Blonde Angel – Part 2

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Blonde Angel — Part 2

By the time we awoke from our sex induced sleep, it was 1pm. As I came around, Paul had one arm draped across my chest and as I glance down the beautiful smooth skin of his back, the sweet cheeks of his arse were a divine sight to behold. I could have lay there all day watching that wonderful view, but two things stopped me. First, I was fucking starving hungry and second, I had a surprise gift for my sexy little lover and I knew I was going to blow his mind with it.

Without disturbing Paul, I gently lifted his arm, and left him with his cute little snores which told me I had worn him out fully with his introduction to proper sex. I went downstairs, made a delicious lunch of Pizza, fries and lots of Coca-Cola (proper 14yr old food) and carried it all upstairs on a tray.

I held a slice of pizza under my blonde angel’s nose, which immediately began to twitch. He licked his lips and lazily opened one eye. When he saw the slice in front of him, he was immediately awake as his stomach told him that he was also ravenous!

We stuffed ourselves silly, and soon, we both felt revitalised. I kissed Pauls pizza flavoured lips and announced that I had a surprise for him.

`What is it?’ he asked eagerly, `Cos it can’t be better than the surprise you just gave me’ he said with his usual cheeky smirk

I leaned in and kissed him deeply, and very seriously said, `Nothing could be better than making love to you my sweet boy, but this is awesomely cool and you are going to love it!’

I sat him back on the bed and told him to look around the room to see if he could see something new. He looked carefully, guessed a dozen wrong things and was beginning to get frustrated and impatient, as only a 14yr old can, so I told him to turn on the TV. He looked at me questioningly but did as I asked. The 60″ TV came to life and filling the screen was myself and Paul, sat naked on the bed, still with cans of Coke in our hands.

`Cool!’ he said

`Wait though, that’s not all’ I said, knowing his next reaction was going to be priceless.

The picture on the screen moved, and then zoomed in until the screen was filled with just the cock and balls of my lover. Paul’s jaw dropped and I revealed the little remote control unit for the new webcam. I then told him the best bits. There was software so the person you were talking to or showing yourself to could take control of the camera if you allowed it. Also, and more importantly, I lifted a parcel from under the bed which Paul opened at lightning speed, and revealed his own camera just like mine! He was bouncing around the bed with excitement, plates were going everywhere and I had to pin him down to save my house from destruction.

With a tear in his eye Paul said, `Nobody has ever bought me anything as cool as that, I will have to keep it quiet and just put it in place of my old one. My Sis never uses my computer so it should be ok. Thank you so so so so so so so much Mike, I really really really REALLY love you so much, but there is only one way I can really thank you.’ He placed the parcel on the bed, leant forward and deeply kissed me, running his tongue around my own, trying to tie us in knots, and as we kissed he pushed me back onto my pillow. Almost immediately as my head relaxed, he broke the kiss, and started to run butterfly kisses down my chin, along my shoulders and onto each nipple, gently nibbling them as he passed. Then his kisses and swirling tongue made a path down my belly and then as he reached my rapidly swelling cock, he plunged it deep into his mouth. As I wasn’t fully erect, he managed to get most of it into his mouth, and for the first couple of sucks, I felt his nose tickling my smooth pubic area. His hand and mouth worked in perfect harmony on my cock and balls as he swapped the attention of his tongue between them. My cock becoming a slippery pole from his saliva, and his hands also getting slimier from this delicious blow job. Then I felt something new. I felt his fingers exploring further back and then I felt two of his fingers massaging my hole. Each touch was like an electric shock of pleasure and that was multiplied a million fold as I felt him slide his inquisitive digits deep into me in one swift movement. My sensations were into overdrive and I moaned loudly and this made him more intense with his sucking and probing. Every nerve ending was on fire with each of his loving actions but out of the corner of my eye, I saw on the big screen what a beautiful sight it was and with the remote still in my hand, I zoomed in and filled the screen with the sight of his sweet little mouth, stretched to its limit and his eyes closed, deep in concentration on satisfying his older lover. I hit the record button so I could show him just how sexy he looked. Paul’s tongue and hand worked smoothly and I couldn’t believe how lucky I had been to find this delicious sexy creature and then all of a sudden his probing found its target and I felt an atomic surge of sensations as his fingers hit my prostate and within a few short seconds I felt my balls tense and an enormous eruption filled his mouth and his loud gulps and consistent sucking told me just how much he wanted to please me by not spilling a drop. I was more than pleased. I never wanted this day to end.

