Broken Ch. 03

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Author’s Note:

All characters engaged in sexual situations are eighteen years of age or older. All characters and events are fictional. Any similarities with actual events or persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

This is a work of fiction, and as such, certain events or situations may be improbable, and certain details may not correspond to real life. If you’re looking for strictly likely situations and exact reality, I suggest you skip this.

I might as well admit it here. This isn’t the last installment. I think 8,000 to 10,000 words is a nice length, but at this point I’m at 16,000 words, and not done yet. So here it is, the third, and maybe, almost, just about close to the final chapter. Probably. I’m usually always, kind of right on these sorts of things.


I tried really hard to stare at Rusty, to figure out what he was saying, but my head was swimming and I felt a little dizzy.

“It was right after your pa and ma moved out to that ranch. You and Bonnie were tiny little babies a few months old. June wanted a baby so bad, but we both knew I couldn’t make no babies, cause of an accident I had as a kid. Everything else works down there, just not my nuts.

“Your ma and my June met at the grocery store, and hit it off. She invited them over for dinner, and we all kind of got drunk. We didn’t plan it, but your ma and pa ain’t never been with nobody but each other before, things got a little crazy with all four of us. Your ma and I had our own fun while June and your pa ended up making Haley that night right there in our living room.

“June told me she was pregnant, and we both knew it wasn’t mine. We never told your parents, so they don’t know.”

“Why? Why are you telling me this?”

I wasn’t angry, I just really wanted to know why Rusty thought this had anything to do with me illegally having sex with Bonnie.

“Cause it would kill my little girl if she found out I ain’t her pa. Now, you got insurance that I’ll never tell your secret.”

“I don’t think I can just not tell Bonnie.”

Rusty nodded his head thoughtfully, then stared out the windshield of the truck some more.

Rusty looked at me and nodded his head again.

“You can’t just not tell your Bonnie. Tell her, but make sure she knows how big a secret it is. Now, let’s go get them supplies. They ain’t carrying themselves out to the truck.”


“We have a sister? We have a sister?” Bonnie squealed.

I nodded my head. I hadn’t mentioned yet why Rusty told me about Haley being our sister.

“I want to meet her! What’s she look like? Does she have red hair like us? Tell me everything about her, Clyde.”

“Bonnie, I’ve never met her. She’s away at college, someplace out east. The only thing I can tell you about her is she can’t ever know she’s our sister.”

Bonnie’s enthusiasm was suddenly gone. Her expression was a mixture of confusion and disappointment.

“She can’t know? Why? Why can’t she know?”

“Rusty knows we’re twins.”

“Clyde…you told him?”

“I didn’t need to. He knows Dad…and apparently Mom. He knew who I was before I told him. He knew your name and that you were my sister the second he saw you.”

“He knows we…that we’re…that…”

“He knows. Did you know it’s illegal for us to have sex?”

Bonnie slowly nodded her head and I could see the tears filling her eyes.

“It’s OK, Bonnie,” I whispered as I wrapped my arms around her.

“That’s why he told me about Haley. It would destroy her if she found out he isn’t her real Dad, and he says now we have insurance that he won’t ever tell anybody. If he tells, we could tell his secret.”

“You blackmailed your bossman?”

“No,” I chuckled. “He volunteered. He also said there’s worse things a person can do than loving the wrong, pretty girl.”

Bonnie raised her eyes to mine, and smiled.

“He said I’m pretty?”

I smiled and nodded at my lovely sister.

“Do you think I’m the wrong girl?”

“I don’t care, because you’re the only girl.”


The next few weeks it was hard to not stare at June every morning at the ranch house, and imagine my Dad making a baby with her. I also imagined Rusty and Mom together, but wasn’t sure exactly what they had done together. I knew exactly what Dad had done with June, and assumed that Rusty and Mom had done the same thing, in the same room with the others.

I didn’t eat breakfast at the big house everyday. Bonnie had some kind of internal alarm that woke her up most mornings early enough that she had a hot breakfast ready for me, but I still went inside for the day’s meeting before we started work.

Even on the days my sister woke me instead of going to make breakfast, then kissed me goodbye wearing one of my work shirts and cum running down the inside of her thighs, I still got hard when I saw June and thought of my Dad fucking her to make a sister for me and Bonnie that we had never met.

“I think about them, too, Clyde,” Bonnie announced one night after we had made and eaten dinner together, and were bahis firmaları sitting on the sofa watching a crime drama on the television.

