Born Beautiful, Rachel’s Story #16

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With her brother peeping, Rachel takes her bath while forced to suck her father.

Now that her brother was done with her mother, Rachel needed to race them back to the house before they discovered her spying on them. With her father drunk, her brother would be a while helping him to his feet and their mother out of the barn and back to the house. As if she was a rat fleeing the barn with the dogs hot on her tail, not even taking the time to button her nightgown, with her breasts fully exposed and bouncing up and down and flopping from side to side with each running step, she scurried to the house and up to her room. She pushed her heavy bureau to block her bedroom door should her father and/or brother get any incestuous ideas about wanting to do her too or wanting her to sexually satisfy them with a hand job and/or a blowjob.

Safe in her room she thought of all that she had seen with her brother forcing their mother to sexually pleasure her son. As exhausted as she still was sexually aroused from watching such an incestuous display of forbidden sex, she fell upon her bed and masturbated herself with the thoughts of her mother sucking her brother’s cock. Then, instead of thinking about her mother sucking her son’s cock, she imagined herself sucking her brother’s big prick.

Karl’s cock was so big when erect. She’s seen his cock lots of times before but never like that when it was so stiffly sticking out straight. She fondled her breasts and fingered her nipples with the thoughts of a man touching her and feeling her. In the way that her brother had just done to her mother, she imagined a man forcing her to suck him, before forcing her to fuck him.

Knowing she’d need the carrot for other things later, she grabbed the carrot that she pocketed and didn’t eat from dinner and took it in her mouth. Feeling the hard roundness of it, she pretended the carrot was the cock of Christian Straub, a man she fancied the next town over. Wishing he was here right now, she’d suck his cock, she would, if only she could. More than just sucking his cock, in the horny state she was in now, she’d fuck him if only she could. Obviously after all that she’s seen and after all that she’s imagined in her sexual fantasies while masturbating, she needed a sexual release. She needed a man. She needed to experience a cock. Tough being a virgin when she has such sexual needs, she needs her father to find her a husband.

Only, with Rachel never allowed to leave the farm to attend a dance, Christian Straub, the man she fancied the most, was already promised to someone else, Hilda Brandt, an old classmate of hers. When she was done sucking the carrot, she bit off the pointy top and moved it to her pussy. Rubbing the carrot along her clit and along the length of her pussy lips as if it was a cock, Christian’s cock, she pushed the bitten tip of it inside her, while taking care not to violate her virginal status. Then, she twirled it around and inserted the thicker butt end of the carrot in her pussy. She only wished there was someone there watching her masturbate herself in the way that she watched her mother masturbate and suck her brother. Positioned in her typical bedtime posture with one hand tucked between her legs and the other hand caressing her breast, she closed her eyes while holding her carrot and fantasizing of holding a penis.

Besides herself with incestuous lust and horniness, wondering if she was just as perversely depraved as was her father, casino şirketleri mother, and brother, tomorrow night she’ll give her father and brother a real show while bathing. Tomorrow night, maybe if she sexually teased her father enough, he’d feel her tits, feel her ass, finger her pussy, or pull her hand to his cock, while he masturbated himself. Maybe if she could make him sexually excited enough, not a very hard thing to do with her looks and body, he’ll grab her hand, wrap her fingers around his stiff prick, and force her to masturbate him. Tomorrow night, so long as they forced her to do such an incestuously deplorable thing, she’d suck her father and/or her brother. Maybe tomorrow tonight, she’ll discover what it’s like for a man to cum in her mouth too.

Careful not to break her hymen, she rubbed her clit while fucking herself with her carrot. Feeling her big tits while fingering her nipples, she imagined her father and/or brother having their wicked way with her naked body and especially with her big tits. She’d let them suck her nipples, so long as it appeared they were forcing her. She couldn’t wait to strip naked in front of them. She couldn’t wait to give them a sexy show. She couldn’t wait to see what they’d do when she acted just as sexually depraved as they do.

The next night, knowing her father would appear to take his seat while her mother stayed in her bedroom, Rachel filled up the tub with hot water. Knowing her brother was already outside peeking through the kitchen window to watch her undress, she couldn’t wait to give him a sexy sisterly show of her naked body. Only, she needed to wait for her father to take his usual seat. Just as she poured the last of the water in the tub and ready to undress, her father walked in the kitchen ready to watch his daughter strip out of her clothes. As if she was an actress on stage, she gave her performance of non-consensual reluctance as soon as her imagined curtain was pulled back from her pretend stage was set with the appearance of her perverted father.

“Get out! Get out,” she said pushing her father back out of the kitchen.

“Shut up and take your bath. I want to watch. I want to see,” he said.

“No, I demand some privacy,” she said.

“You demand? You demand? Who are you to demand when you are just a woman. You demand nothing,” he said. “You do whatever I say and whenever I say it.”

“No Papa, please leave,” she said pretending that she was about to cry.

“Take off your clothes,” he ordered in his big booming voice that was heavy with a Germanic accent. “Take them off right now.”

“No,” she said defying him.

With her struggling to push him away from her and out of the kitchen, overpowering her, he pushed her back in the kitchen and against the sink. When she continued resisting him and fought him, he slapped her hard across the face, before grabbing her and ripping open her nightgown. As soon as her torn nightgown exposed her breasts and the rest of her naked body to him, her father’s horny, incestuous hands touched and felt her everywhere.

With her buttons bouncing all over the hardwood, kitchen floor, as soon as her naked breasts were exposed to his incestuous eyes, she was already wet with sexual excitement. She wasn’t sexually aroused not so much for him but because of how he physically assaulted her, sexually abused her, and in the way that he stared at her nakedness. His look gave her a feeling of empowerment. casino firmaları Just by flashing him her naked body, for the first time in her life, she felt a modicum of control over her.