It took me quite a while to come down from my post climax shaking and we lay for a while, gently caressing each other and kissing. It was truly a heavenly experience. Paul found the remote for the camera and discovered just how good the high quality camera really was. First he framed our cuddling on the screen and I realised just how petite he really was as I saw this delicious little man in the arms of a guy who seemed huge in comparison right in front of me on my TV screen. I smiled because I realised just how lucky I was. Paul then zoomed in on his own equipment and the screen was filled with his delicious cock and balls and almost immediately my own cock began to swell and I began to subconsciously salivate at the thought of sucking him over and over again.

When we had fully recovered, I took over the computer and double clicked on the `World Cam’ icon and began to introduce Paul to one of my favourite bits of software. (I have called it World Cam but to be brutally honest it was quite a long time ago and for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was called) Whenever someone signed in, you gave yourself a tag line describing who you were or what you were doing so, you would see lines like, `Older looking for younger’, `18m looking for similar’, `40’s fem playing’ and very occasionally, `40yr old M with 15yr old son/daughter’ or similar. Most had the term `c2c’ as well. This was usually the genuine ones who would show their cam when they saw that you were who you said you were. I admit, I had used this many times to see younger lads or girls who were experimenting and looking for excitement and I was lucky enough to see some beautiful sights. Today as I set up the options page, I set casino şirketleri it to only receive calls from those with cameras, and I set our tag line, very proudly, to, `14yr old boy with 35yr old lover’ and then eagerly hit enter.

We sat on the edge of the bed and set the camera so it was showing both of us on screen, down to our waists. We would save the goodies for someone who was showing us theirs.

The first few calls came in from single guys, many just having their cocks on show. We just cancelled their calls. I then adjusted our tag line and added the words, `Calls from M/b, F/b, M/f , F/f, b or f ONLY’. We still received calls from a few guys but soon cut them off. Then, after about ten minutes waiting (I told Paul that this could take a while), the screen flashed up the next caller which read, `Daddy and daughter’. I clicked accept.

As the image flickered onto the screen, we saw, sat on the bed, a guy similar age to me and a girl, who I KNEW to be 12 years old. How did I know this for a fact? Well if you could see a photo of the guy on the screen and me as we saw each other you would know the answer. Me and the guy on the screen worked in the same office!

I could see that we both had our microphones switched on so I decided to break the ice, `Hi Phil!’

Phil stuttered , `Errr hi Mike, you OK?’

I ignored my sudden nervousness, because we were both in the same boat, both caught out but obviously both horny and more to the point his daughter was stunningly pretty blonde girl and she was wearing a silky dressing gown, half open down the front and we could just see the edges of her small boobs. I had met Jenny a few times in the office and she had begun sprouting her tits a year or so ago and her body shape had begun to change into a woman. I had noticed before, that her boobs were nice and pert, not large I so wanted to see more now. Even Paul, without realising had started slowly stroking his stiffening member.

`Yeah great Phil’, I began, `Just horny as fuck with my new lover here, we have been at it for the last hour and just wanted to have a play online with some other guys, what about you?’

