Becoming Melissa’s Cuckold Pt. 03

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For the first few weeks after coming to an agreement about my masturbation habits with Melissa things worked out fairly well. I was masturbating much less than I had been before, but Melissa was right – by doing it with her and for her it was much better. Even though I wasn’t having sex with her at all, it felt like we had a sexual relationship because so much of my sexual energy was tied up in her. When we went out clubbing, I was excited when she’d meet a guy and I’d hope that they would hit it off. I knew that if things went well with them and she brought the guy home with us that I would be rewarded with a great masturbation session the following day. It’s a strange thing to say, but this really brought us closer together. It was a secret game that only the two of us knew about.

I also have to admit though that I wasn’t always faithful to our agreement. I wanted to be and tried to but there were times when Melissa wasn’t around and I really needed a release.

And this is how I discovered a fetish that I didn’t know that I had.

One day a few weeks into our agreement I was home alone and really needed to cum. It was around lunch time and Melissa wasn’t going to be home for quite a few hours. Even if I could wait for her I didn’t think that she would be in the mood for me. Earlier that morning we’d gotten into an argument over keeping the kitchen clean and when she left for work she was still angry with me. I wasn’t exactly expecting her to come home all sunshine and smiles after our morning blow out – that girl knew how to hold a grudge.

I decided to take care of myself, left our living room, headed to my bedroom and stopped off at our bathroom to grab some tissues. When I got to our bathroom I grabbed the box of tissues and as I turned to leave I noticed Melissa’s clothes piled on the floor in the corner. How ironic that she freaked out on me for leaving my dishes in the sink, but here she was leaving her clothes on the floor of our bathroom. I took a couple of steps towards the door when I stopped. I really don’t know what came over me, but without much thought I reached down into the pile of Melissa’s clothes and found her panties. I guess maybe I wanted to feel close to her in some way when I jerked off or something, but I knew that on that day when I shot my load it was going to be into her panties.

When I got to my room I laid her panties down on my bed. I stared at them in awe. Knowing that these panties were worn snug to Melissa’s pussy was so exciting to me. My penis got rock hard and I stroked myself just looking at them, almost worshiping them – maybe even jealous of them because they’d been so close to where I wanted to be. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to last long and in my drunken lust I picked Melissa’s panties up, smelled them and then wrapped them around my penis and stroked myself to an intense orgasm.

I ended up cleaning our whole apartment. I told Melissa that it was to apologize for leaving the kitchen a mess earlier, but really it was to cover up my perversion. Her panties were covered in my cum and I needed to do her laundry to hide what I’d done.

Doing this became a bit of a thing for me. My preference was still to masturbate in front of Melissa, but when she wasn’t around her panties became a nice substitute for her. I’d either find a pair in her laundry hamper or if there weren’t any there I’d go into her panty drawer and get a pair from there. I had to be really careful when I did that, she wasn’t expecting them to be dirty so I couldn’t cum in them and had to put them back exactly as I’d found them.

I thought that I was pretty careful, but I eventually got caught and like some of the other events that I’ve shared, it changed everything for me and ultimately became how I was introduced to the idea of cuckolding.

Usually Melissa would bring home a guy on a Friday night after being out at the club, which meant I’d get to have my special time with her Saturday morning. Those weren’t the only times when I was allowed to jerk off, but they were the best times and the times that I looked forward to the most. It had been two days since I’d been allowed to masturbate for Melissa and I was really looking forward to our Saturday stroke session together. Unfortunately, on Thursday Melissa’s mum called with some bad news. bahis firmaları She’d had a fall, badly sprained her ankle and wanted Melissa to spend the weekend at her place while she got used to her crutches. Realizing what that meant for me, I stupidly tried to talk Melissa into letting me jerk off for her before she left for the weekend.

“Are you fucking serious?”

The anger in her voice made me immediately regret asking.

“My mum is in pain and I have to give up my weekend to go be with her and all you care about is tugging your little penis?”

“I’m sorry Melissa, I didn’t mean for it to come across like that. Of course I’m concerned for your mum and I know it sucks that you won’t be able to go out this weekend. I just thought that…” I gave up mid-sentence realizing that there wasn’t anything I could say that wouldn’t make me sound selfish.

“It’s two days”

“I know, it’s just that it’s been two days so this will be two more days” I said, probably sounding sulky.

“Wow, four days without jerking off, how will you survive?” she said dripping with sarcasm.

I dropped the topic knowing that once she was gone I’d be able to dip into her panty drawer and get the release I wanted, which I did pretty much as soon as she’d left.

On the Saturday night that Melissa was gone, I faced a bit of a dilemma. I wanted to jerk off again – I had no self-control when I had such easy access to Melissa’s panties – but she’d be home the next day and would realize that I’d been masturbating behind her back if I didn’t shoot a big load for her, especially when she thought that I hadn’t jerked off in four days.

