Bridge Club Benefits Ch. 04

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Tim and Frank couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched the two women making out. Both ladies were busily pawing at each others breasts and pussies. The boys walked into the room and Tim cleared his throat to let the mature women know Frank and he were back in the room drinks in tow.

Irene and Maggie stopped their lustful embrace and it was their turn to stare all shocked as they looked upon the two young studs and there rock hard cocks sticking straight up. The boys handed the women their drinks and they each took a sip.

Tim felt a little odd as he noticed his mother ogling his hard prick. He didn’t know if it bothered him more than it turned him on or vise versa. He could feel the precum start to drip from the eye of his penis and came to the conclusion that it was obviously a turn on.

Irene couldn’t stand it any more and dropped to her knees in front of her friend’s son and took his long hard pole into her hungry mouth. Slurping his cock deep into her mouth she relished in his taste and hardness. She knew she must have been doing a good job because she heard him moaning loudly in appreciation. casino şirketleri She worked his cock hard and sloppy, leaving a trail of spit from his bulbous prick head to his heavy nutsack. She started using her right hand and gripped his fleshy pole and slid it up and down the shaft as she swallowed and pulled back. With her other hand she gently began massaging Tim’s balls.

Maggie watched and felt a tinge of jealousy run through her body. She wanted to be the one feasting on her son’s cock. It looked so delicious to her but then she quickly remembered there was a piece of meat just as satisfying right before her and soon found herself on her knees taking her son’s best friend’s cock into her wanting mouth.

“Oh fuck Mrs. H that is amazing. Your mouth is so hot and wet on my cock. Oh god yes keep sucking me!” Frank told his friend’s mother.

“You like that Frankie baby? Of course you do…I can feel how much you like it by the way your cock twitches in my mouth!” Maggie said. Even though she was sucking Frank’s pole she kept an eye on her son and was surprised when she noticed he was staring casino firmaları right back at her. This made her even hungrier and she worked Frank’s cock even harder. She ate the young lads cock like it was going out of style. Sliding it deep into her throat and then back out, repeating the process over and over. She grabbed at his heavy balls and she could tell by their tightness that young Frank wasn’t going to last very long and she would soon be tasting his hot sticky nourishment.

Irene also noticed Tim’s nuts had tightened up quite substantially and kept trying to coax out the young cum from his balls. She rubbed his sack even more and sped up her sucking. Irene wanted to make Tim cum before Maggie could bring off Frank. It was like a competition in her mind and it was one she was bent and determined to win.

Both ladies were really working the young cocks and soon the room was filled with moans. They both knew it would be just a matter of seconds each of them would be having their tonsils sprayed by the young hot cum of the boys.

“Jesus Irene…Holy Shit…Keep doing that..Yes…right there…Oh güvenilir casino Godddddddddd IIII’MMMMMM GGOOOIIINGGG TTOOO SHHHOOOOOTTTT!!!!” Tim cried as he bucked his hips forward and drove his cock all the way down the sexy mature lady’s throat. He could feel rope after rope of cum blast out the end of his hard cock. Irene was a true champion and sucked down every last drop of the boy’s goo.

Maggie watched the pure utter bliss upon her son’s face and it made her work harder. With her one hand she started rubbing her pussy while she kept her sucking pace at maximum. The thoughts of her boy’s pleasure mixed in with the stimulation of her fingers and the hot warm cock in her mouth sent her on her own orgasmic trip and she barely even realized the cock erupting in her throat. When her own orgasm subsided she came back to reality and drank down all of Frank’s goodness.

After she was finished Frank was so overwhelmed by his cum that he actually fell flat on his ass. The other three had a hearty laugh at his expense but instead of being insulted he just laughed right along with them.

The women noticed that the two boys had remained hard as rock even after their incredible blow jobs and Irene was the first to speak up.

“You gotta love youth! Timmy be a sweetie and take that hard cock of yours and fuck my brains out!” She cried.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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