Blackmail Turns to Lust

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I pulled out of my girlfriend Ashley’s pussy and rolled off of her, both of us covered in sweat from our intense lovemaking. Ashley was pretty speechless as she tried to catch her breath from the multiple orgasms she had just experienced. Myself, however…not so much.

“Why…weren’t you able…to cum, babe?” Ashley gasped as she turned her head to look at me, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Her breasts jiggled with each intake of breath, making my still-hard cock throb with more desire. There really was a simple explanation: too much masturbation over the years. Ashley and I were being responsible and using condoms, but that was the problem. I couldn’t really feel anything, despite the fact that we were using the thinnest condoms on the market.

“It’s the condom…I just can’t really feel the sensations I need to feel to be able to get to that point. It isn’t you, babe. Trust me.”

I wasn’t lying. Ashley was probably the hottest girl I’d ever dated in my 25 years of existence. Her body was absolutely flawless. She had dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, perfect breasts and an ass to die for. She was also quite inked up, which I had never thought would turn me on until I met her. She was a gamer like me and had tattoos ranging from Pokémon to the Legend of Zelda to Mario. So it was definitely not an issue of me not being attracted to her. What she saw in me I’ll never know, but you don’t question it when a girl as hot as Ashley starts flirting with you. You just don’t.

Truth is I’d had this problem with several previous girlfriends as well. Some of them hadn’t been that attractive, I’ll admit…Don’t judge me. There’s only one prom queen a year and you can’t always be lucky enough to take her home. I had thought for sure that my problem would cease once Ashley and I were in the sack, but I had figured out that it wasn’t an attraction problem at all.

I just wasn’t sensitive enough down there anymore.

Ashley was used to this by now. We’d been dating for almost a year now, and she found it hard to fault me for it considering I’d just rocked her world yet again. Ten orgasms in about half an hour. Had to be a record for her.

“I know,” she said. She had finally caught her breath. “I just feel bad that I get off so many times and you don’t.” We both sat up. I took one of her feet in my hands and began to massage it.

“Well, don’t feel bad. It’s obviously a problem with me. Smacked the ham waaay too much when I was younger.” We both laughed. We talked a little longer about other things, like the fact that her toenail polish was chipping and she wanted to repaint them pink, or how badly neither of us wanted to go to work the next day. Eventually we lay back down and drifted off to sleep, but it took me a bit longer because my balls were aching from lack of release. I had to figure out how to fix my problem.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day at work was kind of a drag. Fate had arranged one of those awesome days where Ashley goes into work at the same time I get off. So I had nothing really to look forward to all day. When 2:00 finally rolled around, I headed home. As I was driving (and rocking out to some Five Finger Death Punch) I looked over into the passenger seat and saw a bunch of dishes in a Wal-mart bag that I needed to give back to my mom. Fuck. Guess I wasn’t going home just yet.

My mom’s house is on the way home from my apartment, so it wasn’t really that much of a hassle to stop by. I guess I should explain my other weird problem.

I’m extremely sexually attracted to my mother.

Hey, you’re the one trolling the smut website in the incest category. Part of you must be at least a little turned on right now, even though I haven’t even described her yet. Yeah. So shut up.

In my defense, my mother makes it very difficult for any normal red-blooded guy my age to not be turned on by her. She and my dad are divorced, so she has no problem wearing short skirts and stilettos to work. And boy, does she pull them off.

She’s 45, but she has a pretty rocking body for her age. She’s got shorter, light brown hair. She’s about 5’5″ but has some pretty amazing legs. She runs just about every day and tans just enough to look attractively bronzed but not have that “I just rolled around in Doritos powder” look. She keeps her nails perfectly manicured/pedicured all the time, and always has some kind of deep red lipstick on. Needless to say, I’d had to deliver quite a few punches to the balls over the years when I had friends come over to the house.

Did I mention that I masturbated a lot when I was younger? Well, if you haven’t guessed already, a lot of it was with thoughts of her in my head. I was casino şirketleri a horny teenager with a taste for the taboo and it kind of stuck.

Sue me.

