opened her mouth and started licking the head of my cock. Then raising her head a bit she began to suck me. I grabbed a pillow and placed it under her head. She reached over and took my cock in her hand and stroked me as she continued to suck me. I reached over and started to massage her breasts and roll her nipples in my finger. Lita rose up and started to really slam that dong into Karen while rubbing her clit. Karen raised her legs up with her feet pointing to the ceiling. Then she started to shake and convulse as she stoked me faster. Well that was about all I needed. I filled her mouth as Lita continued to work on her pussy. We all sat back and stared at the blue screen on the TV for a minute. Then Lita got up and said she needed to get some sleep. Karen helped get the futon ready, and I pick up a few things before heading upstairs. I turned the lights and heat off, and then locked the doors. Then went back to see if the girls were ok. They were talking and hugging as I approached the door. They said everything was great, and Karen and I headed up to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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