Busted Ch. 01

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“First of all, we have house rules.” Allie said, wagging her finger under my nose in mock-seriousness.

“House rules?” I thought to myself. We just got here for a visit, and already our hostess is telling us there are rules? What is this, reform school?

“Rules?” I prompted, cautiously.

“Yes.” She said, crisply. “One, we are nudists, so no clothes are allowed inside the house.”

Oh, okay. That one I’m good with.

“How about jewelry?” Eve asked. She likes to wear a ton of jewelry when she’s naked.

“Jewelry is not clothing.” Allie pronounced, and then got a thoughtful look. “Seductionwear is okay, as long as it comes off eventually.”

“Okay. And…?”

“Second, we are eroticists. Everything we do is erotic, so no one can pass another at any time without touching each other in an intimate way. The more intimate and erotic, the better.”

My eyebrows shot up. That sounds like an interesting rule in itself. “What else?”

“Pursuant to rule two, you are not allowed bathe yourself. You must always have someone else bathe you. No exceptions.”

I could feel my loins stirring. There were two of them, and only one of me. Girls, that is. These were the best rules I ever heard of.

“Lastly, jealousy is forbidden, as is straying, and the word `no’ is frowned upon. Are we agreed?”

I gave a look to my woman, Eve, who shrugged her shoulders, nodded and said “I guess so.”

Damn straight. She was the one who thought of making the trip to visit Allie in the first place. Both women turned and looked quizzically at me. Like they had to guess.

“I’ll..try to be a good boy.” I said with mock-piety matching Allie’s mock-seriousness. “Now what?”

“Let’s get naked!” Allie squealed, and began to pull her tight T-shirt over her head.

A little background here. Eve and I have been together for years, and have the perfect marriage. Both of us are nymphomaniacs, although the proper term for a man is “satyrisis.” We just like to fuck. Allie is an old friend from when we all lived together in another time and place. Just out of college, we all lived together in this one huge attic room of an old house that had been converted to an apartment. Clothing was optional in those days too, and we just lived a lotus-eating existence.

Allie was such a nympho in those days too, and she used to spin her tales of sexual adventure for us to pant and drool over, stories of threesomes, foursomes, sixsomes…boys, girls, boys and girls, girls and boys, she liked it everywhichaway. Eve and I were a little more into each other at the time, but every so often we took a lover together and gorged ourselves on sex, sex, and more sex while it lasted.

Times change, though. We all got jobs, then the jobs got better, or in distant cities, and our little commune eventually dissolved. Allie moved to the southwest, while we moved first to the west coast, then back east, then south.

One night, after a particularly fine one-on-one session, Eve suddenly sat up (after her legs quit trembling), and said: “Why don’t we go visit Allie?”

She knew there would be no argument from me. Our last lover had been a wonderful man, as bi- a boy as I, but he found a woman and fell in love, and she wasn’t into multiples. You get the picture. We were both horny for some more group-gropering, and for Eve to pick Allie could only mean that she had a taste for girl-girl.

Eve and Allie had been together once way back when. Eve told me about it later, that she and Allie had gone out shopping one day while I was at work, and had come back to the attic and taken a shower together, with more in the bedroom later. When I heard about it I was pissed. Not because she had gone behind my back, but because they hadn’t included me!

Allie is a dark-haired woman with a rather voluptuous build. She liked to tan at a nudist resort, and would always get dark all over (yes, even there) every summer, with no tan lines. Eve, on the other hand, is more petite-slender, almost paper-white, as true celtic redheads are. It makes her nipples sooo pink! Allie was voluptuous, Eve was slender and girlish. Allie had jugs, Eve had perky titties. Next to them (a place I like to be), I have arms that tan brown to just above the elbow where my shirtsleeves end, and around my face and neck where the collar of my shirt lies. What can I say, I work a lot and don’t have the time or patience to lie out in the sun. Besides, if I did tan I wouldn’t want tan lines, but I don’t have a nearby place to do it in the buff.

“STOP!” I commanded, and Allie paused, with her shirt up around her shoulders. She looked at me with a frown.

“Five point penalty for removal of your own clothes. If you can’t bathe yourself, you can’t remove your own clothes either.” I crossed my arms across my chest in a “cop” pose and acted like I had a “gotcha,” which I did.

Immediately seeing my point, Allie dropped her shirt back down and held her arms straight up like a child waiting to be undressed.

