Auntie’s Sweet Submission

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My Aunt Marnie was my fantasy after I reached puberty. Named for the movie character, she was 5’4″, with a stocky build, short auburn, hair; full, luscious red lips and ENORMOUS breasts.

She was fun-loving, kind of a tomboy in her youth before Nature changed her for the better. We used to wrestle when I was little; she always won, and I was too young to get any eroticism from it. When I reached puberty, I remembered those times, and used them to fantasize about her during my “private times”.

I never acted upon my feelings, wasn’t sure I had the nerve to do so, until THAT NIGHT.

Married to a career military officer, Marnie moved around a lot. I used to only see her in the summer and holidays. But I longed for those times. Luckily, the summer I went to college, she moved to the same city. Luckier, she invited me to come over on Sundays for dinner as my dorm cafeteria was closed. Luckiest, my uncle was preparing to leave town one Sunday for a conference and my teenage cousin was over-nighting with a friend. I was going to be alone with my fantasy woman.

She was wearing a white cotton tank top and khaki shorts when I arrived. She had a late-summer tan. She looked younger than her 40 years, and liked to show off her body, even wearing tops a size smaller at times. Like tonight. Maybe she wanted her husband to remember what he was going to miss that week. Regardless, she looked sensational; hotter than coeds half her age.

As horny as I was already, their goodbye kiss at the front door took me to another orbit. I watched from the living room as he wrapped his muscular arms around Marnie and kissed her cherry-red mouth passionately. Her arms still at her side, she began to moan erotically, then tried to push away. She cooed: “Oh God… you’re squeezing me baby”. He loosened his bear hug and she responded by wrapping her arms around his neck as the kiss resumed. With a smack of their lips, the kiss was completed, casino şirketleri and Marnie said softly “Ahh…Are you sure you have to go tonight”?

When the door closed and she returned to the living room, I could see her erect nipples under her bra and tank top.

Lucky bastard, that uncle of mine.

I was so distracted I thought maybe he had just warmed her up for me. It’s what happens when blood rushes to the wrong head.

She laid down on the couch on her back, those hard nipples pressing against that soft white cotton, seeming to reach for the ceiling. After a moment, she turned on her side to watch whatever forgettable show there was on TV. Her nipples appeared to be watching also. I was a few feet away in the recliner.

I got up to use the restroom, trying vainly to suppress my erection. She wasn’t looking, thankfully, probably still reflecting on That Kiss. As I stood at the mirror, I resolved that if she were still on the couch when I re-entered the living room, I would make my play. I could trap her on the couch in a submissive position. My heart was pounding, my mouth was dry, but I slaked my thirst with some quick gulps from the faucet.

I came back in the room behind the couch and saw her bare leg as I walked its length. When I got to the end, she shifted back onto her back and looked at me. Her nipples had receded, but her boobs were standing at attention. They would have partially blocked her face if I had been on my knees.

“Can I get something for you, Sugar?” She asked softly, using her favorite name for me.

“No..I’ve got all I want right here” I stammered. I sounded like I was in a 70’s porno.

“What?” she asked.

My testosterone-soaked brain took over. “How long has it been since we wrestled?” I offered.

“Wrestled?” she giggled. “Aren’t you a little too big to wrestle your poor old Aunt Marnie? I know THAT’s too big,” She said, pointing to my erection casino firmaları tent in my gym shorts.

I was too horny to be embarrassed. “Maybe I can win for once,” I said. “I’ll start on top”. I straddled her superb, supine body. My wood poked her belly button as I rested on her hips.

“You can’t be serious?” She protested, raising herself up on her forearms. “You have to give me a chance. You’re too big and strong now.”

Appreciating the compliment, I responded. “Make you a deal. You push me off the couch, you win, and I’ll leave you alone. You don’t… I win.”

“What do you win, if I lose? Buster?” I liked the combative tone, if not the new name.

I answered: “You”

“WHAT?” She bellowed, needing no explanation. “YOURE NOT GOING TO FUCK ME… EVER”

I never heard her use the “F” word. But I liked it.

The “match” was almost over when her angry two-hand shove nearly knocked me off her. She grabbed my T-shirt to pull me off. She tried to turn sideways and eject me. She thurst her ample hips upward, several times. (I especially liked that effort). She grabbed my wrists, pushed on my midsection, kicked at me. Her body was going in all direction as she fought to escape me. Her bosoms were also, to my amusement. With every fevered blow and gyration, they rolled, deliciously, from side to side and up and down. She raised herself as best she could, and began punching me. She landed a few, but when she went for the crotch, I changed tactics.

Time to use my 50-pound weight advantage and gravity to exhaust my sensuous Aunt Marnie into submission.

I lowered myself onto her frantic body, burying my face in the nape of her fragrant neck; to this day the reason I love White Shoulders perfume.

Her breasts felt like soft throw pillows next to my chest.

“Ohh…God…Sugar…You’re too heavy…Please…Get off me” she begged.

I could feel her magnificent chest rising güvenilir casino and falling under me with every labored breath. “Give up?” I taunted as I began gently kissing her silky neck, pulling down the straps of her tank top and bra on her left side.

Suddenly, I was above her again. She managed to wedge her hands between us, and push me off her chest. She held me above her, her arms trembling. I studied her brown eyes, her red lips, her bare shoulder and her tanned neck I was just nuzzling.

“GET OFF ME” she gasped. She shoved once more, but I went nowhere, except back onto her as her over-taxed arms collapsed.

I wrapped my arms around her exhausted body. My rock-hard cock was pressing against her belly. I was about to burst. “Ohh…Sugar…Please…Don’t Squeeze Me…I Can’t Breathe… (Almost the same plea she made to my uncle) “You Win…I Give Up”

I released her and raised up in a straddle again. Her chest was heaving.

Her nipples were as hard as my dick. Was she turned on, or just aroused by the fight? Or both?

“I can’t…fight…you…anymore” she gasped. “Too…big…for your old Aunt Marnie”.

“You fought like a wildcat, as usual” I responded. “I outweigh you 50 pounds, it was unfair” She nodded.

“I guess you still want to collect your prize? Looks like you do” She whispered, looking at my stiff. “Poor baby..looks like you are about to explode.” I was silent, still not believing I was on top of my beloved Aunt Marnie ready to make love to her as I had dreamed about for years.

“Just give me a minute to catch my breath. You really worked me over.”

I couldn’t wait any longer. As I leaned down to take her face in my hands. I felt her hands on my chest again. “Sugar, promise me…you’ll never tell your Uncle Alex about this. He’d kill us both”.

As I took her face in my hands, and gently pressed her cherry-pie lips to mine, she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down onto her again.

I committed her last words to memory. I didn’t plan on this being the only time this happened. My new favorite movie was “Submission” with Lisa Gastoni. I now wanted my sexy Aunt Marnie as my leading lady.

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