I was worried about how I’d explain it to her, but I couldn’t control myself. I gave into temptation, went into her bedroom and found a pair of panties in her laundry hamper. Instead of taking them back to my room, I decided to masturbate in Melissa’s room. I’d never done that before, but the idea of it added to the thrill of what I was doing. I took my pants off and laid down in Melissa’s bed. I held her panties with one hand as I stroked away with the other, thinking about all of the times that I’d heard Melissa getting fucked in the very bed that I was now laying in. As I was getting ready to cum I draped her panties across my face, placing the crotch right over my nose. I was stroking furiously, lost in my dream world building up to my orgasm when I was suddenly interrupted.


My heart sank. Not only had I been busted, but it wasn’t Melissa’s voice. It was Victoria’s – the model who I’d had a crush on months ago.

“Melissa, get in here!” Victoria shouted.

I scrambled in horror to put my pants on and toss Melissa’s panties into the laundry bin – the whole while watched by Victoria.

Within seconds Melissa was standing at the door to her bedroom too. There was no getting out of this situation. It was painfully obvious what I’d been doing, and I was terrified about our friends finding out about this.

“He was sniffing your panties Melissa!”

“What?!” she said.

“He had your undies on his face and he was jacking off!”

“I can explain!” I said but really, I couldn’t.

“You little fucking perv” Melissa scorned. “Get out! Get out of my room!”

I’ve never been more humiliated in my life. As I walked passed the girls, Melissa wound up and punched me in the back and followed that up by kicking me in the ass. That she was furious was obvious but I noticed that Victoria seemed to think that it was a bit funny. While Melissa was red with anger, Victoria had a bit of a smile on her face.

I couldn’t believe the mess I was in. I needed to try to explain things to Melissa, but there was no way that I could talk to her while she was in the state that she was in. I also needed to talk to both of the girls before they spoke to anyone else. I’d be a laughing stock if this got out.

I could hear the girls talking in our living room. I strained to hear what they were saying but really couldn’t make anything out. I just prayed that they weren’t on the phone with any more of our friends.

After an hour or so I head Victoria call me from the living room.

“Grey? Come here we want to talk to you.”

I was terrified of what was about to happen, but I knew that kaçak iddaa I needed to try to smooth this over as best as I could before the girls spoke to anyone else. With my head bowed, I left my bedroom and walked down the hallway towards our living room. Glancing up I could see Melissa and Victoria sitting side by side on our couch.

Melissa broke the silence.

“What do you have to say for youself?”

“I’m really sorry Melissa, I couldn’t help myself.”

I wanted to remind her that I hadn’t masturbated in 4 days – or so she thought – but I struggled to say anything at all with Victoria in the room. Perhaps sensing my hesitation Melissa spoke up.

“Don’t be shy in front of Victoria. I told her everything and I mean everything. You should actually start by thanking her. I was ready to kill you, but Vic calmed me down and made me realize a few things.”

“Aww, he’s turning red” Victoria giggled.

“I’m really sorry” I was repeating myself but didn’t know what else to say.

“So how long have you been sniffing my panties and jerking off behind my back?”

I ignored Melissa’s question, instead turning to Victoria. “You’re not going to tell anyone about this are you?”

“That depends,” she said. “Answer Melissa’s questions to my satisfaction and I could probably keep my mouth shut about what happened here tonight.” Victoria was clearly enjoying the moment.

With that I turned my attention back to Melissa.

“Not long, I swear. It only happened a few times” I lied, still embarrassed that I’d done it at all.

“How long is ‘not long’?”

“Just a couple of weeks, it was only a few times, I swear.” It had been closer to two months, and I’d done it at least 10 times – probably more.

“You fucking perv.” Maybe I was wrong, but I thought I saw Melissa crack a bit of a smile. She seemed less angry and was more interested in humiliating me, especially in front of Victoria.

“Melissa, remember what we talked about,” Victoria almost sounded like she was scolding Melissa.

“You’re right Victoria. Grey, I’m not really mad at what you did. It’s actually kind of hilarious in a really pathetic and creepy way. But I am mad that you cheated on me and I feel let down by that. I thought our ‘fun time’ together meant something to you.”

I was starting to think that maybe I could talk my way out of this.

“It does! It means everything to me Melissa, and I feel like it’s really brought us closer together. I’ve never had a girlfriend and what we do has sort of filled that hole in my life. I really didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I did it once because you weren’t around and I needed to cum really badly, but then I realized how much it turned me on and I couldn’t stop myself from doing it again.”

“Aww, our boy Grey has himself a panty fetish!” Victoria giggled.

“Melissa…” I was struggling for words. “I’m sorry that I masturbated without you. I never thought that it would make you feel like you’d been cheated on. You have all these guys in your life. I didn’t think that what I did mattered that much to you. I just really needed it and you weren’t around and weren’t going to be around for another day. I couldn’t wait. As for your panties…I just…it was just a way for me to feel close to you when you weren’t here.”