Slowly, I moved casino şirketleri behind her and slipped my hands under her shirt, and against her sides, just below those stupendous tits of hers. Ever so slowly I slid my hands up her skin, cupping her fine jugs and pulling her back against me. Allie purred like a cat and melted to me like butter. I slipped her shirt off and repeated the action with her satiny red gym shorts, making sure to get a good feel of her fine ass and thighs in the process.

Standing again behind this naked dark-skinned goddess, I took her shoulders and whispered in her ear: “Your turn.” And pushed her gently toward Eve. Shit, what a mistake!

I’m a guy, right? And what is it that we guys like to see more than anything else? Two girls getting it on, right? Only now I had made it illegal to pull off my own clothes to get at my stiffness, which needed immediate adjustment NOW! I’ll never make that mistake again!

Allie slowly approached Eve, who was also wearing a T-shirt and shorts with nothing on under them. She cupped Eve’s breasts, and gently kissed her on the lips. Eve has always said she preferred men over women, and to be sure I’ve never kissed a guy myself, although I’ve certainly sucked and jacked a lot of cocks. Their first kiss was close-lipped, but then Allie opened hers and began to tug at Eve’s lips with her teeth. Eventually, Eve opened hers and the two girls went full-in with each other.

Eve began to squeeze Allie’s breasts, as Allie slipped Eve’s pants off, letting them drop to the floor, then she began to finger Eve’s bush, as the two embraced each other tighter and tighter.

I’m dying here. I can’t just take a “five-point penalty,” they’d never let me live it down! But all I can do is watch! Eve was beginning to heat up, and I could now smell the two girls’ bouquets. Eve’s breathing became more rapid, and she began to grunt and bite her lip, but I knew she wouldn’t cum, because I knew how she liked to sequence her first climaxes.

Eve backed away from Allie suddenly, then embraced her and turned her face towards me. “Let’s get him!” she said.

Uh, oh. I’m about to get sexually assaulted. Cool!

Both women were Cosmo-reading “fashionistas” in “real” life. Both knew how to “cat-walk,” that strutting way of crossing each leg in front of the other when strutting, the better to make the hips (and tits) sway. When it’s done like a predatory cat closing for the kill it’s irresistible. They circled me and pressed against me, making me the meat in a girl-girl sandwich. Okay!

Eve worked at my shorts, while Allie pulled my shirt, and in a second I was naked too. Allie reached for my cock and experimentally stroked it a time or two.

“What’s it like to ride him, Evie?” she asked.

“Oh, he usually rides me.” Eve replied. “I like it on my back.”

“What, no doggiestyle?”

“I’ve always been too small for that.”

Allie looked at me. “You poor boy! How long has it been since you took a woman from behind?”

It had actually been longer than Eve and I had been together, which is to say a very long time. She didn’t like it, and I had quit asking long ago.

“Well,” Allie said, “I just love it from behind! You’ll have to give it to me hard, understand?” She gave my cock an extra squeeze when she gushed the word “hard.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Hey, Evie,” she said, “let’s suck him up good and hard and ride him `till he pops, whatcha’ say?”

“Okay. What technique do you like to use when you’re blowing a guy?”

“It’s a combination of mouth and hands.” Allie replied. “Watch!” And with that she shifted around in front of me, knelt down and took my whole package in both her hands. Eve knelt beside her, like an attentive student.

Eve had actually already learned from a master. Yes, that’s master in the masculine sense. That lover we had that found a woman? He was a wizard of cock! Nobody knows how to blow you better than another guy, because we have the same set of buttons. After a couple of sessions watching him she could suck as well as the best of them, all the way down to the base. Whatta woman!

When Allie began to slide her lips down one side of my shaft, Eve began on the other. Soon, their lips met over my cock and I was in the middle of their making out. I looked down and could see hands exploring tits and slits. Soon, they both slid off the end (whew!), and began to kiss, stroke, and fondle each other for real. Gladly, I took over operation of my twang and watched the show.

They both raised up on their knees and twined in embrace, their breasts pressed tight together. Few things in this world are so beautiful as two beautiful women, naked, and making love. I knelt beside them and stroked their backs and behinds as they kissed, gently working my fingers between their legs.

Both were moist with feminine honey. They started a little as I touched their labia, but opened wider to allow me access. I had to move so close that my cock pressed against their hips to reach both cunts, but casino firmaları I soon had a rhythm going, and both girls began to grunt and moan as they began to heat.