Phil had obviously made the same realisation and visibly relaxed a little and as he spoke he was stroking his daughters shoulder and with each stroke, the material was sliding a little further open. He had obviously decided I was OK. This became clearer as he said, `Well, mummy is away for the weekend so me and my special girl have been playing our special games haven´t we baby?’ With this he started to kiss his daughter deeply and as he started to kiss her, he slipped the material off both her shoulders and revealed her gorgeous chest, her light pink nipples clearly rock hard with her excitement. Phil started to caress her tiny tit, squeezing and massaging it for us both to see. The desired effect hit Paul and I instantly as we were both now sporting full wood.

I called to Phil, `Let us see her properly!’

He responded with, `Likewise!’

Neither Paul nor Jenny needed instruction. Jenny stood, removed her gown fully and started to turn in front of the camera, stroking her pert little body seductively (this was clearly not her first time)and then her father moved the camera closer to the sparse hairs on her delightful little pussy. Our 60″ screen was filled with this wonderful view as Phil’s large finger appeared in the shot and began massaging and rubbing her little clit. His finger was immediately and clearly very wet, Jenny was indeed a horny little devil.

Paul was similarly stood playing with his rigid tool and I zoomed the camera to give them a lovely close up for a few seconds and then their view was of my mouth engulfing him deeply for a minute or so. I then zoomed out and surprised Paul somewhat by pulling out the wider dildo and spreading his legs and slowly started to push it into him. He gripped my shoulders for support, and just as before, it took most of it, almost immediately. Phil and Jenny would have heard his ecstatic moans quite clearly.

Obviously spurred on by my actions on Paul, Phil repositioned his camera again and then stood himself, in front of the camera. When we saw his cock come into view, Paul and myself gasped out loud. Phil was sporting a fat cock which must have been 9″ and as Jenny eagerly took it in her hand, it looked obscenely huge against her tiny features. Almost instantly, she stretched her petite mouth over the engorged bulbous head and gagged hard as she tried to force as much as she could into her mouth. It was one of the horniest sights I had ever seen. Her tiny tits wobbled with each thrust Phil made into her mouth and this sight was becoming too much for Paul and he shouted that he was coming. Both Phil and Jenny turned to watch their monitor so I zoomed in on my sucking action and pulled off Paul’s cock in time for our viewers to see 3 heavy shots of delicious creamy come splash onto my tongue. I could hear their coos from the speakers. I was so proud of my boy and let Phil watch me saviour the taste and then swallow his milk.

It seemed the, to become more of a challenge and he lay Jenny on the bed and buried his head deep into her pussy. The image quality was poor and I really couldn’t see properly except to say he must have been working magic because Jenny was moaning loudly and grasping at the bedclothes. I decided to take a chance.

`Hey Phil!’ I called.

Phil lifted his head from his sweet daughter´s wet cunt ,’Yes?’

`Do you like the look of my boy?’ I asked

`Too right, we both do! Why do you ask?’

`Well’, I began, `We are both incredible jealous that you get to play with that sweet little pussy and wondered if you want to pop round? I has to be better than video!’

The two conferred quietly and a beautiful grin spread across Jenny´s little features and she nodded quickly.

Phil, with a little edge of trepidation said, `OK, see you in half an hour’

With that we ended the connection and I looked into Paul´s eyes. I was horrified to see tears forming and I quickly asked him what was the problem.

`Have you gone off me now’ he sobbed

`Jesus no, no way, never!’ I insisted, `I just want you to experience everything possible! I can cancel if you like but I did notice that you got a massive hard on when you saw Jenny naked and your eyes nearly popped out of your head when you saw Phil’s monster cock!’

Paul´s tears eased and he started to giggle, `Well …. you were exactly the same’

`So’, I continued, `Do you want to play?’

`OK he said, `as long as it is still me you love’

`More than ever honey’, I said, holding him close and caressing his baby soft skin, `More than ever’

It was almost 3pm before the doorbell rang and I could see the tall outline of Phil through the frosted glass, and the tiny outline of Jenny made my cock begin to rise already. Myself and Paul had put on just a pair of shorts each. I made sure Paul’s were the tightest, skimpiest pair casino firmaları I could find. As I opened the door, I noticed that Phil had the same idea and Jenny was wearing a very short summer dress.