We never talked about what Bonnie did during the day while I was working the ranch, but I had an idea. The house was always spotless, there were never more than two days of dirty clothes, and Bonnie’s body had changed ever so slightly.

Under her freckles and pearl white skin, I could feel the ripple of muscles she had not had when she came to take possession of the one thing she wanted most in life. That’s what she called it, coming to live with me. She obviously had taken up exercising.

“You think about who?” I asked her before turning to meet her gaze. She had a mischievous grin on her lips and a twinkle in her baby blues.

“Dad and June having sex.”

“Oh, them. You say it like I think about them.”

“Clyde,” Bonnie giggled. “I know you do. I know you get an erection thinking about the two of them, naked, having sex, and wondering if Dad enjoyed it as much as you enjoy having your own, beautiful, hard cock buried in my tight, wet, delicious pussy.”

I was flabbergasted. I knew Bonnie seemed to read my mind sometimes, but I never realized she could see in my head so accurately.

Bonnie leaned forward and ran the tip of her tongue around the outside my ear then whispered “You want to watch somebody fucking, don’t you, little brother?”

She nibbled my earlobe once, then sat back and looked at me with an innocent look on her face.

“I didn’t know my sweet sister was such a pervert.”

“Clyde Steele, you say that like it’s a bad thing,” Bonnie pouted.

I was speechless, again. An apology was forming in my mind, until I felt my sister’s fingers walk across my hip and begin to lower the zipper on my tan trousers.

“Don’t worry little brother, your big sister will take care of your little problem here,” she murmured demurely without moving her eyes away from mine.

“Oh my, this isn’t such a little problem, after all,” she giggled before leaning down and running her tongue around the head of my throbbing cock.

As she lowered her mouth around me, I reached for the button on her denims, but her body stiffened and she sat up.

“Clyde…we can’t.”


“I got my period today.”

She looked like she wanted to cry.

“Are you OK, Bonnie?”

“Yes, my love. It’s just, I don’t know. I don’t think I want to do that when I’m bleeding,” she almost whined, then sniffled and wiped her eyes. “I want you so bad right now, but don’t worry, you’re going to fill me up with your cum anyway, just not there.”

I must have blinked, because I was suddenly in her mouth again, and her head was bobbing in my lap. I was certain after only a few strokes in her hot, wet mouth I would come, but she stopped, and began rubbing her cheeks and chin on my throbbing cock and gently squeezing my balls while she almost smiled and gazed into my eyes.

I felt the edge of my orgasm fade, and she renewed her assault, but a little slower this time. She continued to gently massage my balls as her lips and tongue worked their magic on my turgid penis, working me around her mouth and in and out.

It took longer this time to approach the edge, but as I sensed the impending explosion of my creamy semen, she again withdrew and kissed down my shaft and began to lick and suck my balls while holding my erection upright.

By the time she had brought me to the brink and stopped for the fourth or fifth time, I was seriously worried my balls would ignite and shoot flames out the end of my cock. I could see her saliva had pooled around the base of my cock and her hand and my balls glistened from her drool.

“Bonnie, please…” I moaned as she took me in her mouth again.

She must have understood my plight, because this round there was no slow and steady. I could see her face was covered with a sheen of perspiration from her exertion as her head bobbed quickly in my lap, and I was quickly approaching the point of no return.

Without warning, I felt her hand drop away from my wet balls, then a finger slid effortlessly into my rectum and curl upward inside me.

My climax was sudden, and felt as if it started as an eruption deep inside my guts, further inside than ever before. The heat burned a path through my balls and up my shaft as my beautiful sister pulled her face away from me and a thick, hot shot of cum exploded across the bridge of her nose and splattered on her cheeks and over her closed eyes.

The second blast landed squarely on her upper lip and spread in a wave up into her nose and down over her chin. Her finger inside me seemed to be pumping my ejaculations, accelerating their speed and increasing the volume. The next three blasts struck with equal ferocity as the first two, on her forehead, one of her closed eyelids, and then the opposite cheek.

Finally, the next several volleys weakened and she managed to aim them for her now open mouth before she covered my head with her lips and sucked out the last few aftershocks of my orgasm.

Bonnie kaçak iddaa struggled a little to get her cum blasted eyes open and look at me.

“Am I pretty?” she giggled at me. My cum was literally covering her face. I was shocked at the amount of milky goo on her, and she had even swallowed some.

