Business and Pleasure Ch. 04

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I awoke in my hotel room on an important business trip to the smell of cigarette smoke in the air and my head being held against the chest of my buxom, beautiful employee Dani. I turned my head to look in her eyes and she slid down next to me.

“Hello, sleepy head,” she grinned and our lips met in a morning kiss. Her mouth tasted of smoked and cum and we kissed deeply, enjoying a celebration of our night together.

“Got anymore of those cigs?” I asked. She lit two and handed me one and we shared a smoke together. God she was sexy, sitting in her silver robe, smoking a cigarette. Her robe continually peeked open giving me a tantalizing view of the treasures inside.

“Careful staring in there, we might have to go at it one more time,” she giggled, loving to catch me gawking at her sexy attributes. Just as she said it, her phone chimed with sound of a hit tune she used as a ring tone. She grabbed her phone from the night stand.

“It’s Jayne,” she said and she put a finger to her lips to tell me to be silent. I slid my hands inside her robe teasingly.

“No, I’m not in my room I’m helping Ron get his breakfast,” she said trying to stifle a laugh as I tickled her lightly. With this she made her meanest face to let me know I was in big trouble when she got off the phone.

“Yes, Ma’am, I’m sorry to hear that… yes, yes of course, I’ll do all I can to help support Ron… Yes, don’t worry about a thing…”

That last word added an extra breath as my teeth found her nipple.

“Ok, mmm no, no I’m fine, just running down the walkway trying to catch my breath.”

My hand slid between her legs and they parted allowing my hand to slide between her thighs and into the sticky sweetness there.

“Yes… have a good trip back… we will miss you… i need to go, uh, take care of Ron’s breakfast, now…. Yes, Bye bye.”

She hung up the phone and glared at me. “You are horrible!” But she laid back her head and slid herself against me, letting me know her anger was all an act.

“What did Jayne want,” I asked, knowing Dani’s “boss” was my VP, Jayne Osgood.

“She said to tell you she has to go back home because there is a problem in the Feldhaus deal… Ahhhhhh,” Dani tried to be professional but purred as my fingers worked on her, “and she has to leave immediately.”

“Oh yes,” she purred again as my fingers slid inside and worked her clit, I could feel her moisture increase immediately.”I promised her I would take care of you and you are making me want to definitely take care of you right now!”

“MMMM, I would love that, I said in a low voice, “but, unfortunately, I have to get up and get ready for the conference casino şirketleri and merger talks today.”

“Oh bummer,” she cried in feigned anguish, pushing out her bottom lip in a sexy pout.

“Bummer is right,” I said, cuddling up next to her again. I sighed deeply.

Dani ran her fingers through my hair – “what’s wrong with you, sweetie,” she asked. She prodded me until I shared.

“I’m a little nervous about the negotiations today.”

“What!” She exclaimed, ” the great Ron St. Pierre worried about a company merger negotiation?”

“I’m not in a very strong position today, we don’t have a ton of leverage,” i argued.

“Strong? Leverage?”

“Yes,” I responded defensively, “I don’t have a strong position here, if things don’t come my way today.”

I rested my head back on her chest and took another drag on my smoke before dropping it in the ash tray on the night stand. I let out one long last puff.

“Ok, enough pity time,” Dani said and pushed me away from her chest and stood beside the bed. “If you don’t feel strong, I think I can help.”

Dani pulled on the drawstring on her robe and it opened and fell to the floor her sexy eyes staring directly into mine.

“What are you doing?” I said with a confused grin.

“You said you need to feel like you are in a strong position…” with those words dani walked over to the couch by the glass door heading out to the balcony. “And if you want leverage – then come over here.”

With those words she bent over against the arm on the couch.

“What are you doing?” I asked again.

“Come over here and fuck me from behind, and while you’re doing that, I want you to remember that you are Ron Fucking St. Pierre.”

I watched her sexy body bend over against the couch and her legs spread wide open. She turned her body to allow her to look at me over her shoulder.

“Come on you big, strong, amazing man, let this girl remind you how powerful you are.”

“You are amazing,” I purred as I slid out of bed and walked to her.

“I am your little assistant, and you are one of the most powerful men in the world, with a powerful, huge cock,” she said.

Whoever said sex is not about love or lust but about power knew what they were talking about. I had to admit that walking over to Dani, with my manhood at full mast, I did feel myself growing more self-confident, feeling more manly and strong.

“So, let’s get you ‘leveraged’ against my ass and see what… ‘cums’ your way.”

I took her hips in my hands and pulled myself near her. She whined slightly as she reached between her legs and positioned me to slide inside her tight tunnel.

