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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Kathy called when she was nearing town. I was waiting on the front steps, watching. I saw her coming around the corner in her big red van. Kathy was coming home.

Losing her husband took a big hit on her. She stayed where she was for almost two years then gave up. It was too much. A big empty house. Friends slowly shying away. We all went to visit and got her out to our houses and home here for visits. She seemed happy but I think we all knew it was put on. Her furniture arrived about a week ago. We unloaded what she wanted in the house and the rest we stored in a facility I found for her. She had plenty of money before the insurance but after she was ‘comfortable’ as they say.

She’s 31 years old. I’m 61. She’s my daughter. We hugged more than normal when she got out. She left it on the side of the house so we could unload everything. We took our time and it took two days. That girl knows how to pack a van. She learned that going to college and back home. She spent a week or three calling old friends and catching up. A couple of dates with early boyfriends. We slowly got back into a home routine, cooking and cleaning and entertainment and things. She seemed happier but still just that little bit off. She wasn’t bitter, she wasn’t that kind of woman. She was processing her life.

It was warm and one day she was fiddling around the house and had on little bitty shorts and a little halter top, like a bikini top. Her figure was fuller and with that top you could see the chest she had on her. She was always shy and reserved in the past. I didn’t mind, of course, it was just it was revealing for her. I sure enjoyed her dressing that way. I guess it was because of married life. I don’t think I ever thought of her and her husband in bed or that kind of thing. I don’t know why, just never did. She didn’t sit around in a daze. She’s getting on with her life as I had to. I’m good. She’s good.

We got in the pool and she played like a little girl. Diving and lapping and flopping around. I laughed and giggled and joined her and we finally had to rest and made plans and adjusted. She was going to stay until there was a need to leave. I understood. She might meet someone. I hoped so but she was in no hurry. We settled in together and a few months later we were in the thumper room, which is our rec room with benefits, like a big tv and speakers with a subwoofer and great music, all the stuff you accumulate over time. We were sitting with our feet up on the footstools.

She had on one of her halter tops as usual. They didn’t cover all that much. I reached over and got a nipple between my fingers. It was very thin material and her nipples were always prominent. She looked up at me but she didn’t say anything. I stopped and a couple of minutes later I did it again. I had my arm over her shoulder with my hand hanging down like a vulture.

She said, “Like nipples do you?”

I said, “Sure. Always liked nipples. I consider myself a nippleer.”

She thought about it and said, “Ok.”

We kept watching the dog show. She settled over with her head against me. It was one of those moments and I think we both knew that. Sometimes she wore a fuller halter top. It had strings up around her neck and way down around to her back. I think it was a habit of not wearing a bra. She was getting me used to it or letting me know that’s the way she is. She wore a bra when we went out, which was a lot. Later I reached over to her nipple again. It was fun and besides I was trying to seduce her. I knew she wasn’t going to let me but it was fun and I thought good for her. I liked nipples and breasts.

I made sure not to get them sore and let off and circled with my finger not touching the nipple. I did both nipples. Over the shoulder is comfortable and less invasive and easier to accept. The next week when I did that she learned forward and untied the strings in back and pulled the front out and let it fluff down. It was still tied around her neck so her breasts were still hidden but oh so accessible. That bordered on unbridled fun. Up under the halter top was up there with thrilling.

Both breasts were so smooth and expansive and inviting and alive and moving with her breath. My seduction was working. I had her in the palm of my hand. There’s no telling the heights I would reach. She had an actual human being of the male type on some lady parts of status and she liked it and allowed it and let it go on and was enjoying it and she was home. I did a very slow massage of both of her breasts and nipples completely. None of this was that sexual in nature but more soothing and satisfying for both of us I think. She was probably letting me do this because she thought I needed it. That was fine, whatever works.