“Beautiful,” I choked out, still struggling to breath.

Bonnie smiled, then cupped my cheek in her hand before reaching down and taking my phone out of my pocket and walking to the bathroom.

She was in the bathroom for a few minutes before I heard the water come on and run for just a minute. She was smiling her biggest, most beautiful smile as she made her way back toward me. I hadn’t had the energy to rearrange my clothes, and she bent at the waist and gave my limp dick a lingering kiss before tucking me in and fastening my pants again.

“I love you Clyde Steele,” she murmured as she sat down, then held my phone out to me.

I looked at the screen, and saw a picture of my beautiful sister’s face, covered with my cum, smiling at me from the screen.

“That’s for when you miss me at work, and want to be reminded what I look like covered in your love,” she giggled. “But you didn’t answer my question.”

“Question? What question?”

“Do you want to watch somebody having sex? Do you wish you could watch Dad fucking June? Or…Mom fucking Rusty? Just anybody fucking somebody?” Bonnie’s voice had trailed off to a whisper at the end.


“Rusty, do you have electricity there?” I asked into my phone while I looked at my sister’s shadow in the darkness.

“Nope. Line’s down somewhere between here and town. You and Bonnie come up here. We have a generator for the house and barns. They ain’t gonna have it back up before tomorrow night, or later.”

“OK, Rusty. Thanks.”

I lowered the phone from my ear, but kept it high enough to give the room a dim glow. Bonnie looked scared.

“A line is down. We’re going to the big house for tonight, and maybe a couple nights.”

The storm was unusual for Beaver, especially late November. We had only a few inches of snow, but the wind and bitter cold were making things miserable for everybody, especially the electric company.

We had made our usual Friday night grocery trip a few hours ago, so we had plenty of food, but no way to cook without power. We also had no way to heat the house. At least our old house, with Dad and Mom, had a wood burning fireplace we had used when the power went out.

I made a mental note, looking at the fear on my sister’s face, that I would get us a generator for the next time this happened.

“I don’t know, Clyde. I’m scared…”

Bonnie had not been to the big house, Rusty and June’s home. I wasn’t even sure she had seen it from the outside. We never passed by on our way anywhere.

“Trust me, Bonnie, everything will be fine.”

I wondered if she worried there would be a repeat of what happened with Rusty and June with Dad and Mom. I was fairly certain that wouldn’t come up.

“OK, I’ll pack us some clothes, since you promise.”

Rusty met us at the door wearing a robe and some flannel looking pajama pants underneath. It looked like he had been in bed when I called him. He smiled a reassuring smile at Bonnie as she passed him, still looking a little frightened.

“We got several empty bedrooms, but Haley’s is the only one ready to sleep in. The missus keeps fresh sheets in there, just in case Haley shows up unexpectedly.”

I glanced at my sister, and her blue eyes were sparkling with a smile on her face.

“Oh, that will be just lovely, Rusty. Thank you so much for letting us come.”

Rusty showed us up a wide set of polished wooden stairs to the second floor. There were several closed doors on each side. He walked past the first doors on each side, and opened the second one.

“This is the bathroom. Clean towels and wash rags are under the sink. The door on the other side, behind you, is Haley’s.”

Bonnie pushed past me and opened the door and clicked on the light.

“Thanks again Rusty. See you in the morning,” Bonnie giggled before pulling me inside and shutting the door behind us.

I put the box Bonnie had packed our clothes in on the foot of the bed while she peered around the room.

“This is…um…nice?”

I looked around. The walls were covered with posters and drawings. One wall held a bookshelf with a few books, but most of the shelves had trophies, plaques and ribbons filling them. There was a desk with a computer on it, a dresser with a TV on top, and another desk with a mirror. Everything looked rather, well, feminine, I guess.

“Clyde,” Bonnie hissed out a whisper. “This is our sister’s bedroom.”

I had moved over to the desk with a mirror on it. The edges of the mirror were filled with photographs. Most had several girls in them, doing various things. Some had only a couple girls. I was looking for Haley, but I had no idea what she looked like.

“Lots of pictures of girls. I wonder which one is Haley.” I didn’t really expect kaçak bahis Bonnie to have an answer, but she’s always surprising me.

She came over to stand beside me, and in a second or two pointed to a picture of a close up of two girls’ faces.

“That’s Haley. She has your eyes.”