“Now, casino firmaları slide inside me,” she purred smiling at me again over her shoulder, “and as you do, look out over this city and know you are the biggest fucking stud in town.”

I pressed my hips forward and felt her lips part and I pulled hard on her hips back to me and felt her resistance give and my cock slid into her to the hilt.

“Ahhhh”, she moaned as my pelvis met her ass, “yes honey, fuck me.”

“Oh fuck yes,” is called out as I slid myself back and then jammed forward into her. Animal instincts took over at this point as I rocked her hips back and forth forcing her to slide down my cock against the couch arm and then yanking her back against me hard.

Each forceful push forward of my pelvis caused my dick to bury into her to the hilt and bring a slap of our skin together that sounded like a backhand on a cheek.

“Oh God, Honey, you are the best fuck I’ve ever had,” she moaned, “You are so strong, so fucking powerful. Fuck me baby, fuck me so hard.”

I don’t know if Dani had ever majored in psychology, but her mind game was working for me. Where I had been a little nervous about the merger talks, I was now feeling like I could conquer the world. And it was the conquering of her pussy that made me feel that way.

“Yes, Baby,” she howled as her body shook in orgasm. Her howls made my own excitement churn inside and I soon found myself filling her hole with my cum once again. It had been a long night of sex and I felt my strength leave with my seed and i collapsed into the couch.

“Oh, God, Dani, whatever we are paying you, it is not enough!”

“I’m not worried about pay, sweetie,” she panted, “just keep filling me up like that.”

We both paused for a moment to catch our breath before she very quickly tapped my shoulder and said simply – “Shower – NOW.”

She lifted herself from her half-bent position and walked nude into the bathroom and I heard the shower water start to run.

“Ron, get in there,” she said as she pulled the ironing board from the closet. I headed towards the bathroom, but took one last chance to drink in this beauty from head to toe, preparing to iron my clothes while standing in the nude. It was like the best erotic fantasy story I could imagine.

I slid into the shower and started to clean myself off, but was surprised when the shower curtain pulled back and Dani slipped inside with me.

“Let me help clean you off, boss,” she said with a smirk. She quickly slid to her haunches as I made room for her. I watched her hair in the drizzle under the shower head as she took my cock in her hands and güvenilir casino began to soap up my cock and balls. She ran the soap inside my inner thighs and the inside of pelvis even working the soap back to my asshole and her fingers worked to do a special cleaning effort back there.

My moan gave away that her ministrations were pleasing and arousing to me. That elicited an “ummm” from her lips.

Those same lips gave my hardening cock a kiss and she stood back up again. She handed me the soap – “clean my breasts?”

I didn’t have to be asked twice as I soaped up her large bosoms. I turned her around and reached around her sides so that I could clean those beautiful mounds while pressing myself into her.

“Now this is a shower,” she laughed, but, time to go.

She took my hand and led me out of the shower, grabbing a towel and began to dry me off. I’m still a viril young man but I was surprised that my cock was at full attention again as she paid special attention to dry almost my private places.

“Oh my, we can’t have you walking into meetings with this sticking out,” and Dani’s hands were at work on me again. She was on her knees in front of me as her right hand began to slide up and down my hard pole and her left hand teased my balls.

“You are such an amazing man, I can’t get enough of you,”

“Same here,” i said, leaning back against the sink. I closed my eyes and felt her pleasuring of my hard-on and felt my arousal grow once again. It wasn’t long before I was getting close one more time.

“I’m going to come, baby,” i moaned.

“Yes, baby,” was all she said and her hand quickened its pace until her hand was once again a blur.

“Um yes,” I howled as I spurted over Dani, a string of cum landing on her forehead just above her left eye and a second long string pulling across her breasts.

She took both hands and rubbed each side of my rod and milked every last drop of cum.

“If you don’t feel powerful now, I’m not sure what else I can do,” she said, I had to agree.

This amazing woman didn’t even bother to wipe off the cum, she simply grabbed my clothes and assisted me in getting dressed. I’d never had a nude assistant to help me pull up my pants and tuck in my shirt, but I had to admit, I could get used to this.

She straightened my tie for me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Go get ’em, boss,” she said as she turned and grabbed my briefcase. “I put all your paperwork in here and I will be up there as soon as I can get dressed.

“Dani, you are amazing,” I said, causing her to give me a deep, nude bow. I reached to grab her and give her a kiss bur she quickly pushed me away – “NO! Don’t get cum on your suit!” She yelled.

I leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips and headed out of the room, off to my duties. Little did I know the note Dani had put into my coat pocket or the fun that was yet to come today.

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