One afternoon the sun was in and out of the clouds and we were out beside the pool. Kathy casino şirketleri had on a bikini like usual. She sat up and got her sun tan lotion and started on her legs up to her bikini bottom then did her neck and arms and shoulders and above her breasts and inside her top all over her breasts and on her back and sides and stomach. Then she stood up and turned around and rubbed all down inside on her buns and up her crack and her fingers got on down in then she turned around. That was fun to watch. Her fingers got everywhere down in her front. She didn’t smile at me or any other expression just efficiently applied sun tan lotion. She really knew how to rub her fingers around. Wow. First time I’ve seen a woman do that.

One evening after some ‘nippling’, I said, “Kathy, what do you think about me doing that with your buns. Other than when you’re using them to sit on or something. We can treat them like really large breasts and I can paint some nipples on with a marking pen or glue on some eraser tops from pencils.”

“I’m a little surprised how much I like the feeling on my nipples,” she said. “It was strange at first.” She paused a couple moments and said, “I should tell you the feelings from my buns would be more sexual. It’s always felt that way and it’s something I look forward to out of habit. If you don’t want to do that it’s ok, I won’t be that disappointed. Just thought I should let you know.”

I squeezed her shoulder and we didn’t talk about it anymore. A great movie came on about submarines. She’s a marine designer and worked on small individual subassemblies for submarines. Well, she was before she quit. She still is but not at the moment. She won’t talk about it. After I went to bed she came in and climbed in bed with me. We talked some and she turned over on her stomach and got her arms up under her pillow and opened her legs a little.

She said, “Buns are us.”

She had long pjs on and no covers were on the bed. I got down beside her on my pillow and up under her top on her back. I could feel myself breathing a little more. It’s been a long time. I ran my fingers across and back moving down each time until I got to her pjs and the next time across my fingers went in. Just then I thought she might be expecting me to be on top.

I said, “Would you prefer me on top of your pjs?”

“It’s a lot more sexual inside if you’re thinking that way,” she said. “Your choice dad. Finger and linger as they say.”

I’ve never heard that one but I smiled at myself. It told a story on Kathy. I got inside. I actually got some moans at certain times with her breasts and nipples and when I started down her crack I did too. I could feel an almost babyish layer of skin hair and I ran into curling strands of pubes flowing up and out near the bottom. I stuck a finger down in and rooted around her perineum and pulled up through the crack all the way in between her buns. Moans again. I think I got started on the sexual ok. I needed to give her boosters as I went. My manly parts took notice and became manlier.

Along with smoothly traversing her skin I subtlety made note of her reactions between her butt button and the very bottom of her ridges. I thought I should stay where I first suggested, on her buns. I settled in and got more loving and becoming a working partner with her. She moved her knee out and up to me so I got my leg over hers so I could stay close. I slipped her pjs down around her crotch and massaged the insides of her butt crack and both globes constantly but slowly. I got out a moment and got some lube and lubed her butt button then went on.

I slowly started spending more time there but intermittent. It wasn’t long before I got some moans at the right time and let a finger try to push in. No resistance and she pushed back against me a little. We were doing a slow in and out. I leaned over and kissed her neck a couple of times. After one really nice sequence Kathy turned over on her side and got around my neck and started kissing me. She pulled her knees up and got my hand and stuffed it back in her butt crack. I got a finger back in and we kept going and she froze up and had a wonderful orgasm. She settled down and after some time went to sleep.

I went to the bathroom and returned and went to sleep. In the morning she was not there. Later she came in with a cherry ‘morning, dad’. We had a great day. She continued wearing her halters and short shorts around the house and I kept staring at her buns and nipples, I didn’t forget the nipples. Several times I started to let her know how skilled I was at applying suntan lotion but never did. She was slowly waking up but we were at a dividing line, dad and daughter and sex. I wasn’t particularly giving it that much thought and I don’t think she was either.

We did nipples a lot and buns twice more. “Dad,” she said. “Sometimes can I sleep over with you? It would be nice.”

“Sure,” I said. “I think I have some bad habits when I’m asleep. Especially when I snore casino firmaları quietly. Just so you know.”

“Dad,” she said. “I know what to do about that and I won’t even wake you up.”