As they came in the door, the nerves from all sides were evident and I suggested we go into the living room and have a drink first. I grabbed some coke for Paul and Jenny and it seemed like they made friends instantly and started chatting. I then realised that they went to the same school and kind of knew each other. I poured myself and Phil a large whiskey and asked him straight away, how long he had been messing with his daughter.

`It’s been about 6 months now. It started when she watched me having a wank over some porn in the living room. I thought I had the house to myself and she was watching the whole time. One thing led to another and here we are today. I have not had anything from her mother for about 4 years and , well, you know!’

We talked more and I told him how I came to be with Paul. I could see his bulge growing immensely at the story I told. I then said to him, `If I had known you were into this or had such a gorgeous cock, I would have invited you round sooner’

He smiled and I reached over and stroked his cock through his shorts. He spread his legs to allow me better access. It seemed even longer and fatter than it did on the screen and I looked forward to servicing it later. I asked him more about Jenny, `Have you shared her before?’

`No but we have talked about it many times after being on that website, watching other people’

`Do you fuck her?’ I asked hopefully

`Yeah she loves cock and last week I took her anal virginity too’ he said proudly

I was amazed, `She took that monster?’

He laughed, `She took about half of it in her arse, but can take most of it now in her pussy. She has also been working on her deep throating because of what she has seen on dvds and is doing really good now, maybe she can teach Paul a few tricks’

I was busy staring at Paul and Jenny chatting and I could see Paul was tenting his shorts. I then realised why. Jenny was busy telling him about her antics with her father.

As I watched, Phil stood up and walked over to his daughter , made her bend over the chair and lifted her dress to reveal her delicious tiny bottom. He invited me to take a closer look. As I approached, he made Jenny part her legs and I received my first glimpse of her puffy pussy lips, moisture just visible at the centre and her pink rosebud which was screaming for attention from my tongue. I couldn’t hold back and pushed my tongue straight into her tightest hole.

Jenny squeaked at the surprise, immediate intrusion and then pushed back hard against my probing tongue.

Meanwhile, Phil had pulled Paul closer to him and immediately kissed him, pushing his rough tongue into his delicate mouth. Paul responded immediately by wrapping his arm around the big man´s neck. With his free hand, Phil unbuttoned Paul´s shorts and took out his rock hard tool and started to massage it lovingly. As he did so, he Pulled Paul around and guided the boy´s cock into the waiting mouth of his 12 yr old daughter (who had removed her dress herself) and hungrily took control of it. Phil then undid his own shorts and extracted his enormous tool and put Paul’s hand upon it. He gasped with the shock of feeling this monster cock and immediately broke the kiss and stared at the beast he was now stroking. Jenny´s expert sucking was taking his mind to another level and it took barely a touch to the back of his head by Phil to make Paul sink his mouth onto his fantastic cock.

I was in my own little heaven, deep inside Jenny´s arse and when I touched her little pussy lips I felt moisture flowing from her. I slipped two fingers straight into her and the groans that I heard drove me forward to ask directly, `Can I fuck you?’

Jenny just responded with one word, `Please!’

I didn’t need any more invitation. I released my cock from its prison, stood behind this gorgeous, tiny creature and slid my whole length into her eager pussy in one smooth motion. Jenny squealed, a little with pain but more with pleasure and ground her shaven mound to accept as much of me as she could (remember she was used to the Python that her father called a cock) and then I begun to pump myself into her. It was nearly as tight as Pauls arse inside her pussy and it was a beautiful site. Her pussy lips stretched around my cock, Paul´s prick pumping her sweet cherry lips and his mouth stretched grotesquely around Phil´s meat.