As I neared mom’s place, I began to think about something. She and I had always been really close. Even through the divorce, she stuck by my brother and me and made it clear that she still loved us and wanted to be the best mother she could be. That really meant something to me. I could tell my mom anything and she wouldn’t judge me. She’d always listen to what I had to say and make sure I was finished before offering her opinion on the matter. I knew this was probably a stretch, but I was desperate.

I pulled into her driveway and got out of my car. Her car was home, and the engine was still clicking and cooling off. She must’ve just gotten back from a run. I went on inside (she had an open door policy for my brother and me) and called out to let her know I had walked in.

“Oh, hey honey,” I heard through her bedroom door. “I’m about to get in the shower. Be out in a few minutes.”

“Okay, mom.” I set her dishes down in the kitchen and went into the living room and sat down on the couch. I turned on the TV, exchanged a few texts with Ashley —- and tried not to imagine my mother naked in the next room. It was pretty difficult, let me tell you.

After a while my mom came out of her bedroom dressed in a tank top and a pair of boy shorts. She looked amazing from the tips of her apple-red-painted toes to the top of her head.

“Hi, mom” I said as she sat down on the sofa. “I brought your dishes back. They’ve been in my car for a few days now.”

“Thanks honey,” she said as she dried her hair off with a towel. “How was work today?”

“Not bad. They fired one of the guys in my department today, which kind of gave everyone a scare. But it turns out he was sleeping with the boss’s wife, so I guess that’s a good reason.”

“Oh wow…yeah, I’d say so. How’re you and Ashley?”

“We’re good. She’s at work until eleven tonight.” I hesitated, and mom caught my eye and instantly knew I had something else to say.

“You look like you’re troubled, hun. Are y’all really okay?”

“Well…we’ve just hit a bit of a snag in the bedroom.” I watched her for any signs that this might be something she didn’t want to talk about with her son, but they betrayed nothing but concern. So I continued. “See…we’re using condoms, and I’m having trouble, you know…finishing. The condom kind of prevents all those sensations that push you over the edge.”

She looked down at her feet and then back up to me.

“Yeah, I can see how that could happen…are the condoms you’re using really thick?”

“No. We’re using the thinnest ones we can find. Still having the same problem. I’m definitely attracted to her, it’s just—“

“You’ve masturbated too much over the years and now you’ve lost sensitivity enough to be able to use condoms. Right?” I was not expecting her to say that, so my mouth kind of hung open for a second. She raised an eyebrow at me, and then it hit me. She must have seen or heard me doing it at some point and I hadn’t been aware of it. Shit. My face turned a little red. Okay, a lot. “Nothing to be ashamed of, baby, but I’m pretty sure that’s your problem. I’ve, uh…accidentally caught you doing it a number of times.”

“Shit…that’s what I figured,” I said.

“It’s okay. All guys do it. Any who say they don’t are lying.”

“Yeah, I guess so…”

“So, how are you going to fix this problem?” she asked me. I hesitated. Here we go. I knew this was going out on a limb, but I had a bit of leverage that might come in handy.

“Well…I thought maybe you could help me. Let me…you know. Practice.” The care and concern instantly turned to something akin to anger.

“What?! I’m your mother, Rick. That’s disgusting. I can’t believe you’re suggesting that!” I had figured she’d react that way. Most mothers would. But I had an ace up my sleeve.

“Well, I was hoping not to have to say this, but…you owe me.”

“What are you talking about??” she fumed.

“For keeping quiet about that orgy you were in last summer.”

“I…how the hell…who told you about that?” she squeaked. Now her face was turning red.

“From your friend, Susan. We, uh…might’ve hooked up right before I started dating Ashley. We were lying in bed afterwards and she sort of spilled the beans.”

“You…what?!” she stammered. “Susan is my best friend!”

“Yes, and last summer she was also very lonely. Imagine the ego boost she got at age 45 when she got to sleep with a 25-year-old,” I said with a wink. Mom had to stop for a minute and breathe while she got her anger under control. I was patient.

“So,” casino firmaları she said at last, “fucking my best friend aside…how do you expect me to help you with your problem again?”

