Brown Sugar Worship Pt. 03

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This is the third part of a story of the time that I got laid by Lamar, and I think that you should read “Brown Sugar Worship Pt 1 and Pt 2”, first to get the full context.

Having my Black friend, Marcus’ nephew over for a couple of days had shown me how good it could be to fuck someone nearly half my age. He was strong, hung, and gay. And he was determined to claim me as his, (and quite successful at it, I might add).

After showering, we went to bed and Lamar pulled me to him, and we fell asleep, with him spooning me.

I woke up first, still in Lamar’s arms. I needed to go to the bathroom, so I slipped out from his arms and leg. Once in the bathroom, I sat on the seat and let the seed and lube leak out of me. Finally, feeling empty, I cleaned myself out, knowing that we would be fucking later. I took my razor into the shower and made sure that the area right around my nipples was shaved smooth, then did my ass crack and all around my hole before shaving the shaft of my morning hard cock. My crotch hair was trimmed to a spade shape, and I made sure there was no stubble around it.

After shaving, shampooing and showering, I dried off and, using the slim tube of lubricant, inserted it into my ass and squirted some inside, to help when we fucked again. Wetting a washcloth, I wrung it out and went into the bedroom and got back in bed, dropping the towel and washcloth beside the bed.

Feeling me get on the bed, Lamar laid his hand on my cock, balls and crotch. As I felt for his cock, I picked up the wet cloth, and cleaned him. He wet his finger and pushed it into my ass. I pushed back, onto his finger, and as he stroked it in and out, he noticed the lube that I had put in there.

Lamar said: “You got that ass ready for some cock? Did you get your throat ready for it? I am going to train your throat this morning. Your pussy can take it deep, now we need to get it in your throat. Get on it, bitch.”

From the way he was speaking, I knew that he wanted to give it to me his way. Laying nearly in a sixty-nine to him, I cupped his balls as I moved his nearly stiff cock to my mouth. I pushed my face down, over his cock, trying to get as much as possible in me. I lifted off, pushed back in, back and forth, trying to get more of him in me, until I had at least a foot of his big cock going past my lips. I reached for, and found, his hands. I laid them on my head, letting him know that my face was his to fuck.

Telling me to keep breathing, he pushed my head down onto all of his cock. My chin was in his crotch hair, and my nose was at his ball sack. He raised me off it, pulling my head back until only his cockhead was in my mouth, than pushed me all the way down again. He used my face and throat like that for several strokes and told me to do it like that.

Wanting to please my man, I began giving him all of me that his cock could use. I got a good movement going, and let my throat move to take the Black Snake that I love so much. I felt his finger, back at my ass, and then he pushed two into my ass. I moved my ass to let him know that I wanted to be had.

Still fucking the full length of his cock with my mouth and throat, I felt him stiffen, and knew that he would cum soon. I moved one hand to his balls, and one to the base of his cock, using it to replace my mouth as I lifted my face, shortening the strokes that I was giving him. When I felt like his cock was going to erupt, I closed my mouth around the head of it, pulling back even farther, so that I could get all that I wanted. I squeezed his balls, jacked his shaft, and teased his cock with my tongue, and his morning wood began to spew.

Taking all that he could shoot, I was able to help my man to get his morning nut. Tasting, savoring, moving it around in my mouth, I finally swallowed it all. The beginning of my third day with my man was great.

Lamar was laying on his back, his softening cock, across one of his thighs, smiling at me. He said: “You ate this like you were hungry. I was all the way to your nose with it, and you took it like you wanted it. Putting that first load in your belly, got my snake ready to put some meat in your pussy. This time I won’t blow so soon. Sit your little pucker hole on this thing and see you can get it to stand up again.”

He guided me, moving me up, and over his crotch. I was on my knees, and I let myself down until I could feel his meat under mine, and then settled my ass onto him. Looking down, I could see his cockhead beside mine, as Lamar hefted my little breasts, and then began to work my nipples over between his thumb and forefinger.

I smiled to him and said: “Honey, you took my throat like you took my ass. I love that you feel so strong. And I love seeing my body and yours so close together. I have never felt like I felt when we made love last night, but I also like the way that you can use me to feel good. It makes me feel good too. Have you ever seen black guys break in a white girl, giving casino şirketleri her black cock for the first time? Making her take it all? Were some of them reluctant to give it up to a black cock?”