I kept my pumping slow but firm and Jenny´s noises and body language said I was hitting the mark, particularly as I reached round and tickled her clit with one hand and caressed those small firm tits with the other as I fucked her. I was so engrossed that I didn’t notice Phil lifting Paul´s head off his cock and move behind me. The first thing a felt was his hand cupping my balls as I pounded deeper into his moaning little girl and the tip of his cock, lubricated by the sucking of my lover, seeking out my own hole. As I sensed the tip of his cock there, I leaned further over Jenny and relaxed as much as I could, just as he pushed the tip of his cock straight past my sphincter. The pain was quite intense and my gasp made him hold for a few seconds but it also made Jenny continue driving herself back onto my cock because my shock at being impaled on Phil´s massive cock had stopped me dead. As Jenny bounced back onto me, it shunted me further down the massive prick and it started to feel good as the stinging pain subsided and before long I reached behind me to pull Phil into me deeper and within a few short minutes I felt his large hanging balls touching my own. It had been a very long time since I had such a large cock inside me and it felt so good. I continued my own rhythm again with Phil and Jenny remaining still so as I pulled out of Jenny, I was pushing myself onto his huge prick. I was almost high with the excitement and I knew I really couldn’t last long and the slightest thing was going to set me off. I rubbed faster on Jenny´s clit, and in turn she sucked harder on Paul´s cock, and my rubbing paid off as she reached a screaming orgasm just as Paul bucked his hips as he shot his sweet milky load deep into her throat. The writhing teenagers was enough to bring me to my climax and I shot a very heavy load into her tight pussy. As my muscles clenched in orgasm, I pushed Phil over the top and he groaned as his weight fell onto me and I felt the head of his cock twitch deep in my bowels as he unloaded, what felt like gallons of, hot spunk into my arse.

We collapsed in a pile of panting flesh and limbs and as Phil and myself sat ourselves up to recover, Paul silently glided between Jenny´s legs and started lapping at the mixture of her hot pussy juice and my creamy come. Jenny immediately lay back and spread her legs wide, taking Paul´s head in her hand to guide his eager flickering tongue. He completely güvenilir casino cleared my juices and had created a good flow from Jenny for himself and I could see that she would very quickly reach another orgasm. The very sight of these two teens getting so much pleasure had a great effect on myself and Phil. He whispered that he wanted to fuck Paul but felt it would hurt him too much unless I prepared him. I really wanted to see Paul handle Phil´s monster so I guided my tongue straight into his hole to help with lube. My tongue just made Jenny more pleased because the faster and harder I went, Paul did likewise. Before long, I felt he was lubed enough and I lined my cock up with his hole. As before he relaxed like an expert and I slid my full length deep into him. He stopped momentarily and panted as his tiny body accommodated the intrusion. Phil was amazed how well he took it and within a few seconds he resumed his task of taking Jenny to another high. I started a long gentle fucking of my boy and Phil slid under his body as I began to pound him with my meat. As soon as he was under, Phil´s expert tongue began to lick and suck on Paul´s balls, and then his cok and then to my cock as it slid in and out of Paul´s stretched hole. He was truly a master and not just at the fucking he could give. My own hole was still tingling as I drove into Paul but as Phil continued his expert tongue work, I could feel my balls tightening and another climax was on its way. I soon emptied my balls deep into Paul and his contented groans send he could feel my come lining his insides. As soon as I withdrew my cock, Phil took up position with his cock at Paul´s back door. As he pushed into him, Paul yelped and for the first time put his hand back to halt his progress. It took several minutes to get three quarters of that long fat monster inside him and to keep Jenny happy while Paul had lost concentration, I lay next to her, gently fingering her sweet pussy which had engulfed my cock, such a short time ago. I took those sweet little pink nipples in my mouth and nibbled each of them firmly until I had her writhing on the edge between pain and exhilaration. Then as I lifted my head she kissed me deeply and passionately.