Suddenly, Eve broke away, which mystified Allie. “It’s okay.” I said to her. “This is how she gets her motor running. Watch!”

I brought Allie under my wing, and she wrapped her arm around my back, as Eve took a towel and lay on her back, very stiff and still, eyes closed. She put the towel over her slit and began to rub her nubbin through the cloth. Mesmerized, Allie reflexively reached for my cock without taking her eyes from the scene before her. Naturally, I took one of her fine boobs in my hand and pulled her tighter. Little by little, Eve began to stiffen and stretch like a cat as she reached her first peak, then relaxed on the downslope. Allie looked at me in wonder, but I only gave her a smile and a wink that said “Keep watching.”

I disengaged from Allie with a brief kiss and a tweak of her nipple, then lay close to Eve and gently laid my hand around her throat. “As if you were going to choke me.” Were her original instructions about this, which I found frightening at first, but which later became such a charge once I learned how to do it right. Allie moved around to the other side, watching intently.

I felt Eve begin her rhythm again, and ever so slowly I began to stiffen my hand around her neck. Not tighten, stiffen. There was actually very little pressure on my woman’s neck, rather it was the tension in my hand against her collarbone she was feeling. She began to make little kitten-mewing sounds as she neared the top, and at last arched her back off the floor as she climaxed. Still, she made no move or sound, her eyes still shut.

Allie began to stroke her breast as she began again. Both of us could feel the power that was building. “Come on, baby, cum for me. Rub that cunt. Get it good and wet. I want to dump a load in you. Come on, baby, cum on…cum on…cum on..” I matched her tempo with my whispers, my lips now close to her ear. Allie moved her lips to her nipple.

Allie erupted in a monumental climax, moaning out as if she had been struck, then curled tightly into a fetal ball. Gently, I stroked her side and legs while she recovered.

“Wow!” Allie said, thunderstruck. “Does she always do this?”

“Every time.” I quietly replied. “Now, get ready.”

After a moment, Eve came suddenly out of her ball and attacked us both like a cat in heat. She grabbed my cock and wrapped her arm behind my head and started frenching with a vengeance. I reached blindly for Allie, who joined us, and we three locked lips, our tongues dancing together. She opened her legs a little wider to allow me access, and her smooth-shaved slit was wet with her juices.

I could tell that Allie was fingering Eve, and both were beginning to heat up from the stroking. Fortunately, I don’t easily cum from someone else stroking me, so their grunts of pleasure only heightened my own excitement, without bringing me too close to the edge. Both girls reached the peak together and ran over the top, collapsing onto each other, and sinking to the floor. It’s MY turn now!

Gently, I parted Allie’s legs and positioned myself to feast on her cunt. From the way she moaned and arched when I landed, I could tell that this bitch was in serious heat. I looked up to see Eve feeding her one of her breasts, and Allie’s hips just wouldn’t hold still as I licked her. I had to grab her velvet-silk thighs to hold her steady, and locked onto her clit. She rocketed over the top, screeching her climax loudly, and then lay still, panting.

Eve’s turn, except I used my fingers. I crawled up next to her and laid her down. We necked for a few minutes, and I used the opportunity to feel her fine little body up, her tits, her cunt, her thighs, her belly…I like to feel up naked girls!

She liked it too, judging by the increased speed of her breathing. Finally, I parted her nether lips with my finger, laying it on her like a hot dog in a bun and gently sawing back and forth. She was gushing wet, and I slipped my middle finger in, curling it up to reach her G-spot. Eve stiffened and arched, and grabbed me even tighter, holding on for her dear life as I finger-frigged her, then I switched to flicking that little volcano inside with my fingertip. That did it. She blew up like a bomb and began thrashing her arms around as she came.

Allie to the rescue. My cock was throbbing now, visibly twitching from my excitement. In one gulp Allie deep-throated me and put on the suction. Sure, tear it out by the roots, I don’t care! She maneuvered over me and smashed her messy cunt hard into my face, all the time without letting me out of her mouth. I grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled her even more and began to eat her box as hard as I could. Soon, I felt another pair of lips begin to suck at my nutsack. “If a woman wants your cock, give it to her!” suddenly flashed through my mind. Yup!

Before long, Allie shuddered and climaxed, then lost steam and dismounted. güvenilir casino I wondered what to do next, but Eve took her place. Eve was a little harder to get to, since she was shorter than Allie, and her sweet slit was out of reach unless I held my head up off the floor, which I knew I couldn’t do for long. I thrashed about for a pillow, but all were on the couch, out of reach. Allie took a minute to comprehend, but saw what I was pointing at and came to the rescue.