Lamar got a serious look on his face and said: “I have seen it, and many weren’t really thinking that they would go all the way with a black guy. They were sort of teasing the guys and themselves. But once the girl gets set on the side of the bed, it is all over. From there on, she is his, until he is done, and she will try to enjoy the feeling that the brother is putting on her while he fucks her. It won’t be over until she wants him to leave a load in her pussy. If she can get pregnant, she can justify being a black guy’s side meat. When he has her where she will beg him to fuck her, she is his, and then he will pound her pussy sore to leave his mark in her.”

Not even noticing at first, I felt myself moving on his cock, and as I looked at it, I could see it begin to grow. Reaching down to my crotch, I put my hand around both his shaft and mine, holding them together. They were both stiffening, and I could feel his throb as he flexed his abdomen, making his cock move along my ball sack and rosebud. I felt good, thinking that I could cause this beautiful black man to want to fuck me.

I said: “Lamar, Honey, isn’t that what you have been doing with me? I wasn’t virgin to black, but I wasn’t really interested in the “true love” shit. You fucked me into making love with you. You know that I love being under your black body, and the kind of sex that I want most. When you fuck me now, nail me, own me, pound me into the mattress, fuck me like Down Town Brown. I want you to take it. Make it yours forever, Lamar Jones.”

Lamar said: “Baby, I wanted to get deep into that throat of yours to show you that you can take cock deep. No one is going to go as deep as me, but when anyone wants it, you will know that you can take all they have. While I was in your throat, I was thinking about getting some more of this ass, and now I think that I need to get all up in it. Lift yourself off of it.”

Raising up, he lifted his cock and pointed it at my already lubed ass. I settled back, slowly, feeling it pushing into my hole. With a few inches of it inside, he stopped me from taking more, even pushing me up a little, until only the head was inside. Then he pulled me down, hard, making me take most of his cock in one stroke. Holding me against him, he rolled his ass from side to side, and I could feel his cock moving in me.

Looking into his eyes, I moaned: “Oh fuck, baby, you know how to put it to me. Fuck me, pound me, get what you need from me, Lamar.”

Pushing me off him, he rolled off the bed, and turned to me, rolling me onto my knees, and pulled me until I was at the foot of the bed. Standing behind me, he held my hips and pushed his cock into me again, going deep, and holding himself against me. Wanting him to know that I loved what he was doing, I swiveled my ass around and pushed back against him.

Slapping my ass hard, he said: “This one is for me. Give me that pussy and make it good. I am going to get another nut from you. I will take care of you later. Show me what this ass can give. Fuck it like you are trying to get me off. Move this hole, fuck me like you are at a Mandingo party and proving that you are still hot enough to fuck.”

Knowing that I was both his, and belonged to the Mandingos, I wanted to feel his cock in me, as well as wanted to show him that I could give it up the way he wanted it. He was holding my hips, preventing me from pushing back to take more, but letting me move my ass around, pleasing his cock. He was only letting me get six or seven inches of it, but I used my movements to put it all over inside me. I hoped that he would let me have more of it, but he just kept a part of it in me.

Fucking like that for awhile, Lamar said: “This is the kind of cock you get if you go out looking for it. A lot of guys are content to get this much, but you know that you want it all. You want to be deep dicked, and you want to be the bitch with a man doing what a real man does best. I might let a 6 inch cock get in you, and while you give him a good ride, you will be picturing us in the bed, fucking like we both love, like this, baby.”

As he said that, he slapped my ass several times, on each cheek, making it burn. As he was slapping, I was squirming, moving my ass, to avoid the slaps, and I began to cum. He didn’t stop me when I pushed back the next time, and I took him to the hilt. Pushing hard against him, my full orgasm hit, making me moan, and push even tighter to his crotch.

Feeling me cumming, he pulled on my long pony tail with one hand, and reached under me and grabbed my hard cock. I was pulled tight against him, and I trembled with the feeling of having his cock buried in me, and his hand holding my hard cock.

I mumbled: “Gaaawwwddddd, I am cumming and it won’t stop. Oh god, casino firmaları baby, fuck me! Lay me down and pound me. I need it. Take what you need, baby.”

