Burned Ch. 13

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Hi all. I know these chapters come in fits and starts. I start a chapter and can’t get a rhythm going, so stop. I know that some of you are disappointed in where this story is going. Some think I have strayed too far afield from the “cousins in love” story line. Sorry, it can’t be helped. The story tells itself and my subconscious pervert is responsible for telling the story. After all, it is my story and I’m enjoying it so far.

I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to deal with Leah, or how Leah is going to deal with me. I hope it is interesting as well as titillating. But first, let’s see how I deal with Mom and my friends.


I heard Joe’s door close behind us. Missy indicated that I should accompany her. I had no problem with that. I admired her naked derriere bump and sway as she led the way down the hall and through the open doorway to her room. I trailed behind, tossed my phone on her bed as I passed, and followed her into her ensuite private bathroom. “Nice,” I thought. Joe’s room is nice, but Missy’s is way nicer.

“Shower or bath?” she asked as she bent over and twisted the faucets on the large Jacuzzi tub. Her breasts hung from her torso and swayed seductively as she manipulated the faucets.

“Uh, shower,” I said glancing at the glass enclosed shower stall that stood adjacent to the tub.

“Go for it,” she said as she adjusted the hot and cold water that cascaded into the large tub. “Take a picture why don’t you?” Missy suggested teasingly when she caught me staring.

“Uh…, I think Joe has more than adequately covered that,” I quipped.

“Touché,” said Missy with a laugh. “Remember, you’re going to show us how to edit the videos, right?” she asked rhetorically.

I opened the shower door, turned on and adjusted the water’s temperature to my satisfaction. I stepped in and enjoyed the warmth of the hot water as it flowed over my body. I was exhausted from the events of the day, both physically and emotionally. The hot shower was very soothing and relaxing. The tension and anxiety of the day began to flow out of me and down the drain.

I hadn’t realized how tense I had been due to my conscious and subconscious worry about Leah and what I was going to say to her. And then there was the three-way sex with my friends. Don’t get me wrong, it was VERY stimulating, and VERY enjoyable. However, the close contact with Joe had been very unsettling. The image of Joe’s large cock smeared with my cum popped back into my mind’s eye. I could still feel the unique sensation of his cock stroking mine. I consoled myself with the rationalization that the contact had been indirect. His cock had been inside his sister’s rectum at the time, mine had been in her pussy. I shuddered involuntarily while I recalled the sensation of being inside his sister at the same time.

I turned my head and watched Missy lower herself into the tub. Her lithe body sank into the water. She reclined against the gentle slope of the tub. Her breasts floated buoyantly just below the gently rippling surface of the bath water. Missy looked up and smiled as she watched me shampoo. She dunked her head under the water, sat up, and squeezed shampoo into her cupped hand. Sudsy bubbles erupted around and through her fingers. My eyes followed the dripping bubbles as they fell to her breasts, which bobbed and swayed in the water. Her dark wet nipples stood in stark contrast to the un-tanned whiteness of her boobs.

I rinsed the soap from my own hair, took a washcloth, worked up lather and began washing my body. Missy dunked under and rinsed the shampoo from hair. She knelt in the water, took a bar of soap and worked up a lather in her hands soaped the globes of her breasts and then gently rubbed her soapy fingertips around her dark nipples which were tense and erect. She looked at me and smiled as she reached between her legs and washed her pussy. My cock twitched.

Missy dunked again to rinse the wispy suds from her perfect skin. She sat on the edge of the tub, rubbed the bar of soap on her pubic area and quickly shaved the almost invisible stubble from her pubic mound. Spreading her legs, she very carefully stretched and shaved each plump labia in turn. She also pulled her ass cheeks apart and shaved her anal area. She rinsed again and tested the smoothness of her private areas by running her hand over the freshly shaved delicate skin. Satisfied, she opened the tub’s drain, stood, took a thick towel from an adjacent rack and began to dry her body.

I turned off the water and opened the shower’s door. Missy turned, grabbed another towel and tossed it to me. I saw her glance at my crotch. I wasn’t erect, but my cock was thick and hung heavily against my balls.

“God you’re beautiful Missy,” I complimented Missy as I toweled dry.

“Thank you Chris. You ain’t bad yourself.”

We heard Joe’s voice from the bedroom, “Hey Chris, I put some dry clothes for you on Missy’s bed. I’ll be in the kitchen. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starving.”

“Uh, ok. Thanks casino şirketleri Joe,” I replied.