Now, I ate pussy! Eve got her pussy eaten. See Dick eat Jane! Eat, Dick, eat! Jane likes Dick. Jane likes Dick to eat her pussy. Dick likes eating Jane’s pussy. Jane likes getting her pussy eaten, but she likes Dick (dick?) more, and with that, she changed position and impaled herself on my cock (Hah! Bet you thought I was going to say “dick” again, didn’t you?), riding cowgirl-style. That was a switch! That’s just how excited she was, I thought to myself.

I brought my knees up behind her for support and let her slide up and down on my rod herself. Allie joined in, squeezing Eve’s tits and frenching her. Eve quickened her pace, and I had the time of my life trying to hold off. After all, I have TWO women here.

This time I was lucky, and Eve peaked quickly. I was right on the edge and holding on for dear life. The thought of mounting Allie like a stallion and slamming my cock into her from behind was in my mind, but it wasn’t helping things while Eve was riding me. Normally, if I’m in a woman that’s it, that’s the end of the evening. Soon, Eve got off, and Allie looked at me to see if it was her turn now.

“Take me and ride me hard. Now!” She hissed. “I need cock!” She turned and dropped to all fours, her bare ass blatantly displayed for me, her jugs dangling straight down. How does she know that I like this most of all? Of course, of all women in this world, a nympho like Allie would know what signals sexual readiness to a male, or female for that matter.

I mused for a moment, and admired the view. The most submissive pose possible. Her legs slightly apart, her bare cunt completely exposed to view, her funbags swaying gently with the slightest of movement. The flare of her hips signaling “FEMALE” at the top of the evolutionary scale…gotta love that in a woman!

Apparently I was taking too long for her, for she began to beg me: “Mount me! Take me! Please take me now! I need you, I need your cock in my cunt! Pleeeze!” All those exclamation points only made it better. I love it when a woman gets desperate.

I took my time, feeling her up. I crawled around her, squeezing her tits, stroking the inside of her thighs, fingering her pussy and bung. Made her cum again with my fingers, fed her my cock and fucked her mouth for a minute or two, just to show her who was boss. I tortured her with this game of “keep-away.” I treated her like a prize cow at the State Fair judging ring. Her pleas only got louder and dirtier: “Goddamn it, why won’t you fuck me? I need you to fuck me now! I gotta have cock! Gimme that stallion cock of yours! I need you to ram it in my cunt and pound my ass! C’mon boy, fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me-fuck me-fuck me!!!”

And with that I grabbed two handsful of her fine wide brown ass and mounted her, thrusting in to the hilt which turned her last word into a scream, and she collapsed her head and shoulders onto the floor, thrusting her ass skyward to receive me. I paused for what seemed an eternity. She turned her head and looked back over her shoulder to see why I was waiting. Only then did I begin the rhythm.

Ever so slowly did I withdraw, and ever so slowly did I thrust back. Allie groaned from the depths of her being as I pushed back in. Eve sat up and watched the show intently as I withdrew and thrust again, a little faster this time, like a steam locomotive starting up. Allie was so slick inside I could barely feel her, and she wasn’t as tight as Eve, but so what? My cock was sliding in and out, and what with the heat my balls were hanging low, swinging back and forth, slapping her mound with each stroke, until…

A hand slipped between my legs and cupped my balls. Eve came close against me and kissed me on the cheek, her signal that she approved. Then she squeezed my nuts hard and I jerked stiff and slammed even harder into Allie, who cried out again in passion. I became a wild man and all but lost control, mating with this female like a lion and his queen. I jerked Allie’s ass against my crotch as hard as I could, shoving my cock into her cunt as hard as I could. I was lost in the moment, a tiny being attached to a penis the size of a rhino as I fucked Allie like a wild animal. Higher and higher, harder and harder, I felt the juice rising in me, and grunted through my clenched teeth like I do when I’m bench pressing my limit. Finally, I let go and began shooting what seemed like gallons of hot, white cream into Allie’s cunt, which sent her screaming over the top as well. Even Eve was making noises, the electricity of our cumming flowing through her as well.

We all collapsed in a pile together. Amazingly, we didn’t give off any steam or smoke. There was free-for-all kissing, hugging and stroking, then a lot of giggling. At last, Eve raised herself up above us, hands on her hips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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