Nudging me forward on the bed, I began to lay down, keeping him in me, as he moved overtop. Face down, I pushed into the air, and pulled a folded pillow under my crotch. My ass was in the air for Lamar to do anything he wanted to it, and he began to work me over.

He said, next to my ear: “This is it, baby. You have given me some good pussy, and you have had some good orgasms too. I have got to lay you down like this and get what I need. This pussy is so good, it has got to be mine.”

He started fucking me, holding my shoulders down, and hammering his cock into me. He pounded me hard, Making me be so open that when he pulled back, pulling his whole cock out of my ass, he went right back in, with his cock finding my hole and driving back to the bottom again. As he fucked me, he began to slap me, making my ass cheeks burn.

Reaching for my wrists, he held my arms outstretched with my hands on the pillows at the top of the bed and said: “You are one good slut. Taking cock all up in you. I am using this pussy that you gave me. I am going to use it so good that you will feel me in there when I am back in Savannah and you are laying here wishing I was at you again. Whose pussy am I fucking slut?”

I moaned: “Ohhh god, baby. It is your pussy. Fuck me, fill your pussy, get what you need. Lamar, fuck me, pound me. It is yours, you own it, forever. I am yours, my pussy is yours, I am all yours, and I don’t want you to stop fucking me. I am cumming and it feels so good.”

Pounding the full length of his big cock into me, at first I could feel his cockhead hit bottom before his balls hit mine, but as he reshaped my pussy, his body hitting mine let me know that he was at the bottom. His cockhead no longer hurt me deep inside, my ass was truly his. I was getting fucked like he wanted to deliver it, harder and more thorough than I had dreamed it could be done.

Fucking me steady, hard, he began to stiffen his whole body, supporting himself on his toes and hands, and then really began driving his cock into me. His belly was smashing onto my back with every stroke, and I was cumming non-stop. I was torn between wanting him to hold his cock deep inside me to let my orgasm run, and with wanting him to keep stroking, pounding my pussy, giving me all that he could. There was no romance to this, just two bodies copulating, with one totally owning the other, pounding relentlessly, taking full possession of the ass pussy that belonged to him now.

I was reduced to a stuttering, stammering, sobbing mess. I was fucked, and was being fucked some more. I felt like he was giving me more than I had gotten from 4 guys at the Mandingo party. Knowing that I had emptied his morning load, and that he would keep on for some time now, I pushed back to him, beginning to move my ass as he stroked it. Fucking me for over half an hour, Lamar began to cum, and slammed his cock to the depths of my pussy. As he unloaded in me, I let myself go, and I think that I passed out for a few seconds. I was as fucked as he was, and let him collapse on my back, as we lay there, panting, trying to get ourselves together.

I spoke first, saying: “Baby, don’t take that out of me. Leave it in there forever. Let’s keep fucking, please? I love you, I love the way you make me feel, I love your body slamming against mine, pushing that beautiful black snake in and out of me. I am your slut, please baby, have me, take it, Lamar, and keep fucking me. I need it.”

Flexing his hips, letting me feel his cock as it moved in my ass, he said: “This is the cock that showed you your limits. You got off to other cocks, but this is the one that gave you all that you could take. This is the fucking that you will dream about, while enjoying getting fucked with someone else’s cock. When I am back in Savannah, thinking about putting this love muscle in you, I will still get my nut, but in my mind it would be you that I am fucking. You will be the same. And I am going to help you with your rent, so I can get back to you for some good lovemaking. I will have one of my friends drop it off from time to time. And you take good care of my friends while they are there. Now, move that ass, bitch, I got to lay some pipe.”

I pushed my ass back towards him and he rammed forward, bottoming out, as his spent cock began to stiffen again. I loved getting fucked, and having it done by Lamar, his strong body, and his great cock, was the best I could ever hope for. I knew that I would do anything for this man. As he fucked me, he was stroking my cock, and when he felt me start to spurt, he shoved all of himself into me, filling my pussy from top to bottom. As he did, he bit the back of my neck, hard, grinding his teeth back and forth, and sucking. I was being taken from behind and from my neck.

Still holding my neck in his teeth, he güvenilir casino moved his cum covered hand from my cock and brought it to my mouth. Face fucking me with his finger, feeding me my cum, he released my neck and said: “I am the only one that will help you cum. You might orgasm with someone else, but this nut is mine, like you and your pussy are mine.”