I bent over and looked closer. The girl had long, straight, dark brown hair that flowed straight down from the top of her head to beyond the edge of the picture. Where the light hit her hair just right, I could see a deep red shade. Her skin was tanned, and she had a patch of freckles on each cheek that met across her nose. She was almost smiling at us with the exact same almost smile that Bonnie had so often given me, and she definitely had Bonnie’s baby blue eyes.

“She’s beautiful,” Bonnie whispered.

“She’s your sister, so of course she’s beautiful.”

Bonnie turned to me and kissed me hard, pushing me backwards toward the bed.

“Little brother, I want you to fuck me in our sister’s bed. I don’t care if Rusty and June hear us fucking either.”


My alarm startled me from sleep. Maybe I was dreaming, or maybe it was because my alarm didn’t sound right. It seemed too far away. I reached for where I always put it without looking, found the bedside table wasn’t there, and sat up.

It took me a few seconds to remember we weren’t at home. I had to get out of bed and take a few steps to Haley’s desk where I put my phone and turn it off.

Bonnie wasn’t in bed, and the room smelled of our sex from the night before.

Without thinking, I went straight to the bathroom across the hallway to shower. When I was finished and dried off, I ambled back out into the hallway.

“Geez, Clyde. I can’t take you anywhere!” Bonnie hissed at me. She was almost to the top of the stairs.


“You’re naked in the hallway! That’s what.”

“Well, what are you wearing?”

I could see what she was wearing now that she had arrived at the top of the stairs. Light gray flannel pajama pants with big white rabbits in various poses under an over-sized hoody sweatshirt with a rainbow and unicorn on the front. I was fairly certain they weren’t hers. The hoody was several sizes too big for her, and the pajama pants were bunched up around her feet and ankles with just the toes of her fuzzy slippers visible.

“I found them in the dresser. They must be Haley’s, and she must be a giant.”

“They’re certainly, well, girly, aren’t they?”

“I like them, little brother. You don’t think I’m a girly girl?”

“I think you’re amazing, smart, funny, sweet, attractive, perfect… but girly?”

“Whatever. Get dressed and come down,” she growled and turned to leave. “And you forgot beautiful,” she giggled over her shoulder before heading back down.

“Humble. I forgot humble too,” I called to her before going back into Haley’s bedroom to dress.

I found Rusty in the large dining room, looking at a tablet.

“Morning,” I greeted him before he looked up.

“How’d ya sleep, kid?”

“Pretty good, I think.”

“Good. I noticed some commotion, but reckoned if there was a problem, you’d come find me. Apparently ya didn’t need no help though.”

“No, we managed fine, I think.”

“Yep, yer missus seemed chipper enough, so it seems her thinking was ya did a fine enough job.”

It took me a second to catch his meaning, and then he chuckled as I felt my face flush warm.

I was saved by the sound of the front door, followed by several sets of heavy foot steps on the hardwood floor in the front room. Soon the rest of the crew ambled in and sat down around the table.

As if on cue, June stepped out of the kitchen with platters of steaming food in each hand.

“Good morning, guys,” she greeted us with a big smile, and moved toward the table, revealing my beautiful sister behind her.

Bonnie’s eyes widened at the sight of the table filled with men.

We all stood. I don’t know why we did that, but it’s what we did the first time June came in the room every day. It’s what we did, and of course, I was used to it now.

“This is Bonnie,” Rusty announced. “Clyde’s wife. They ain’t got a generator, since Walt took his with him when he left, so they stayed here last night.”

The men greeted my sister with “hello”, “ma’am”, and even a “howdy” before we all sat down. This seemed to put her at ease, and her startled expression melted into her trademark almost smile, then a wink at me.

“Clyde, does your wife have a sister at home?” Tommy, the next youngest of the men, besides me, asked, turning to look at me.

Rusty laughed right out loud, and the others at least chuckled.

“What? I’m just saying, it ain’t easy to find a girl, and if there’s one available that’s half as beautiful as your Bonnie, I’d sure like to meet her.”

“Tommy…” Rusty started in a stern voice.

“No, Tommy, I’m sorry. I don’t have a sister. I only have a little brother, but I could introduce you if you want,” Bonnie finished for Rusty.

Tommy’s face was a bright red as everyone else had a good laugh.

“Let’s eat, before somebody hurts themselves. There really ain’t much to do today, and I reckon Clyde and me, plus one other can ride out after breakfast and check the herd. Anybody wanna volunteer?”

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