As Paul recovered from the initial pain and I saw him start rocking as Phil start a slow rhythm of fucking my little sexy boy, his tongue restarted its duties upon Jenny´s clit. As this started, Jenny asked if she could suck me. I suggested I should clean up first but she said that she always sucked her Dad´s cock after he had had it up her bottom and she loved it. I was a little grossed out at that but who was I to argue with a sexy naked 12yr old girl in my living room. I stood and offered my half limp cock to her and she took it completely in her mouth. Almost immediately I started to get hard again and she took the extra length in her stride and when I was fully hard, she pushed harder and I felt her throat open and my cock was completely inside her. I have known grown men who couldn’t take my cock and this tiny girl had done it with ease.

From behind me, I heard Phil proudly announce that his cock was now going fully into Paul and they were both now grunting loudly with every thrust. He was determined to please and despite this not being too comfortable, he admitted later that it felt awesome.

Jenny´s deep throating was too much for me, I felt my third orgasm in an unprecedented short time rising and she kept my cock deep in her throat as I drained whatever was left in my balls into her sweet little body. As I collapsed onto the floor, she too was brought to her peak by Paul´s relentless tonguing, and she too rolled away to bask in the afterglow of her orgasm. We lay together, panting, me stroking her soft skin, paying special attention to her delightful little titties, her casually stroking my deflated cock and drained balls. We both watched her father pounding his cock deep into my gorgeous little lover and we were both amazed how a boy so petite and delicate was taking that huge tool. Then we watched Paul´s body judder as he shot his load, his cock untouched, merely from Phil´s cock hitting the right spot inside and then just as I had done to Phil, Paul´s arse muscles contracted and brought Phil to his own climax. But instead of coming inside him, Phil effortlessly, in one movement, pulled out of Paul, spun the boy round and shot his load over his face and into his open mouth. There seemed to be seven, eight or nine thick heavy ropes splashing over him and he swallowed all that landed in his mouth but seemed dazed at the amount hitting him. Jenny was quick to react and leapt over to Paul, and like an eager puppy, began licking her Daddy´s come from her new friend´s face.

Before too long, we were all sat on the settee, completely exhausted, but I can safely say, all completely satisfied. We agreed that we must meet again sometime and for Phil and Jenny, it meant they could come and play at other times if Jenny´s mum was at home. They cleaned up, dressed and left. Paul and I phoned a food order to the local restaurant, and we were too tired to do anything except sit in front of the TV for the rest of the afternoon. We put on a movie but within ten minutes of it starting, we were fast asleep.

We woke around 6:30, both still exhausted, so we decided to go and get cleaned up. We showered together, spending plenty of time kissing under the flowing water. As I helped Paul wash his arse, he complained of it being sore. I reminded him that I had also had that monster inside me and I promised to find some cream for us both before he went home.

With Paul dressed, ready for home, we sat on my settee, him on my lap and we kissed. It was probably for the first time that it wasn’t a sexual thing. It wasn’t a precursor to taking his clothes off or anything. It was just kissing between two people who had fallen madly in love with each other. This boy had become my life and each time he went home on a Sunday night, it was getting more difficult to take. Our kissing that night said we both felt the same way. It was natural, passionate and told us both exactly how we felt.

Paul left with his new webcam tightly under his arm. That evening he set it up on his computer and we each installed the software so we could operate each other’s cameras. I had a good look around his room and we each practiced zooming in on each other’s crotch. When his sister came in to get ready for bed, I had a great zoom on her arse as she bent to pick up her clothes and was sure I had a quick flash of her little rosebud. I made a mental note to set my camera to record whenever she was in the room. My experience today with Jenny reminded me how hot teenage girls were. My mind even went over the possibility of getting Jenny and Julie together at the same time. Wow, that was going to keep me awake tonight!

We said our goodnights and told each other how much we loved each other. Paul told me how nervous he had been about meeting Jenny and Phil but he really enjoyed it, but he said he still loved to be with me more. I had to admit, he was absolutely right, however we both agreed that we would love to meet them again! We would have to see how that went.

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