Bethany’s Neighbor Carson

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For more than two years now, Bethany has taken care of Mr. Carson’s house and dog when he traveled on business, and babysat his infant (from his fairly recent divorce) when he had weekend custody. Mr. Carson, or Carson to her, was a former professional athlete turned sports broadcaster and product spokesman. In his mid 30s, he was athletic and, in Bethany’s mind, a rare person. He treated her as a person, and not just as the neighbor’s daughter, whom he’d known since she was 14. She had a key to his house and could come and go as she pleased. She used his pool whenever she wanted (since her dad wouldn’t install a pool) and Carson and Bethany had become good friends. In recent months, after turning 18, her parents she even spent the night in his house when he was out of town or when he went on dates, as he never seemed to come home those nights.

Carson knew (though Bethany didn’t realize that he knew) that for more than a year, Bethany occasionally brought guys whom she was dating over to his house at night -where they’d fool around, skinny dip and enjoy the big place. Carson didn’t mind, however, as he felt she was old enough to be exploring. In fact, he was a bit amused by the whole thing, and wished he’d had such an understanding neighbor when he was a teen.

What Carson didn’t realize is that several weeks ago, Bethany had found Carson’s private stash of “homemade” adult movies. Mostly movies of Carson with one (or more than one) young lady, Bethany had watched everyone one of them, occasionally masturbating as she watched and learned. Carson has a rather wild, if private, sex life. Bethany was most shocked to recognize one of the young ladies in the videos was Karen, of one of her best friends, who had graduated last year.

One Friday Night, Bethany was sitting for Carson while he went out on a date. Not expecting him to return at all, she planned to spend the night – and had invited Ben, her currently boyfriend, over to play. After some pool time, she invited Ben in and decided to share with him one of her favorite of Carson’s homemade videos. As they were lying naked, fooling around and watching Carson with some young woman on his own big screen TV, they heard Carson’s garage door open. Ben, afraid of being caught, jumped up and ran out back, over the fence, and was gone. Bethany barely had time to put on her short skirt and blouse (no time for her panties or bra, which she shoved into her bag) and turn off the big screen TV (no time to get the tape out), before Carson walked in.

Carson, seeing Bethany lying on one of his leather couches, looking flustered, smiled. “Hey Bethany! Sorry, I guess you didn’t expect me back so soon, did you? You are used to my being gone all night. I probably should have called. So, how was your evening?”

Trying casino şirketleri to cover herself as much as possible, Bethany smiled at him, “Oh, nothing much happened, a rather quiet night. So, how was the date?”

As Carson removed his coat, unbuttoning his shirt a couple of buttons, he tried very hard not to look too obvious as he admired Bethany’s legs, “Well, obviously not exactly the evening I expected. She just was not my type. Damn, its hot out, I am going to grab a beer, want anything?”

“A beer as well, if you don’t mind and if you won’t tell my parents” Bethany grinned, while sitting up. Carson grabbed a couple of beers and handed Bethany one while sitting down beside her.

“Bethany, you don’t have to lie to me” Carson leaned nearer, smiling at her, “I know that you’ve had guys over before. In fact, I know that you and some guy were skinny dipping in my pool last weekend. My nosy neighbor saw you two and thought I was throwing one of my kink . . … umm . . thought I was having a party. Besides” as Carson leaned a bit closer, his hand moving to the top buttoned button of Bethany’s blouse “if you don’t mind my noticing, I do believe you were wearing a bra earlier. You are also buttoned crooked . .so I guess I interrupted something by coming home early. Tell Ben or whomever you are dating now that I am sorry – and that he’s a lucky guy!”

At that, Bethany blushed a bit, realizing that she was in fact buttoned crooked and unbuttoned way too much, giving Carson quite a view. Still, she didn’t remove Carson’s hand. “You really think he is lucky?”

“Absolutely, yes. Bethany, if I were in high school – hell, if I were in college, I’d be after you!” Carson was trying not to think the thoughts he was thinking about Bethany, but her breasts we nearly visible through the thin fabric of her blouse, her nipples were almost as if she were aroused, and her skirt barely covered 1/4 of her thighs. He’d been in the mood all day, thinking about tonight’s date, and now here he was with someone 1/2 his age, but infinitely more desirable. Already well developed and an athlete herself, Bethany was everything he looked for in a young woman, other than a bit TOO young.

“I am sorry, I didn’t .. well, I didn’t mean to bring guys . ” Bethany, part embarrassed, but in seeing Carson’s face smiling at her, clearly not minding, also amused ..” well, bringing guys over. I guess I should have asked.” Even as she said that, she shifted a bit away from Carson, not clear about where this was going, uncertain of her own feelings. She’d craved Carson in a way for a long time, and was still very aroused from earlier with Ben.