She got me. She walked off to do something and left me totally confused. Women are so good at that. One minute we’re in control of our life and the next a quivering Rutabaga. I resolved if she ever got in my pants I was going to take inventory as soon as she got out. I went off after her. I’m starting to follow her around like a puppy. Seriously I thought I would let things settle down and give her time to regroup her feelings and status. We went out more, to a water slide, miniature golf, lots of fun things. Shopping, eats, museums, paddle boats. It was therapy. It was working.

was starting to get the feeling she came home to look after me and I was glad to get her home so I could look after her. Except for the fantastic sexual feelings I was getting I wasn’t too happy with the direction this was going. I didn’t want to leave her with mental family sex scars to contend with on top of everything else. It might be too much for her to handle. I thought the sex for her was doing her a lot of good. The hornier she got the more she sent out invites with suitors. Something would connect. It was just a close line to walk and took time which drew us closer. I read a book by Freud once about some of this.

She actually got in bed before I did. No covers. The weather was good, warm and low humidity and windows open for a little breeze. Kathy had no bra on and small panties. The legs were open and they had a pink band around the legs and top. She was on her back with her knees up reading a magazine. Toenails half painted on the back half of each toe.

I stared for a moment and said, “I know those breasts. I would recognize them anywhere.”

That got a laugh and a nice smile. I got on the bed. I had long pj bottoms on. We chatted. She turned her light out. I finished up some things and turned mine out. We could see each other. Light leaking in from somewhere. I meandered over and she turned over and backed into me and we spooned.

I got hard and she said, “Oh, you did wake up. Dad, you’ve had nipples and breasts and buns. Could I have a few things like that? There’s a few things I can do you might like without getting critical. It’ll be girl stuff and not man stuff so you might have to adjust. I know we’re both trying to work within an envelope.”

“When you’re finished with whatever it is be sure and give it back,” I said. “I look funny when I don’t have anything to pee out of.”

Another laugh. It really was working. She closed in on me and let go with some really passionate kisses with her nipples loose and on the prowl. One hand got down under mine and started working my pj bottoms down and off. We finished up that with our feet. She got her middle right into me and rubbed around then pushed her pants down on her thighs and got into it again. As long as she didn’t wear it out she could pummel it all she wanted. If she happens to get me in where it counts I was going to start using my normal plan. I had my standards.

I knew how good it was starting to get when I started losing my sense of humor. She got her pants all the way off and turned me over on my back. She got over between my thighs with her head about at my stomach and let her breasts down on my hips and worked down from there. It was a good thing that gap was there between her breasts for my dick. She rubbed her cheek against me going past and got on my sack and let her lips go. She stayed there a long time. I think she actually got one of my testicles in her mouth. It was the actual first time a fully certified girl worked the inside of my thighs. So that’s what it felt like. I can’t tell you how hard I got because I lost my sense of humor.

She had both palms up under my buns pulling them apart. She was tongue and mouthing me all around my dick and pubes. I thought she was going to get me in any moment but she didn’t. She sat up and straddled my thighs up high and eased up onto me and started working. She got me wet and draped herself right over me and settled right down. The head was peeking out and by the time she got adjusted she was on up across my hips and fine tuning everything. I held on to her thighs. We were so close to getting each other it didn’t matter. The feeling wouldn’t change, only the accomplishment.

She tilted down going back so I would plow right up under her clit so my foreskin covered and uncovered me with each stroke. She obviously learned a lot about sex and didn’t mind getting or giving. She closed her eyes and sailed on. I thought this was probably the closest she could come to full sex without actually doing her dad. We both mostly had our eyes closed and not talking. A long time since I’ve had one like this. I wanted to shout, ‘don’t stop, don’t stop’, but no need. She was in for the long haul.

About the time I needed to grit my teeth she leaned güvenilir casino over with her hands on my chest and lifted her middle one of those millimeter things and went into turbo mode and went up and back fast with her buns up out of the way I almost exploded and she came right in the middle. Etiquette after mutual orgasms is so neat. It’s like a dance. She was rubbing the head of my dick and her clit like it was a cactus until we could stop. We went to sleep. Sometimes during the night I woke up spooning her with my dick right at her vagina. I think she was asleep. I slowly moved it and turned over. No reaction. I lay awake for a while over that. She never said anything and I didn’t either. I don’t remember thrusting.