Touching, feeling and caressing her naked breasts, he was all over her erect nipples. Pulling them, turning them, and twisting them when he leaned down to take her nipples in his mouth, first one and then the other, she wanted to put her hand to the back of his head for him to stay there while sucking her tits. Instead of going along with his incestuous lust for her, continuing to play her acting role, she recoiled.

“Papa! No! Don’t! You mustn’t do that to me. I’m your daughter. Stop! How dare you!”

With her slapping at him, just as she hoped he’d would, he grabbed a breast in each hand. While touching, feeling, and caressing her big breasts, he fingered her nipples and stared down at her big breasts. In the way that he touched her sexually excited her. In the way that he looked at her, sexually aroused her.

Then, leaning down to grab her nightgown hem, as if she was a burlap sack that he was filling with feed, he pulled her nightgown over her head. She struggled against him to keep her nightgown and save her modesty but he was too strong for her. Not stopping in his attack until he stripped her naked, he stripped her naked and after he did, he touched her where no father should ever touch his daughter. As if a man possessed with eight hands, instead of two, he felt her tits, fingered her nipples, squeezed her ass, and cupped her bushy, blonde pussy. Obviously remembering that she was still a valuable virgin, he stopped short of inserting his fat, stubby finger inside of her.

Then, once she was naked and helplessly vulnerable, cowering, and standing in the bathtub, he sat in his chair, pulled out his cock, and started stroking himself to the naked image of his daughter. With her back to her brother and her naked ass in full view of him, she watched her father stroking himself. Knowing her brother was there poised at the kitchen window watching the incestuous striptease show while masturbating too, she turned to face him. She turned to tease him. She turned to make him want her. Now naked before not only her father but also her brother, she was wet with incestuous lust for both perverted men as much as they were, obviously, sexually excited for her.

If only they knew that she was just as sexually excited showing them her ass, tits, and pussy as they were seeing her ass, tits, and pussy, she knew what they’d do to her. They’d sexually use her. They’d sexually abuse her. They’d incestuously rape her, beat her, and whip her.

Using her outrage to her advantage and as her excuse to stare at her father’s cock, while he stared at her tits and pussy, she stared at his exposed prick before voicing her shame and disgust for his inappropriate, incestuous behavior. She only wished he’d fill her hand with his cock before filling her mouth. She only wished he’d force her to have sex with him. Maybe after she lambasted him, he would. Maybe after she lambasted him, he’d lose his mind and fuck her.

“You dirty animal! You vile, filthy pig,” she said goading him, while hoping he’d pull her hand to his cock. “You disgust me. How dare you strip me naked? How dare you touch me, your own flesh and blood daughter? How dare you expose yourself to me, you disgusting, vile, filthy man? I hate you! I wish you were dead,” she said spitting at güvenilir casino him.

Enraged that his daughter dared speak to him like that and call him names, he stood and slapped her across the face again, especially after she spit her disrespect at him.

“You hate me? You wish Papa dead? Maybe you want to do this for me,” he said pulling her hand down to his stiff prick and wrapping her fingers around his cock, while moving her hand with his to stroke him, just as she had hoped he would.

“No! Stop! Don’t!” She allowed him the use of her feigned reluctant hand before pulling her hand away from feeling and holding her father’s stiff prick.

His cock felt good in her hand and if only he knew she enjoyed stroking him as much as he enjoyed forcing her to stroke him, she couldn’t even imagine the consequences of her lust for her father and brother. The feel of her father’s hard, fat cock in her hand excited her. She wanted more. She was hoping that he’d force her to suck him. With her brother there watching, surely, if her brother saw her masturbating her father before sucking her father, he’d want to sexually experience her too.

“If you don’t want to stroke me, then maybe you want to suck me,” he said pushing down hard on her shoulder and pushing her to her knees. As soon as she knelt in the bathtub, he more closely approached her.

Once she was poised and positioned on her knees in front of him, he took a handful of her long, chestnut hair and pulled hard. Just as her brother did with her mother, her father did to her. As soon as she opened her mouth to scream, he filled her mouth with his cock, while feeling her tits and fingering her nipples. Finally given admission to this incestuous den of degenerates, Rachel was sucking her father. Her first cock in her mouth, her father’s cock, she couldn’t believe she was sucking her father’s cock.

Clearly, even through the dirty window, she could see Karl’s face pressed against the outside kitchen window. While, no doubt, masturbating himself too, he was watching her suck their father. Even though she wanted to suck her father and now her brother too, fearing that he’d horsewhip her, Rachel couldn’t show him that she wanted to suck him or any man. Instead, she tried pulling away, but he put a heavy hand to the back of her head and held her in place, while humping her mouth and fucking her face. He was really forcing her to suck him now. With the steady motion of his hips, she could feel his sexual excitement and she could feel him getting ready to cum in her mouth.

“Suck Rachel. Suck Papa’s cock. That’s right. Blow Daddy. Daddy wants to cum in your pretty, little mouth.”

Suddenly having second thoughts about sucking her father, even she shocked herself when she was able to forcefully reject him and eject him from her mouth. Yet, just as she removed his cock from her opened mouth with her tongue and just as his cock was clear of her still opened mouth, her father ejaculated in her mouth and all over her face, hair, and breasts. As soon as he soiled his daughter, he pushed her away and left the room.

Still naked, pretending she didn’t know that her brother was still there watching her, she turned to face the window and her brother Karl again, while wiping her father’s cum from her face and pretending to cry. Washing herself with warm, soapy water, she gave Karl a sexy show of her naked body. Touching herself where she wished her father and brother would touch her, she continued bathing for the masturbation sake of her brother. With the kitchen window shaking, she could hear him stroking himself outside before she heard him voice his sexual excitement when ejaculating.

To be continued…

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