“Mel, you have to admit that’s almost cute” Victoria offered. “There’s no way a guy with a big dick would ever open up like that.”

It felt like Victoria was on my side.

“Tell me Grey, do you put my panties on – do you wear them when I’m not around?”

“No! Nothing like that, just seeing them turns me all, that’s all.”

“Damn!” Victoria joked “I was hoping that you were super weird and pranced around in them!”

“No, nothing like that.”

“You’re talking as if ‘just’ sniffing them while you beat off is normal.” Melissa pointed out.

Victoria had more questions for me.

“Tell me Grey, have you ever kissed a girl?”

“Yes, a few times”

“Have you ever touched a boob?”

“Yeah, a couple of times when I’ve made out with a girl”

“Ever licked a boob?”


“Oh my, have you ever seen a naked woman before?”

“I’ve gone to a strip club a few times, and in porn.”

“Melissa, this is so sad!” She continued…

“Wow, kaçak bahis so you’ve never seen a woman’s pussy up close? Never touched one? Never licked one? I know you’ve never fucked one”


“Mel, you can’t be mad at him! You should give him a mercy fuck!”

I got excited by the thought of it, but Melissa quickly dashed that idea with a laugh.

Victoria was more sympathetic. “If I didn’t have a boyfriend I would, I was going to – remember? I admit, if I didn’t know everything that I know now I probably wouldn’t have gone through with it then, seeing that little dick would have turned me right off. Now though? I think it would be different.” Turning to Melissa she added, “We’ve both had our fair share of cocks in us, one more – no matter how bad it was – wouldn’t make a difference to either of us but it would mean the world to him. Isn’t that right Grey?”

I could sense Victoria’s empathy and she seemed genuine. I shook my head in agreement.

With that, Victoria got up from the coach.

“Well, this isn’t as exciting as I hoped it would be, I’m going to get going now.”

Turning to Melissa, Victoria said something a little cryptic.

“Remember what we talked about. Diane can help, give her a call.”

Victoria smiled at me, “Take care Grey”

“You won’t tell anyone?” I needed reassurance.

“Nah, this is weird but it’s not that weird. I was hoping to hear something really freaky, but this is barely mid-level freaky. Know how many times I’ve fucked a guy then noticed that my panties were missing the next morning? All of you guys are pervs, you’re not that much different.”

Once Victoria left, I attempted to gauge where things stood with Melissa.

“I’m really sorry Melissa, I really am.”

“You’re lucky Victoria was here, without her being the voice of reason I might have cut your balls off. She had some good points. We spoke about a lot of things – not just you. She made me realize a few things about me, and opened my eyes up to some possibilities. Things for me to consider anyway.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t want to talk about that now. I need some time to think things through.”

“I understand. How is you mum by the way?”

“She’s doing great, that’s why I came home early.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”

My mind was still racing, trying to put everything into perspective. Victoria’s comment about a ‘Diane’ seemed strange. I wondered who she was talking about. Was Diane supposed to help with our situation, or was it something to do with her mother’s ankle? I pressed my luck and asked Melissa.

“What did Victoria mean before she left, about Diane helping? Who’s Diane?”

“Not now Grey. I just need some alone time, ok?”


I started to make my way back to my bedroom when Melissa called out to me.

“Come here Grey”

I turned and walked back to our living room.

“You didn’t finish before did you?”

“Finish?” I suddenly realized what she meant “No, I didn’t”

“Don’t take this to mean that I’m not still disappointed about the cheating, but…” Melissa raised her skirt up and pulled her panties down around her ankles, stepped out of them, picked them up off the floor and held them out to me.

I was frozen in disbelief.

“Don’t make me change my mind, take them.”

I reached out for them, still in shock. As I touched them she held on to them tightly, “This means that you’re doing my laundry tomorrow – all of it.” I shook my head in agreement and she released her black lacy panties to me. A smile cracked across Melissa’s face as she saw how happy what she was doing made me.

I couldn’t help myself and the first thing that I did was bring her panties up to my nose and inhale with a deep breath.

Melissa laughed out loud at me. “Oh my God, you’re SO pathetic!” She clearly wasn’t mad at me anymore, and maybe saw my fetish as something that she could tease me about.

I was beyond excited. This was the first pair of fresh panties that I’d had of hers. Her scent was strong and the crotch was even a little damp. Maybe she was a little turned on by this too?

“Can I do it here? Right now?” I could hardly wait.

“No, take them to your room. I’m not exactly in the mood, but you’ve suffered enough – for now.” She said with a smile.

The next day I’d find out who Diane was and the about the profound impact that she’d have on my relationship with Melissa, but that night I savoured every minute I had with Melissa’s panties.

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