“You go ahead Chris. I need to dry my hair. I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

“Ok,” I said and walked into the bedroom. Joe had put some clean underwear, shorts and a polo shirt on the bed. We are about the same size. I dressed grateful for dry clothes.

I started to walk out of Missy’s bedroom then remembered my phone. I turned to pick it up, but it wasn’t on the bed. “Goddam it Joe,” I said out loud. I trotted to the kitchen, and sure enough, there was Joe obviously transferring files from my phone to his laptop. I hated locking and unlocking my phone, but now I wish I used the phone’s security feature.

“Goddam it Joe,” I repeated heatedly for his benefit.

“What?” He asked innocently as he turned and handed me my phone. “You can help me with some edits later. Should be great fun don’t you think? Now let’s grill some hotdogs,” he said with a wicked smile.

I should have been more angry, but I was thinking about what he had videoed. I did want to see Missy’s upturned ass. I wanted to see my cock inside her pussy, and yes, see Joe’s cock in her ass. “I really am a fucked up pervert,” I thought to myself.

We ate hotdogs and chips, and washed it all down with ice cold beer. Between the activities of the long day plus a couple of beers with the meal, I suddenly felt an overwhelming exhaustion. I told Joe and Missy I needed to get some sleep. They put me up in the guest bedroom and actually let me sleep.

I awoke the next morning with a start, thinking guiltily about hanging up on Leah and not calling her back. What must she be thinking?

I picked up my phone. Multiple phone calls and text messages from both Leah and Mom. After peeing, I got back in bed and started scrolling through the texts.

The content of the texts were the same from both Leah and Mom. “Where are you? Please call. Why aren’t you calling? Call ASAP. I’m worried, please call,” etc.

The phone mail was much the same. Both of them more and more concerned as the messages piled up.

I texted Mom, “I’m ok. Stayed at Joe’s. Be home later. No worries.”

I decided I better call Leah. What the fuck was I going to tell her?

My phone buzzed. Caller ID indicated it was Mom. I sent it to phone mail.

I called Leah.

“Chris, where have you been? What’s going on?” she asked picking up after one ring.

“Hi Leah,” my guilt intensified hearing the concern and stress in her voice. “I’m sorry. Yesterday was a weird day that spun way out of my control.” An understatement if ever there was one.

“I needed to talk to you Chris. I’ve been a wreck since yesterday morning.”

“Yesterday morning? What happened?”

“I slept in past what I usually do after our late night ‘chat’,” Leah said referring to our online mutual masturbation session.


“I fell asleep with my laptop open,” she continued.

“My heart squeezed thinking about her mom seeing me naked on the screen. Then I remembered I had fallen asleep too and my battery had died during the night. “

“My battery died. There shouldn’t have been anything on your screen,” I pointed out.

“There wasn’t. But I usually sleep in pajamas. She knew I was naked. I could see her putting “2 + 2″ together.”

“What did she say?”

“Nothing. But you should have seen her face. It might have been my imagination, but she seemed upset. I think she came up with “4” and believes it. She walked out without saying anything.” Leah was near tears. “I’m really nervous. I think she suspects I was doing stuff naked with someone on the computer. What do I do?”

“Play dumb and don’t admit anything. If she presses you, say you were trying something different by sleeping in the nude. What’s the big deal?”

“And if she asks about the laptop?”

“Act dumb. Tell her the usual. You were reading email and checking friends on Facebook.”

“Yeah, Ok.” Leah looked beyond me. “Where are you anyway?” she asked with some suspicion in her voice.

“I’m at Joe’s house. I told you I had some issues yesterday. Some of which were with Mom. I had to get out of the house. Joe invited me over and I ended up staying the night.”

“Oh yeah. I guess I assumed you’d be back home,” she said but I could still see concern on her face. “Is Missy there too?”

“Yeah, they put me up in one of the guest rooms. I just woke up. I don’t think they are up yet.

“Ok Chris. I’m afraid Mom and Dad won’t allow me to come back there this summer,” she said as tears leaked out of her beautiful eyes and ran down her cheeks.

“Please don’t cry Leah. We’ll figure something out. Just give me some time. I love you,” I said with another pang of guilt squeezing my unfaithful heart.

“Ok Chris. I love you too. Bye,” Leah said and my screen went blank.

I went out to the kitchen. Neither Joe nor Missy was up yet. I had come over hoping Joe would help me get my head together. That didn’t work out. My friends had pulled casino firmaları me even deeper into the rabbit hole. What the fuck was wrong with me?

I was in love with and fucking my cousin. Umm, I closed my eyes and visualized Leah’s perfect body.