Carson, sensing the Bethany might be nervous, removed his hand from her blouse. Attempting to take his mind casino firmaları off what he was thinking, he picked up the remote. Before Bethany could stop him, Carson had turned on the plasma screen. Suddenly, there HE was, naked, licking a young woman who is lying spread on his dining room table, while another young woman was kneeling and sucking him. “Oh SHIT! What the hell? Bethany, shit… when did you??” Carson stuttered, completely shocked.

“Oh Carson, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to. . oh damn it!” Bethany buried her face in her hands.

After a few moments, with the tape still playing, Carson reached over and lifted Bethany’s face from her hands. “Bethany, I am not mad. I don’t know if I should be embarrassed, or hell, aroused. When did you find these? I mean how. .?”

“You aren’t mad?” though she could see on his face that he wasn’t. “I, well, I came across them when looking for batteries for the remote. I didn’t mean to watch them.” Even as she said this, she started watching it again out of the corner of her eye.

“Have you (pause) did you watch them all?” Carson asked, nervous about what all he’d taped recently, and yet now clearly aroused, asked.

“Yes, some of them several times. They are really – um – educational.”

“And you, you enjoyed watching them, Bethany? Did you? Oh fuck, I can’t ask you that” Carson turns from her, himself embarrassed now.

“Did I what?” she asked, looking directly at him. “You can ask me, did I touch myself? Yes, several times. I’ve even done so using the TV in your bedroom, while lying on your bed.”

Carson shifted, looking back at her “And were you aroused by what was happening, or by, um, me?”

Bethany, now more than a bit aroused herself, took a deep breath and reached over, placing her hand on Carson’s chest. “Mostly by you, your body, what you know, what you do that I’d never seen before – have only read about.” Then she leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips.

Carson, at first shocked, slowly responded to the kiss, his hand returning to that top button. Even as he unfastened it, he asked “are you sure, is this what you want?”

Bethany was now beyond being shy. “Yes, Carson. Please, anything you want” Her own hand moved to unbutton his shirt and run her fingers across his chest.

Slowly, Carson unfastened her blouse, opening it all the way. As he ran his fingers down her young left breast, toying with it playfully, he whispers “do you want me to turn off the TV?”

“No, I like it that you enjoy all these things, that someday you might do that with me.” Bethany’s fingers were soon unbuckling Carson’s belt, as his hand moved to her bare thigh, slowly sliding under her skirt. Bethany stifled a moan even as she parted her thighs slightly. güvenilir casino As his hands moved higher, she reached down and lifted her skirt, letting him see clearly that she didn’t have on panties, that she was nearly shaved, and very aroused.

“Bethany, would you (he paused) I would love to see you touch yourself for me to watch.” Carson could barely get this out, he was so aroused. With a knowing smile, she leaned back a bit, her other hand resting on Carson’s growing bulge, and slowly slipped her fingers between her thighs, across his hand, and rubbed gently across her wet lips. “Do you like my watching, Bethany?”

“Yes . . . more than I ever imagined” as she spread her legs wider, her other hand attempting to free Carson’s cock from his pants. Soon she slipped a finger insider herself. . Then reached over and pulled Carson’s hand against her clit, moaning and growing ever more aroused.

Carson took Bethany’s fingers from inside her, and brought them to his lips, licking them. “Hmmm . . . wonderful . . . so wonderful . . .” he moaned. Then, both his hands free, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pushing them completely off, sitting there in his boxer briefs, his arousal fully obvious. Bethany, far beyond shy at this point, reached over and pushed them down, exposing his cock, wet with precum. She looked at Carson directly, then reached over and wrapped her small hand around him, stroking slowly and expertly.

“Oh fuck!” Carson’s eyes rolled back in his head. “That feels amazing, Bethany.” For a time they just sat there, touching each other, watching the video, both getting closer and closer to climax. Then, slowly, Carson leaned over and kissed her, their bodies turning towards each other. “Bethany . . . are you certain?”

“Yes, Carson. For just tonight, can we just be two people, wanting each other? Can we just forget ages and everything else and enjoy? I am not expected back at all tonight, and I’ve thought about doing this for weeks” and with that, Bethany leaned down and took Carson’s cock in her mouth. Soon she was running her tongue across his head, cupping his balls in her hands, just as she’d seen on the video, as she’d been practicing for weeks on Ben.

Carson leaned back, watching her – a complex mix of arousal and emotions making every feeling more thrilling. Soon, he was too close to stop. Growling, his look more animal need than anything, he pulled Bethany up and laid her down on the couch. She instinctively spread her legs for him, drawing him down on her. As he entered her, she cried out . . . a need she’d had, a desire she’d held for so long, fully realized. They rode one another, both lost in the need, in the risk and the desires always hidden.

Neither remembers moving from the couch to his bed. But hours later, fully spent, they awoke from a mutual nap, arm in arm, and both bodies satisfied, damp from sweat. Bethany kissed Carson’s nose and asked “will you tape us, sometime – like you did with Karen?”

Copyright DallasJackson 2004

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