“Basically, I want to practice having sex with someone using a condom often so that I can get my sensitivity back. That someone is you, mom. I’ve been attracted to you for a long time, as you probably already know.”

“I knew you were, I just…never thought about it on this level. This is sick.” She hesitated. “But on the other hand, I don’t want news about that orgy getting out. So I hope you can live with blackmailing your own mother into having sex with you.”

Holy shit, I thought. Did she just agree to have sex with me?

“Oh come on, mom. You know that the thought of taboo sex turns you on. Forbidden things turn everyone on.”

“I…well…Taboo things do turn me on, yes. Hence the orgy. I’m not necessarily proud of that, but I have to admit it was a lot of fun. But incest? How can that possibly turn anyone on?”

I moved a little closer to her on the couch.

“Let me show you.” I grabbed her hand and put it on my crotch. She squeezed almost imperceptibly, and then jerked her hand away. “You don’t really have a choice here, mom. It’s either this, or everyone finds out about—”

“Okay, okay! Fine. Take your fucking clothes off.”

I started removing my clothes, and mom took off her shorts. Then she turned around as she removed her tank top and bra. She stood there in just her panties looking over her shoulder at me.

“Come on, mom. Turn around and take your panties off. This can’t happen unless you’re naked. And yes, I’m going to see it. You might as well get comfortable.”

“Fuck you, Rick,” she said, but she obeyed. She took off her panties, baring her perfect ass.

“Come on in here,” I said as I walked to her bedroom. I grabbed a condom out of my pants pocket, too. I laid on the bed and started stroking my cock as I waited for her. She sat down at the foot of the bed and I looked at her expectantly.

“I don’t know what you’re waiting for. I’m not giving you a blowjob, you sick asshole.”

“Fine,” I sighed. I opened the condom and put it on my raging hard member. I looked at mom again, and I could tell she realized that she couldn’t stall any longer. This was it. She climbed up on top of me and adjusted herself. She lowered herself down onto me, and I finally got to stick my cock into my mom’s pussy.

It was heaven.

Her eyes were closed, but I’m not sure if it was because of pleasure or because she was trying to pretend she wasn’t having sex with her son. Probably both.

She leaned down and I began steadily pumping in and out of her. Her eyes were still closed, and I thought I heard the smallest of moans escape her lips. I began to fuck her harder so that my balls were smacking against her ass from underneath. That time I definitely heard her moan. I decided to try some dirty talk on her.

“You like that, mom?”

“Shut…up…I’m not…enjoying this…” she said in between breaths. She was in some serious denial. Her facial expression said that she was enjoying it quite a bit.

“Your pussy feels so good, mom.” She moaned a little more, but didn’t say anything. She was trying very hard not to like her son’s hard cock fucking her. And she was failing miserably. I slammed into her for a few more seconds, and then pulled out of her.

For a split second she looked at me as if to say, “Why the hell did you stop?” Then she asked, “Are…we done here?”

“Oh, no. I’m nowhere near done with you yet.” She got off of me and lay down, resigned to her fate. I wanted to tell her to drop the act and enjoy herself, but it was enough for me to know that she was getting pleasured whether she wanted to or not.

I positioned myself and slid into her again. Missionary was always one of my favorites. Mom’s gorgeous boobs jiggled as I fucked her. She had stopped closing her eyes, which I took as a good sign, and she wasn’t looking at me with absolute disgust anymore. I got a little braver and brought one of her feet up to my mouth. I sucked on her toes and she almost lost it.

“Oh my God…you fucking pervert…” she said through a moan. She grabbed one of her nipples and pinched it. At that point I was pretty sure she was about to cum. Then there’d be no more trying to pretend she hated what we were doing. I was going to drive her over the edge. I lowered her leg and leaned down to kiss her neck as I continued to thrust into her wetness. I expected her to push me away, but instead she ran her hands through my hair as I kissed and gently nibbled. She kept moaning, and they were getting higher and higher pitched. güvenilir casino Then she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her as deep as I could go.