I had fucked my best friend’s sister. Jesus, I had three-way sex with Missy and Joe. Leah’s image was replaced with the sight of Joe mounted in Missy’s ass. I could feel his cock gliding in and out of her rectum along the length of my cock so nicely enveloped inside her warm wet pussy.

Pussy, it was Mom’s pussy. It flashed before my eyes. My cum rolled out of her pussy across the dark wrinkles of her anus. I saw my finger rub my cum in little circles, and remembered how her anus twitched and contracted in response to the stimulation of my fingertip.

I subconsciously reached down and adjusted my thickening dick. Fuck. I had a full erection. I flipped it up in my shorts. My hand came out wet. I was leaking precum.

More guilt washed over me. What’s wrong with me? How can a son have sex with his mother? Having sex with your cousin is bad enough, but having sex with your mother, that is plainly and simply wrong. A mother should know better and should never let that happen. I should teach her a lesson. The son will discipline the parent. My erection began to deflate.

Mom needed to be taught a lesson. I drove home. Control. Discipline. That’s what is needed. Control and discipline applied to the so-called parent. That’s what I’ll do.

The house was quiet when I arrived. I walked to Mom’s bedroom and found her still asleep in her bed. I slowly and quietly opened her dresser drawer, selected four long scarves trying to ignore the heaviness of my penis as it, for some reason of its own, began to swell yet again.

I looped the scarves one by one around each wrist. Mom stirred, but she did not awaken as I pulled her left arm gently into position and tied it securely to the headboard. I carefully repeated the maneuver with her right arm. Next I very carefully pulled the covers down and away from her body. She had on baby doll pajamas. The sides of her breasts were visible under the tank style top; her dark nipples were shadows under the thin fabric. I looped the left ankle; she stretched in her sleep moving her foot subconsciously nearer the foot of the bed. I gently secured that limb to the bed.

As I looped the last scarf around her right ankle I heard a sharp intake of breath.

“Chris, what are you doing?” she asked with a startled look on her face.

“I’m still working that out,” I truthfully said meeting her startled gaze with a smile.

The startled expression turned to a look of puzzlement and then relaxed into what I interpreted as a knowing look of expectation. I felt the resistance in her right leg relax as she allowed me to stretch it out and tie her ankle to the footboard.

She wiggled her hips expectantly and looked hungrily at my crotch. I looked down and saw the bulge of my penis.

“No.” I said.

She frowned. “What…?”

“I told you I’m still working out what I’m doing, but I can assure you it’s not what you have in mind. You’ve done a bad thing. You need to be punished. I’m thinking a little humiliation for what you have done might be appropriate.”

A sly smile spread across her face. I could see the wheels turning. She still thought she was going to get what she wanted. She expected I was going to service her, use her, and fuck her while I had her tied up.

Being that it was 9 am by this time, I suspected that both Joe and Missy were awake, up and about. I went to the kitchen and called Joe.

“Hey Chris. What’s up?” said Joe.

“Hi Joe. Listen, I never got around to editing those videos for you and Missy. Why don’t you guys come on over and we’ll do it here. Yes, both of you. Now if you like. I’ll put on some coffee. See you soon.”

I walked back into Mom’s bedroom.

Her right breast had come free of the little tank top. She had been wiggling about testing her bonds I suspected. She looked where I gazed and smiled. “Hmm, Do you like what you see?”

I moved to the bed, reached and put my fingers under the elastic band of her panties. “Lift your hips.” She did as I directed. I pulled her panties down onto her thighs. I untied her left leg. She understood and pulled her leg free of the panty as I pulled it down. She allowed me to retie her leg to the footboard. We repeated the process with her right leg. The pubic hair above her pussy folds was trimmed short. Her pussy lips were shaved bare. Her thin inner labia hung free of the plump outer lips.

“Touch me.”

I went to the dresser and found a soft black scarf. I used it as a blindfold.

“Chris. Umm. Kinky. Will you please touch me now.”

“Maybe later,” I said. I stared at her body. It was beautiful. Dark tanned skin covered lithe muscles. She really did keep herself in shape. I turned and walked out of the room.

I started coffee brewing and heated some chocolate and cheese croissants in güvenilir casino preparation for Joe and Missy’s arrival. I had just poured my first cup of coffee when I heard their car doors thump closed. I met them at the door with my fingers to my lips. They shrugged and quietly followed me into the kitchen.

I motioned at the croissants as I poured them each a cup of coffee.