Three weeks went by. Life was normal. We had a small family get together for Kathy and it went well and we all had a lot of fun eating, swimming, and generally being idiots but adult idiots.

Kathy said, “Did you know four people made a hit on me. All family. One was a girl. I turned them all down but one. I liked him. I left the others happy.”

“Oh well,” I said. “Who was the one who made it?”

“She said, “You.”

“I didn’t make it,” I cried. “This crazy woman attacked me and took away my manhood and left me a broken wasted shell of emptiness. I tried to resist her advances but she asked me so sweetly.”

“Would you like to do the same thing to me?” She said.

“Yes I would,” I said. “Thank you. That’s so sweet.”

Kathy seemed to go weeks without sexual play then it sneaks out yet she doesn’t let any of her friends get anywhere. It was great her letting herself go when she was on top of me. I didn’t know how I could do that with me on top because there’s this dick that sticks out with no place to go. I suppose if I could get her legs up high and out I had a place or places to slide up and down as long as I didn’t hook her vagina and go the wrong direction. She probably knew that too.

When we got in bed, both nude, I said, “Kathy, just to ask, would you like to have a little bit of intercourse and have a nice orgasm. Not one of those ball breaker kinds but more like bursting a soap bubble.”

She was quiet for a moment and said, “I suppose I should. Yes, please.”

I said, “Ok. Look the other way and think fleshy thoughts.”

The lights were already out so I didn’t see fully what her face was saying. She turned over and got comfortable on her pillow. I slipped my hand down and pulled her butt upward, then more. When she was finally about the right place I lubed her vagina and my dick and got down under just a little. She didn’t raise a leg, she didn’t have too. I opened her up and got my dick positioned and let go. I got a hand on her side at her waist and used the other one to rub up her back and down. She didn’t push back.

I started pushing ever so slightly so it didn’t seem like a fuck but more like caressing. It was very smooth. I started bed talking to her and soon she joined in and I think stopped thinking about fucking. After a bit she joined in and we swung ourselves together quietly and let it get a little better as time went by. We had a conversation about clits and she taught me a couple of things like the best way to suck on it and what with and how to touch the tip. After a while I was going mostly all the way in but not using her as a stop. She went half the distance so it was still casual and caressing. I played with her nipples while we were talking about different densities of water at different temperatures.

A long time later she said, “Could you get on top. I think I may thrust harder.”

We switched around and I got back in and did about the same thing. With our whole bodies together it was much better sex. I kept at the same speed. She was obviously feeling it but I wanted it to take longer so she enjoyed it more. She got her hands on my hips and worked me in and out along with using her hips. I loved her breasts on my chest and her breath in my ear and her tongue in my mouth and her fingers on my butt.

She starting to get some really low moans out with some head tilts on my shoulder. She was fighting it like we all do. I could feel her squeeze her vagina, then more and she orgasmed. She didn’t go harder but let it engulf her and carry her along with it. Her chest started pumping and her arms collapsed and she stopped pumping her hips. She was done. I slipped off with my dick still hard. Kathy got a hand around me and jacked and played with it. I know she was trying to get me off but I wasn’t going to have an orgasm this time. I did let her keep going like that, I’m not crazy.

I said, “Your dad’s amazing, isn’t he? I did the exact amount of intercourse needed, no more no less.”

We didn’t delve into sex every day. Sometimes it was two or three weeks. Also, Kathy throws my mind for a loop as much as I do hers. Once she said, ‘Dad, I’m thinking about having sex with a girl’. I said, ‘Wow, do our minds work alike. I was just thinking the same thing’. Then one day she said, ‘Dad, I’m going to bring a guy over for sex’. I said, ‘Well, ok. He’ll be my first but I’ll show him a good time’. The challenge was what we said next. She would get me good and sometimes I would get her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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