“I’m going to cum…” she whispered. She didn’t want to admit it, but her own son was giving her such good sex that she was about to have a massive orgasm.

“What was that, mommy?” I teased her.

“I’m going to cum, baby. Keep fucking me…” She closed her eyes and bit her lip as her legs tightened even more around my waist. I kept thrusting until she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled me down to her, and kissed me like I’ve never been kissed as she climaxed. She rode the waves of pleasure for a good minute and a half before it finally subsided and she relaxed her grip. She released me from the kiss too, and bit my bottom lip gently as I pulled away. Then she pushed me off. “Take the condom off.”

“But that was the whole point to-“

“I said take it off. Now.” The look in her eyes hinted that I had better do what she said, so I did. Then she pushed me down onto my back, climbed on top of me (in reverse this time) and started sucking my dick. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Now I knew mom was in this one hundred percent, because getting into a 69 position instead of just sucking me off meant she wanted me to return the favor. I happily obliged.

At this point I have to say that my mother gave me the best blowjob I had ever received. I had a feeling “gag reflex” wasn’t even in her vocabulary. The way she deepthroated my cock all the way down to my balls made it very hard to focus on what I was doing, let alone stop myself from cumming inside her mouth and ending the fun. I pulled her ass down onto my face and ran my tongue up and down her pussy, occasionally flicking my tongue across her tight little asshole and making her shiver.

“God…you’re good at that, Rick,” she moaned before swallowing my cock again.

“You’re doing pretty good yourself, mom.”

“Yeah, you like that don’t you? You fucking pervert. You like your mommy sucking your cock, don’t you?”

“Very much. I like fucking her even more, though.” She giggled at that, and climbed off of me into a position that I knew all too well. She looked over her shoulder at me and reached back to rub her pussy.

“I want you from behind, baby.”

“I don’t have any more con-“

“Screw the condoms. This has gone way farther than I ever meant it to, but I can’t deny how much I want you now. I want you to fuck me and I want to really feel you inside me.” She bit her bottom lip, and that was all the invitation I needed. Sure, I had come to mom for help. Well…forced her to help me. But she had just offered to let me fuck her without a condom, which was an offer I couldn’t pass up.

I got into position and started teasing her a little, sliding my cock up and down her slit without actually going in. She moaned in anticipation and I finally slid into her. She was ridiculously wet. It felt about a hundred times better than it had with the condom on. Both of us just sort of froze right there, with my cock all the way inside her, and enjoyed the warmth of the sensation for a moment. Then she looked back at me, pure lust in her eyes.

“Fuck me hard, Rick,” she said in a voice so seductive my cock twitched. “Fuck your mommy until you cum.”

Then it really began.

I started slowly, but reached full speed pretty quickly. I held mom’s waist and fucked her pussy for all I was worth. Every now and again I’d stick the tip of a finger into her asshole and she’d shove her face into a pillow and moan in ecstasy. I spanked her ass and she almost lost it.

“Yes, baby. Spank your mommy for being bad!” she screamed. At this point I started to feel a very familiar tingle and I knew I was close. Her taboo dirty talk had finally driven me to the point of no return.

“I’m going to cum, mom. Oh, fuck…I’m going to cum…” I slammed into her a few more times and pulled out.

With surprising speed and grace, she swung around and did something completely unexpected. She caught the first of my load in her mouth and began vigorously sucking the cum out of me. It felt so fucking good that I almost blacked out. I was still shooting cum into mom’s mouth after about thirty seconds and she was guzzling down every bit of it. She looked up at me with those chocolate brown eyes and she sucked out the last little bit, showed it to me on her tongue, and swallowed it. I collapsed onto my back, out of breath. Mom climbed on top of me.

“Well, I can’t say I saw things going that far,” she said. “But goddamn, son. That was amazing.” She leaned down for a kiss.

“Yeah…it was…” I said between gasps for air. “Although…I don’t think…we helped the condom issue.”

“Well, I suppose we can arrange for more practice.” She got up and went to collect her clothes. When she came back, she tossed me mine. “Now get cleaned up and get the fuck out of here. Fucking pervert.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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