Even though he hadn’t gotten a nut this time, he let his cock soften and he pulled it out of me. As he did, I wondered what I would be like with him clear over in Savannah and me here. My ass was fucked, totally, and I knew that he was right in me having taken the most possible, I would miss him, but I could dream about the fucking that he has given me, and the fucking that he will give me the next time we are together. He was My Man, and I was “His”, for whatever he wanted. Sex and companionship like he put on me, was worth everything I had.

We napped for 2 hours when Lamar’s phone went off. It was Marcus saying that he would be at the house in an hour, and wanted to party. I looked at Lamar, worried that I might not say the right thing when I was with the two of them. I had promised my ass and my sex to Marcus and the Mandingos, but had then promised my heart to Lamar. I went into the bathroom to clean myself out, and to clean up as well, knowing that I would be fucking Marcus, and probably both of them.

Just as Marcus pulled in, I had filled a bowl and gotten two sweet teas poured, and then got a third, knowing that Marcus drinks sweet tea as well. I was carrying them, as he walked in, and handed him a tea and the bowl. I handed a tea to Lamar and sat beside him on the sofa. Marcus walked in and sat beside me, drank some tea and then took a toke and handed the bowl to me.

As I hit the bowl, Marcus began to rub his hand on my inner thigh. Wearing only panties, I felt his strong hands, and then he moved up, cupping my ass, balls, and cock. Looking at me, he asked: “Baby, did you give Lamar a good time?”

I laughed and replied: “Baby, you know I did, but I want you to take me to bed, get what you need, and we will tell you more. Did you get any good stuff while you were in Texas?”

Still holding onto my crotch, he said: “I got the chance to open up a little white girl with bright red hair. She wanted to do the deed, but she had never had more than a pencil dick, and only from young guys. I had her spend her time with me, and I took my time getting into her little pussy. I never saw one that tight. She was short, petite, but had been growing her ass and thighs. The extra meat made her pussy tight as fuck. When I finally got inside her, she was bawling, wailing that she was so stretched that she couldn’t move. I left it in her, and rolled her onto her side, and just let it soak in her. As she got used to it, she rolled me onto my back and started working on fucking my cock.”

He continued with: “She wanted it, but was only getting half of it into her pussy. She tried to force more in, but then she started cumming, and she really lost it. She was crying that she wouldn’t be able to take all of me and get me off. I told her that when we got her in the right position, that she would be able to take me.”

Squeezing me hard, he added: “Bitches take black cock either flat on their backs or on their hands and knees. This one needed to be under me, and when I had most of my cock in her, I bit her lip and pushed it all into her. I held her ass to the bed, and covered her mouth to keep her quiet. I fucked her, and busted in her twice, and she said that she was glad that she chose me to show her how to fuck big cocks. I fucked her all night, and into the next day. I only stopped so I could take care of business. She wanted me to bring her home with me, but I told her that I am too busy to have a full time woman. She wants to come over for a few days and party over here. I told her that we would do it soon.”

He turned his attention to me, and began to feel me up, kissing and nipping my nipples. Lifting his mouth off them, he asked: “Lamar, is this ass ready to use? Is it cleaned out? I need to fuck that little redhead out of my mind. Let’s go into the bedroom, Eddie. Bring the bowl along.”

In the bedroom, Lamar turned me to him, kissed my lips, and began to take my panties off. With them at the floor, I stepped out of them, kicking them toward the hamper. Marcus pulled me backwards, making me fall onto my back as he lifted my hips, moving me to the center of the bed. I got the Astrolube from under the pillow, and put some on my hand, that I rubbed into Marcus hard cock. I knew how he would fuck me, and I wanted to be sure to have enough lube to be able to take what he was going to give me.

Lowering his cock to my asshole, after putting my ankles on his shoulders, Marcus asked: “Whose ass is this, bitch? Who owns this ass?”

I looked him in the eye and said: “You do, baby, and you always will. You have shown me what my ass loves, and you have kept me well fucked. I owe you so much for sending Lamar to stay with me. You gave me so much. But now you are here, and I want to give it up to you and get some of this good cock. It is your ass, honey, use it like you want to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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