Missy nudged Joe and nodded toward my crotch. He smiled. I looked down. My semi-erect cock bulged the fabric of my shorts obscenely.

“What’s up?” whispered Missy with a sly curling of her full lips.

“Hmm, I think I am,” I whispered back. “I realized something between last night and this morning.”

“Yeah, what’s that,” whispered Joe as he looked first at Missy, then my bulge, and then again at Missy with a shit eating grin on his face.

“I’m a full fledged pervert and there is nothing I can or want to do about it.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself Chris. You aren’t full-fledged, yet, by any stretch of the imagination. Only fledged. We have to work on getting you to a full-feathered state. Why are we whispering?”

“Smart ass,” I chided.

“Smart, smooth, firm, well muscled and tight. Don’t leave anything out when talking about my ass dude,” Joe said with a chuckle in his voice.

“I realized something this morning. I want to fledge to full-fledged, but I also want Mom to know that I’m in control, not her.”

“How you going to do that?” asked Joe.


Missy and Joe looked at each other and then back at me. “What?” they asked in unison.

“Yes. Come take a look, but you have to be quiet, Ok?”

They both nodded assent and followed me quietly to Mom’s bedroom.

I motioned with my head for them to follow me. Just before entering Mom’s bedroom I turned and put my finger to my lips one more time. As we stepped into Mom’s room, I heard dual intakes of breath. I glared my caution at them again.

Mom’s head turned toward the door as she cocked her head listening. “Chris?”

“Yes,” I answered.

I looked at Joe. His eyes were bugged out as he mouthed, “Wow!”

Missy’s eyes slowly slid up and down taking in Mom’s nearly nude body. “What the…?,” she mouthed silently.

“Chris?” Jean questioned as she squirmed her hips. “What are you doing?”


“Hmm. How about some touching?”

“In a bit maybe. I’m just looking now.”

Jean spread her knees and suggestively wiggled her hips. “Please come over here and touch me.”

Joe walked over and ran his finger from her anus, through the cleft of her pussy lips, up to the hood of her clit. He gently pressed the thick cover of tissue up and exposed the long shaft of her clit.

“Umm, yes,” she purred.

I grabbed Joe’s elbow and pulled. Joe withdrew his hand and followed Missy and me back to the kitchen. We collected our coffee and croissants and went out back by the pool.

“Jesus, it’s bigger in person. So, where you going with this? Am I going to get to suck that thing?” asked Joe.

“I’m going to tell Mom that the only way she gets to fuck me is if she becomes my willing slave. And yes, you will definitely get to suck that thing.”

“BDSM?” asked Missy.

“Yeah. I guess. The BD anyway, I don’t know about the SM, ” I replied. “We’ll make up our own rules.”

“We get to play too?” asked Joe with a big smile on his face.

“Yes. That will be part of the fun. Some humiliation thrown in for Mom as part of her punishment.”

“You think she’ll agree?”

“Yeah. I do. But we will need some equipment. Will you guys go shopping for me?”

“What do we need?”

“Let’s make a list of stuff,” Missy suggested.

“Soft collar, leash, handcuffs, soft bondage rope, stuff like that,” I said.

“Dildos, vibrator?” asked Joe.

“Yes,” I agreed.

“Plenty of those little individual douche bottles too,” added Missy.

“Douche bottles?” I curiously asked.

“Yes. Definitely. We all need to be very clean. I don’t like smelly or dirty anal,” she added politely.

“Oh. Very good idea Missy.” That explained why anal sex with Missy yesterday had been so, well, un-messy and un-smelly. She must have douched herself at some point. “Very cool,” I thought to myself.

“You guys willing to go shopping while I talk to Mom?”

“Yes. That sex shop should be open by now. Let’s go stock up Missy,” Joe said as he stood up.

Missy cupped the large bulge in Joe’s shorts, smiled and said, “Ok big boy. Let’s go.”

I went into the bedroom to talk to Mom.

“Who was that? I heard you talking with someone.”

“Joe and Missy stopped by.”

“Are they still here?” she asked with alarm in her voice. I could see her body becoming tense as she pulled against her bonds. “You better let me up. I need to get some clothes on.”

“No. They’re gone. They’re off to do some shopping together.”

Her body relaxed, but there was a flush of color on her chest that rapidly spread up to her neck and face.

“Mom, you’re blushing.”

“I guess I am. I feel very exposed.”

“You certainly are,” I agreed as I admired her nakedness.

“Hmm, yes. I am incredibly turned on. Won’t you please touch me and help me with that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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